Gary Saves An Angel
by Lori Anderson

This is an EE/Touched By An Angel fanfic.  Gary saves Gloria the newest Angel from being hit by a car, and in return, the angels help him when he gets caught in a sticky stituation during one of his saves.  I don't own any of the characters from Early Edition and Touched By An Angel.  Nor am I making a profit from this.  Feedback is encouraged.

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Gary Saves An Angel
by Lori Anderson

Chapter 1

Chicago.  It was a very cold sunny day for Febuary, and Gloria pulled her coat collar up more around her neck.  Being the newest angel of Andrew's group, she was fitting in nicely with the others, and helping others came easy to her. Which was why she was in Chicago.  Andrew had told his angels that he knew
there were certain people in the city that needed their help.

"God has shown me in a vision that are people in Chicago that need us.  We are going there, and help those who need us," he had told them as they had eaten breakfast inside a resturant two days ago.

"Don't they call it the Windy City for some reason Andrew?," Gloria had asked smiling at her boss.

"Yes Gloria.  It's because the wind blows so much at times, it nearly knocks a person down.  We are not in control of the weather. That is the Master's department.  Ours is helping people no matter the weather is."

Gloria stood at the corner of 12th avenue, and wished the wind wasn't so cold today.  She looked at the note in her hand again. "Mr. Harry Stoner.  Apartment 210.  Oak Village Resident Center," she read aloud.  Andrew had told her that this man was feeling a little depressed and sad because of the recent loss of a friend, and she should go there and comfort him.  All she had to do was hail a cab, give them the address, and she was on her way to do her angelic duty.


Gary Hobson was reading his morning paper as usual having a good hot cup of coffee in his kitchen. Toni and the kids were still asleep in their beds, and Gary had a little quiet time to himself before they got up for breakfast. Seeing nothing on the front page, he turned to the inside where the Metro section was, and there it was. "Miss Gloria, a visitor to our city, was hit by a car while wating for a taxi at nine today.  She was on her way to the Oak Village Resident Center to visit one of the residents there, and was struck by the on coming car while she was stepping off the curb to get inside the taxi that was just coming to a stop for her.  She is listed in serious condition," Gary read aloud. He checked his watch.  The time was nearing seven thirty.  He had an hour and
a half to get to the corner to prevent Gloria from being hit by the car. Strange that the paper didn't list Gloria's last name, he thought.

Toni came into the kitchen five minutes later wearing her blue robe.  "Good morning sweetheart.  Anything in the paper today?," she asked giving him a
kiss on her way to the coffee pot to pour herself a cup of coffee.

"Morning honey.  Yeah.  I have to save a lady from being hit by a car at nine this morning.  Her name's Gloria," he replied.

Toni took a sip of her coffee and went over to sit besides him.  "Hmmm. Sounds like a easy save."

"I hope so.  I wouldn't mind some breakfast before I have to go save the world today."

"Coming right up."  Toni went over to the refrigator to start to fix breakfast for him, and their children when they got up.


After breakfast, Gary put on his jacket, kissed his wife good bye, and promised to be home for lunch.  "Be good kids.  I'll see you later," he told his children, and went towards the door.  He drove downtown to find 12th Avenue where the paper said that Gloria was going to be hit by the car.  He found a spot, parked his jeep, pocketed the keys, and saw her standing on the curb.

"Look out lady!," he yelled running towards her, and pulled her to safety just in the nick of time as the car went past.

Gloria looked at the car that had nearly hit her, and then at Gary.  "Thank you for saving my life.  My name's Gloria," she said.

"You're welcome.  I'm Gary Hobson," Gary replied.

"Hobson did you say?  Oh yes.  I know all about you."
"Huh?  How do you know about me?  All I did was just saved your life and told you my name."

"I'm an angel Gary.  That's part of my job to know people."

"You can't be an angel.  You don't have any wings or halo."

Gloria smiled.  "I'm a special angel Gary.  There are two others like me."

On boy, Gary thought.  "I think I need to sit down."

"You needn't be shocked at what I've just told you.  I'm here to help people who need my help just like you helped me.  I know someone who would want to
thank you for what you did.  I"ll introduce you to him and the others when I get back. "

Still smiling, Gloria got in her cab, gave the driver the directions, and waved good bye to Gary.

Gary watched her go still a little shocked at what she had just told him.

