Gary's Day Off
Installment 2
by Irene Brabson

Disclaimer, etc., in Installment 1.

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Gary's Day Off
Installment 2
by Irene Brabson

Part 11

Getting up from their seats, Wayne and Lorraine joined Doctor Baylor  and all three
walked towards the room where Allison was.  When they  arrived they could see that
Allison had quiet down some, she was  still crying, but no longer screaming.  Doctor
Murdock had just got  done examining her arm and was standing at the end of her bed.
Both  Lorraine and Wayne enter into the room, as they did so Allison saw  them and
began to call out.

"Mommy, Daddy," she cried as she held out her good arm for them.

Lorraine walk over and sat on the chair next to Allison, stroking her  hair she began to
conform her child.

"Its okay, sweetie, don't cry.  Daddy and Mommy are here, so don't  you worry," said
Lorraine.  Wayne came over too and also began to  comfort his young daughter.

"Hey 'Love Bug' everything is going to be okay. Mommy and I won't let  any thing more
happen to you.

Doctor Murdock was writing on Allison's chart.  He had been a  Orthopedic Surgeon for
14 years and had set many broken bones over  the years, but still found it hard to deal with
when it was a small  child.

"Mr. and Mrs. Porter, could I just talk to you for just a minute?"  asked Doctor Murdock.

Wayne turned to his wife.  "You stay here with Allison, I'll go talk  to the doctor."
Lorraine nodded her head as she continued to stoke  her daughter's hair.  Doctor Murdock
and Wayne stepped out into the  hall.  Wayne waited patiently while Doctor Murdock
began to explain  about Allison's broken arm.

"Mr. Porter, Allison's arm was broken just below her elbow.  I was  told she fell about 30
ft.  Is this true".

"Yes," Wayne nodded his head with a tear streaking down his cheek.  "She had fallen into
a well and a man who helped my sister-in-law get  to our house after her car broke down
help me to rescued her.  He  tried a rope around his waist, when down into the hole to get
her.  Me and my horse Valentine pulled both him and Allison out of the  well.  It was the
first time in my life that any stranger I met was  so willing to help a total stranger.  All I
can say thank God for men  like Gary Hobson."

"Well I am certainly glad that Mr. Hobson was there for you and your  family.  Allison has
been totality examined and she seems fine except  for her arm and some minor cuts and
bruises. I'll have the nurse give  her a little sedative so she can sleep and I will get her
ready to  take to the OR and have her arm set. We should be ready for her  soon," said Dr.

Wayne nodded his head and went back into Allison room to wait with  Lorraine.


Gary and Jillian looked at each other. Neither one was sure of what  just happened a few
minutes before, one moment they were talking  about Ernie and his rubber ducky, the next
they were in each others  arms and kissing.  It seems to happen so fast that they were both
shocked with surprise.

"Gary?" asked Jillian.

"Mmm?"  answered Gary.

"Gary, did we just kiss?" asked Jillian.

"Yeah, that exactly what we did," answered Gary.

"Uh, did you like it?" asked Jillian.

"Oh yeah. I hope you like it too," answered Gary.

"I don't know, I need a second opinion," said Jillian and she put her  lips on his, as she did
so her heart pounded and butterflies were  starting to flutter in her stomach.  This kiss was
longer and better  then the first one.  No doubt about it, Jillian was falling in love.

Gary's heart felt like it was going to pound right out of his chest.  Her lips felt good
against his and he wanted this moment to last  forever.  No doubt about it Gary was falling
in love.


The shot was beginning to work.  Allison's eyes were getting heavy  and she was slowly
slipping off to dream land.  A gurney was bought  in and she was place gently on it.
Wayne and Lorraine walk with her  as far as they could go and they both kiss her as she
was being roll  into the OR.

"Allison, honey, Daddy and I will be here waiting when you come out.  Don't you worry
sweetie, we both love you very much," said Lorraine.

"See you soon Love Bug.  Love you," added Wayne.

Wayne and Lorraine stood together hand and hand as they watch the  orderly wheel their
daughter into the OR Lorraine suddenly started to  cry. The sight of seeing her daughter
being taken into the OR was  just more then she could take.  Wayne took his wife in to his
arms  and did his best to comfort her.

"Lorraine it's going to be all right. Come on honey lets go back to  the waiting room and

Hugging and kissing each other, they slowly walked back to the waiting  room.


Bernie was tossing and turning, he was having trouble sleeping,  looking at the clock he
seen that it was only 3:30 a.m.  Boy, this is  a long night he thought to himself.  Looking
over at Lois, he could  see that she was sound asleep.  He watched as her chest went
slowly  up and down and listened while she mumbled softly in her sleep.  He  couldn't
quite make out was she was saying, but he did hear Gary's  name at least twice. Maybe she
was dreaming about a time when he was  little, he thought laughing to himself.

Lois stir and began to wake up, as she did she could see that Bernie  was staring right at

"Bernie, is there something wrong?" asked Lois.

"You know that you are beautiful when you sleep?" said Bernie,  answering Lois's
question with a question.

"Bernie, its 3:40 in the morning, now you didn't wake me up to tell  me that, did you?"
asked Lois.

"No, I was just wondering, what time did Gary say he be home  tomorrow?" asked Bernie.

"He said around noon.  It could be 1, he wasn't totally sure.  Bernie, are you okay with
this?  If you aren't you should have said  something last night when Gary called," said

"Oh, yeah. I'll okay.  I was just curious that all," said Bernie.

"Oh, I thought for a minute that that shinier you got last night  might have spooked you
into not wanting to deal any more with the  paper," said Lois.

"Oh, Lois you know I'll always there for Gar.  No black eye would  keep me from helping
my boy or anything else for that matter," said  Bernie.

"I know and I am sorry. I know you will always be there for him and  you have to know
that Gary appreciate everything that you and Chuck  has done so he can have this day off.
I am so proud of the both you  and Chuck.  Gary couldn't put his paper in better hands,"
said Lois.  She kissed her husband on the lips.  After Lois kissed Bernie she  told him to
get some sleep, for the cat and the paper would be here  before they knew it and it would
be time to start a new day.


Briiii.  The phone on the kitchen wall started to ring.  Jillian and  Gary could hear it
ringing but didn't want to leave each other's  arms.  They both tried to ignore it but it just
wouldn't stop ringing.

"Jillian, maybe you better answered that a maybe Wayne or Lorraine  calling," said Gary.

Yeah, I better," said Jillian and she stood up as Gary released her  and she walk over to
answered the phone.

"Hello," said Jillian.

"Jillian this is Lorraine.  They just took Allison to the OR to have  her arm set.  Her arm
was broken below the elbow, but she wasn't  serious hurt anywhere else," said Lorraine.

"Oh, I glad to hear that. When did they take her?" asked Jillian.

"About 10 minutes ago.  They say it could take a couple of hours.  Is  Chris okay?" asked

"Yes, he's fine.  He woke up about hour or so ago, but he's back to  sleep now.  Gary and
I are sitting in the kitchen, having some coffee  and cake and listening to the radio," said

"Well thank you and Gary for staying with Chris.  Wayne and I surely  appreciate it," said

"You don't have to thank us Lorraine, we were more than glad to do  it.  By the way have
you and Wayne gotten any sleep?" asked Jillian.

"No, but we are going to try and get some.  Why don't you and Gary do  the same?  You
both could use some rest, yourselves," said Lorraine.

"Okay, we will if you will.  Agreed?" asked Jillian.

"Agreed." answered Lorraine.

"Lorraine do you want to talk to Gary, before we say good-bye?" asked  Jillian.

"No. Just tell him thank you for me.  I call you as soon as Allison  comes out of surgery,"
said Lorraine.

"Okay, will do.  Talk to you later sis. I love you.  Bye" said Jillian.

"Right back at you. Bye, sis," said Lorraine.

Jillian hung up the phone and turn towards Gary.

"Is everything okay?" asked Gary, concernedly.

"Yeah, they just took Allison to the OR to set her arm.  Lorraine  said it could take a
couple of hours. So, we thought we all should  get some rest.  I going up stairs and try to
get some sleep.  Maybe  you should do the same?"

Gary looked over to the couch.  He was tried and he could use some  sleep.  Walking over
to the couch, he picked up the blanket, laid  down on the couch, and covered up.  Jillian
walked over and kissed  him good night on the forehead and started up the stairs.

"Jillian, I see you in the morning," said Gary as he smiled at her.

"Okay, Gary.  Pleasant dreams and don't let the bed bugs bite," said  Jillian.

"You too," said Gary.

With that Gary turned towards the back of the couch and went straight  to sleep and Jillian
walked up stairs to the guestroom.

 Part 12

Gary laid on the couch and thought about the things that had happen in the last few hours.
He never thought that he would fall in love after helping a complete stranger that morning.
But falling in love is what  he did. He loved every thing about Jillian. Her auburn hair and
the color of her eyes, the way her dimple lighted up when she smiled, her beautiful face
and how it was covered with the cutest freckle he ever saw. Yes he was really smitten
with her and he knew he had to find away to keep her in his life. As he drifted off to sleep
he began to think  of a way to do just that.

Jillian was dressed in her pink lace nightgown and she was sitting at the top of her bed
with her legs tucked under her chin. She never met a man like Gary Hobson. He was so
kind and caring and those puppy dogs eyes didn't hurt either. She loved kissing him
tonight and she felt  safe in his arms.

