Gary's Day Off
Installment 1
by Irene Brabson

Warning This part nothing to worry about.   It's just a simple story
Rated G
Archieve : Yes if you  have one
Summary :Paper gives Gary the  day  off.
Disclaimer: Early Edition own by  Tristar Pictures
Copyright :2000
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Gary's Day Off
Installment 1
by Irene Brabson

Part One

 Good morning Chicago, it's 6:30 a.m and time for the news and weather. The radio went
silent as Gary reached over to turn it off .Reaching up to rub the sleep out of his eyes, he
thought to himself, 'Oh please just this once give me the day off. Oh pretty please just this

Pulling himself out of bed he heard the familiar sound of the cat.


"Ok, don't get your fur ruffled, I am coming."

Gary walked  over to opened the door. and opened it, noticing the cat he said.

"Hi cat...." he started to say something more, but realized the cat was alone. There was no
paper, confused he asked the cat.  "Hey Cat where the heck is the paper?"

"Hey Cat, I'm talking to you where's the paper?"

The cat just  look at Gary and began to gloom himself

"Hey cat where is it?"  asked Gary, impatiently


"Don't meow me, oh why an I asking you for?" thought Gary to himself. "you certainly
can't answer me. Even though I sometime wonder." Walking back over to the door, Gary
thought to himself ,maybe the paper is late today, even though it always came with the cat
before. I just don't get it.  Where could it be.

"I'll just go take another look, I'm sure it will be there this time. It just have to be. Where
else can it be?" Gary said to himself. Gary again went to  the door ,but still no paper.

"No it still isn't here," said Gary with a puzzling look. ' I Just can't figure this out? Oh now
I know where the paper is, Chuck must have it.  I bet he checking on the race form ,or the
stock market, or something that will make him a lot  of money. Dress only in a  t shirt and
boxer short Gary grabs his robe from his easy chair and races down the steps.

Seeing his parents, he give them a nod as if they were always there, and proceed to seek
out his friend and co-owner of McGinty Bar.

"All right Chuck, where is it ?" asked Gary.

"Where's ,what?" answered Chuck

"You know darn well what. Where is the paper?"replied Gary

"I don't know where your precious paper is. Why do you always accures me when ever
something goes wrong with your paper?' said Chuck being quite ignored with his friend.

"Because, it usually is you that why." answer Gary

Bernie, Gary father decide that this would be a good time to tell Gary what happen that

"Hey Gar, you won't  believe what happen this morning. I was getting ready to go on a
fishing trip when I heard the cat. So I went to the front porch and there was the cat sitting
on the paper. It was at 3:30 A.M." Bernie said with some excitement

"Not not dad, I'm trying to find out where the paper is." Gary said impaiently.

"But Gar,....

"Not now Dad.!" Gary had snap that time. He didn't mean to but, he was getting frustated
and needed to know what Chuck did with the paper.

Gary start to say somethig else to Chuck and then suddenly realizes what his father had

"You and mom got the paper?" asked Gary

"Yes that what I been trying to tell you." answer Bernie

"Oh boy," Gary said as he sat himself down at the bar.

Gary sat quietly at the bar, for what seen like an entity. Finaly he found his tougue and
began to speak

"But why did the paper come to you and Mom? asked Gary

"Don't really know, maybe they want you to have a day off." Bernie answer his son.

"Who in the world are they?"  Gary asked with wonder.

"The ones who send the paper that who." Don't you see?'   " This is what you been
wanting ever sense the paper started coming to you." Bernie said.

"Yea but,.....

Standing with his arms folded Chuck said with a huff "Hey buddy, I think you own me an

Glaring at his partner, Gary approaches his Mom.

"Gary I think this will do you some good. Said his mother 's Lois with concern. I really
believe you could use a break from the paper. It would do you alot of good.

Gary stared at  his'mother. "Do you think  that's  what the paper wants?'

"Yes sweetie,I really do, and Chuck is right you do own him an apolgy."

"OK, ok, I'm sorry, said Gary   but I still don't understand why the cat came to me and yet
you and dad got the paper.

"Gary  weren't you listening? asked Bernie. I told you that the cat was on our front porch
this morning. We bought the cat back with us. We got here around 6;15 and the cat just
went upstairs, to wake you up like it always does. Listening quietly to the group, Marissa
decided it was time to but her two cents in to the conversation.

"Gary I think it great that the paper is finally doing this for you.  Heaven knows it's way
over do, think of all the things you can do to today.

"Such as ?" asked Gary

"Well you can go see a movie, skating, bike riding or go for a nice long drive in the
country. Yes I think you should take the drive. I think it will do you some good"

"I don't feel right about leaving Dad and Mom with the paper. I know they could handle it
but, the paper is my responbility,"

"Hey buddy don't sweat Bernie and I can handle everything, just except it and go and
enjoy yourself." added Chuck. " Oh no there' no way an going to let you handle the paper.
You would use the paper for your benefit, uh, uh."

Chuck, was hurt by Gary, reaction to his offering to help with the paper. He thought that
he was being a bit unreasonable. But decided to give it one more shot.

"Oh, Gar I promise I will behave .I won't even look at the sports page or any other pages
you don't want me to look at. Ok buddy?"

"Well, I..I..I don't know I just don't know.

"Gar go up stairs and get dress said Bernie. We can all handle it for one day"  You'll see it
will be alright."

"But Dad.....protested Gary.

"Gary you known better to argue with your dad  and me. said Lois. Now do as your father
says and go and get dress, and be sure to dress warmly it a bit chilly out. Go on with you

Gary stood and look at his mother for a long time. Soon realiazing there was no more
sense in arguing, he started up stair to his loft..

As he enter he saw that the cat was still on his bed, where he left him an hour before.

"What do you think cat?" aske Gary. Should I take this day off or not?'

"Meow", answered the cat.

Gary just shook his head in amazment and headed for the shower. The warm water felt
good on his back as the thought about the whole deal.  Maybe a day off would be nice,
after all I did pray for it this morning.  Yeah it would probaly do me some good.

Entering his clothes 'closet he started to look for something to wear. He pick out a pair of
blue jean and took out three sweather to decide between them.

"Hey, Cat which one should I wear? "

"Meow" answer the cat.

"The gray blue one?  That a good choice. I would have pick that one out myself.  You
have good taste Cat. Well Cat you be good. I'll see you tonight and thank for the day off.'

Gary went down to the bar where his parents, Marissa and Chuck were waiting.

His'mother gave him a hug,"Enjoy your day off honey and don't worry about anything
here"said his mother

Gary smile at his mother and return the hug  He turning to say something to his father,
but before  he could Bernie spoke instead.

"Here Gar here's some money.for you' said Bernie.

He  handed his  son a wad of money. Gary counted the  money.

"But dad there three hundred dollars here. said Gary. Why in the world would I need that
much money?  I'm only going to be gone for one day."

"Just in cased you see something you like to buy or have some money to get something to
eat." answer Bernie. Oh yeah, I almost for got, here the keys to the truck. Take it and
have a good time.

,'Dad I have my own jeep, I don't need your truck,but thanks anyway." said Gary.

"Hey buddy did you forget, your car is really low on gas right now and since Bernie tank
is full and we need the McGinty van for here, take the truck and go." said Chuck.

Gary finally agreed and took the keys from Bernie. He started to the door and decided to
asked Marissa to come along.

"Marissa?" asked Gary.

"Yes Gary?" answer Marissa

"Would you like to come with me?"  asked Gary

"Oh Gary, thank you for the offer, but I really think you should do this by yourself." said

"Ok. said  Gary. I'll see you all tonight then. By.

Gary open the door to McGinty's and started outside. Looking over he noticed his father's
truck part on the street.  "Well here I am. I guess I'll get going."

Gary climbed into  his father truck, as he sat down in the car seat he thought to himself.
'Now that I'm here what do I do and where do I go?"

Part Two

"Oh, no, not now, please not now. Don't do this to me  you stupid car. I am late enough as
it is," said a  very frustated Jillian Matthew.  Jillian Matthew was  on her way to her sister's
house. This was in Little  Creek, Indiana, to watch her sister's two children,  so her sister
and her brother-in-law could go on their  second honeymoon. It had been a rough day
from the  very beginning. She had planned to get an early start,  but somehow it did not
start that way. First, her  alarm clock went off two hours late, then she  couldn't find the
keys to her car, and now after being two hours late already this stupid car of hers had to
break down.

"You piece of junk. I'd like to kill the man who sold  me this lemon. I have had nothing
but trouble with  this darn car, ever since I bought it."  Jillian said to herself.

"Now what? I don't have a cell phone, and I'm miles  from the nearest gas station. Now
what am I going to  do?" she asked herself.

  Jillian stood by her car, scatching her head and  trying to figure out what to do. Suddenly
she heard another car approaching. It wasn't a car but a tan  pickup truck.

 "Oh, good, maybe I can get some help," said a very  hopeful Jillian.

Gary Hobson had been on the road for about 2 1/2  hours.  This was his first full day off
since he  started to get tomorrow's paper about 4 years ago.   For some reason, whoever
sent the paper thought he  deserved a day off.  So, here he was on the road not  sure of
where he was going, he was just going. It  started out a chilling morning, but had warmed
up to  the mid 60's.  Gary was driving with the car windows  open and he was enjoying the
country air and the  beautiful scenery. Suddenly he had to break his father's truck with a
sudden jerk. There in the  middle of the road stood a lady.  She was dressed in blue jeans
with a light blue jacket on, about 5'5" with auburn hair and dark brown eyes. She looked
to be around 30, maybe a couple years younger.

"Hey, lady, are you some kind of a nut or something?"  asked Gary. "You could have been

"Man, am I glad that you came along. I could really  use your help," Jillian said to the tall
stranger  she had stopped on the road.

Gary sat in his father's truck and stared at the  lady for seemed to be an eternity.  Finally,
he emerged from the truck and followed the lady over to her car.

"Do you know anything about these stupid things?"  asked a very frustated Jillian.  "I was
driving along and it just went dead on me. I checked the gas and I have plenty. Could you
please take a look?  I would surely appreciate it."

Gary didn't know much about cars, except how to  drive one, and to fill the gas tank when
he needed gas. But this lady needed his help.  So he was more than glad to try and give
her a helping hand.

 After popping open the front of the car and taking a  look around, Gary realized he really
didn't know what  was wrong with her car.

"I'm sorry, but I don't seem to know what the problem  is, but, if you like, you can use my
cell phone and  call for help. Then I would be more than glad to  give you a lift to where
ever you're going."

"But I still have another 100 miles to go before I  get to my destination,"  said Jillian.

"Oh, that's okay.  It's my day off and I'm going for  a drive, so I could use the company,"
said Gary. "Oh,  by the way, I'm Gary Hobson."

"Pleased to meet you Gary Hobson.  My name is Jillian  Matthew,"  said Jillian with a

While Gary waited in the truck, Jillian used his  cell phone to call Triple A so she could get
some help  to tow her car to the nearest mechanic.  It took about  an hour before helped
arrived, but they were soon on  the road toward Jillian's destination.

They had been on the road for about 20 minutes, when  Gary realized he didn't know
where Jillian was  going.

"Hey, Jillian you never told me where your destination  is,"  Gary said with a smile.

"Oh, how silly of me, of course you want to know  where I'm going, wouldn't you?  I'm on
my way to my sister Lorraine's house. That's in Little Creek, Indiana. I'm going to watch
her two children, while her husband, Wayne, and her go on their second honeymoon. I
should have been there hours ago, but things came up," said Jillian.

"Oh, I know where that is.  It's not too far from my  hometown of Hickory, Indiana, only
about 45 miles. Would you like to use the cell phone to call your  sister?  Than I will call
home and see how things  are there," said Gary.

"Yes, that would be a good idea. My sister is  probably wondering what happened to me.
Thank you,"  said Jillian.