Chapter 2

Gary was still shaking his about his save with Gloria and what she had said to him before she had left in her cab as he went to McGintys.  He needed some coffee, and he went to the kitchen when he got there to get it. "Morning Marissa. Chuck," he said as he took a sip of his coffee coming out to the main part of the bar.

"Good morning Gary," Marissa said smiling at him.

"Morning Gar.  How did your save go today?." Chuck asked knowing Gary had just come from a save.

"It went okay.  I saved a lady named Gloria from being hit by a car."

"There's something you're not telling us.  I can sense it somehow."

Gary frowned.  "How do you do that?  I don't think you'll believe me if I told what else happened."

"Try us."

Gary sighed.  "Alright.  She said she's an angel, and that she knows all about me."

"Sounds familair to me somehow.  Oh yes.  Now I remember.  She sounds like someone from the show "Touched By An Angel." Emmet just loves that show, and so do I."

Chuck sipped his coffee.  "Gar, maybe she was telling you the truth.  Jade watches that show too.  They're always helping people no matter what the
situation is," he told Gary.

"Something about this whole thing is weird.  I don't know why, but it just is."


Amdrew. Monica, Tess, and Gloria all meet in the local coffee shop after Gloria's visit to Mr. Stoner.  She had made him feel better by telling him that his friend was alright and was smiling down at him.  "I had an interesting counter today," she said.

Andrew's eyes widen.  "Tell us about it Gloria," he told her.

Gloria smiled.  "I was waiting for my cab to take me to the Oak Village Resident Center, and  this man comes running towards me. He yells "Watch out," and pulls me out of harm's way just as an car comes speeding around the corner."

"What was his name Gloria?," Monica asked sipping her coffee.

"He said his name is Gary Hobson."

"Gary Hobson.  Hmmm.  I think we should pay this Gary Hobson a visit and thank him for what he did for Gloria."

"I agree Andrew.  I think we can find him at Mc Ginty's bar," Tess said smiling.

Gloria sipped her coffee thinking how surprised Gary would be when he saw all four of them come walking into his bar.

"Mr. Stoner is a happier man now.  He knows that his friend is looking down at him from heaven and smiling."

Andrew was pleased with her report.  "Very good Gloria.  That's what I like to hear from you."


Later that day, Gary was sitting in his office when Marissa entered.  "Gary, there's someone here to see you," she told him. Wondering who it could be, Gary got up from his desk,and went out into the bar area.  To his surprise, he saw Gloria again, but there were three others with her standing at the bar talking to Chuck and some of the other customers.

"Can I help you?," Gary asked coming over towards them.

Andrew turned towards him.  "Yes.  We're looking for Gary Hobson," he replied smiling.

"I'm Gary Hobson."

"I'm Andrew,  This is Monica, Tess, and you already know Gloria.  She's told us how you saved her today."

"I was just at the right place at the right time."

Monica smiled at him.  "You like to use that phrase a lot Gary," she said.

Gary was shocked.  How did she know he always said that whenever someone asked him about being at one of his saves?

"Don't look so shocked Gary.  We know more than you think we do," Tess told him.

"Uh, sorry.  I was just a little surprised to find out Gloria is an angel," he finally said.

"Not all angels wear white and have wings Gary."

Tess turned to Marissa.  "You did see a vision that day you were in the park with your dog.  That was no accident."

Marissa smiled.  "I knew it wasn't.  I wish he could've let me see somemore that day."

Andrew turned to her.  "Marissa, God did the next best thing.  He sent an angel to you to help you.  Your prayers for the safety of your friends that day were heard and answered," he told her. (Spolier: Second Sight.)

"Pardon me for asking, but did he forgive my wife of her sins?," Chuck asked.

Monica nodded.  "Yes Chuck.  He did.  You're going to have a beautiful baby," she replied.

Chapter 3

Gary stood inside his office watching Gloria and the others talking to his customers and to Marrisa and Chuck. Someone, having them there made him a little uneasy, but he couldn't figure out why.  He sighed, and went to scratch the back of his neck when he was nervous about something that he didn't understand, or something was confusing.

"I can help you break that habit Gary," a voice told him from the doorway.

Gary turned, and there stood Gloria smiling at him.  "I didn't hear you come in," he said smiling back at her.

"Gary, you don't need to be nervous around my friends and I.  We're here to help you believe it or not."

"Help me?  Help me with what Gloria?"