She knew that she could never let him go. She was definitetly in love with this man. She
loved his smile and the cute little way he rubbed  the back of his head when he was
nervous or the way he would look at her when he was confused and that stuttering was so

She began to wonder, would the heart break of losing Jimmy to her best friend Linda,
finally be mended? Will Gary be the one to do it? Jillian knew that she would do all she
could to mend Gary's broken heart. They both been through so much, but Jillian knew that
the pieces of their broken hearts were being put back together.

She had no doubt that she was in love with Gary.

Jillian slid down under the covers and started to think that maybe Lorraine, her sister, and
Gary's mother were right. 'Gary stopped this morning not only to help me, but also to
deliver me from my pain. Yes Jimmy I can finally save good-bye to you. You can't hurt me
any more. Gary Hobson I love  you and will find away to keep you with me always.' At
that she drifted off to sleep ----------------------------------------------


Bernie looked at the clock and could see that it was 6:30 and he heard the cat meowing
impatiently at the door. Grabbing his robe and trying not to wake his still sleeping wife,
Bernie headed for the door.


"Okay. Hold your horses will you? Sheesh  is this what Gary has to put up with every
morning? Now I understand why he always so grumpy," said Bernie

Bernie opened the door. Cat was sitting on the paper. He was glad to finally see Bernie
open the door, now he could get back to Chris before he woke up and left to do just that.
Bernie bent down to pick up the paper, he didn't see where cat had gone, but figured he
was around some where. He didn't know that Cat had returned to Chris. For that is where
he was needed. Cat knew that Bernie and Chuck could handle the paper.

"Bernie is that the paper? asked Lois as she woke up.

"Yes Lois it's the paper," said Bernie. "What else would it be at this hour?" mumbling
under his breath.

"I heard that Bernie Hobson," said Lois with a hint of irritation.

"Well I'm sorry, but you have to admit that was a dumb question," said Bernie

"Oh never mind that. Is there anything that needs to be taken care of right away?" asked

Bernie searched though the paper.

"The first save isn't until 8:30, there's a small boy who gets hurt  when a teenage boy steals
his bike."

"Where does it take place?" asked Lois

"On Canal street. Just out side of the boy's front door."

"Oh. Is there any other save you have to do before Gary returns?" asked Lois

"Yes there are a couple more, but nothing Chuck and I can't handle," answered Bernie.

"Well speaking of Chuck, maybe you should get showered and dressed and go see if he's
shown up down stairs yet," said Lois

"You go ahead and shower first. I can wait," said Bernie.

"Bernie I know the first save isn't until 8:30, but that paper has been known to change. I
really think you should shower first," said Lois as she threw a towel at him.

Bernie knew there was no sense in arguing with his wife once she made  up her mind. He
knew that she could be very stubborn when she did.

"Okay, you win. Now I know where Gar get's his stubbornness from," whispered Bernie.

"Hey you! None of your wise cracks," said Lois as she pick up one of  the pillows and
threw it at her husband.

The pillow smacked Bernie in the back of the head. Grabbing the pillow up from where it
had fallen, Bernie turned around and gave his wife a wicked smile. "So you want to play
rough do you? "

"Bernie! Don't you dare throw that at me," cried Lois .

"Oh, I see, we can dish it out, but we can't take it," said Bernie.

Bernie dropped the pillow and ran over to grab his wife. When he had  her he started to
tickle her, which caused her to scream even more.

"Bernie! Stop, please stop!" she said through a fit of laughter.

"Say Uncle."

"No! Never. "

"Say Uncle."

"Bernie if you don't stop. I'll really scream."

"Not until you say Uncle".

"Bernieee! Okay! Okay! You big nut. Uncle! "

Bernie stoped tickling his wife and turned her around to him. He kissed her with so much
emotion that Lois melted in his arms. After all these years he was still the one and only one
for her.

As much as they both wanted this moment to last they knew they had to get dressed and
face the demands of the paper.

"Well I guess I better take my shower. Would you like to join me Mrs. Hobson?'

Lois thought about it for a moment. She was tempted to take his offer, but decided not to.

"You go ahead Bernie. I'll just straighten up here a little. "

"Okay, but you own me a rain check," said Bernie .

"Okay, I'll do just that," said Lois
Wayne was sitting on the chair next to his daughter's bed. She looked  so small laying
there with her right arm in a cast. The nightmare of a few hours earlier was finally
beginning to end. Allison stirred a little in her sleep and Wayne took her good hand and
just held it tight as if to make sure she was really okay.

Lorraine was sleeping on the cot at the foot of Allison's bed and was having a nightmare.
Her children were calling for her and she couldn't reach them.

"I coming," she shouted in her dream. "I can't see you Chris. Allison. Please help me to
find you. Please! " Lorraine screamed out.

Wayne got up from his seat and hurried over to his wife's side. Gently taking her in his
arms he began to wake her from the nightmare that was taking over her sleep.

"Lorraine, honey it's all right wake up. The children are fine. Allison is here with us and
Chris is safe with Jillian and Gary. You're just having a bad dream, come on honey wake
up. It's okay," said Wayne as he held his wife close to his chest.

Lorraine woke up with a start. She was crying and shaking badly. Wayne took her in his
arms and comforted her the best he knew how.

"It's okay Lorraine, you're just having a nightmare. Chris and Allison are both safe."

Lorraine continued to sob. As she was crying she told Wayne about her dream.

"Chris and Allison were in danger, but I couldn't find them, I couldn't get to them. It was
like an invisible force was keeping me from getting to them. They kept calling me but I
couldn't reach them. I was so frightened. " She continued to sob in Wayne's arms.

"Lorraine it was just a dream. That's all. Everything is all right."

"Mommy? Daddy?"

The Porters turned towards the sound of their daughter's voice. Lorraine walked over to
her daughter's side. Wayne  was behind his wife.

"Good morning Love Bug. How are you doing this morning?" asked Wayne as he kissed
his daughter on top of the head.

Lorraine  took Allison's good hand and stroked her hair. "Hi baby are you feeling better?"

Allison looked at both her parents. She had a question of her own.

"Mommy? Daddy?"

"Yes Love Bug what is it?" asked Wayne.

"Where's my angel?" asked Allison.

"Your angel Love Bug?" asked Wayne.

"Yeah, Daddy the angel that got me out of the big hole," said Allison

"Oh that angel," said Wayne.

"Where is he? Will he be back Mommy? Does he have a name? He was really nice to me
Mommy," said Allison

"Allison honey, your angel's name is Gary and he is with your aunt Jillian and Chris and
yes he will be hear to see you soon," answered Lorraine.

"Really Mommy? When?" asked an excited Allison.

"Oh sometime this morning Love Bug," Wayne answered for his wife.

"Hey Love Bug are you hungry?" asked Wayne

"Yes Daddy. I want some waffles," answered Allison.

"Well I'll see what I can do," answered Wayne.

Wayne turned to his wife " Are you okay now sweetie?" He asked, referring to her

"Yes, I think so. Thank you for being there for me Wayne."  She kissed him tenderly on
the lips.

"You're welcome sweet heart," said Wayne.

"I'll go and talk to Allison's doctor, see if I can get her some  waffles and call Jillian and
find out when her, Chris and Allison's angel will be coming," said Wayne.

"Okay, I'll stay here with Allison, " said Lorraine as she watched her husband walked
down the hall.

 Part 13

Marissa was sitting at the bar drinking a cup of coffee, when she heard footsteps coming
towards her.  She turned around when she heard a familiar voice.

"Good morning Marissa," said Chuck as he sat down next to her.

"Well good morning to you Chuck and how did you sleep last night?"  asked Marissa.

"Don't ask. It was one of the worse nights I ever put in," answered Chuck.

"Why is that?" asked Marissa inquisitively.

"Well last night, thanks to that stupid paper, I had the most  disturbing dream I ever had in
my life," said Chuck .

"Oh? What was the dream about?" Marissa asked.

"The dream I had last night was so weird that I was afraid to go to my door, when the
cleaning lady knocked on it, so she could clean this morning," said Chuck.

"Oh come on Chuck, it couldn't have been that bad," said Marissa.

"Oh you don't know the half of it. The dream started out with me in  bed, the alarm goes
off, suddenly I hear a big thump that sounded like an earthquake. It was so loud, it shook
my whole apartment. The next thing I hear is a something that sounds like the roaring of
some kind of animal. Well curiosity got the best of me and I went to see what it  was. I
opened the door and sitting on top a bunch of newspapers wrapped in twine was a giant
copy of the cat. It was just sitting on top of all those newspapers, as if it were sitting on it
throne. When he meowed at me, the sound was like an earthquake. He gave me a looked
as if to say these are yours buddy and he moved off the bundle of papers and I bent to pick
them up. Would you like to know what these papers were? Would you Marissa?"

Marissa nodded her head.

"Those papers were 50 copies of tomorrow's paper from every state in  the nation from
Delaware to Hawaii. All fifty states," said Chuck. Marissa couldn't help but to laugh at
Chuck's wild dream. "What did you do?" she asked through her laughter.

"What any sensible American guy would do. I slammed the door, ran back to my bed,
dived in and pulled the covers over my head. That's what I did. That's what anybody else
would have done, except maybe Gar. In all likelihood he would have found a way to deal
with all fifty newspapers. Yes I'm quite sure of it, that's what he would do," said Chuck.

"Oh Chuck, now you're being silly. I don't think that Gary, would try and cover all fifty
newspapers," said Marissa.