After Jillian called her sister and explained everything to her, Gary took the phone to call

Marissa was sitting at her computer, going over some  of the inventory for McGinty when
suddenly the phone  started ringing.

 "Hello McGinty, Marissa speaking. How may I help  you?

"Marissa, it's me," said the voice on the other  end.

"Gary, are you enjoying your day off?" asked  Marissa.

"Yeah, I am. Is Mom there? I'd like to talk to her  for a minute," asked Gary.

"Okay, hold on, I will get her for you,"  said  Marissa.

Gary watched Jillian comb her hair while he was  waiting for his Mom to come to the

"Hello?" said Lois into the phone. "Gary, are you  there?  Hello?"

"Oh, sorry Mom.  I was occupied for a moment.  How  is everything going?  Is Dad and
Chuck doing okay with  the paper?  Do you need me to come back?"  asked  Gary.

"Fine, yes and no.  Everything is fine, Gary.  Don't  worry.  Are you enjoying your day off

"Yeah, Mom.  I am helping this girl.  Her car broke  down so I am giving her a lift to
Little Creek,  Indiana,"   answer Gary.

"Oh, a girl.  What does she look like Gary?  Is she  pretty?  Does she have a husband?"
asked Lois.

Gary, decided he had enough of this conversation.

 "Bye, Mom, I'm glad things are all right.  I'll check back later,"  said Gary, and then
quickly hung up the  phone, before his Mother gave him the third degree.

"Well, are you ready to get started again, Jillian?"  asked Gary.

 "Yes,"  answered Jillian.

Gary had driven about 20 miles, when he suddenly  came to an abrupt stop in the road.

"Gary, why did you stop so suddenly?  I almost hit  the dashboard.  What's wrong?"
asked Jillian.

Gary was already out of the truck, when Jillian  asked her questions and was running
towards something  lying in the road.  Jillian wondered what it was that caught her
companion's attention, so she ran over to where he was.  She soon saw why Gary came to
such a sudden stop.  Lying on the side of the road was a dog.  A german shepard mix.  It
had been hit by a car and just left there.

"Oh, the poor thing.  Is the dog alive, Gary?"  asked  Jillian.

"Yes, but it's going to need help right away.  In the  back of the truck there should be a
blanket. Please  go and get it for me. We have to take this fellow to  the nearest vet," said

Jillian did what Gary asked her to do and soon came  back with the blanket.

Carefully wrapping the dog in the blanket and taking  care not to hurt him any more, Gary
carried the dog  to the truck.  Jillian made room on the backseat and  Gary gently lay the
dog down and covered him with the  blanket.

"Gary, we don't even know where the nearest vet  office is.  How are we going to get help
for this poor  dog?" asked Jillian.

"We passed a gas station about 5 miles back.  I'll  turn back there and maybe someone
there can tell us where the closest vet office is," said Gary.

Gary turned back towards the gas station.  When he got  there he asked the attendant
where the nearest vet  was. The man was more than glad to tell him and Gary  soon
returned to the truck.

"Did you find out where the nearest vet is?" asked  Jillian.

"Yes," answer Gary. "It's on North East road. He  said it was about 3 miles up the road on
my left."

Jillian watched over the dog, while Gary kept an eye  on the location of the vet office.
Soon he saw a  one story building. It had a sign with a dog and cat on it. The sign said
'Dianna Anderson Veterinarian.'

  "This most be the place" said Gary as he step out of  the truck.  Jilllian look out ,she was
happy to see  the vet office and wanted to hurry in to help this  poor dog.

"Jillian, I will get the dog, you go over and hold  the door open for me, Okay?"

Gary and Jillian entered the building, there were many  dogs and cats with their owners
waiting their turn to  be examined.  At the desk stood a tall black woman  with a white lab
coat on, she was saying something to a girl standing next to her.

"Vickie, Pepper will be spending a couple of days  with us.  She needs to have a flea bath
and check about her sore on her back.  Please make sure there is a cage clean and ready
for her."

Vickie nodded and pick up the small black poodle and  headed for the back room.

"Excuse me," said Gary.

Turning around Doctor Anderson noticed a man standing  there holding a large dog.

"What happened here?" asked Doctor Anderson.

"I found this dog lying on the side of the road.  I  believe it was hit by a car," answered

"Can you help it?"  added Jillian.

"Bring the dog back here and I will see what I can  do," answered Doctor Anderson.

Gary and Jillian waited in the waiting room while  Doctor Anderson examined the dog.

"Maybe you should call your sister again and let her  know you're going to be a little while
longer,"  suggested Gary.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right," said Jillian and walked out to the car to get the cell phone.

Soon Doctor Anderson returned.  She walked over to Gary and sat down beside him.

"You know not too many people would have even stopped to help this dog.  I am really
glad there is some  people that will," said Doctor Anderson.

Gary looked at the doctor, he wanted to know how the  dog was so he asked, "How badly
hurt is he?"

"Nothing too serious.  A broken right leg and some  cuts and bruises, but they can all be
fixed. My main  concern is finding the owner," said Doctor Anderson.

"What happens if you can't find an owner?" asked  Gary.

"Well, don't worry about that. I will check his rabies  tags, I'm sure we will find the

Jillian return to the waiting room after she called  her sister.  Hearing the conversation
between Gary  and the doctor she said, "If you can't find the owner, I would be more then
happy to take him.  I could really use the company."

"You would have to wait a least two weeks. If no  owner is found by then and you still
want him, then he is yours," said Doctor Anderson.

Jillian smiled at the vet and turned to Gary.   "Maybe I will soon have my very own dog.
Wouldn't  that be great, Gary?"

Gary just nodded his head, then turned to the doctor.  "I will glad that he's going to be
alright, and  hope you will be able to find the owner, but if you can't I know that Jillian
will take good care of him."

"Thank you," said Doctor Anderson, and started to walk  back into the examation room.
She turned around as if  she forgot something and asked, "By the way, sir, what is your

 "Gary Hobson," he answered.

"Well, Gary, thanks again, and our new found friend  thanks you too."

Gary just nodded his head as he watched Doctor  Anderson leave the room.  He turned to
Jillian and said "I guess we better get going, before it gets much  later."

"Okay," said Jillian and they both returned to the  truck.

Part 3

Lois was humming to herself, she was helping out at McGinty.  She was there because,
her son finally was given a full day off ,since he started to get tommorow paper four years
ago.  Marissa was in the office going over the payroll and other business that had to be
taken care of.  Lois had just finished  wiping the table and she was starting to take the
dishes out to the kitchen, when she heard the front door open. She turn to see who came
in and what a sight she saw.  Standing in the door was Chuck.  He was covered  with
white paint from head to toe and was dripping all over the floor of McGinty.  Lois covered
her mouth in an attempt to keep herself from laughing out loud.  But she was having a
very difficult time doing so.

"What in the world happen to you?"  asked Lois trying her best not to laugh at Chuck's

"What happen to me?  What happen to me?  What hasn't happen to me?" asked a very
fuming Chuck. "Well let me tell you what happen to me.  First I was bitten in the leg, by a
poodle, after I untangled it's leash from around a tree, then I got kick in the shins by a
smart alex kid who lost his favorite ball down a sewer hole, because I kept him from
getting struck by a pickup truck. (mumbling) Ungrateful little brat.

"Lois listen to Chuck patiencely amd then she asked him, "How did you get paint all over
you Chuck?"

"Well I was getting to that, you see, I had to go over to Canel Street to keep this guy from
falling off a ladder.  What was to  happens  was the ladder he was on was to  tips over
with him on it.  He was painting the front of his house. When I arrived at the scene, I
managed to keep the ladder from falling and prevented  the guy from getting seriously
hurt, but the paint bucket fell on me in the process."

 Lois stared  Chuck up and down, "You sure or a mess Chuck." she laughed

"I don't see anything funny about this.  No I don't.  I swear if Gary ever get anothe day
off,  I will kill myself."

Chuck started to walk over toward the office, dripping paint as he went.

"Chuck where are you going?  asked Lois,  and where's Bernie?"

Chuck turned around  a gave Lois a very auguish look.

"I'm going up stairs to Gary's loft and cleanup.  The last time I saw Bernie, he was going
somewhere to keep a child from wandering off."

"Hold it  mister .You  are not  going to Gary's loft dripping paint  all over this floor,
outside now and wipe some of that paint off."

"How am I suppose to do  that ?" asked a very upset Chuck.

"You  are resourcful .You  will think  of something. "replied Lois

Chuck turned around and started to stomp out of the door like spoiled child when Lois
called back.

"Chuck, what are you going to put on?  Gary's clothes won't fit you.?"  asked Lois

He  turned and replied .

"Oh, I have some clothes here in case of an emergency. And this is one of those
emergency." said he headed for the door.

Marissa enter the  bar from offices.

"Hi, Marissa , bye Marrisa  said Chuck  I got  to go outside  He looks toward Lois with  a
disgusted look  on his face.". Because l  have paint all over me and a certain person won't
let me go upstairs and change." he replied sarcastically.

"Hello answer Marissa. How did you get paint all over you" she asked

"Don't asked, it's along story, Maybe Gary's mom will tell you about." he replied as he  left

Lois and Marissa was having a good laugh at Chuck  expensive after Lois told  her  what
happened .

"Oh boy, this is one of those times that I wish I could see.  I bet he was a sight." laughed

"Oh he sure was." Lois said with a giggle.

( Brring Brring Brring )  "I guess I better get that. said Lois. It might be Gary .  hope he
tell me more about the  girl he met .The last time we got cut off."

Lois walk over to the bar and pick up the phone.

"Hello McGinty."  she said.

"Mom, it's me again. I'm checking to see if everything is still okay."  said Gary

"Yes, sweetie everything is going okay.  Marissa just finished doing the payroll, your dad
is still out doing errands for the paper and Chuck is outside  cleaning  the paint  off of

Gary shook  his head wondering  how Chuck got  paint on himself but decided not to

But  his mother  told him any how.

"Well he got white paint all over him, in an attempt to keep some man from falling off a
ladder said Lois

"Boy,he better not get paint all over the place in there or he going to clean it up and I
don't mean maybe"  said Gary

Chuck had reenter the bar, walking over he said "If that's Gary tell him to hurry home
soon. Before I loose what left of my  mind."

"Tell Chuck I will be home tonight"  said Gary.

"Look, Mom I'm going to hang up now, I see you sometime tonight.  Bye."

"Bye sweetie" said Lois as she hung up the phone ."Darn I forgot to asked him  about the
girl ."

Marissa shook her head .

Bernie enter in to the bar.  He was a man who was really enjoying helping out his son . He
felt like a super hero.

"Wow, Lois I hope Gary get more days off, I am really having a blast."  said Bernie

Chuck gave Bernie a look that could kill.

"Well, Bernie, Chuck told us about his experience with the paper. Now let's heard about
yours" said Lois

"Yeah, that would be interesting to heard about your adventure today" added Marissa.

"Boy, I'm really enjoying myself.  First the paper sent me over to Freemont Street,to keep
a four year old little girl from wandering off and becoming lost.  I got there just as she was
staring to wander down the street.  I pick her up and return her to her mother.  Her
mother was so grateful, she gave me a kiss on the cheek.  Then after that I went over to
Ohio  street to keep this guy from driving his car, because he had no breaks.  I got thanks
for that too

"Did you get a kiss for that too? asked Chuck with a sneaky grin.

"No, I just got a thank you and a hand shake."  answered Bernie.

"Well then what happen?'  asked Marissa.

"I also kept a young teenage girl from getting raped."

"How did you do that?" asked Lois

I kept her from going though a strange alley way on Belmont Street. I told her it would be
safer for her to walk where there were other people.  She must had listen, because the
paper change to a bicycle sale at Pete's bike shop."

"Boy, You get all the thank you and I get all the complainers. said Chuck. I sure like that."

"Meow"  said the cat

"Oh, no." said a frustated Chuck.  I've had enough of that paper for one day.  Thank
you.very much."