"With whatever it is that you do when you're not working here.  I believe it has something to do with the paper on your desk."

Gary eyes went to his desk.  There lay the paper where he had it put earlier. How did she know about the paper?

"Uh, there's nothing special about that paper Gloria."

Gloria came towards him and looked into his mud-puddle eyes.  "Lucis Snow thought it was.  He wouldn've passed it to you if he didn't feel like you
didn't deserve the honor."

"Honor?  I didn't ask for this paper and what comes with it."

Gloria smiled again .  "He knows that, but you proved that you could handle it."

"How do you know about the paper and what I do with it?"

"We have our ways Gary."

Gary sighed again.  "Then, you probably already know what happened with that homeless man I tried to save and failed."

Gloria shook her head.  "You didn't fail him.  He failed himself when he let go of your hand."


Chuck took a sip of his coffee.  He didn't dare drink a beer with the angels there.  "Was that an angel that Gar was chasing that day when he saw her crossing the street?," he asked refering to the woman they had seen one day.

Monica nodded.  "Yes.  She was there to help him get out of his depression he was feeling that day," she replied.

"I wish he could've made something with her.  He was so upset about his divorce."

"Marica wasn't the right woman for him, and we all knew it."

Chuck was surprised.  "Why didn't someone tell him that then?"

"He was too much in love with her at the time to notice.  Like you were with Jade."

Andrew motioned to her and the others.  "There's others who need our help here.  We should leave," he told them.

Gloria came out of Gary's office and followed the others out the door.

Gary was in his jacket as he came out the door.  "I"m going home.  Lock up for me will ya Chuck?"

Chuck nodded.  "Sure Gar.  See you tomorrow."


Gary arrived home ten minutes later.  The events of the day had made him tired, and all he wanted to do was sit down and relax.  "Honey! I'm home!," he called as he entered after opening the door, and shutting it behind him when he was inside.

Rose and Jeff came running towards him.  "Daddy's home!," Rose said happy to see her father.

Gary smiled and gently knealt down to pick up his daughter.  "How was daddy's girl today?," he asked.

"Good.  Mommy said that she's fixing you something special for dinner tonight."

"She is?  Is she in the kitchen?"

Toni came out then wearing an apron and smiling at him.  "No.  I'm right here. Hello sweetheart," she replied.

Gary gently put Rose down and went over to his wife.  "Hi honey.  Rose just told me that you're fixing something specail for dinner tonight.  What's the

"Do I have to have a reason to fix something specail once in a while?  Sit down and relax.  I bet you had a busy day today."

Gary sat down in his chair. "Busy doesn't quite describe how it was.

"You can tell me about it later.  Just relax and I'll get dinner ready."

Chapter 4

Later, that night, Gary told Toni what happened that day as they sat together on the loveseat in the living room. "I saved this lady from being hit by a car.  Her name's Gloria, and after she thanks me, she tells me that she's an angel. I'm not kidding honey.  That's what she said," he said sipping his beer.

"She  told you that she's an angel?  Hmmm.  I've heard about people who have seen angels.  What else did she say?," Toni asked interested and a little puzzled at this news from her husband.

"She said that she knew about me and the paper.  I asked her how she knew, and all she said is that she has her ways.  There were three others with her
inside Mc Ginty's this afternoon.  Their names were Monica, Tess, and Andrew. She even mentioned Lucious Snow which really took me by surprise.  It's all a little strange."

Toni sipped her own beer and thought for a minute.  She didn't like the idea of some strange lady saying that she knew all about her husband and the paper. "I'd like to meet this Gloria and the rest of the people sometime."

"Are you thinking that they might be con artitsts or something?"

"I'll wait until I see them before I decide."

"Okay.  You might see them around sometime."


Hazel sat in her chair by the fire doing her crocheting and humming to herself.  She was going to babysit the Hobson twins tomorrow while Toni did some errands that she had to do and Gary would be at the bar working.  After a while, she felt a little sleepy, and decided to quit and go to bed.  She was just putting her crocheting in her basket when her doorbell rang. Who could that be at this time of night, she asked herself as she went to see who it was.

"Who is it?," she asked cautiously.

"It's Andrew Hazel," Andrew replied from outside with the others beside him.

"Just a minute."  Hazel unlocked her door, opened it , and stepped aside so they could come inside.