"Oh I don't know about that. Yes I truly think that he would," said Chuck.

Marissa just shook her head and took a sip of her coffee.

"Hey good morning Chuck-o and to you too Marissa," said Bernie as he walked into the
bar. "Good morning to you too Bernie," answered Marissa.

"Where's Lois? Chuck asked.

"She's up stairs straightening up a little. She'll be down in a little while. Well Chuck-o, are
you ready to go?" asked Bernie.

"Yeah, I'm ready. What's the first save of the day?" Chuck asked.

"The paper says that we have to go on Canal Street and stop a teenage boy from stealing a
little boy's bike. The paper says that the small  boy gets hurt, when he tries to stop the
older boy from stealing the bike from him," said Bernie.

"Where on Canal Street and what time is it supposed to take place?" Chuck asked.

"At the 500 block and according to the paper 8:30," answered Bernie.

"Well let's going then. Is it all right if we use my car?" Chuck asked.

"Yes. It 's all right," answered Bernie. "Oh by the way, what were you talking about
before I entered the bar?" asked Bernie.

"Oh I was just telling Marissa about a silly dream I had is all," answered Chuck.

"Yeah, well you can tell me about it on the way," said Bernie.

Chuck agreed to tell Bernie about his dream and slipped off the bar stool and said good
bye to Marissa and headed for the door.

  Bernie also headed for the door and the turned back towards Marissa.

"See you later Marissa, tell Lois I will called her later," said  Bernie.

"Okay Bernie. You and Chuck, be careful out there. Bye Chuck," said Marissa.

"Bye." Bernie and Chuck said in unison and hurried out the door.
Briiiiiiiiiiiii! Brriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Jillian sat up in bed and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. Hearing the phone she reached
for it on the night stand and answered it.

"Hello?" Jillian asked with a hint of drowsiness.

"Jillian, this is Wayne. Good morning to you."

"Oh, Good morning Wayne." said Jillian, with a yawn. "How's Allison  this morning?"

"Oh she doing fine. She came through with flying colors after the surgery. She's
awakenow and is wondering when you will all get here.  She told me she wants to thank
her angel for saving her," said Wayne.

"Her angel huh?" Jillian asked.

"Yes. Her angel," answered Wayne.

'Oh Allison you don't know how right you are,' thought Jillian to herself. 'He is my angel

"Jillian are you still there?" asked Wayne.

"Yes, I'm here," answered Jillian, but before she could say anything else, she heard a
commotion that nearly terrified the life out of her.

"Hey, stop it! Get off of me! Hey leave my feet alone," shrieked Gary.

"Get him Lucky. Wake him up. Come on Gary it's time to get up," said Chris through all
of his excitement.

"Wayne, something is going on down stairs," said Jillian.

"What's happening?" asked Wayne with hint of worry.

"I'm not sure, but Gary is yelling about something and I can hear Lucky barking and Chris
squealing too. So tell Allison that Chris, I and her angel will be up there as soon as her
aunt Jillian finds out what is going on and I have everyone ready to go," said Jillian.

"Will do, see you later sis-in-law," said Wayne.

"Bye" answered Jillian.

Jillian hung up the phone and grabbed her robe. She hurried down the stairs to see what all
the commotion was about. When she entered the room she saw a sight that made her
crack up with uncontrollable laughter.

Gary was lying helplessly on the couch. Lucky was sitting practically  on his face and was
playfully licking him. The new comer, the strange yellow cat who seemed to come out of
no where was playing and biting at his toes and Chris was sitting on Gary's stomach
chatting, "Get up.  Get up."

"Jillian, would you please help me? They're driving me crazy. Okay I'm awake already.

Jillian, would you please help me?"

"Okay. Chris, I think Gary's awake now," said Jillian trying to control her laughter. "So
please get off of him. You grab Lucky and I'll get  the cat."

"Oh do I have to?" Chris wanted to know.

"Yes you have to. Gary is not a trampoline for you to bounce on, so please do as I say and
get down," said Jillian

"Okay, come on Lucky, Gary's awake now," said Chris.

"You too," Jillian said to the cat as she lifted him off of Gary and  put him on the floor.

Gary sat up on the couch and gave a sigh of relief.

"Good morning Gary," said Jillian as she sat down beside him and gave him a good
morning kiss.

Gary returned the morning kiss with one of his own.

"Good morning, " said Gary still trying to recover from his ordeal.

"Well how did you like your wake up committee?" asked Jillian trying to compress her

"Well I prefer an alarm clock," said Gary. " It's a little less dangerous."

Lucky was sitting on the floor, his tail was wagging and he was barking up a storm.

"Woof! Woof!"

"Oh Lucky we don't need any comment from the peanut gallery," said Jillian.

"Woof! Hooooooooooool!"

"Hey that's enough, every body is awake now. Okay little fellow? You don't have to keep
it up, so stop all ready," said Jillian.

Gary sat on the couch. He was trying really hard to compress his laughter, but was having
a really difficult job of doing so.

"Okay, Buster, what's so funny?" asked Jillian.

Gary was laughing so hard by this time that tears were streaming down his face and he
was having trouble forming the words that were in his throat.

"Well?" asked Jillian.

" Well uh you see uh," Gary was try to talk though his laughter. "It's just so funny, that
you are trying to get Lucky to stop barking and the more you try,  the more he barks,"
roared Gary. Jillian could no longer control the laughter inside of her and let it out.

"Oh come on you nut, we have to get ready to go and see Allison," said Jillian.

"Okay," said Gary.

Gary got up from the couch and walked over and kissed Jillian passionately on the lips.
Jillian return his kiss with so much emotion, that Gary fell even more in love with her and
her in love with him.

Jillian wanted to stay in Gary's arms, but she knew that they had to  get ready to go.

"Gary, we really have to get ready. Allison is asking about the angel that save her from the
big scary hole," said Jillian.

"An angel? I'm no angel. I was just at the right place at the right time," said Gary.

"Oh yes Allison is right, you are an angel, you saved my niece's life and that makes you an
angel in my eyes too."

Gary face turned three shades of red. "Okay if you and Allison want to think I'm an angel I
won't argue with you, but I'm  just a regular guy that just happened to be there because I
gave a lift to Allison's and Chris's gorgeous aunt." said Gary.

Now it was Jillian 's turn to blush. She could feel the redness creep  up her neck and goose
bumps all over her body.

"Oh Gary I love you." At that she wrapped her arms around the back of his head and
pulled him down to kiss his lips.

After the kiss Gary whispered in her ear that he loved her too and returned her kissed with
so much love that they could  feel it in their hearts.

"Hey you two stop all that mushy stuff so we can get ready," said Chris with a look of

"Okay Chris. Gary, Chris and I are going to go up and get ready, you  can get ready after
us," said Jillian.

Gary nodded his head in agreement and planted one more kiss on Jillian 's lips before
Jillian went up stairs.

Gary found himself alone with Lucky and Cat. Glaring at Cat he said. "Don't get any ideas
that you are going to play with my feet when we  get home buster."

Cat just looked up at Gary and then proceeded to wash himself.

"Oh Boy," said Gary as he stared at the cat.

Part 14

Bernie and Chuck arrived at the scene around 8:18 A.M This was plenty  of time to stop
what was about to take place.

"Okay this is the place, now what's the next move?" Bernie asked Chuck.

"Well I guess we just wait?" answered Chuck.

As soon as Chuck had given his answer, a small boy around 10, with  brown hair, wearing
blue jeans and a red shirt, came out of the house at 505 Canal Street. He was pushing a
brand new red 10-speed bike. This was where the whole event was to take place.

"Okay, there's the first boy. I wonder where the other boy is?" asked Bernie.

As if on clue, the second boy came into view. He was a teenager, maybe 14, with dark
curly hair and an olive complexion. He was wearing a pair of pants that looked to be 2
sizes too big and a white t - shirt. He also looked like he was looking for trouble.

" I guess I better go and see if I can talk this kid out of what he's planning to do," said

"You, I don't think so, Marissa told me the last time you tried that, you got a gun pointed
at you and your car was also stolen," said  Bernie.

"Well that was then, this is now, besides I know what I did wrong and I will handle this
problem better. Hey besides we don't have time to argue. Well here I go, wish me luck,"
said Chuck.

"Okay, good luck, but I think I should be the one," said Bernie.

Chuck just shook his head at Bernie, (thinking that, boy no one has any faith in me) and
began walking towards the teenager. Taking a quick  look at the paper, Chuck noticed
that the boy's name was Manuel Diego.

"Hey Manuel!" shouted Chuck

Manuel turned around at the sound of his name. Who could be calling  him, the voice
didn't sound familiar to him and he was wondering who it  could be.

"Over here Manuel" said Chuck.

Manuel looked up to see a man walking towards him. A man who looked to be in his mid
30's with receding light brown hair and medium height. Manuel knew he never seen this
man before and wonder how he knew his name.

"Hey man, how do you know my name?" asked Manuel.

"That's not important. What is important, is that you don't go through with what you are
planning," answered Chuck.

"What makes you think I'm planning anything?" asked Manuel.

"I know you're thinking about stealing that little boy's bicycle?" said Chuck as he pointed
to the young boy on the porch.

Manuel was shocked.  He couldn't believe that this stranger knew what  he was planning
to do.

"Well what if I was? Look at where he lives, his father could afford a dozen bikes, so why
can't I have that one? Hey man I need that bike," said Manuel.