"Come on Chucko,  we still have a half a day to go.  Besides you promise Gary that you
would help out today."

"Oh, all right but, let me go up stairs and clean up first. said Chuck.  I'll be down in a half
an hour.

"Make it twenty minute." said Bernie.

"Okay. Okay.  Twenty Minute."  replied Chuck.

 Chuck gave Bernie a disgusting look and turn around and started up stairs to Gary's loft
to clean up.

"Well don't get to used to it Bernie, it's only for one day"  said Lois.

"I know but I really enjoy helping him out.  By the way did Gary called yet?"  asked

"Yes, he called twice and everything is fine "answered Marissa.

"He met someone"  said Lois.

"Oh, who did he meet?  asked Bernie.

"A girl."  answered Lois.  Her car broke down and he's giving her a lifted to Little Creek,

"Well that's my boy, a chip off the old Hobson"  said Bernie proudly.

 Chuck enter Gary's loft and went straight to the shower.  The water was warm and
refreshing.  He hated for it to end, but he knew he had to get out and dress.

"Boy the things I go though for that guy."  Chuck thought to himself.

Soon Chuck return to the bar.  Clean up and ready for what ever the paper threw his way.
Grabbing the paper from the bar he look to see what was next.  He notice a small headline
on page 3

( Girl in bikini drowns in back yard pool.)

'This one mine." said Chuck.

Taking the paper and reading what Chuck read, Bernie said,  "Oh no.  If I let you handle
that one, I won't see you for the rest of the day

Bernie started out the front door of McGinty, Chuck followed behind begging Bernie to

"Ah come on Bernie, this is right up my alley." said Chuck.

"No way, Jose." said Bernie.

"Oh, please." begged Chuck

"No!" said Bernie stermly

Lois and Marissa just laugh as Bernie and Chuck were arguing as they both tried to get
out the door the same time.

"Them two  make a good team. Don't they Marissa? " asked Lois.

"They sure do." answer Marissa  and they both laugh.

 Part 4

Gary had just gotten off the phone when Jillian return from the restroom at the gas station
they stop at.  Gary had to wait, because the men room was out of order and everybody
had to use  the women room. As Jillian approached the truck she noticed that Gary had
shut  his cell phone. She came around the driver side of the car and said," hey,Gary, is
everything okay?  Did you get a hold of your friends and family?"

"Yeah everything is all right back home.  Look I need to use the restroom now, so why
don't use the cell phone to call your sister."

Jillian smiled and took the phone ."Thanks Gary."

Lorraine Porter, was beginning to wondered what had happen to her older sister.  She had
called to let her know she would be later then she thought, but would be there soon.  But
this had been hours ago and Lorraine was really beginning to  worry.

"Lorraine,has Jillian , arrived yet?"  asked Wayne, Lorraine husband.

"No. answer Lorraine, but she should be here soon."

"She said that four hour ago. said Wayne.  I hope she soon gets here or  we would have to
get a late start or wait until tommorow."

Lorraine watch as her husband left the room.   (Brrrinng Brring ) The phone on the
kitchen wall begin to ring Lorraine hurry over to the phone to answer it.

"Hello, Jillian?"  She asked

"Yeah, Lorraine it me."  answer Jillian.

"Jillian where in the world are you?  You called  me four hours ago and said you would be
here with in the hour."

"I'm sorry, Lorraine, Gary and I stop to help a dog that got hit on the road.  Gary took the
time to take the poor animal to the vet and of course I went along."

"Well is the dog going to be all right?'  asked Lorraine.

" Yeah, he will be find and if Doctor Anderson doesn't find the owner, I'm going to keep
him for my own."

"By the way where are you  now?"  asked Lorraine

"Oh. I am in  a small town called Deer Park, Indiana. It's about 50 miles east of Little

"That means you ought to be here soon. Right?" asked Lorraine.

"Sure, after Gary and I stop for a bite to eat."

"Jillian, what this guy like? asked Lorraine.

"Oh, he nice enough?"  answer Jillian.

"Is he marry? asked Lorraine.  You never know, he made be mister right this time."

"Oh, Lorraine, don't start that again, you know that I'm still trying to get over what Jimmy
did to me.'

"Jillian that was three years ago.  You are 30 years old, you're not going to get any
younger.  Jimmy is the past. Live in the present.

Jillian  look up and saw that Gary was returning to the truck.

"Look, Lorraine I'll be there as soon as I can.  Bye."

Jillian smiled as Gary reenter the truck.

"Everything okay?'  asked Gary

"Oh, that sister of mine, she makes me so mad."  said Jillian.

"Why?" asked Gary.

"Well since she has  been married ever since she got out of high school, she thinks I should
get married too.  Can't she understand?  I don't want to go though another heart break."

"A heart break?"  asked Gary.

"Well you see, three years ago I was engaged to a man name James Martin.  On the day
we were to be married, he left  me at the  alter.  Two weeks later he went and elope with
my best  friend."

Jillian began to cry, even though it was three years ago, it still  hurt like it was only
yesterday.  How could she expect her sister to understand, she found her mister right in
high school.  Lorraine never went though what she went though.  Jillian continue to cry.
Gary sat there not knowing for sure what to say to make the hurt go away  What could he
say?.  He knew how she felt.  He too loved someone and he though she loved him too. He
knew how it felt to be hurt. There were times he too also felt like breaking down and
crying too.  He also knew what it was like when someone try  to match you up with
someone else. In Jillian case it was her sister Lorraine, in his case it was his mother.  Gary
decided to go ahead and try to confort his new found friend.  Taking her in to his arms, he
let her cry.  After a while Jillian set up, she look up at Gary, she could see how
understanding and patience he was, anyone else would had told her to get over it and go
on with her life, but Gary was willing to listen and allowed her to cry, finally she broke the
silence, turning away and wiping her eyes she said  "Oh, Gary, I sorry.  I hardly even
know you and here I am telling you about my unhappy love life."

Gary reach in his pocket and pulled out his handkerchief and began to wipe Jillian's tears.

"Look, it's all right that you told me about all of this.  I know that Jimmy must had hurt
you deeply.  I just wish there was something I could say or do to make the hurt go away."

"Oh, Gary, you just did, you listen to me, you let me cry and you let me share my
problems with you. For  that I thank you .  Say I'm getting hungry why don't we stop
talking and go and find some  place to eat?"  asked Jillian

"Sound great to me"  said Gary


Judy Lamont was getting ready for the dinner hour at the Red Rose Roadside Cafe.  Her
husband Roger was preparing the special for the evening hours.  The Lamont's small cafe
had been a familar site in Deer Park for 35 years.  Judy was a pleasant women and her
customers thought  a great deal  of her.  She was about 5ft. 1 inches tall and weigh about
150 lbs, she had black hair with streaks of gray though it, and  sparkling blue eyes.  Roger,
Judy's husband,stood a head taller then his wife.  He stood 6ft.2 inches tall and weigh a
lanky 165 lb.  His hair was red, but now it look almost  blond, he had a handle bar
mustache and gray eyes.   The Lamont's had just recently celebrated there 40th wedding
anniversary and everything was fine with the world.  The only thing Judy worried about
was Roger's epilepsy.  Epilepsy was something Roger had for most of his life.  He was
under a doctor's care for this and had to take medication for it daily.  Sometimes he would
get real busy in the kitchen and almost forget to take it, but Judy would always remind him
to do so.  It was going on 4:30 the dinner hour would be starting within the next half
hour.  Judy was starting to fold the napkins around the silverware  when suddenly she
heard a crash coming from the kitchen.   Running to the kitchen door, she saw Roger lying
on the floor. He was going into a seizure and was jerking and thrashing  around.  The
meat balls that he just bake were all over the floor, where they landed, after Roger went
into his spell.

Judy was scared. It had been fours years since Roger had a seizure this severe.  Even
though she had lived with him for 40 years, it still frighten her every time.  Sometime she
would get so scared, that she would forget what to do to help her husband.

"Oh, God , help me to calm down and help my husband. Please." pleaded Judy.

Gary pulled in the parking lot of the cafe.

"This looks like a nice place to eat. said Gary.  Would you like to eat here?"

"Sound aces with me."  answered Jillian.

Gary and Jillian got out of the truck and headed for the front door, as they enter they both
saw that no  one was around.  They were getting ready to leave, when Judy came running
out of the kitchen. Gary could see that there was something terribly wrong, for Judy was
extremely upset and look like she needed some help.

"Oh,please don't go, my husband is having a seizure and I need some help."  pleaded Judy.

Gary turned to Jillian and told her  to go to the phone and call 911.

Jillian saw the phone on the wall and headed for it. . Gary followed Judy to the kitchen.
Entering the kitchen he saw a sight he wasn't sure how to handle.  Roger was lying where
he had falled 5 minutes early. He was still jerking and thashing as before.  Gary never
knew anyone with epilepsy and wasn't sure of how to help Roger, but he knew that he had
to try to do something to help him.  Remembering a little he read about epilepsy, he went
over and sat near Roger and began to try to keep him still so he would not hurt himself.

"How long has he been this way?'  asked Gary. as he struggle to keep Roger as still as he

"Just a few minutes before you walked in the door. answered Judy.  I was folding the
silverware in the napkins and I heard this thump and I ran in to find my husband on the

Roger began to jerk more, making it more diffuicult for Gary to hold him.

"What's your husband name?" asked Gary

"Roger." answered Judy.

Looking down at Roger. Gary decided to try and talk to him, to see if he could get him to
come around.

"Roger?  Can you hear me? asked Gary, but he got no reponse

"Is he on some kind of medication for this?"  asked Gary.

"Yes, he takes Carbamazepine three times a day." answered Judy.

"What cause him to be in such a state?" asked Gary

"I don't know. sobbed Judy.  He sometime get busy and forget, and I reminded him as I
always do, but I think he just didn't heard or something.  Oh, I should have may sure he
took it.  It's all my fault this is happening.

Judy began to cry even harded.  She knew that Roger had epilepsy when she married him
and have see a few spells over the years, but in all those years she never seen one quite as
bad as this one her husband was going though.  Gary heart went out for her and he wanted
to confort her in some way,but he was having trouble finding the right words to say.
Finally after what seem to be a decade he spoke

"Look it was no one fault. Sometimes a person take a medication for so long, that they get
immune to it and sometime the medication doesn't work any more.

Judy, turn and looked at Gary.  She wanted to believed him but, looking at her husband
she just couldn't.

"What in the world is keeping that ambulance?" asked Judy.  It should have been here by

Jillian was waiting outside for the ambulance, after what seem to be a long time, she finally
heard the sirem and then saw the white ambulance.  David Jackson and John Owens
emerge from the ambulance.  Going in to the back John got the eguipment and followed
David into the cafe.

"Judy?'  John called out.

Judy hurried into the dining room and grab John hand, "he's back here, there a nice young
man that trying to help him, but he having some problems controling him."

David and John followed Judy back to the kitchen and started to take over Roger's care.
Taking his blood presure and starting an I V though Rogers doctor's instructions, they got
him on the gurdery  and rush him to the ambulance.

"Judy, were taking him to Saint Micheals Hospital  You can set up front with me if you
like." said David.

"Thank you." said Judy.  Turning to Gary she asked

"Would you and your lady friend please followed in your truck?  It would mean a great
deal to me if you would."

Gary look at Jillian, Jillian smiled and nodded her head.

"Yes, we will followed  you."  answered Gary.

Gary and Jillian waited with Judy in the waiting room, while Roger was be attented to.
Judy was siiting with her head down, she had been sobbing and shaking ever since they
had arrived.

Gary sat in the chair next to her and began to confort her by holding her while she cried.

"It's going to be okay.  Roger is in good hands here. The doctors here will take good care
of him.  Don't you worry. you will see. He will be all right."