Monica turned and smiled at Hazel.  "The Lord has heard your prayer and sent us to tell you what he said," she said.

Hazel sighed.  "Somehow, I knew he would.  What did he have to say?"

"He said it was up to you to tell your secret to Gary or not.  He will help you with the words."

"I'd rather wait until the time was right to tell him."

"Of course.  I know it must be hard for you."

Andrew placed his hand on Hazel's shoulder.  "The sooner you tell someone how Snow saved you when you were a little girl, the better off you will feel. You
have to decide when the right time is," he told her.

Tess could see that Hazel understood, and that she was tired.  "You go ahead to bed Hazel.  You need your rest," she said.


Back in their hotel, Andrew and the others were getting ready to rest theirselves.  They had a busy day ahead of them tomorrow.

"Monica," Gloria said, "I could sense something about Gary that he wasn't telling today.  It was like some secret that he didn't want anyone to know about.  I know if I do it careful enough, I can get him to tell me what it is."

Monica looked at the new angel.  "Gloria, ask the Lord to show you what it is. You can go from there," she replied.

Gloria nodded.  "Good idea.  I'll do that.  Good night Monica.

"Good night Gloria."

Chapter 5

Hazel got up the next morning, and poured herself a cup of her herberal tea that she had made the night before. As she sipped it, she glanced at the picture of her late husband on the counter, and tears came to her eyes. "The angels are right.  I have to tell Gary about how I know Snow. I know we promised we'd never tell anyone, but you're in heaven now, and I can't keep it a secret anymore.  Please understand.  I love and miss you so much," she said
Deciding she had better get breakfast going, Hazel carefully set her cup down on her table, and went to her refrigator. She was going to make sure she had something in her stomach before she started her day.  Somehow, the angels and Andrew's visit had given her a peaceful night's rest, and assured her of something that she had thought about for a long time now.


In her hotel room, Gloria was getting dressed and Monica was just coming out of the shower, a towel wrapped around her hair. "Good morning Monica.  It's going to be a beautiful day," she said smiling at her friend.

Monica smiled back.  "Everyday that the Lord makes is beautiful Gloria," she replied as she started getting dressed.

"I think I should follow Gary Hobson around today.  Something tells me that he needs a little guidance today."

"Did you recieve a vision last night from above?"

Gloria nodded.  "Yes. "

"Then, you should do as the vision tells you.  He doesn't send you visions unless he knows that you'll follow through on it."

"I'll tell Andrew and Tess about it at breakfast."

"He'll be pleased."

Later, when they all met downstairs, Gloria told Andrew about the vision the Lord had given her last night about Gary.

Andrew smiled.  "He's placed Gary on your heart Gloria.  That is why he sent you the vision.  Don't make Gary uncomfortable when you're following him around today.  Observe him, but don't let hin know you're there.  The master will let it happen when the time is right," he told her as they went to the
resturant to have breakfast before starting their day.


Gary was eating breakfast with his family after having gotten the paper and seeing how many people needed saved today. "What time is Hazel coming over to watch the children?," he asked Toni as he sipped his coffee.

"Around nine.  I've got some errrands to run today, and she agreed to watch the kids while I do them and you're at work," Toni replied taking a bite of her toast, and washing it down with her coffee.

"Mommy, can Hazel take us to Lincoln Park today?," Rose asked in between bites of her cereal.

"I don't see why not.  Just as long as you mind her and be careful, you can go."

"Oh goody!"

Gary smiled.  "Someday, we'll all go to the park together and have a picnic," he said.

"That sounds great Daddy," Jeff said taking a sip of his orange juice.

Toni smiled.  "We'll let you know when we can do it.  Eat your breakfast."

Chapter 6

Unkonw to Gary, Gloria would be watching him from afar as not to let him know she was there and disturb him.  That had been Andrew's instructions for her before she had left the hotel lobby with him and the others that morning after breakfast. "Keep an eye on Gary Hobson, but do it in a way that he doesn't know you're there," he had told her. Gloria had promised she would, and set out from the hotel to find Gary wherever he might be.

At that monment, Gary was on a way to his first save of the day.  Two big boys were going to beat up another boy, and steal his bike and basketball by the
school yard.  Gary would have to get there in time to stop the boys from beating the other boy up. 