"Why, do you need that bike?" asked Chuck.

"Because, I want to give it to my little brother, Jose, for his birthday. He want's a bike just
like that and Mom can't afford to get  it for him, even though she's working two jobs. Ever
since our father left us, my mother has had trouble making ends meet," said Manuel, with
tears streaming down his cheeks .

"I'm really sorry to hear about your father, I know that must have been a terrible blow to
your family, but don't you think your mother has enough problems? Do you think she
would like to get a call from the police station, telling her that her oldest boy was arrested
for stealing?" asked Chuck.

"No, but I only have 75 dollars I earned by running a few errands. That won't buy a decent
bike," sobbed Manuel.

"Tell you what, I know where there is a thrift shop that sells bikes  for 40 dollars and up. I
promise you will find a decent bike in there to give your brother for his birthday. And that
way no one gets hurt. What do you say?" asked Chuck .

"Okay," said Manuel wiping a tear off his cheek. Where is this place? "

"Come on, we will take you there. My name is Chuck and this is Bernie."

"Hi Chuck and Bernie," said Manuel.

"Hi," said Bernie

Chuck walked over to his car and opened the door for Manuel to get in. Ten minutes later
they were in front of Joe's thrift shop.

"Well let's go in," said Bernie.

The three of them entered the store. At the counter was a man in his early 60's with salt
and pepper hair, with a dark completion.

"Hey, Chuck, it's really nice to see you," said Joe.

"You know this guy? asked Bernie.

"Well sure, Chuck and I have been friends for quite a few years, right Chucky?"

"Yeah, Joey, we sure have. Hey Joey, this is Manuel and he's looking  for a bike to give to
his brother for his birthday."

"Hi Manuel. How much money do you have to spend?" asked Joe.

Manuel liked this person. He felt that he was kind and could be  trusted.

"75 dollars sir." answered Manuel

"Well, I think we can find a nice bike at that price, maybe you will even have some left
over to get your mother something nice. How would you like that?" asked Joe.

"I think that would be awesome sir, " answered Manuel .

"Call me Joey. Now let's find you that bike," said Joey .

Manuel started to follow Joey, but then turned around to face Chuck and Bernie.

"Thank you for talking me out of what I was planning to do and bringing me here," said

"You're welcome, just stay out of trouble and be a big help to your mother," said Chuck.

"I will," said Manuel and with that he followed Joey to where the bikes were kept.

Chuck and Bernie walk out the door and to Chuck's car.

 "Well that's one good deed. Now what else does the paper have for us?" asked Chuck.

Bernie looked at Chuck. " I must admit you did a swell job there. Gary would be proud,"
said Bernie.

"Thanks. Now let's see what's next," said Chuck  "Oh boy. There's a small boy on Dexter
street, who loses his life.  He get's hit by a car, while playing a dangerous game of
chicken," said Bernie.

"How much time do we have before this happens?" asked Chuck.

"About 20 minutes," answered Bernie.

"Then we better get a move on," said Chuck.

"Yeah, I'll handle this one, for personal reasons," said Bernie.

Chuck shook his head and drove toward Dexter Street. He wondered what Bernie meant
by personal, but didn't probe him for the answer. He figured he would find out soon

"Oh come on Kyle, don't be such a chicken," said a tall thin boy around 15.

"Yeah," said another boy. " If you want to be part of this group, you have to play the
chicken game."

"But what if I don't get out of the way in time?" asked Kyle.

"Well if you're afraid, I guess you can't be in this group of friends," answered the
15-year-old boy.

Chuck drove his car up to the corner and parked it.

Both him and Bernie could see 3 or 4 teenage boys surrounding a much younger boy. He
was small and a little on the heavy side, maybe 11 or 12. He had dark brown hair and wore
a blue shirt with blue jean overalls.

"Hey you boys!" yelled Bernie as he came towards them.

 The teenage boys took off as soon as they saw the strange man coming towards them.

"Hey Kyle Martin, don't do what they are trying to bully you into doing," said Bernie.

Kyle looked puzzled at the stranger. He knew he didn't know him, so how did he know his

"I know you don't know me, but I'm here to tell you that playing  chicken is a very
dangerous game. You could get hurt, maybe even killed. I  don't think your mother would
be too happy if she lost you in this way. Do you?"

Kyle continued to stare at the stranger. He wasn't sure what to say. Finally he found his

"You, don't understand," sobbed Kyle. "I don't have very many friends and they promised
to be my friends if I do this."

"Kyle, with friends like that, you don't need any enemies," said Chuck

"Chuck's right Kyle, no true friend would make you do something that dangerous. I am
sure there are lots of kids who would like to be  friends with you and wouldn't expect you
to do something like this," said Bernie.

"Yeah, besides you just made a couple of friends," said Chuck.

"I have?" asked Kyle.

"Well sure, Bernie and me," answered Chuck.

Kyle's face turned into a bright smile. He was glad to have met Bernie and Chuck and was
grateful to them for saving his life.

"Bernie and Chuck, do you really think I can make friends?" asked Kyle.

"Absolutely," said Bernie. "There is no reason with your charm. Why not?"

"You just have to have more faith in yourself, that's all," said Chuck.

"Yeah you're right. I'm going to try real hard to make new friends and to stay away from
boys or girls who are just being my friend for their personal games," said Kyle.

"Good for you," said Bernie

"Bye guys and thanks," said Kyle. And at that he walked away.

Chuck and Bernie waved good bye as Kyle walked away.

Chuck and Bernie walked back to Chuck's car and Chuck opened the driver's side and got
in.  He waited for Bernie to enter the passenger side of the car. He  started the engine and
drove toward McGinty's. Driving along he decided to ask Bernie the question that was on
his mind.

"Hey Bernie what did you mean by personal reasons for wanting to handle this case?"
asked Chuck.

Bernie looked at Chuck, he wasn't sure how to answerthe question that Chuck had just
asked, but he decided to try and do just that.

"Well, Chuck, when Gary was that age, he also played a foolish game of chicken. I thank
God it was me that came around the corner of our  street and not some hot rod. I was able
to stop, but it sure scared the  willies out of me," said Bernie.

"What happened after that?" asked Chuck.

"Lois and I made sure he was alright and then we grounded him for a month for pulling
such a stupid stunt.

"Oh, I was just wondering," said Chuck, and they both remained quiet  for the rest of the

 Part 15

"Mommy? When is Aunt Jillian, Chris and my angel going to get here?" asked Allison.

Lorraine looked at her daughter with loving eyes. She was also  wondering when they
would arrive.

"I'm sure they will be here before you know it sweetie. Daddy went to called Aunt Jillian,
he should be back soon. Do you want some ice-cream while you wait for them?" asked

"Oh yes Mommy and can I have strawberry? Please," said Allison.

"Absolutely," said Lorraine. " I will ask a nurse to bring you some. Okay?"

"Okay," answered Allison.

Wayne had returned to the room and walked over to his wife and  daughter.

"Daddy are they coming?" asked Allison enthusiastically.

"Yes, Love Bug. I just called Aunt Jillian and they will be here soon."

"Wayne, I'm going down to the nurses' station and see about getting her some strawberry
ice-cream. I will be right back,"said Lorraine.

"Okay, honey, Love Bug and I will just sit here and keep each other company. Right Love
Bug?" asked Wayne.

"Right Daddy" answered Allison with a big grin on her face.

"Okay. I'll be back soon," said Lorraine.


"Come on Chris honey, you have to get a move on, Allison is waiting and Gary has to get
cleaned up too you know. So hurry up and get dressed  and then come down stairs.
Okay?" said Jillian.

" I'm almost ready," said Chris. "I just have to put on my socks and shoes."

"Okay, but please hurry so Gary can clean up too," said Jillian.

"Okay," answered Chris.

Thirty minutes later, the threesome was ready to go. Gary had Cat in  his arms and Jillian
was making sure that everything was secured and in  it's place.

"Well everything seem's to be in order, so I guess we better get a move on," said Allison

"Wait. What's Gary going to put the cat in?" asked Chris.

Gary knew that Cat would ride in back with him with out a cage, but he also knew that
Jillian and Chris didn't know.

"Well, I don't have anything to put him in," answered Gary.

"Aunt Jillian? Couldn't we let Gary uses Taffy's old cage?" asked  Chris.

"Who's Taffy?" asked Gary.

"Taffy is a cat they had, that died about a year ago. She was Butchy's sister. She came
down with pneumonia and died from it. Lorraine and Wayne paid Doctor Logan, the local
Vet, hundreds of dollars to try and save her, but she didn't make it," answered Jillian.

"Yeah. Allison cried for quite awhile, because Taffy was her favorite cat," said Chris

"Oh, I'm really sorry to heard about Taffy, but do you think that Allison would want me to
use her cat's old cage?" asked Gary

"You know, I don't think she would mind it in the least. After all it's her angel that is
borrowing it," said Jillian with a smile that melted Gary's heart.

Gary returned the smile and agreed to borrow Taffy's cage.

"Chris, run out to the barn and get Taffy's cage," said Jillian.

"Okay," said Chris and was off in a flash to retrieve Taffy's cage.

Gary looked down at Cat, who was resting comfortably in his arms. He wasn't sure how
the feline would take to the cage, but he was hoping that everything would work out.