Doctor Kevin MItchell enter into the waiting room.  Walking over to Judy he sat down on
the other side of her and took her hand.  Judy was scared she wasn't sure what doctor
Kevin was going to say.  (She always called him doctor Kevin).

"He's going to be okay Judy. I will have to change his medication and he will have to
spend at least three days here, but the worst is over."  said doctor Kevin

"Oh. thank you very much.  Can I see him now.  asked Judy.

"Yes come with me.' answered Doctor Kevin.  Yes one more thing Judy, Roger must learn
to remember his medication. It's very important that he takes it. Okay?"

"I sorry. I will make sure we  will never forget again anwered Judy.

Judy started to followed doctor Kevin out the door and then turned to Gary,  running
over, she threw her arm around his neck and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you for being there for me and Roger.  You are a dear sweet man.  If it wasn't  for
you, my Roger might have died.  Thank you so much."  said Judy.

Gary return the hug and said "You are very welcome, I 'm  just glad that Jillian and I came
in your cafe at the right time.

"I know your friends name, but I don't know  yours.  Could you please tell me." asked

"My name is Gary Hobson."  answered Gary.

"My name is Judy Lamont and I am very please to meet you Gary.  Any time you are ever
back in Deer Park, just stop by the Red Rose and Roger and I will let you have anything
on the house. said Judy

"Oh., that won't be neccessary, I was more then glad to help out."  said Gary.

"Oh, Roger and I insist that you stop in  if  either you or Jillian  ever pass this way again.".
said Judy.

"Judy, Roger is asking for you now.  Are you ready to go back and see him?  asked doctor

"Okay, doctor Kevin.  Turning to her two new friends she asked.  "Would you like to
come and see Roger before you go?  I know he will want to thank you both.

Gary and Jillian both excepted and follow doctor Kevin and Judy to Roger's room.  After
they had their little visit and Roger thank them  for being there for him and his wife, Jillian
decided that it was time to go. Gary decide to say one more good bye.

"Hey, Roger, you take real  good care of yourself,and  Judy you make sure that he takes
his medication and listens to doctor Kevin.  Okay?"  said Gary

Don't you worry, I will make sure that Roger does what doctor Kevin said.  Isn't that
right sweetheart? Judy asked her husband.

Roger just smiled at his wife, but that smile said that he would do what he was told.

"Well you two take care of yourself, Jillian and I have got to be going now."  said Gary

"Yes, my sister is probably climbing the walls by now." said Jillian.

Saying their last good bye, Gary and Jillian return to the truck.

"Hey I just had a thought . said Jillian.  We never did get to eat.  Did we?'

"Well, I just guess we're have to wait until we get to your sister house."  said Gary

"Yea, we only have about 30 more miles to go.  We should be there within a half hour.
Jillian replied

"Okay, so lets go." said Gary as he put the key in to start up the truck.  Soon Jillian and
Gary were on the road toward Jillian' s sister house.

Part 5

Wayne stepped out on the porch where Lorraine was standing.  Walking over to her he
asked, "Have you heard from Jillian lately?

"Yeah, she called a little while ago and said she will be here soon," answered Lorraine.

"Well, I sure do hope so," said Wayne.

Chris, their son, came running on to the porch.

"Hey Mom, can I go over Billy's house for a while?" asked Chris

"Me too," added Chris's little sister Allison.

Chris thought that this was a bad idea and started to protest.  "Oh no,  I'm not dragging
you with me, not this time. I want to go by myself. I don't want to have my little sister
tagging after me," Chris complained.

Allison's face got all sad and she started to cry.

"Mommy, Chris won't take me with him," she cried.

"Allison, don't cry, because Chris isn't going either," said Lorraine as she wipe her
daughter tears.

"Oh mom, why can't I go?" asked Chris

Lorraine look at her son, she was tired and in no mood to argue.

"Chris, your aunt Jillian will be here soon and I want you and Allison to stay around the
house. Besides you have a big yard to enjoy and play in," answered Lorraine.

"Ah Mom," said Chris with a very whining voice.

Lorraine was starting to get very annoyed with her son, she was tired of him arguing with
her.  She decided that she had enough.

"Chris, stop arguing with me and go out and play.  Keep an eye on Allison and stay
around the house.  One more thing.  Why don't you get Lucky's leash and take him for a
walk up on the hill," said Lorraine.

Chris look at the least that was hanging on the wall and then look at Lucky, the family

No one knew what kind of a dog Lucky was,  Wayne just called him "One Mixed-up dog."

"All right," said Chris.  Grabbing the leash, he said, "Here Lucky, come on Lucky.  Let's
go for a walk.

Lucky ran over to Chris and started to dance around him.  He always did this when it was
time for a walk.  This always made Chris and Allison laughed, because Lucky had short
legs and he look so funny when he did this.

"Oh, you silly dog," laughed Chris.  "Come on stand still so I can get your leash on.
Finally after a little bit of a struggle, Chris was ready to take Lucky for his walk.

"Okay, Allison if your coming with me then come on." said Chris

Allison, ran over to her big brother and smiled  "I'm ready, can I help walk Lucky too?"
she asked

"Only, if you let me help you."  answered Chris, because the last time you tried to walk
him by yourself ,he got away from you and it took Dad and me over 3 hours to find him."


Gary and Jillian had not spoken a word, since they left the hospital in Deer Park.  Jillian
was thinking to herself, she wanted to ask Gary some questions, but was sure where to
start.  He seemed like a very nice guy, but he also seemed kind of lonely.  She wonder if
someone broken his heart too.

"Gary?" asked Jillian

Gary turn towards Jillian, he didn't answer her though words, but Jillian know she had his

"Can I asked you a personal question?" asked Jillian.

Gary nodded his head.

"Have you ever been married?" asked Jillian

Gary continued to sit quietly, keeping his eyes on the road.  He started to think about that
awful day, when Marcia threw him out.  He had bought her roses for their anniversary and
all he got was a change of lock at the front door and a pack suitcase thrown out the
window at him.  Even after four years it still hurt when he thought about it.

Jillian wanted to take back the question.  She could tell by the look on Gary's face that it
was a subject he didn't like talking about.  She even thought she had seen a tear or two
streaking down his cheek.

"Look, I didn't mean to upset you. If you don't want to talk about I understand," said

Gary look at Jillian, she was easy to talk to and he didn't mine talking to her about the

"Yes, I was married, but now I'm divorced," answered Gary.  "Marcia, my ex, decided she
had enough of married life, so she throw it all out, including me.  I never really understood
why, I guess I wasn't ambitious enough for her."  Gary paused to wipe a tear and then
continue.  "I don't know, all I know is that it hurt so much, that it took me a while to get
over it, but it seems that I still have some pain from the memory"

Jillian just sat and stared at Gary for the longest time.  She felt so sorry for him and wished
she had never bought the subject up. She wasn't sure what to say to him.  She could see
that the subject pained him very much

"Oh, Gary.  I so sorry.  I didn't mean to upset you.  I wish there was something I could say
to make the pain go away," said Jillian

Gary knew that Jillian meant what she said.  "It's okay.  You listened and that's all I really
needed, so that makes it my turn to thank you."

Jillian decided that it was time to change the subject, so looking ahead, she noticed the
road that they had to turn on to get to her sister house.  "Hey, Gary, it won't be much
longer before we get to Lorraine's house," said Jillian

"Oh?" said Gary

"Yes, you see that road we're coming up on?" asked Jillian.

Gary looked up the road and nodded his head.

"Well when you get up to that road, you turn left and drive another three miles up the
road.  Lorraine lives in a brick house painted light blue.  Lorraine just loves the color
blue," said Jillian.  "The outside of her house is painted blue and every room in the house
is painted blue.  Lorraine is just blue crazy.  Yep, just simply blue crazy."

"Blue crazy, huh?" asked Gary laughing.

"Yeah, blue crazy." answered Jillian, who was laughing along with Gary.

Gary soon came to the road and Jillian told him to turn left.

"Now we go another three miles up the road and we will be there," said Jillian.

Five minutes later, they were sitting in front a Lorraine and Wayne's house.

"Well this is it Gary, we finally made it," said Jillian

Gary, look at the house that was sitting in front of him, it was a brick house, two story,
and like Jillian said, it was definitely painted blue.  The house sat in the middle of a small
farm.  It had a small barn on the left, and an outhouse on the far right.  He saw a couple of
cows, one horse and quite a few chickens.

"Gary, are you coming?" asked Jillian.

Before, Gary could answer, Lorraine came out of the house.  She came right over to greet
them.  "Jillian, it's about time you got here.  Wayne and I was just about to give up on
you," said Lorraine.

"Lorraine, I'm sorry, but so many things came up and we just couldn't make it any
sooner." said Jillian

"Well, your here now and that all that matters," said Wayne as he came out on the porch.

Gary stood quietly, while Jillian and her sister greeted each other.

"Hey, Jillian, why don't you introduce us to your friend," said Wayne.

"Oh, Lorraine and Wayne, this is Gary Hobson.  Gary this is Lorraine and Wayne Porter,
my sister and brother-in-law.

"I'm pleased to meet you," said Gary.

"Well, Gary," said Lorraine, "Jillian told us how you helped her on the road and gave her a
lift here, but she didn't tell us how handsome you are."

Gary blushed at Lorraine's comment, and turned to Jillian to wait for the next move.

"Jillian?" asked Lorraine, "have you seen Chris and Allison?"

"No, I haven't," answered Jillian

"They were taken Lucky for a walk. I told them not to wander too far, I hope they will be
back soon.

"If you like, I helped you look for them," offered Gary.

"Let's give them a few more minutes.  They're probably up on the hill playing and running
around with Lucky," said Wayne.


"Chris, were not suppose to go over there.  You know Daddy told us not to go over at the
old Baker Farm," said Allison.

"Well, we have no choice, we have to go after Lucky. I told you to let me help you, but
no, you had to try and walk him by yourself," said Chris

Chris started to climb over the barb wire fence. He turned around because he felt Allison
tugging at his shirt.

"Maybe we should go and tell Daddy," said Allison

"No way.  Remember what he said the last time Lucky got lose and ran off?  He said that
we would have to get rid of him.  Do you want that to happen?  Huh?  Well do you?"
asked Chris

"No," answered Allison.  "Chris I want to come with you."

"No, you stay here.  You can't climb over the barbed wire and I move too fast for you.  So
stay put, I'll be back with Lucky in a few minutes.

But Allison didn't want to stay put, she wanted to help her big brother to find Lucky.  So
she started to climb over the fence, as she was doing so she got her dress tangled up in the
barbed wire.

"Chris! Help me! I can't get my dress lose!" cried Allsion.

"Allison, for heaven sake, why do you always have to wear a stupid dress?" asked Chris.
"Besides, I told you to stay over on a side of the fence."

"Because I like the dresses Mommy makes for me," Allison sobbed.  "I wanted to come
with you."  She continued to sob.

"Oh don't cry, I can get you loose," said Chris.

Chris begin to work on getting Allison loose from the barbed wire. It took him a few
minutes to get her loose, but not before he ripped her dress in the process.

"You ripped my dress.  It was my favorite dress.  Mommy made that dress for me for my
birthday." Allison sobbed loudly.  "You are mean Christopher Porter.   I telling Mommy
you ripped my dress and she will make you stay in for a whole month.

"If you didn't wear dresses all the time, you spoiled little brat, I wouldn't have torn your
precious little dress. Now there!" replied Chris.

Allison started to cry even harder, she really thought that her brother was the meanest
person in the world at that moment and wished that she had excepted Chris help when he
tried to help her walk Lucky."

"Well since you're already over here and you ripped your dress in the process, stop crying
and let's try and find Lucky before Dad finds out," said Chris

Chris turned around to his little sister to make sure that she was coming all right.  "Be
careful, where you walk I don't know what's in here. Okay?" said Chris.

Allison wiped her tears and started to follow Chris to fine Lucky.

"Here Lucky.  Here boy.  Come on Lucky," cried Chris.