He got to the school yard, and found the three where the paper said they would be. "Hey!  Leave him alone guys!  He's not doing anything to do you, and besides, how would his mother feel about seeing him in the hospital after learning from the police that her son had been beaten by two bullies who had stolen his bike and basketball. Think about that.  What if it was you that someone was going to do what you were going to do to this boy?  How would you feel?
Especailly since you didn't do anything to deserve it," Gary told the older boys stepping between the younger boy and them.

"Gee, I guess I wouldn't want to get beat up.  Not over a dumb old bike anyway," the first older boy replied.

"Well, that's how this guy feels right now.  He doesn't want to get beat up either.  Go get your own bikes and basketball."

"Let's get out of here.  It's not worth it anymore," the second older boy told his friend, and the two of them left.

Gary breathed a sigh of relief and turned to the younger boy.  "Are you okay?," he asked.

"I am thanks to you mister.  How did you know what they were going to do?," replied Bob.

"That's not important right now.  You'd better get out of here before anyone else comes along."

"I will, and thanks again mister.  Could you please tell me your name so I can tell my mom who saved me from being beat up?"

Gary smiled.  "Sure.  My name is Gary Hobson."

"My name's Bob.  Thanks again Mr. Hobson."

"You're welcome Bob.  Have a nice day."

Bob nodded and rode away on his bike.  Gary watched him go,and then he started back towards town himself.


Gloria had watched the whole thing from a block away and smiled.  Good work Gary,she thought to herself. She had seen how he had prevented the young boy from the two bullies, and nodded her approval.  She'd tell the others about it later.  Quietly, she followed Gary back to town at a safe distance so he wouldn't know that she was there. She had just passed a corner when she heard the sound of someone crying.  Her angel instinct took over, and she went to find out who was crying.  It was a little girl.  Her doll had a arm that was broken, and she was upset that she couldn't get it back on right. "Hi honey.  My name's Gloria.  Your dolly has a broken arm, huh," she said smiling at the little girl.

Sniffing, the little girl nodded.  "I can't get it back in place, and she's my favorite dolly," she wailed.

"Don't cry.  Let me try.  I used to be pretty good at putting dolls together when I was your age."

The little girl handed Gloria the doll, and the broken arm.

Gloria smiled again and carefully put the doll's arm back in it's place. "There you go honey.  She's all fixed."

Gloria handed the doll back to the little girl who was very happy, and she gave Gloria a big hug as a thank you.

"You're welcome.  Take good care of that dolly now."

"I will, and thank you again miss Gloria."  The little girl happily skipped away with her doll.

"You certainly made her happy Gloria," Monica said as she came towards her.

Gloria nodded.  "I had a lot of dolls when I was a little girl, and whenever one of them had a broken piece or part, I would always carefully put it back in place."


Gary returned to his bar.  "Morning Marissa.  Morning Chuck," he said smling at his friends.

"Good morning Gary.  How did your save go this morning?," Marissa asked smiling back.

"It went okay.  I saved a younger boy from getting beat up by two older boys."

"I don't understand why older kids pick on the younger ones for anyway.  Good work Gar," Chuck said sipping his coffee.

"How's Jade this morning?," Gary asked as he poured himself a cup of coffee from the coffee pot.

Chuck smiled.  "She's feeling a little better.  She was able to keep something down without getting sick."

"Yeah.  Toni was the same way with the twins at times.  She kept getting the "morning sickness" as they call it."

"All women go through it when they're expecting," Marissa told them.

"Are you looking forward to that Marissa?," Gary asked sipping his coffee.

"Not right now, but sometime I will.  Emment's lawyer career just started and we want to be sure we're both ready to have children."

Chapter 7

"You know, I had the feeling that I was being watched when I saved that young boy from being beat up.  I didn't look around to see who it might be, but it gave me the creeps.  That's the one thing I'm afraid of, someone finding out about my secret," Gary told his friends as they sat in one of the booths drinking their coffees in between lunch and dinnertime shifts.

"The last time this happened, it was Henry who had followed you and discovered your secret Gary," Marissa said.

"Yeah.  I hate to admit it, but I miss that kid sometimes.  He'd been good for my kids to play with."

"Why didn't you ask her to marry you Gar?  You could've had your own instant family if you know what I mean," Chuck said.

Gary gave Chuck an annoyed look.  "I don't do things that way Chuck.  I liked Erica and Henry, but she was the one who left me. Got on that train and rode out of my life forever.  It took a while for me to get over her, and Toni was there for me.  Somehow, I had the feeling that she was the right woman for me to marry and have a family with."