"Cat, I know you don't like being caged up, but please go a long with  me this time. So I
can get you back home safely and Jillian and Chris  won't start wondering about you," said

Cat just looked up at Gary with a look of understanding. He wasn't  crazy about being put
into that box as he referred to it, but for the sake of his and Gary's new found friends, he
would cooperate this once.

"I found it," said Chris and he ran into the living room.

Gary took the cage from Chris and placed it on the floor.

"Okay, Buddy, let's put you in, so we can get going. Allison is  probably wondering what
happened to us," said Gary.

Cat went in without any trouble and Gary picked up the cage and headed out the door,
with Jillian and Chris.
Francine Baylor was making her rounds and decided to check on the  little girl that was
brought in the night before, the one that had fallen into the well. She located her room and
walked in.

"Hi everyone," said Francine as she entered the room.

"Hi there. Allison do you remember Dr. Baylor?" asked Wayne.

Allison looked at the tall lady across the room.  She did remember her and wasn't too sure
she wanted her in the room.

"Hi Allison. How are you feeling this morning?" Francine asked.

Allison continued to stare at Dr. Baylor. She still wasn't sure whether to speak to her or

"Love Bug, Dr. Baylor is talking to you. So I think it would be nice if you answered her.
What do you think?" asked Wayne.

Allison looked at her father and then back to Dr. Baylor.

"I fine, thank you," she finally answered.

"Well I'm glad that you are feeling better. You were one scared little girl yesterday and I
know it seemed like I was hurting you and I am  very sorry about that," said Francine.

"That's okay," said Allison. " My Mommy went to get me some strawberry ice-cream and
my Aunt Jillian and Chris and my angel will be here soon.

"Oh. Your angel huh?" asked Francine.

"Yeah, his name is Gary and he helped Daddy get me out of the big  hole," said Allison.

"Oh, I see, but wouldn't that make your daddy an angel too," asked Francine.

"No, my Daddy is my hero, and God sent Gary to help Daddy, because even heroes need
help," said Allison.

"I see.  Well I hope your angel get's here soon," said Francine.

At that moment, Lorraine returned to the room with Allison's ice cream. She walked over
to Allison's bed and handed her the ice-cream and then turned to Dr. Baylor.

"Thank you Dr. Baylor, for everything you did for Allison last night" said Lorraine. "Is Dr.
Murdock going to be in to see her today?"

"You're welcome Mrs. Porter and Dr. Murdock is in surgery this morning, but as soon as
he is finished he will be in to see Allison," said Francine.

"Okay, that's fine," said Lorraine.

"Well, I have to continue my rounds. I'll check back with you later. Okay sweetie?"
Francine asked.

"Okay," answered Allison.

As Francine left the room and started down the hall she was stopped by Jillian, Gary, and

"Excuse me, can you tell us which room Allison Porter is in?" Jillian asked.

"Oh, you must be her Aunt Jillian and her brother Chris," said  Francine. " Yes I can tell
you which room she's in.  Room 209, first bed."

Looking at Gary, Francine could see why  Allison was calling him an angel, because she
sure thought he looked like one.

"You must, be Gary," said Francine.

"Yes, I'm Gary."

"Well all I can say, is that you are one sexy angel. Mmm, Mmm," said Francine as she
started to walk down the hall.

Gary's face turned a scarlet red and he felt hot all over.

Jillian loved to see him blush, and thought it would be a good time to tease him about it.

"Hey sexy angel, let's go, Allison is waiting," said Jillian with a silly grin on her face.

Gary thought the grin on Jillian's face was so adorable, God he loved this woman. He
couldn't believe he fell in love with her in just one day. 'If this is a dream,' he thought, 'I
hope I never wake up.'

"Hey you two, come on let's go all ready. I want to see Allison," said Chris.

"All right Chris, we're coming," said Jillian.

All three walked down the hall towards Allison's room. They finally reached 209 and
entered the room.

"Mommy! Mommy! They 're here," said Allison as Chris, Jillian and her angel walked in
the door.

As soon as Chris saw his little sister he ran over and gave her a big hug.

"Boy that's something we don't see too often," laughed Wayne. "Any  other time your
mother and I ask you to hug Allison, you say yuck, that sissy stuff."

"That was different, she didn't get hurt those other times," said  Chris. "I'm sure glad that
you are all right Allison. Lucky and I didn't mean for you to get hurt."

"I know," said Allison as she hugged Chris back.

Jillian walked over to the other side of Allison's bed and took her  good hand.

"How are you doing sweetie?" asked Jillian

"Okay. Is that my angel standing over there?" asked Allison.

Gary was standing in the doorway, waiting for Jillian and Chris to  greet Allison, so he
could greet her too.

"Well aren't you going to come over and say hello?" asked Jillian, as she looked over at

"Yeah, I was just waiting my turn," said Gary and at that he walked  over to Allison's side.

Jillian stepped aside so Gary could take Allison's hand.

"Hi honey, I am really glad I was there to help you and your daddy yesterday," said Gary
as he smiled at Allison.

It was not easy with her broken arm, but Allison was determined to give her angel one
heck of a big bear hug.

"I love you Gary, thank you for helping my Daddy and Valentine to save me from that big
hole," said Allison

Tears were beginning to form in Gary's eyes. He was so glad that this little girl was okay.

"You're welcome sweetie," said Gary. "Any time."

"I want to thank you too," said Lorraine as she hugged Gary.

"Me too buddy," added Wayne and shook Gary's hand.

Jillian walked over, threw her arms around Gary and planted a kiss on his lips.

"That's my thank you, for rescuing my niece," said Jillian and then she kissed him again.

Gary returned the kiss with all the passion that he had.

"Hey you two, you're supposed to be visiting Allison, not playing kissy face," said Chris
with a disgusting look.

"Chris, Aunt Jillian was just thanking my angel. Right Aunt Jillian?" asked Allison.

"Right, Allison, that's all I was doing," said Jillian and at that she kissed Gary again.

"Yuck!" said Chris. "That's sissy stuff."

At that everybody started to laugh.

 Part 16

Lorraine was standing by the door, watching while Jillian, Chris and Gary had their visit
with Allison. She knew that Gary would be leaving soon and wondered what Jillian was
going to do.

"Jillian, could we please go for a walk? I would like to talk to you about something." said

"Okay, Gary and Chris can visit  withAllison while we are gone." said Jillian.

"Okay. Wayne. Jillian and I are going to get some flesh air. We'll be back soon," said

"Sure honey, we'll hold the fort down here. Right guys?" asked Wayne.

"Right," said Gary, Chris and Allison together.

Lorraine and Jillian stepped out side and walked to the back of the hospital. In the back
was a beautiful flower garden. Lorraine found a bench and she and Jillian sat down.

"Jillian, Gary is going to be leaving soon. I know you two have fallen in love with each
other. What do you plan to do? Are you just going to let him drive away?" asked Lorraine.

Jillian looked at her sister, Jillian loved her very much and always welcomed her advice.

"Oh, Lorraine, I never thought I could fall in love with a man in just one day, but I have
and I don't ever want it to end. I love Gary so  much that it hurts and I am so afraid that
after today I will never see him again," sobbed Jillian.

"Then what are you going to do about it?" asked Lorraine.

"I don't know. You and Wayne need me here," said Jillian as she continued to cry.

"Jillian, Wayne and I aren't going anywhere. With Allison's arm broken, she is going to
need us here and Chris needs us now too. Besides Wayne and I have made arrangement
with the other farmer to have a meeting to decide what to do about the Baker's Farm. So
why don't you ride back with Gary? You can check on Judy and Roger Lamont and see
how that dog is doing. The one you and Gary found laying in the road," said  Lorraine.

"Lorraine, do you really think he will take me with him?" asked  Jillian.

"If Gary loves you, as much as you love him, you bet your sweet life he will. You can go
with him as far as to where your car is being fixed  and then make some arrangement to
get together soon. Jillian please don't let this wonderful man drive out of your life forever.
You may regret  it if you do." said Lorraine.

Jillian threw her arms around her sister and held her tight. She knew Lorraine was right
and was determined to keep Gary in her life.
"Gary, would you wind up my new music box my Mommy bought me. It plays my favorite
song. Do you want to know what my favorite song is Gary?" asked Allison.

"Well of course I do. What is your favorite song?" asked Gary as he  took the music box
to wind it up.

"It's Teddy Bear Picnic. Do you know that song Gary? It goes like this, 'Picnic time for
teddy bears, the little teddy bears are having a  lovely time today'. Do you know it Gary?"
asked Allison.

"I certainly do," answered Gary.

"Will you sing it with me?" asked Allison.

"I want to sing it to," said Chris.

"Okay, but I warn you. I don't have a very good singing voice," said Gary.

"That's alright neither does Daddy, but he sings," said Allison.

"Yeah, Daddy always says, "To sing anytime you want, even if you're not a very good
singer. Don't let that stop you from enjoying music and singing," added Chris.

"Okay let's give it a whirl," said Gary.

Wayne sat on a chair by the closet and listened to his two children and Gary singing to the
Teddy Bear Picnic.

He loved to see his children having such a good time and thought that Gary was a terrific

"See Gary, wasn't that fun?" asked Allison.

"You didn't sing that bad. I thought you had a lovely voice. Didn't he Daddy?" asked

"Yes Love Bug, Gary really did have a nice singing voice."

"Gary, where do you live?" asked Allison.

"I live in Chicago, sweetie," answered Gary.

"Chicago!" screamed Chris. "You live in Chicago? Allison did you heard that? "

Allison was so happy that she was bouncing up and down on her bed. "Hooray! Now
Aunt Jillian and Gary can be together," yelled Allison and Chris together.