"Woof!  Woof!" answered Lucky

"Chris I heard him, I heard him," said Allison

"Yeah, so do I.  You stay here, I'll go and find him.

Chris started to go in the direction of Lucky's bark, when suddenly he heard Allison
screaming so loud, that the hair on his neck stood straight up

  "Mommeeeeeeeee!" cried Allison.  "Mommeeeeee!" she cried again.

Chris ran over to where he heard her crying.  He saw a big dark hole. It was an old well
that had dried up years ago.  It was boarded up, but over the years it had been forgotten
about and the wood was rotting away.

"Mommeeeeeeee!"  Allison cried again and started to sob real hard.  She had fallen though
the rotten wood and into the well.

"Allison? Are you hurt?" asked Chris

"I want Mommy!" cried Allison.

"Don't cry, Allison, I go and get Dad.  Don't worry, I be back as fast as I can," said Chris.

Chris ran off towards his family's farm, as he was running he could still hear his sister
crying in a distance.


 Part 6

 It was going on 8:00 p.m. and Marissa was going over tomorrow's work schedule.
Earlier that day her friend Gary had gotten his first real day off in four years.  For every
morning, just like clockwork, He would get tomorrow's paper with a cat, or is it a cat with
tomorrow's paper, either way, Gary finally was given a day off.  Lois was up stairs in
Gary's loft, making Gary's bed and straightening up the place a bit. She started to full
down some of Gary's laundry, when the cat jumped on the bed.


 "Hey hi there boy," said Lois as she petted Cat. "Do you miss Gary?  Well don't worry,
he'll be back tonight.  Okay?"

 Cat just stared up at Lois and started to purr as if he understood that his friend would be
back soon.

 "Okay Cat, you stay here and keep Gary's bed warm and I go down stairs to see if
Marissa needs any help," said Lois.

 Cat just stretched and yawned, then laid down and went to sleep.

 Lois closed the door and proceeded to walk down the stairs and into the bar.  She walked
over to the bar where Marissa was sitting and still going over tomorrow's work schedule.

 "Marissa, do you need any help?" asked Lois.

 "Oh no, thank you, I'm almost finished here," said Marissa.

 "Mmmm, I wonder how Bernie and Chuck are doing?" said Lois.

 "That's a good question, we haven't heard from them, since they both were fighting over
who was going to rescue that girl in the bikini," said Marissa.  "And that was at 5:30 this

 "I suppose the paper is keeping them busy," said Lois.

 "Yeah, that could be it," said Marissa.


 Chuck had parked his red Lemux in front of Mac's pawnshop.  He had just finish saving
another dog.  This one had been a Boston Terrier.  He saved the dog from falling into an
open man hole, the dog wasn't very grateful, for it ripped the sleeve of his brand new
custom made shirt.  But the dog owner, a young girl about 10, was very grateful to Chuck
and gave him a hug for saving her dog.

 Chuck was pretty upset about his shirt and he thought that Gary should pay for it, but he
also felt good, because he got a 'Thank You' for once, instead of someone thinking he was
some kind of a nut or something.  Yeah, it really felt good.


 "Taxi! Hey taxi!" called Bernie as he tried to flag down a taxi.

 "Hey! Boy, it's hard to get a taxi around here," said Bernie to himself.

 Chuck pull up in front of Bernie.  "Hey, Bernie, do you need a lift?"

 Bernie was still yelling for a taxi and didn't see Chuck drive up.

 "Hey, Bernie!" yelled Chuck.

 Bernie turned at the sound of his name, to see who was calling him.  He saw Chuck's
Lemux parked to the left of him and Chuck was holding the passenger door open for him
to get in.

 "Well, get in already. will  ya?" said Chuck.

 Bernie walk over and stepped in to the Lemux.

 Chuck started to ask how his assignment with the paper went, when he noticed something
about Bernie face.  He couldn't help staring and was wondering how it happened.

 "Chuck, would you please stop staring at me.  It make me very uncomfortable," said

 "Sorry, Bernie, but what happen to your eye?  You really have quite a shiner there," said

 "It was just a misunderstanding that all," answered Bernie.

 "Well, Bernie old man, that misunderstanding socked you in the eye," said Chuck

 "I don't want to talk about it and stop calling me old man," said Bernie.

 "Ooo, touchy. ain't we?" replied Chuck, snickering to himself.

 Bernie was in one of the worse moods he had been in for quite sometime.  He always
liked helping Gary with the paper and never had any trouble with it until now.  He found
out what Gary was trying to tell him: that the paper wasn't always peaches and cream,
sometimes you got a little bit of liver in there too.  (Bernie hated liver)  This assignment
was a rough one and all he got was a sock in the eye for it.  So he was in no mood for
Chuck's sarcasm.

 "Chuck let's just go back to McGinty's," said Bernie.

 "Okay, but what are you going to tell Lois?' asked Chuck.

 "I'll cross that bridge, when I get there." answered Bernie.


 Marissa had just finish going over tomorrow's work schedule, when Bernie and Chuck
walk into the bar.

 "Hey Marissa, we're back." said Chuck.  "You'll never guess what happened to Bernie."

 Bernie gave Chuck a look. A look that said 'Don't say another word or your going to
regret it'.

 Ignoring the look, Chuck preceded to tell Marissa about Bernie's shinier.  "He got sock in
the left eye, and boy is it a shinier. I wish you could see it, it's really a doosey.

 Marissa was stunned to heard about Bernie's eye and she couldn't help wondering how it
happen, so she asked, "Bernie, how in the word did you get a black eye."

 "It's a long story Marissa," answered Bernie.

 "We have plenty of time," said Chuck.  "I just checked the paper and there are no more
assignment for at least an hour.  So you can go ahead and tell us about it."

 Bernie really didn't want to talk about his eye.  He was too embarrassed to admit that the
paper was harder to handle then he thought.  All he wanted to do was give the paper back
to Gary as soon as he returned.

 Lois entered the bar, she was carrying a trash can full of the trash she had cleaned out of
Gary's room.  Bernie, Marissa and Chuck didn't hear her come in.

 "I see you two are back.  How did it go with that bikini girl?" asked Lois.  Before Bernie
and Chuck was able to answered Lois notice Bernie eye.  "Bernie!  What happen to your
eye?" asked Lois, concernedly.

 "It's nothing Lois, don't worry about it," answered Bernie.

 "Nothing? It look's like plenty to me.  Now I'm your wife and I want to know what
happen now," said Lois.

 Bernie stared at his wife for a long time, he really didn't want to tell her about it, but he
knew that she could be stubborn and wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

 "I'm waiting, Bernie," said Lois.

 "Yeah, Bernie, tell us what happened," said Chuck.

 "I would like to know too," added Marissa.

 Bernie knew that he was out-numbered and had no choice but to tell them what happen.

 "Well you remember when Chuck and I left here, we had a little disagreement who was
going to take care of the girl in the bikini?" asked Bernie

 "Yes, we remember, so go on," answered Lois.

 "You see, I won out, so I went to where the girl was supposed to drown...."

 "Didn't you get there in time?" asked Marissa.

 "Oh yeah, I arrived in plenty of time," said Bernie.

 "Then how did you get the black eye?" asked Chuck.

 "I'm getting to that, just give me time. Okay?" said Bernie.  "When I jumped in the water
and pull her out, she was very grateful and offer me her husband robe, while she dried my

 "She dried your clothes?" asked Lois.

 "Lois, nothing happen it was totally innocent," said Bernie.

 "Oh, I know that," said Lois. "Please, continue."

 "Her husband came home and he wasn't too understanding.  She tried to explain what
happen and why I had his robe on, but he wouldn't listen.  The next thing I knew, I was
socked in the eye and was on the floor.  I was given my clothes and shoved out the door.
I guess when I think about it. I would have socked me too."

 Lois look at her husband, she knew he had a rough save, but she couldn't hide her
laughter, no matter how hard she tried.

 "Bernie, I think next time you better do what Gary would do and come home in wet
clothes.  It's better then coming home with a black eye," said Chuck.

 "What do you mean Gary's come home in wet clothes?  He could catch death of
pneumonia doing that," said Lois with worry.

 "Lois, we understand how you feel, but sometimes it hard to find a place to change,
Gary's has to come home and change," said Marissa.  "When it happens, I make sure he
goes right up steps and changes.

 "Thank you Marissa, that make me feel a whole lot better," said Lois.

 "Bernie, I hope this teaches you that the paper isn't all fun and games.  Gary works hard
every day to make sure those headlines are changed from bad to good and three-fourths of
the time he isn't even thanked for it."

 "I know, I just thought I could handle it that's all," said Bernie.

 "Bernie, you can handle it, you just had one setback, it doesn't mean you and Chuck didn't
do a great job today and I know that Gary will be grateful," said Marissa.

 "Marissa's right Bernie.  Thanks to you two, Gary finally got a whole day off and by
offering to handle the paper for him, you made Gary very happy today."  said Lois.

 "Yeah, I guess it worth a punch in the eye, to see Gary happy." said Bernie.


 "Come on Chucko duty calls," said Bernie.

 "Right behind you Bern."  said Chuck.

Part 7

 "Hey, why are we all standing out here for?" asked Lorraine, come on in.

 Gary and Jillian followed Lorraine and Wayne into the house.

 "Jillian, you and Gary sit down and I will bring us something to drink," said Lorraine.
"What would you like to drink?"

 "Oh, nothing for me," answered Gary.

 "You know what I like," replied Wayne.

 "The usual," said Jillian.

 "Okay, coffee black, coffee with cream and sugar, and ice tea with lemon. Got it.  Gary,
or you sure you don't want something to drink?" asked Lorraine.

 "Well... ah, do you have some milk?" asked Gary.

 "Milk it is.  Will white milk be okay?" asked Lorraine.

 "Yeah, that will be fine," answered Gary.

 Lorraine entered into the kitchen and the other three started into a conversation.

 "Where are you from Gary?" asked Wayne.

 "I originality from Hickory Indiana, but now I'm living in Chicago Illinois," answered

 At this point, Lorraine reentered the room with the drinks, and after handling out the
drinks; she sat down and got right into the conversation.

 "Gary, where did you pick Jillian up at?" asked Lorraine.

 "Lorraine, you make it sound like he kidnapped me or something," said Jillian.

 "I don't mind answering the question," said Gary.  "I picked her up on a back road.  I
went that way to see the scenery and she was having car trouble and I offered to give her a

 Wayne bought himself into the conversation.  "Jillian, when you called this morning you
told us you would be here in about an hour or so, but it took nearly 7 hours for you to get
here.  Now what could have possibly happen that took you so long?" asked Wayne.

 Jillian started to answer the question, but before she had a chance, Chris came busting
into the door.

  Chris had been running hard and he was completely out of breath.

 Wayne immediately got up for his chair and ran over to Chris.  Lorraine was right behind
her husband.

 Stooping down to comfort his son, Wayne suddenly noticed that Allison wasn't with him.

 "Chris where's Allison?" asked Wayne.

 Lorraine was beginning to get that sick feeling deep down inside, that feeling when you
know something is very wrong. She turned Chris to her and she could she that Chris was
trying to answer Wayne's question, but was sobbing so hard, he could hardly get the
words out.

 Soothing her son Lorraine asked, "Chris, why isn't Allison with you honey?"

 Chris looked up at his Mom with tears streaking down his face.  He was afraid to answer
but he knew he had no choice.  Choking back a sob, Chris finally was able to answer.
"She fell down the well at the old Baker's place," sobbed Chris.

 Lorraine suddenly felt sick, she couldn't believe what her young son had said.  Her little
girl was in a cold damp well.  She could only imagine how frightened she was.

 Wayne looked sternly at his son.  "What in the world were you two doing over there in
the first place?" he asked.  "Chris, you know your not supposed to be over there, you
know that."

 "Lucky, got lose and ran over there," answered Chris.

