How to Submit a Story

There are two ways to submit a story to this list.  One is to join the Early Edition Fanfic List .  All fanfic posted to the list is archived here, usually within a month of its completion.  WIPs (Works in Progress) will be archived when they are complete.

The second is to send the story directly to the webmistress ( ).  Your story should be in HTML (.html), Rich Text (.rtf), or plain text (.txt) format, and sent as an attachment to your email.  Please be sure your attachment ends in ".rtf" or ".txt" before you send it.

Stories that are longer than 150K should be broken up into parts ("installments").

The following information is vital:
~Author's name (or psuedonym)
~Author's email address
~A disclaimer (example:  "Early Edition and its characters and situations are the property of Sony/Tristar.  This fanfic is for entertainment purposes only; no infringement is intended and no profit is being made.")

These items are optional, but tend to result in more readers for your story:
~A rating to warn of any adult content (the US movie or TV ratings work fine in most cases)
~Spoiler warnings for any episodes referenced in your piece
~A brief summary (don't give away your ending, just tease people into reading!)

And of course, any author's notes you include would be posted on the same page as your story.

Have a story ready to post?  Have questions?  Email the listmom/webmistress!

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