Allison continued to bounce happily on her bed and Chris was dancing around the room.

"Daddy did you hear that?" asked Allison.

"Yes, I did," answered Wayne.

Looking at Gary he noticed that he looked a little confused.

"Gary they're happy that you live in Chicago, because in a few weeks Jillian is moving
there, to open a dentist office." said Wayne.

"See you don't have to say good bye now," said Allison.

"Boy, I can't wait to tell Aunt Jillian the good news," said Chris.

"No! I'm going to tell Aunt Jillian," whined Allison. " Gary's my  angel, so there. "

"Okay you two, you can both tell Aunt Jillian," said Wayne.

Gary was sitting there, trying to let it all sink in. Now he knew the real reason why the
paper let him have the day off. It was so he could meet Jillian and find a love he never
thought possible. It was true, Gary and Jillian were going to be together.


Jillian and Lorraine were walking back to Allison's room, as they  walked in they could
hear Allison and Chris chanting over and over again,  "Aunt Jillian and Gary can be
together, Aunt Jillian and Gary can be together."

"What are they talking about?" asked Jillian.

"I'll tell you," said Chris excitedly.

"No! Mommy I want to tell Aunt Jillian!" cried Allison.

"I tell you what, why don't we let Gary tell Aunt Jillian. How does  that sound?" asked

Both Allison and Chris agreed to let Gary tell Jillian the wonderful news.

Jillian turned around and looked at Gary, Gary walked over and took her in his arms and
held her close to his body.

"What do they mean?" asked Jillian, as she looked up into Gary's mud puddle green eyes.

"They told me that you are a dentist, and you are going to be opening  an office in
Chicago, well guess where I live," said Gary with a smile  that lit up his face.

"Chicago!" screamed Jillian. "You live in Chicago? "

Gary nodded his head and began to kiss Jillian. The kiss was long and Jillian was
breathless and dizzy with love when it was over. She couldn't believe that she and Gary
were going to be together. Lorraine was right, everything was going to work out. Love
had a way of doing just that.

Gary looked over at Wayne and Lorraine. He really liked them and was very happy to
have met them and was sure that he would see them again.

"Thank you for everything," said Gary.

"No, we thank you for being there when Allison got hurt, you were a Godsend Gary
Hobson." said Lorraine

"Hey you come back to see us soon. Okay?" added Wayne.

 Lorraine looked at her sister and gave her the 'go ahead and ask him' nod.

Jillian understood what Lorraine was trying to tell her and turned to Gary.

"Gary, I have to pick up my car, so would you like to have some company on the way
back?" asked Jillian.

Gary looked at Jillian. There was nothing more in the world that he wanted, having Jillian
ride back with him made his heart beat with pure  delight.

"Of course you can ride back with me. In fact I was going to ask you if you wanted to
come along. I love you Jillian and I can't wait for the time that you and I can be together in
Chicago, so I want you with me  as long as possible, because we will be apart until that
day," said Gary and he kissed her tenderly on the lips.

Jillian soaked in the tenderness of Gary's kiss. She was determined to make every moment
count until she could be together with her man again.

"Hey you two, aren't you going to say good bye  to Allison and me?" Chris asked.

Gary walked over to where Chris and Allison were, sitting down on the chair, he looked at
them both.

"Hey you two, I'm going to miss you both so much," said Gary.

"I don't want you to go," said Allison as she reached up to give Gary a hug. "You're my
angel, please don't go, I love you Gary," said Allison as tears flowed down her small face.

Tears were beginning to form in Gary's eyes too. He hated to see  Allison so unhappy.

"Allison sweetie, I love you too, and believe me I would stay if I could, but my home is in
Chicago, but don't you cry. I promise we will see each other again real soon. Okay
sweetie?" Gary held Allison in a loving embrace.

"Yeah Allison, don't cry. Gary loves Aunt Jillian, so maybe someday they'll get married,"
said Chris.

Allison's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"If you married Aunt Jillian, you'll be mine and Chris' uncle. Uncle Gary, I like that," said

"Hey, I like the sound of that too," said Gary.

"Well you two finish your good byes, so Aunt Jillian and Gary can get  on the road," said

"Bye Gary," said Allison and Chris together.

"Bye you two," said Gary and hugged them both.

"You both be good and Chris you take real good care of your little sister."

"I will. I promise I won't let her fall in no more holes," said Chris  as he hugged his little

"You, know with a brother like you to protect her, I'm sure she will be just fine."

"Well I guess this is it," said Gary.

"You drive safely, and we will see you again real soon," said Lorraine. "Jillian called me
when you get back to South Bend."

"I will Lorraine, bye and good luck with the Baker's Farm," said Jillian.

"Thanks.  You take care," said Wayne.

"We will," said Gary and Jillian and at that they left the room waving good- bye and
heading towards the doors to the main lobby.

 Part 17

Gary and Jillian left the hospital and walked arm and arm over to Bernie's truck. Gary
opened the door to the passenger side of the car, so Jillian could get in, then he kissed her
and closed the door behind her. Going around to the driver's side, he looked in the back
window to make sure that Cat was still there.

Cat stared back at Gary with his yellow eyes and stretched to lay down.

"Okay Buddy," whispered Gary. I just wanted to make sure you were still here. Go back
to sleep."

Gary opened the door and climbed into the driver's seat.

"Are you ready to go?" he asked Jillian.

"Yes, but maybe you should call home first. It's nearly  noon and you were supposed to be
home by now ,"suggested Jillian.

"Yeah, you're right, so many things came up. I better give them a  call," said Gary.

Gary dialed the number to McGinty's and waited for someone to answer.

  Brriiiii! Briii

Marissa felt around for the phone, she found it and picked it up.

"Hello, McGinty's. How may I help you?" asked Marissa as she spoke into the phone.

"Marissa, it's me," said Gary.

"Gary, where are you? You should have been back by now," said Marissa, with a worried
tone in her voice.

"The good bye's took a while," said Gary.  "Jillian and I are leaving now."

"Jillian is coming with you?" asked Marissa.

"Only 3/4's of the way. I'm taking her so she can pick up her car and  so we can check in
on the elderly couple that we helped and see how the dog, that we found on the road is
getting along," said Gary.

"You love her? Don't you?" asked Marissa.

Gary looked over at Jillian, oh how he loved her.

"Gary are you there?" asked Marissa.

"Huh? " asked Gary.

"Do you love her?" asked Marissa.

"Yes, I do, Marissa. I really truly do," answered Gary.

"Well, when will you be seeing her again?" asked Marissa.

"Soon, in a few weeks, she will be moving to Chicago and will be  opening up a new
dentist office. She's a dentist Marissa. I'm really thinking about changing dentist's you
know?" said Gary as he smiled at Jillian.

"Boy, I bet you are," said Marissa.

"Is that Gary?" asked Lois as she walked into the office, after being  up stairs in Gary's

"Yes," said Marissa and she handed Lois the phone

"Gary, honey is everything alright?" asked Lois.

"Your father, Marissa, Chuck and I were really starting to get worried. Where are you
sweetie?" asked Lois.

"I'm still in Little Creek, Indiana, but I'm on my way home now. Mom  I'm sorry I worried
every one, but like I told Marissa, the good bye's took longer then we thought."

"Oh, will you being seeing Jillian again?" asked Lois.

 "Yes, Mom," Gary said with happiness. "She is going to be moving to Chicago in a few
weeks, and we will get together then."

"Oh sweetie, I'm so happy for you. Will your father and I get to meet her?" asked Lois

"Yes Mom, you and Dad will get to meet her," said Gary. "She's a  dentist and is going to
be opening a dentist's office."

"Okay sweetie. When do you think you'll get here?" asked Lois.

"I think around 4:00, so please ask Dad and Chuck to handle the paper a little while
longer. Okay Mom?" asked Gary.

"Will do sweetie, see you soon. I love you," said Lois.

"Love you too Mom. See you in a few hours. Bye Mom," said Gary.

"Bye sweetie."


  Gary started the car and pulled out of the hospital parking garage and soon he and Jillian
were on their way.

Jillian watched out the window as the world breezed by them. It was a gorgeous afternoon
and Jillian just loved the wind whipping through her hair. As Gary continued to drive,
Jillian thought to herself. Just a little more than 24 hours ago, she didn't know this sweet
loving man that was sitting next to her. She nearly laughed out loud, when she thought of
what she called her car when it broke down early yesterday morning. Gee, if that piece of
junk hadn't of broken down, I never  would have met Gary and fallen in love with him.
Besides what would have happened to Allison if my car wouldn't have broken down? Sure
she would have been saved, but it would have taken a lot longer and Gary was so good to
her and she really did love her angel. Thank you God for that piece of junk that sent Gary
to me, Jillian prayed. Suddenly Jillian  was shook out of her thoughts, for she felt
something leaping into her lap, looking down she saw Cat sitting on her lap and looking
up at her.

"Hey boy, how did you get out of the cage?" asked Jillian as she  stroked Cat's fur.

Gary looked over and saw Cat sitting on Jillian's lap.

 "Oh Boy," said Gary. " I guess I didn't close the door tight enough, I guess."

"Gary, I saw you put him in there and the lock was secure, maybe he's part of a magic act
or something and knows how to get out of cages." said Jillian.