 Lorraine regained her composure and stooped down to make eye contract with her son.
"Why didn't you come back here for help when this happened?" she asked.

 "Because, Daddy said that he would get rid of Lucky if he ran off again," said Chris as he
continued to cry.

 "Look, Lorraine it doesn't matter how it happen, we wasted enough time, we have to get
her out of there," said Wayne.

 Lorraine knew her husband was right, Allison needed their help and the sooner the better.

 "Wayne, I know we just met, but I would be more than glad to help," offered Gary.

 "Thank you Gary, We can used all the help we can get," said Wayne.

 Wayne than turned to Chris and with his handkerchief proceeded in drying his tears.

 "Chris, Don't cry, your Mom and me know you didn't mean for this to happen, everything
will be all right.  We will get her out.  Okay?"

 Chris threw his arms around his father and kept saying over and over again, "I'm sorry
Daddy, I'm sorry."

 Holding his son tight. Wayne turned to Jillian and said,  "Jillian would you please stay
here with Lorraine and Chris, while Gary and I go and rescue Allison. Oh and please call
911 and have them meet us at The Baker's farm."

 At this request, Lorraine protested.  "No! I'm coming with you!  There is no way you will
keep me from that well.  You hear me, Wayne Steven Porter.  Do you?"

 Wayne knew there was no use in arguing, Lorraine was a headstrong woman and he
knew there was no way he was going to talk her out of coming.

 Jillian agreed to stay with Chris and watch as the other three headed out the door. Then
she called 911.

 Allison had been in the well for nearly ten minutes, she was beginning to think that Chris
had forgotten all about her and that she would never get out of this big hole.  "Mommy,
Daddy, where are you?  I'm scared, please help me," she said as she started to cry again.

 As soon as they got outside, Wayne headed for the barn to get Valentine, one of the
Porter's horses. Valentine, a Percheron was probably the biggest horse that Gary had ever
seen.  She was coal black and stood about 16 hands high.  Wayne bought her out to the
yard and began to put harness on her.

 "Valentine, can help us, she is really strong and can get into places that a truck can't.
Besides I don't want to take any changes of the well caving in on her, and the truck may
do that."

 "Wayne, don't forget that we're going to need some rope," said Lorraine.

 "Tell me where I can find some rope, and I'll go and get it," offered Gary.

 "There is some rope on a post, left of the barn door," said Wayne.

 Gary entered the barn and soon returned with the rope.

 "Hey, I think we better get going, it will be dark soon, and I'm quite sure that Allison is
scared out of her mind by now," said Gary.

 "Okay, Lorraine, I'll ride Valentine over and you go with Gary in his truck.  Go in at the
front of the house and then walk down to where the well is located. I'll see you over
there," said Wayne.

 Wayne mounted Valentine and began to direct her over to the Baker's Farm.  Gary and
Lorraine soon followed in Gary's truck.

 "Lorraine?" asked Gary.

 "Yes, Gary?" answered Lorraine.

 "How deep is that well?  Is it wide enough for a full grown man to get down it?" Gary

 "I don't know how deep the well is, Gary, but I think it's about 30 feet and yes it is wide
enough for a full grown man."

 Gary and Lorraine were soon in front of the old house.  The house was run down and
looked like it was about to fall down.  Gary parked the truck in front of the house and
they both emerged from the truck.

 "Now which way?" asked Gary.

 Lorraine pointed to where the well was located and they both started running towards the
site. As they were running, they could hear Allison crying from inside the well.

 "Mommeeeeeee! Daddeeeeee! Pleaseeeee help!"

 Wayne was already at the well when Gary and Lorraine got there.

 Allison continued to scream and cry for help.  By the sound of her voice she was getting
very tired and she was very much afraid.

 Lorraine ran up to where the well was.  Wayne had his flashlight and was on his knees,
looking into the well.  He was talking to Allison in an attempt to try to keep her calm.

 "Mommmeeeeee!" cried Allison again.

 Lying down on her stomach, Lorraine began to comfort her child.

 "Mommy's here baby.  It's going to be all right; Daddy and Gary are going to get you out.
Don't worry baby, we're going to have you out soon.

 "Mommy, I scared and I rip my new dress," cried Allison.

  "Oh baby, don't worry about it, I can sew fix it for you."  Lorraine reassures her.

 Looking up at Wayne, Lorraine said.  "Wayne, we better let Gary go down and get her.
You need to help Valentine to pull them both up and Gary is lighter then you are."

 Wayne was a big man, weighting over 300 lbs., so he knew that Lorraine was right.  It
would be better for Gary to go down in the well to rescue Allison.

 "Gary, would you please go down and get her?  Wayne and I both think you the best
choice," said Lorraine.

 Without a thought about his own safety, Gary agreed right away to go down into the


 Jillian was standing on the front porch, she was waiting them to return .She was wishing
she could have gone too, but she knew that someone had to stay with Chris.

 The front door open and Chris stepped out on the porch. He was still upset and worried
about his little sister.

 "Aunt Jillian?" asked a very frighten Chris.

 Jillian turned around and made eye contact at her young nephew.

 "Yes Chris, what is it?" answered Jillian.

 "It's all my fault that Allison fell into the well, isn't it?" said Chris.  At this, Chris began to
cry.  He was feeling guilty and alone, he was thinking that his little sister made be hurt
badly and it was his fault.

 "Oh no Chris, don't even think that.  This was no one's fault, it was just something that
happen.  No one's to blame, honey.  No one."

 Taking Chris into her arms, Jillian let him cry. She knew he was frightened.  She was
frightened too.

 "Chris," said Jillian as she held his face up to hers.  "Don't worry, honey.  Daddy, Mommy
and Gary will be back with Allison soon.  You'll see, real soon."  Jillian held Chris tightly
as she continued to wait for their return.


  Gary was tying the rope around his waist to get ready to go down into the well. Lorraine
was still lying on her stomach and talking to Allison to keep her calm.

 "Allison, Gary's getting ready to come down and get you honey. Okay?  He'll be down
soon.  Don't be afraid.  He's a friend and he won't hurt you, baby.  Hold on, he's coming."
Lorraine said to a frightened Allison.

 "Mommy, I'm cold mommy. My arm hurts, Mommy!  I want out now!" screamed Allison.

 "Hold on, baby. He's coming, just hold on," said Lorraine.

 Gary was double-checking to make sure the rope was tied tightly around his waist.  He
then picked up the other end of the rope and gave it to Wayne.

 "As soon as I tie this end securely to Valentine, we're be ready to go.  Are you are set?"
said Wayne.

 "Ready and willing," answered Gary.

 Without another word, Wayne mounted Valentine and Gary started down the well.  It
wasn't easy getting down there for Gary had to be careful of lose bricks and he wasn't sure
how deep the well was.  Using Wayne's flashlight, he started to look to see where Allison
was.  After a few minutes of searching, he finally spotted her.

 "Allison, I'm almost there.  Hold on.  I'm almost there," said Gary.

 Allison looked up at the sound of her name.  She looked up to see someone she didn't
know and wasn't to sure she wanted to go with him.

 "Where's Daddy? I want my Daddy to rescue me," cried Allison.

 Gary stoop down to a very frighten little girl and began to comfort her.

 "Don't be afraid Allison, it will be alright.  Are you hurt anywhere honey?" asked Gary.

 "My arm hurts," Allison answered, sobbing.

 Gary took a look at Allison right arm.  He could feel that it was broken and they needed
to get her out and to the hospital right away.

 "Gary?  Do you have her?" asked Lorraine.

 "Yes, she's hurt her arm.  Tell Wayne that I have her and I will pull the rope when we're
ready to come up," said Gary

 Lorraine ran over to tell Wayne to be ready for Gary's signal.

 Gently picking up Allison and, knowing her arm was broken and that she wouldn't be able
to hold on by herself, he held her tightly around her waist.  Taking care he didn't hurt her
arm, he tugged on the rope to give Wayne the okay.

 Wayne began to pull Valentine back slowly and soon Allison was safe in her Mother's

 "Gary, thank you for helping to rescue Allison," said Lorraine as Gary was climbing out
of the well.

 "No thanks is necessary.  I was more then glad to help," said Gary.

 "Mommy, my arm hurts." said Allison.

 "I think it may be broken," said Gary.

 "Wayne, Let's go and meet the ambulance .I can see them coming up the road."

Seeing that his wife was right, Wayne turned to Gary and said, "Gary, can we borrow your
truck.  My truck is having some engine problems.

 "Sure, here are the keys.  I'll ride Valentine back to your farm to let Chris and Jillian
know that Allison been rescued and you take the truck and get her to the hospital.

 Gary handed the keys over to Wayne.  Wayne picked up Allison and with Lorraine started
to walk over to where Gary had parked his truck.  Gary mounted Valentine and headed
back to the Porter's Farm.

 Part 8

Chris was sitting in the living room staring out the window.  He was looking for some sign
of his parent and his little sister Allison.  An hour before, Allison had fallen into the well
next door and their Mom and Dad and Aunt Jillian's new found friend, Gary, worked
together to rescue her.  He couldn't help thinking that Allison was hurt because of him.
This never would had happen, if only he had went and gotten his Dad when Lucky had slip
his collar and ran off towards Baker's Farm.  Oh, why don't they call?  He thought to

"Chris, are you are right?" asked Jillian, as she came up behind him and put her hand on
his shoulder.

Chris turn towards his Aunt, tears were starting to from in his bright blue eyes, he wanted
to tell her how he felt, but he wasn't sure where to began.

Jillian knew how he felt. She knew that he was blaming himself for what happen to
Allison.  Taking Chris into her arms, and wiping the tears from his eyes, she began to
reassure him that what happened wasn't his fault.

"Chris, believe me, what happened was nobody's fault.  It was just an accident, no one to
blame," said Jillian.

Chris wasn't convinced, he still thought that what happened was his fault.  He just wanted
them to come home soon.

Gary was standing over by the front door. He too was worried about little Allison and
wished that the Porter would call.  He could still see the scared look on Allison's face
when Lorraine, Wayne and himself were finally able to rescue her. The look that he would
never forget, the look that said please help me.  Her frightened blue eyes, looking into his
mud puddle green ones, with alook he would never forget as long as he lived.  He was
glad that Allison was out of the well and safe, but he still wished he knew how bad she
was hurt.  Gary turned to listen to Jillian's reassuring words to Chris.  Walking over to the
pair. he sat down next to Chris and began to console him.

"Your Aunt Jillian is right.  You shouldn't blame yourself for what happen.  You are not to
blame.  Allison's fall into the well was just a terrible accident.  If any one is to blame, it's
whoever's responsible for keeping that farm up and in good condition."

"Gary, that old farm has been abandoned for years, Mr. Baker died in 1964 in a farm
accident, the tractor he was driving one morning, turned over on him and he was killed.
Mrs. Baker continued to lived and run the farm until 1987 when she went to lived with her
daughter in Duluth, Minnesota, because she felt that she could no longer handle the farm.
It's been empty ever sense," said Jillian.

"You mean to tell me that, that farm hasn't been kept up for 13 years?" asked Gary.

"No, it was kept up until 4 years ago and then for some unknown reason, whoever was
keeping it up, suddenly abandoned his work and the farm has been unkempt ever since."
answered Jillian.

"Well don't you think something should be done about it?  Who else has to get hurt before
some one takes action?" asked Gary.

Jillian looked into Gary's eyes; she couldn't help but see how green they were.  Who was
this kind hearted man that she hardly knew?  There was something different about him and
she like what she saw.  Could there be something here, or is it just wishful thinking on her

"Jillian are you listening?' asked Gary.

Coming to her senses Jillian answered Gary.  "Uh, Your right Gary, something should be
done.  We can talked to Wayne and Lorraine and see what we can do."

Gary wasn'ttoo satisfied with that answer, but he didn't press the issue any farther.

"Okay, I'll go along with that for now, but something has got to be done," said Gary.

"I know." said Jillian.