"Oh yeah a regular Houdini," said Gary. "Look I'll pull to the side and put him back in the

"Oh no, you don't have to do that, he seems content just sitting here with me. Right boy?"
asked Jillian.

Cat looked up at Gary as if to say, 'I'll be good, you won't even know I'm here.' Gary
agreed to let Cat stay on Jillian's lap and reach over and stroked him on back of the ear.

"Okay boy, you don't have to go into that cage if you don't want to,  but remember, the
lady is already taken. Okay boy?" said Gary as he smiled his most gorgeous smile at Jillian.

Jillian return the smile, with all the love she felt for her man and lean over and kissed him
on the cheek.

"Hey handsome are you getting hungry?" asked Jillian.

"Yeah, I could eat," answered Gary. "Would you like to stop some  where?"

"Yes, I'm famished. I just saw a sign for Hamburger Heaven. It was a mile back. It said to
get off of exit 15. So why don't we get off and  go check it out?" asked Jillian.

"Sounds good to me," said Gary. " I've never eaten there, but I heard their hamburgers are
pretty good."

"Well I've have eaten there and not only do they make great hamburgers, but they make
the best onion rings you've ever tasted. They make them from scratch, and boy are they
really good. I'm quite sure you will  love this place," said Jillian.

"Sounds great," said Gary. Let's go find this place. "

Gary found exit 15 and drove off the intersection, after he drove  around for a few minutes
he finally spotted Hamburger Heaven and pulled into the drive through.

"May I take your order please?" asked the girl at the microphone.

"Yes, just a moment please," said Gary.

"Okay, honey what would you like," asked Gary.  "I want a hamburger, with mayo,
lettuce, and tomatoes. Hold the pickle. I also want a large order of onion  rings and a large
Pepsi," said Jillian.

"I'll have the same," added Gary.

"Okay," said the girl. Come around the front.

Gary pulled around the front, he paid for the meal and picked it up and then he thanked
the server.

Jillian noticed a small picnic table across the road, she turned to  Gary and said "Gary, let's
sit over there and eat our meal.

 "Good idea," said Gary, as he looked over to where Jillian was  pointing.

Jillian and Gary sat and ate their meal together in silence. Gary was watching the beautiful
scene that was setting next to him. He thought back to the morning before when he found
out that the paper gave him  the day off. Boy how his parents, Chuck and Marissa fought
with him to take the day off and enjoy himself. He really wasn't crazy about taking the day
off, but he finally agreed and now he was certainly glad he did,  for if he hadn't he never
would have met this glorious women that was sitting next to him. He never thought he
would ever find true love again, but found her he did and he had no intention of ever
letting her go. She was the one that would make all his dreams come true and he was
going to do anything to make sure her dreams came true too.

"Hey, gorgeous, did you get enough to eat," asked Gary.

"Yes I did and I am ready to get back on the road handsome," answered Jillian.

Jillian and Gary cleaned up the picnic table and threw away the garbage in a near by trash
can and headed back to the truck arm and arm.

"Hey boy, here's a bite of hamburger for you," said Jillian as she gave Cat a couple of bites
of hamburger.

"Hey, I guess you were hungry too boy weren't you?"laughed Gary, as Cat gobbled up the

"Here boy, I have a bite for you too," said Gary and he tossed the meat to Cat, who ate it
happily with a purr.

Jillian and Gary entered into the truck and Gary started it. They left the area, with Gary's
hand in hers.

 Part 18

Judy Lamount was sitting in her husband's hospital room knitting a  scarf for a close friend
of her's. Roger, her husband was admitted to the St. Michael's hospital the day before
when he suffered an epilepsy seizure. If it wasn't for that nice young couple, Roger may
not have been here today. The doctor said it was really a bad one that he had, but he was
doing much better today. Suddenly Roger started to stir which caused Judy to lower her
knitting and to see if he was okay.

"Roger, honey are you okay?" asked Judy, as she took her husband's  hand.

Roger looked up at his beautiful wife of 40 years and smiled at her to show her that he
was fine.

"Yes princess, I'm just dandy, I was just looking at the prettiest girl in the world, that's
all." said Roger.

"Oh, you, don't be silly, I'm sure that they're prettier girls in this world than I am," said

"Nope, I took a poll and you are with out a doubt the prettiest," said Roger.

"Okay honey if you say so. How are you feeling today?" asked Judy.

"Well, I'm a little tried and I don't remember too much about  yesterday, but I feel okay,"
answered Roger.

"Are you hungry?" asked Judy

"Yes, I am," answered Roger.

"Alright, I'll see about getting you some kind of a snack, I think it's too early for a meal.
I'll be right back," said Judy. " You stay put, Okay?

Roger smiled at his wife and nodded his head.


Gary and Jillian were looking for the road that would take them to St. Michael's Hospital.
They were on their way to visit Roger and Judy Lamount. They were going to check in to
see how Roger was doing after  he suffered a seizure the day before.

"There's the road Gary," said Jillian. "I remember the white house on the corner, it has a
big bird house that looks like a small house, turn here.

Gary saw the house that Jillian was referring to and turned at that corner. They soon
spotted the hospital road sign and followed the arrow on the sign.

"There it is," said Jillian. "Boy it's bigger than I thought. "

Gary looked up at the hospital, he had to agree that it was a much larger building than he
had remembered. He figured that they were too worried about Roger to see how big the
building really was the first time they saw it.

Jillian and Gary both exited the truck. Gary made sure that Cat was secure in the cat cage.
Then Jillian and Gary walked towards the main entrance of the building.

Walking inside, Jillian made her way over to the information desk and asked where
Roger's room was.

"Excuse me. Could you please tell me what room Roger Lamount is in? We're the ones
that were with him and his wife, when they bought him in last night." said Jillian.

The lady at the information desk looked up at Jillian

"Mr. Lamount's room is on the 4th floor he's in room 404. You take the elevator up to the
4th floor and turn  right, you will see the waiting room, and his room is 2 doors over on
your right, "answered the lady.

"Thank you," said Gary

"Your welcome," answered the lady.

Gary and Jillian entered the elevator and took it up to the 4th floor,  a few minutes later
they located room 404 and proceeded to walk in the door.

"Hey you two, could you use a couple of visitor's?" asked Gary.

Judy turned around to see the two people that helped her husband the  day before.

"Oh Gary and Jillian, we're so glad that you came. You two are just the nicest couple we
have ever known," said Judy. "If it weren't for you two, Roger may not be here today.
Thank you so much."

 At that Judy put her arms around Gary and hugged him tightly. She then turned to Jillian
and gave her a hug also.

Taking Jillian's hand, Judy took her over to her husband.

"Gary, you can come over too," said Judy.  "Roger, this is Gary and Judy. They were the
ones that helped you and  me when you became ill yesterday. They didn't have to, but they
were both kind enough to go out of their way to help two total strangers. They were both
God sent."

Roger looked at both Jillian and Gary, he was having trouble finding  the words to show
his appreciation for what they did for him and his wife. Taking Jillian's hand he started to
tell them how he felt.

"Jillian, Gary, I really don't remember much about yesterday, but I  want to thank you both
for being there, " said Roger.

"It was nothing, it was just being there at the right time sort of thing," said Gary.

"No it was more than that. My wife is right, you didn't have to help  me, you could have
turned around and walked back to your car and drove off, but you didn't and for that I am
very grateful. If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know. "

"Yes there is," said Jillian. "Make sure you listen to your doctor and wife. Take your
medication promptly... and take good care of each other," said Gary finishing Jillian's

"Oh I will take my medicine like a should, I never ever want to put my beloved wife
though that kind of fear again," said Roger.

"Yes I will definitely make sure that Roger takes his medicine and listens to his doctor and
we promise, we will take good care of each other," said Judy.

"We're really happy to hear that," said Jillian

"When do you think you'll get released?" asked Gary.

"We hope he will get to go home in a couple of days. His doctor says he is doing just
fine." answered Judy

Jillian and Gary visited for another 20 minutes and then they had to  say good bye and
return to the road.

"Bye, you two, have a save trip back home and if you are ever in this area again, please
stop by and visit us, " said Judy.

"Yes, our door will always be open to both of you," said Roger

Both Jillian and Gary said their good-bye's and left the room.

"They're such a nice couple, do you think we will see them again  Roger?" asked Judy as
she watched Jillian and Gary walk down the corridor.

"Yes Judy honey, I am quite sure that we will see them again. In fact you can count on it,"
said Roger.

Jillian and Gary returned to the truck and they both enter in, as soon as Jillian was seated
and buckled in, Cat jumped into her lap.

"You know boy, I'm going to figure out how you do that yet," said Jillian laughing as she
stroked Cat's fur.

When you do, please tell me, thought Gary to himself.

Gary started the car and pulled out of the parking lot and proceeded back down the road.

"I guess the next stop is Doctor Anderson's office to check on the  dog?" asked Gary.

"Yes, that's the next stop," said Jillian. "So let's go. "

Gary was driving for about 30 minutes when Jillian spotted the road  that would lead them
to Doctor Dianna Anderson's Veterinarian Hospital. Ten minutes later they found
themselves in front of the pet hospital.

"Boy I thought we'd never find this place," said Gary

"Oh, I knew you could find the place. I never doubted it for a moment," said Jillian. as she
leaned over and kissed Gary passionately on the lips.

Gary loved feeling Jillian's warm lips on his. He loved how sweet her kisses were and how
soft she felt. The kiss only lasted for a few minutes, but the kiss was full of so much love
that it didn't matter  the length of it. They both knew they were in love.