Gary turned to look at Chris.  Chris was still staring out the window and looking for some
sign of his parents and little sister.

"Hey, little buddy, do you mind if I set here and look out the window with you?' asked

Without taking his eyes off the window, Chris shook his head no, he didn't care if this
stranger, which his aunt bought along, sat there or not, and all he wanted was for
everything to be all right and his little sister to come home safe and sound.

Chris and Gary sat quietly as they both waited for some news about Allison.  Jillian was
sitting on a chair that she had gotten from the dining room.  She was trying to come up
with something to get Chris mind off of the events that happened today.

"Woof!" Woof!'

"Lucky!" cried Chris, as he jumped off the couch and ran to the front door.  Opening the
door and picking up his dog he turned to his aunt and said, "Aunt Jillian, Lucky came

"I'm really glad he did," said Jillian.

"Yeah, it good to see him home," added Gary.

"Do you have a dog Gary?" asked Chris.

"No, I have a cat," answered Gary.

"Allison wants a cat, but my dad allergic to them, so she can't have one.  What's your cat's
name?" Chris asked.

"Well, I just called him Cat, but sometimes I'll called him Buddy," answered Gary.

"You should call him Buddy all the time, because I'm sure he really a good friend and
companion for you. Right?"

Gary smiled at the little boy that was sitting next to him.  Looking into his blue eyes he
answered, "Yes, he is a good friend and companion, (most of the time Gary thought to
himself) and I will think about calling him Buddy more often. Okay?"

Chris nodded in agreement, took Lucky and went back to the couch to wait for his parents
and little sister.

"Chris, why don't you lay down there and go to sleep," asked Jillian.

"But, I want to wait until they come home." answered Chris.

"Oh, Chris, they may not be home until morning.  You see the doctors have a lot of
patients and they might not get to Allison right away.  Even if they do, it will still take
sometime before they are able to find out how badly broken her arm really is.  So why
don't you just close your eyes and if they call and it real late I'll let you know? Okay?" said

Chris really didn't want to go to sleep, he wanted to stay awake and continue to wait for
some sign of his parents and little sister, but his heavy and droopy eyes said otherwise.
They were telling him that it was time for sleep.  Laying down on the couch and using
Gary's lap for a pillow, Chris went off to sleep.

Gary rubbed Chris's blond head.  He couldn't help thinking of the little boy or girl he and
Marcia could have had if things had been different.  He started to focus his eyes on Jillian;
he couldn't help to notice how pretty she really was, not beautiful, but just darn pretty.  He
like the colored of her eyes, a violet-like color, something like that of actress Elizabeth
Taylor's.  He knew he only had known her for a very short time, but he wanted to know
her more.  He wanted to see her again, and was hoping she felt the same way.

"Gary?' Gary?  Hey Gary!" cried Jillian, trying to get his attention.

Snapping out of his day dreaming, Gary turned toward Jillian.  "Yeah, Jillian what is it?"

"Are you going home tonight?  It's getting kind of late, maybe you should consider staying
the night, we can put Chris in his own bed and you can sleep here on the couch."

"I--I--don't know. I only have one day off (I not sure if the paper will let me have more
time thought Gary to himself) I just not sure if I can stay, Jillian.  As much as I want to, I
just don't know.

"Oh, Gary, please stay, I'm sure that Wayne and Lorraine and especially Allison will want
to see you before you go." said Jillian.  Besides, Jillian thought to herself I'm in no hurry to
see you leave.

Gary was puzzled.  He wasn't sure what to do.  Would the paper give him the night too?
He could only hope, because he really wanted to stay and find out about Allison and he
wasn't in any hurry to say good bye to Jillian.

"Look Jillian, I have to make a phone called first, but I'm sure I will be able to stay." said

"Okay, I sure hope you can," said Jillian.

Lois, was just fixing her self a drink when the phone rung, briiiiii  "Hello McGinty's how
can I help you?" she said.

"Mom, it's me," said a voice from the other end.

"Gary sweetie, did you and your lady friend have a good time today?"

"Yeah, it was an interesting day Mom.  Mom, I need a favor.

"Oh of course sweetie, what favor is that?"

"Do you think that Chuck and Dad would mind taking care of the paper until tomorrow
afternoon?  I know that the paper only gave me a day, but things have come up and I'm
going to spend the night here."

"Oooo, what kind of things? " asked Lois, teasingly.

"Mom, it's not what you think, I'll explain it all to you when I see you," said Gary.

"Okay sweetie, I'm sure Chuck and Bernie will handle it, but as soon as you get here, I
want to know everything. Okay?"

"Okay Mom, thank a lot, see you tomorrow. Bye.   I love you."

"Bye sweetie, and I love you too."

Gary hung up the phone and turned to Jillian.

"Well it all settle, I guess I'm staying," said Gary.

Jillian was glad that this dark headed man with the gorgeous green eyes was staying. In
fact, she was wishing he never had to leave, but she known that, that was wishful thinking.
He would soon have to return to wherever it was he came from and that would be it.  Oh
how she hoped that it wouldn't be. She definitely liked him and wanted to tell him so, but
old memories from the past, kept her from doing so.

Gary wasn't sure what Jillian was thinking, but he was in hoping that she was thinking the
same thing he was.  He really liked Jillian and wanted to know her better, but the same
fears of being hurt was building up in his mind again.  If only he could just put his fears to
rest and tell Jillian how he felt, but that horrible feeling of being hurt again just wouldn't let

Clearing her thoughts, Jillian began to speak.  "Gary, why don't you take Chris and put
him to bed, his room is upstairs and to your left. I'll go called the hospital and see what I
can find out."

Gary nodded his head and went to pick up Chris, starting for the steps, Gary noticed
Lucky running up and barking at him.  "Come on boy, you can come too." said Gary.

Jillian walked over to the phone and dialed up St. Mark's Hospital.  Finally, after 5 rings,
she got an answer.

"St. Marks Hospital, how can I help you?"

 Part 9

Francine Baylor, a pediatrician had put in a 10-hour shift and was ready to call it a day
when she got a call from the emergency room.  Leaving her office and stepping into the
elevator, she soon arrived to the main floor, where the emergency room was.  As she
approached the nurse's station, she could hear the familiar crying of a young child.

"Mommee!  Make her stop!  She is hurting me!  Mommeeee!" cried Allison, as the young
nurse struggled to get her blood pressure.

"Its okay, sweetie.  Daddy and I are right here, were not going to leave you."  Lorraine
was holding Allison's good hand and trying hard to comfort her.

"Mommee!  It hurts!  My arm hurts, Mommy!  Mommmeeee!"

"The young nurse looked at Lorraine, she was really sorry about hurting Allison and began
to help Lorraine to comfort her.

"Honey, I know that was rough and I sorry, but I done now and it's going to be all right.
Your mommy and daddy are here, its going to be okay," the young nurse said, as she
wiped a tear from Allison eyes.

"The doctor is right out side at the nurse's station.  She should be in soon," said the young
nurse to the Porters.

Lorraine nodded her head and watched as the nurse left the room.  Wayne was sitting on a
chair next to the cabinet, where medical supplies were kept.  He was really worried about
his young daughter, and couldn't get over the fact that a total stranger was more than
willing to help rescue her.  In all of his 32 years no one has ever been that kind towards
him or any members of his family.  Oh people were good to him and all of that, but no one
was ever willing to put his life on the line like this guy was. Something could have gone
wrong and Jillian's friend could have been hurt or worse.  All I can say is thank God for
folks like him.  What was his name again?  Oh yeah it was Gary.

The sound of Allison screaming shook Wayne out of his thought.  Wayne hurries over to
his daughter and wife. "Allison it's all right.  You're going to be all right.  Mommy and I
won't let anything happen to you. It's all right, Love Bug, it's all right.

Francine listen to Allison's screams while she look over her report, even after 8 years, she
still couldn't bare to see a small child hurt.  She could still remember when her younger
brother Josh broke his collarbone when he fell out of the tree house so many years before.
The screaming that came out of his mouth was still in her memory today.  That was when
she decided to become a pediatrician.  She was all of 12.

Taking, Allison chart, Francine turned to walk into the room.  Allison was still crying and
Wayne and Lorraine were doing their best to try and calm her.  Francine walked over to
the bed, where Allison was laying.

" Hi honey, I heard that you had a terrible fall," said Francine.

"My arm hurts<" sobbed Allison.  "I felled down a big hole."

"Oh honey, that must had been really scary for you," said Francine.

"My arm is really hurting me!  Mommee, make it stop hurting!  Pleaseeee, Mommy!"

"Don't cry, Love Bug, this nice lady here is going to help you feel better," said Wayne.

"Okay, let's take a look at that arm," said Francine as she gently took Allison's arm to
examine it.  Francine began to examine Allison arm.  Allison was still screaming and
crying, her arm was really hurting her and as far as she was concerned, whoever this
women was, she didn't want her to touch her.

"Mommee!  Don't let her hurt me!  Mommeeee!"

Lorraine gently held Allison, so that Francine could look at her hurt arm.

"It's Okay sweetie, it's going to be okay.  Mommy and Daddy won't let anything more
happen to you, we promise.  This nice lady is a doctor and she going to make your arm
feel better.

After examining Allison 's arm, Francine turned to the Porters and said, "Her arm is
definitely broken, so I'll have to take her to x-ray, to see where the break is."

"Will Wayne Porter please report to the information desk, you have a phone call."

"Lorraine, that's probably Jillian calling, I'll go and fill her in, I'll meet you at the waiting
room where they do the x-ray," said Wayne.

"Okay, honey. I'll meet you there."

Wayne soon arrived at the information desk.  The receptionist was waiting. "Are you
Wayne Porter?" she asked.

"Yes, I am.  Do you have a phone call for me?"

The receptionist nodded her head and handed Wayne the phone.

"Hello, Jillian is this you?" asked Wayne.

"Yes, Wayne, I've called to see how Allison is.  Is her arm broken and is she hurt
anywhere else?" asked Jillian

"Yes, her arm is broken and they've taken her to x-ray, and she has some bumps and
bruises, but nothing serious.  By the way, is Gary still there?

"Yes, he here. I've talked him in to staying until morning, so you and Lorraine can have a
chance to talk to him.  He also wants to see Allison before he goes.

"Is Chris still up?" asked Wayne.

"No, Gary took him up stairs to bed an hour and a half ago.  I just check on him, he sound
asleep," answered Jillian.

"I hope he not blaming himself for what happened to his sister.  If it is any one's fault, it
mine," said Wayne, choking back tears.

"Oh, Wayne what makes you say such a thing?" asked Jillian.

Gary was sitting on the couch; he was trying hard not to listen to Jillian's conversation, but
was finding it impossible to do.  He wasn't sure if he should interfere or not.  He didn't
have to wait long for the answered, for Jillian turned to him and decided to let him in on
what was being said.

"Gary, would you please pick up the phone in the kitchen, I need your help  Wayne is
blaming himself for Allison accident.  I would appreciate your help in getting that notion
out of his head." said Jillian.

Gary got up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen.  Picking up the phone, he
could heard Wayne sobbing and blaming himself for everything that happen.  Gary felt
sorry for Wayne and wasn't sure what to say, but he knew that he had to try and say
something to get this ideal out of Wayne 's head.

"Wayne," said Gary.  "Jillian told me what your thinking and I want you to stop thinking
that way .It wasn't your fault.  Blaming yourself won't change what happen to Allison.  It
doesn't help you and it certainly doesn't help her."

"But it was my fault," sobbed Wayne.  "I knew how dangerous the Baker Farm was and I
could have made some calls and had something done, but I didn't bother, because I said is
wasn't my problem.  Now, because of me, my daughter was hurt.

Gary's heart was going out for the man on the other line.  He knew it wasn't Wayne 's fault
and he had to find away to convince him of that.

"Wayne, listen to me. How many other farms are in that area?" asked Gary.