"Well Mr. Hobson, I believe we're here," said Jillian.

Gary pulled Jillian close he didn't want to go in quite yet. He wanted to spend a few more
minutes with the women he'd fell in love with.

"Oh, we can go in, in a few minutes," said Gary, as he started to kiss Jillian again.

"Hey big boy there's plenty of time for that, why don't we go in and check on our friend?"
said Jillian.

"Oh, okay," said Gary as he gave her one more kiss.

Jillian returned the kiss and then they walked hand in hand into the  pet hospital.

 Part 19

Gary held the door open for Jillian as they both entered into the pet hospital. Walking over
to the main desk, Jillian asked to see Doctor Anderson. A few minutes later Doctor
Dianna Anderson entered into the waiting room.

"Well, I didn't expect you two back so soon. I guess you're here to see your new found
friend?" asked Dianna.

"Yes, we are. We wanted to see how he is getting along," said Jillian.

"He's doing quite well, for what he has gone though. Please come with  me and I will take
you right to him," answered Dianna.

Jillian and Gary followed Doctor Anderson back to the room, where she kept her patients.
Dianna walked them over to the cage that the dog was in.

"Here he is. Hey boy you have some visitors," said Dianna

The dog's tail started to wag with happiness when he saw Jillian and Gary standing there.
He knew in his own way, that these were the two nice humans that had helped him and he
was really glad to see them. He was barking with joy and trying to get to them even
though his leg was broken.

"Hey boy don't you get up, I can pet you just fine," said Jillian. "How are you doing boy ,
hmm? Are you feeling better?"

The dog licked Jillian's hand and barked at her to show her he was  fine.

"Well he sure does sound a lot better," said Gary with a laugh. "Hey boy, I'm glad that you
feel better."

The dog suddenly edged his way over to Gary and he put his nose into Gary's hand. Gary
gladly gave the dog what he wanted by petting him and talking encouraging words to him.

  " Hey boy you're going to be just fine. Doctor Anderson is going to take real good care
of you. Okay? "

"Excuse me Doctor Anderson, have you been able to locate the owner  yet?" asked Gary
as he continued to pet the dog.

"No, not yet, but it's only been 36 hours, I need to wait at least two weeks, before I can let
anyone adopt him." answered Dianna.

"Oh, do you mean I have to wait two more weeks?" asked Jillian sadly.

"Yes, I am afraid so, but I put out quite a few flyers so I should know something by then."
said Dianna.

"That means if you don't find the owner then Jillian can adopt him?" asked Gary.

"Yes that's what I mean," answered Dianna.

"Hey boy, did you hear that. You might be my dog in two weeks. I'm  going to come back
then and I hope we will be going home together. Hey you know what? I think I'm going to
call you Sherman. You like that name boy?" Sherman licked Jillian's face in approval.

"Sherman?" asked Gary.

"Yes, Sherman. I don't no why, but I've always liked that name," said Jillian.

"Oh boy, and Marissa thought Zeke was bad," said Gary laughing out  loud.

Jillian shot Gary a dirty look. She really did like this name and she didn't like being made
fun of not even by the man she loved.

"Well Sherman is better then Zeke any old day. Zeke?  What kind of a name is Zeke?"
asked Jillian.

Gary looked at Jillian. He found himself a little nervous by the way  she was acting and
how she was looking at him .

"Jillian, honey I was only joking, I think Sherman is a good name for the dog, and he
seems to like it too. Please don't be angry with me. I love you," said Gary as he gave
Jillian his best  I'm sorry look.

Jillian softened at that very moment and went into Gary's arms. "I forgive you and I love
you too," said Jillian and then they both  kissed.

"Hey you two love birds you will have plenty of time for kissing later. Right now I need to
know where I can reach you if I am unable to find the owner," said Dianna.

"Okay," said Jillian. " Gary why don't you wait for me in the truck and I'll be right out
after I give Doctor Anderson the information that she needs. "

"Okay, honey I'll be right out here waiting for you," said Gary and he kissed her again
before he walked out the door and headed for the  truck.

Gary had been sitting in the truck for about 5 minutes, when Jillian walked up and got into
the truck.

"That didn't take long," said Gary.

"No, she just needed my home and work phone number is all. Since I'm getting ready to
move in six weeks I just gave her my home number. I figure that was enough for her to
reach me," said Jillian.

"Six weeks huh?" said Gary sadly. "Boy that sure is an awful long time to be with out

Jillian looked into Gary's mud puddle green eyes. She hated to see him so disheartened.
She wished that she could go back with him right here and now, but she knew that this
wasn't possible.

"Gary, listen to me, six weeks really is not that long, it will fly by before we both know it
and then we will be back together. We will have  a never-ending love. I promise Gary,"
said Jillian as she kissed his tear streaked face. I promise." Gary took Jillian's hand in his
and held on like he was never going to let her go. " I'm just going to miss you so much. I
don't know if I can make six weeks without you," said Gary wiping a stray tear from his

"I know, but you have to. We will be together real soon. Okay?" asked Jillian.

"Okay," said Gary. "Well I guess we better get over to Triple A and  pick up your car. "

"Yes I guess we better," said Jillian.

For the next 30 minutes, Gary and Jillian drove down the road in complete silence. They
were holding each others hand and neither one wanted to let go of each other. They soon
arrived at the Triple A station, where Jillian's car was taken the day before.

Gary took Jillian's hand and they walked into the shop.

"Can I help you?" asked Doug Long, who was working on a Chevy Malibu.

"Yes, my name is Jillian Matthew, and I called earlier today and they told me my car was

"Oh, yes it's ready to go. Come with me. I will take you to your car," said Doug.

"There she is," said Doug as they approached Jillian's small  Volkswagen.

"What was wrong with my car?" asked Jillian.

"She just needed a new radiator hose. It's been replaced and she's as good as new and is
ready to roll." said Doug .

"Thank you," said Jillian. "How much do I owe you?

"No, I will pay the man," said Gary. "How much?'

"Gary, I can't let you pay this bill for me. I have enough money to pay him," said Jillian
and then she got the money out of her purse.

"Jillian, put your money back inside your purse. I will pay for your  car and that's my final
answer," said Gary.

Jillian knew that she wasn't going to win this argument and returned  her money to her
purse. Gary paid the mechanic and the mechanic drove Jillian's car out of the shop.

Jillian glanced at her car, she knew she had to go, but she just wasn't quite ready to say
good bye yet. Turning and running into Gary's arms she began sobbing so hard that her
whole body shook.

"Oh God, I'm going to miss you so much, you are so right, six weeks if really a long time
to be without you,"

Jillian sobbed as Gary held her closely to him and kissed the top of  her head. He lifted her
face up to his until they were making eye contract. Looking into her beautiful violet eyes,
he said "Jillian, you were  right too. Six weeks isn't long and we will be with each other
then. I'll be counting the days." said Gary .

"Will you call me?" asked Jillian.

"Yes, everyday, but first we need to exchange phone numbers," said Gary .

"Oh yeah, we can't call each other if we don't know each others phone number. Can we?"
said Jillian with a small hint of a smile.

"No we can't," said Gary.

Gary and Jillian wrote down their phone numbers for each other and exchanged the pieces
of paper.

Gary and Jillian locked lips for one more kiss before they both had to go their separate

"See, you soon Mr. Gary Hobson," said Jillian .

"You can count on it Miss Jillian Matthew. "

Gary opened the door to Jillian's car and she slipped into the driver seat, stealing one more
kiss from Gary, she was soon on her way.

Gary stood by the Triple A shop until he could see her no more and then he walked back
to Bernie's truck and drove the 25 miles home.

30 minutes later Gary found himself once more in front of McGinty's. He exited the truck
and walked into his bar.

The first two people he saw were his mother and Marissa chatting with each other at the
bar. "Hi Mom, Hi Marissa, I'm home," said Gary.

"Gary, welcome home honey. Did you enjoy your day off?" asked Lois as she grabbed her
son in a big bear hug.

"Mom, you're squeezing me," said Gary.

"Oh sorry, but did you enjoy your day off and how soon will we get to meet Jillian."

"Yes Mom, I did enjoy my day off and Jillian will be moving here in six weeks. I promise
you, that you and Dad will get to meet her then. "

"Okay, sweetie. I'm really glad you had a good time and that you are home," said Lois,
tenderly kissing her son on the cheek.

At that moment, Bernie and Chuck walked through the door.

"Hey Chucko, look who's here, my long lost son. Welcome home Gary,"  said Bernie.

"Yeah, it's about time you were showing up," said Chuck. " Well did you enjoyed yourself.

"Yes Chuck I did. Dad how did you get your black eye?" asked Gary.

"Didn't your mother tell you about that?" asked Bernie.

"So much has happen since yesterday morning, I don't remember if she told me are not."

"Well you don't have anything more in the paper until 7:30 tonight, so why don't we walk
over to the bar and I will tell you all about it and then you can tell us all about your day
and about Jillian. How does  that sound son?" asked Bernie.

Gary nodded his head in agreement and walked over to the bar with  Bernie and Chuck.
Soon everybody heard all the stories and Gary excused  himself to go  to his loft and  lie
down for a little while.

Gary walked into his office, noticing the cat he pick him up and said, "Hey Buddy why
don't you and me go up stairs and lay down for a while. Okay boy?" said Gary, and at that
he started up the stairs to his loft.

The End

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