"There are four other farms, one on other side of the old Baker farm, that is the Lindy's
farm and there's the Shook's, the Wheeler's and the Davis's farm all near by," answered

"Well, if you are to blame, wouldn't they be too?  They could have done something about
the Baker's farm, just as much as you.  They also could have made some calls, certainly
they knew of the danger, too. That would only make sense, am I right or not?"

"I don't know.  Maybe.  But I should have been more responsible, for it was my child who
got hurt.  If I had been this wouldn't have happen and Allison would be home and sleeping
in her own bed."

"Wayne, have you told Lorraine how you feel?" asked Gary.

"No, I afraid of what she will say," Wayne sobbed.

"Wayne talk to her.  Tell her how you feel.  Maybe she is feeling some guilt too.  You
need to deal with this together, only then can you move on," said Gary.

"Wayne, Gary's right, go and talk to Lorraine.  I'm sure things will be all right.  You both
have a lot to talk about and you need to stop blaming yourself and find a solution to the
Baker's farm problem," said Jillian.

"Look, Jillian, I know that you and Gary make some good points, but I still can't help
blaming myself.  I should have done something about that farm a long time ago.  I'll go
talk to Lorraine; maybe we can come up with a solution to the problem.  I'll call back
when we get more news.  Bye," said Wayne.

"Bye," said Gary and Jillian.

Jillian hung up the phone and turn to Gary,  "I hope we got though to him.  He must
realize it wasn't his fault"

Gary, standing in the doorway, between the living room and dining room, just nodded his
head in agreement.

Lorraine was sitting in the waiting room.  She was waiting for Allison to be brought back
from getting her arm x-rayed.  She had just read though a Peoples Magazine and was
starting on another one, when something caught her attention.  Looking at the doorway,
she saw something that she very rarely seen.  Oh she seen it over the last 15 years -- three
years of dating and 12 years of marriage -- but nothing compared to this.  Her 6 ft 6 in and
300 lb husband was standing there crying his heart out.

Dropping her magazine, Lorraine stood up from the chair and hurried over to her husband.
Taking him into her arms, she listened as he kept saying over and over again,  "I'm sorry."

"Wayne, honey, what are you sorry about?" asked Lorraine.

Wayne lifted his head and looked at Lorraine,  "I'm sorry that Allison got hurt, if it wasn't
for me, this wouldn't have happen."

Lorraine was shocked to hear her husband say such a thing.  She couldn't believe that
those words came from his mouth.  "Wayne Porter, you get that ideal out of you head
right now.  I don't want to hear you talk like that again.  Okay?" said Lorraine.

"Mr. and Mrs. Porter?" said Francine.

Wayne and Lorraine turn to see Doctor Baylor standing at the door.

"We're done with Allison's x-rays and she being taken back to her room.  Doctor Howard
M. Murdock will be the doctor that will set her arm.  He will talk to you about the
details," said Francine.

"Thank you, Doctor Baylor, we're be right there," said Lorraine.

Turning to her husband, Lorraine wiped a tear from his eye and said,  "Come on Wayne,
Allison is waiting for us."  Lorraine put her arms around her husband's waist and they both
walk together towards Allison room.

Part 10

Jillian stopped to glance at the clock on the wall. She was returning  from the kitchen.
She had poured herself a cup of coffee and was  getting ready to sit and sip it.  The clock
on the wall, said 1:15  a.m.  It had been about 8 hrs since Allison had fallen in the well.
Wayne had called around 11:30 with some news, but she hadn't heard  anything since then.

Over on the Porter's family couch laid Gary, who had klunked out an  hour before.  Jillian
sat and watched Gary as she was sipping her  coffee.  She couldn't help noticing how cute
he look when he was a  sleep.  Even his snoring sounded adorable to her.  'How could
anyone  throw a guy this beautiful out. Marcia must have been nuts.' she  thought to
herself.  Gary stirred and turned toward the back of the  couch. Jillian wanted to shout,
'Hey turn back around, I can't see  your sweet face', but thought better of it.  Besides she
didn't want  to wake her knight in shining armor.

Jillian continue to sip her coffee, Gary continue to sleep away on  the couch.  Taking a
look at the clock again, Jillian decided that  she needed more coffee.  Off she went to pour
herself a cup.  A few  minutes later she returned to find Gary awake and setting up on the

"Oh, did I wake you up Gary?" asked Jillian,  "I sorry if I did."

"No, I just had a bad dream, but I'm okay now," answered Gary.

"Do you want to talk about it?" asked Jillian. "Maybe it would help."

"No, uh, can I use your bathroom?" asked Gary.

"Well of course you can.  It's up stairs to your right and at the end  of the hall," replied
Jillian, wondering why Gary would have asked  such a silly question.

"Uh, thanks," was all Gary said as he started up the stairs.

"Gary, would you please check on Chris while you are up there?" asked  Jillian.

"Okay," answered Gary.

Gary soon found himself at the top of the stairs.  He went back to  use the bathroom and
then presided to walk in Chris's room to check  on him.  When he walk in he was surprised
to see a familiar feline  lying on Chris's chest.  Walking over to the cat he bent down and
said, "Hey Cat, what are you doing here?"

"Meow!" answered Cat, and continued to lie where he was.

Gary looked around to see if the paper was anywhere near by.  Satisfied that it wasn't, he
figure the cat had come to Chris as a  friend, for the cat seemed to know when somebody
needed some  comforting.

"Are you here for Chris?" asked Gary.  "Well that's good, Chris could  use a friend like
you.  Okay Buddy go back to sleep and keep a watch  out for our new friend here.

"Meow!" said Cat and put his head on Chris arm and went fast a sleep.

Gary left the room with a smile on his face.  He never could figure  out how the cat knew
things and how it was able to find it way to a  home it never been to, but he felt glad that
his little friend was  there for Chris. Returning to the living room he saw that Jillian was
on the phone.  He walked over to the couch seated himself down and  waited till Jillian
hung up the phone.

"Was that Wayne or Lorraine?" asked Gary.

"It was Lorraine, she told me that the doctor was getting ready to  set Allison arm.  His
name is Doctor Howard M. Murdock and Lorraine  told me that he seemed like a very
nice guy."  Gary looked at Jillian  and started laughing, noticing Jillian's look he calmed
down to  explain.

"Oh, that's funny, that name reminds me of a show my Dad used to  watch years ago.  The
A-Team, yeah he used to love that show and  there was a guy name H.M. Murdock on it.
I just thought it was sore  of strange that this doctor had the same last name and the same
initial.  It just struck me funny.  Oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to  change the subject like that,
so Allison will be getting her arm set  soon?"

"Yes, Lorraine said she was going to be alright," answered Jillian.

Jillian could see how embarrassed Gary was, talking about some silly  old T.V. show,
when Allison was getting a cast on her arm, but  Jillian had to agree with him, it was funny
that this doctor name was  almost the same.  But if she remembered the show correctly,
H.M.  stood for Howlin' Mad, not Howard and what ever the M stood for, but  she was
sure it didn't stand for Mad.

"Gary, don't be sorry, your are right, that does sound funny.  I used  to watch old reruns
of that show and I sure did like that character.  Hey do you think he lift the A Team to
become a doctor?" asked  Jillian.

Gary laughed at the thought of this, Howlin' Mad Murdock, setting  Allison arm he just
couldn't picture it. It was just too humorous to  imagine.

Gary started to say something else on the subject, but was  interrupted by a familiar voice.

"Aunt Jillian, look what I found in bed with me," said Chris.

Gary and Jillian turn around to see Chris holding Cat tightening  around his chest.  Jillian
knew that her sister had three cats,  Wendy, Millie and Butchy, but they were always out
side because of  Wayne's allergy.  She never seen this orange striped cat before and  was
wondering how in got into the house, especially since all the  doors and windows were
closed and lock.

"Chris, how did that cat get in here?" asked Jillian.

"I don't know. I woke up because I needed to use the bathroom and I  found it a sleep on
my right arm," answered Chris.

"I don't understand how it could have gotten in, I'm sure I'd lock  all the doors and
windows," said Jillian.

Gary knew how the cat got there, but he wasn't about to tell Jillian  and Chris, so he
decided to think of something believable.

"Uh, maybe you missed a window or maybe the cat got in before you  locked them and the
cat hid under Chris bed and came out when he felt  that it was okay."

"But where did it come from?" asked Jillian.  "I know the three cats  they have and he isn't
any of them."

"Maybe he a stray and needs a home," said Chris.

"Can he stay, at least for the rest of the night, Aunt Jillian?"  Chris asked hopefully.

"I don't know Chris, what will we do with him in the morning?  You  know your father is
allergy to cats and they aren't allowed in the  house.

"It's just for one night Aunt Jillian.  Please!" pleaded Chris.

Jillian reluctantly gave in.  "Okay, but he has to be gone by  tomorrow.  I guess I'll have to
call the animal shelter tomorrow and  have him pick up.

"No, Aunt Jillian, maybe Gary will take him home.  Gary, couldn't  your cat use a new
friend?  I know he will be happy living with you  and your cat.  Will you at least think
about it? Please?" asked Chris.

Gary smiled and look at Cat, he thought it was sort of funny that  Chris was asking him to
take his own cat, but with a smile and a nod  of his head he agreed to take Cat home with

"Now that settle, I think it's time you went back to bed, do you  agree Chris?" asked

"Okay, thanks Gary for taking him, I know he'll make a good pet," said  Chris.

"I'll sure he will, Chris. Now you do what you Aunt says and get some  sleep. We're have
to get up in a few hours and you don't want to be  sleepy when we go and see Allison do
you?" asked Gary.

"No, I don't. Good night, Aunt Jillian.  Good night, Gary." and he  hugged them both
before he went back up stairs to bed.

After Chris and Cat were settled for the night, Jillian and Gary  decided to go to the
kitchen to have a cup of coffee and a slice of  blueberry pound cake.

Placing the coffee and cake in front of Gary, Jillian walked over to  turn on the radio.

"Do you mind if I put on some music?  Sometimes is helps to relaxed  me" said Jillian.

"No, go right a head," said Gary.

Jillian turned the radio on to WEBA her favorite oldies channel.  She  loved the music
from the late fifties to the early seventies.  She  always thought that rock and roll was
better in those years. .

  (Announcer from the radio)  "Okay everyone here Ernie from Sesame  Street sing about
his Rubber Ducky".

Jillian always liked this cute little song and started to sing along  with Ernie, as she was
singing, she noticed that her and Ernie was  singing alone. Another voice had joined them.
Turning around she saw  that Gary was also singing along and seemed to be enjoying
every  minute of it.

"Gary, I didn't know you could sing," said Jillian.

Gary's face turn three shades of red, "Well, uh... I uh... kind of  uh... like that song.  When
I was little I like to watch Sesame  Street and my favorite character was Ernie from the
Burt and Ernie  sequel and I just fell in love with that song the first time I heard  it.  I was
4 years old and when ever I heard that song I just had to  have it, so I begged my mother
to buy it for me and I just about  drove her crazy with the song because I kept asking her
to play it  over and over again. I just love singing and dancing around the  living room
when ever she played it."

Jillian listen closely while Gary told about his liking for this cute  little song they were both
listening to. She tried to imagine seeing  Gary at 4 and dancing and singing to Rubber
Ducky.  The scene that  she pictured put a smile on her face. She almost wished she had
actually been there to witness the whole thing.  How cute he must  have looked back then,
because he was definitely cute now and the  more she looked at him the more she like
what she saw.

"Gary that is such a cute story," said Jillian and then she leaned  over and kissed him
gently on the lips.

This took Gary by quite a surprise but he recovered quickly and  return the kiss with so
much tenderness that it made Jillian heart  beat like it was going to pop right out of her

Both Gary and Jillian knew they were falling in love with each other  and had to find a way
that this feeling would never end.  Maybe this  time it will be different, maybe they both
will finally be happy.

Continued in Installment 2

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