"Unlike someone we both know and won't say her name."

Gary sipped his coffee and nodded.  "Yeah.  Anyway, like I was saying, it gives me the creeps knowing that I'm being watched when I'm doing a save.  I
hope it never happens again."

Marissa flashed Gary a smile.  "Don't worry about it Gary.  Lighting never strikes twice in the same place they say."

Chuck looked at Marissa.  "There's been times it has struck twice in the same place."

"You know what I meant Chuck."


At Lincoln Park, Hazel sat on the park bench watching Rose and Jeff playing on the playground equipment.  She loved watching how they swung so carefully on the swings, and only went down the little kiddie slides, and not the bigger slides. "Be careful Rose.  Don't fall out of your swing," she called to Rose, who was doing some kind of trick.

Rose straighten up in her swing.  "Okay Miss Hazel," she said swinging away.

"Good girl.  One more hour, and we'll go get some ice cream before we go back home."

"Our Mommy said it was alright for us to have ice cream Miss Hazel?," Jeff asked as he came over towards her.

"No, but you've both been so good minding me that I'm sure she won't mind if I buy you both an ice cream cone."

Tess and Monica came walking by just then.  They noticed the children laughing and playing and smiled.

"Hello Hazel.  Are those your grandchildren?," Tess asked smiling.

Hazel shook her head.  "No.  I wish they were, but they're not.  They're the children of Mr and Mrs Gary Hobson.  I'm only their babysitter whenever either
of them need me.  Mrs. Hobson is doing some errands right now, and Mr. Hobson is at work."

"You mean those are Gary's children?  I can see some of him in them," Monica said.

"You are real good with them.  They mind you very well."

"Thank you miss Tess," Hazel said.

"Please call me Tess.  We were in the area. and we thought we'd come over and see how you are today."

"Seeing that you're fine, we'll be on our way.  Have a nice day."

Hazel watched the two women leave.  How do they know Gary,she asked herself.

Rose and Jeff had seen the two women too, and came over to Hazel.

"Who were they miss Hazel?," asked Rose.

"You mean the two women I was talking to a minute ago?  They're friends of mine.  Let's go get the ice cream now."


Toni was just finishing with her last errand, and decided to stop in Mc Ginty's and say hello to her husband. She opened the door and entered the bar.  It was busy with the usual lunch crowd, and she saw the office door open. Smiling, Toni headed for the office, and saw her husband and Marissa sitting
at their desks doing paperwork. "I see you're hard at work as usual," she said in a joking tone.

Gary looked up from his work, and smiled.  "This is a surprise.  I wasn't expecting you honey," he told her.

Marissa, sensing that they'd like to be alone, rose from her desk.  "I have things to take care off at the bar.  I'll leave you two alone so you can talk or whatever," she said and walked towards the door taping the floor with her cane.

When she was out of the room, Toni came over and stood by Gary's chair. "Forget about the paperwork for a while.  Tell me how your morning went."

"You didn't come all this way to have me tell you about my save this morning."

Toni looked into his mud puddle green eyes.  "You can tell me later at home. I just thought I'd come and see you while I was in the area.  Hazel took the
kids to Lincoln Park.  What would you like to have for supper handsome?"

"Whatever you fix is alright with me.  I'm not picky sweetheart."

"Alright, I'll just surprise you then.  Don't be late."

"I won't."

"Good.  I'll see you when you get home."  She gave him a kiss on his check, and he walked her towards the door

Chapter 8

Hazel and the children took the bus home from the ice cream palor after they had finished eating their ice cream cones. "Now, I want you two to promise me something, okay," she told them smiling at them as they sat on either side of her.

"Sure Miss Hazel.  I'm real good at keeping secrets," Jeff promised smiling back at her proudly.

"Me too!  You can tell me and I'd never tell anyone." Rose said .

"Good.  Okay here it it is: Promise me that you won't mention to your parents about two ladies you saw talking to me today. Someday, you'll understand why, but for now, I want you to promise that you won't say a word."

The twins promised, and Hazel nodded pleased that they had promised not to say anything to Gary and Toni about it. She didn't think they'd understand somehow, and she didn't want to get them upset at her. They rode bus towards the house talking about the fun in the park and the ice cream they had just eaten earlier.


Gary had another save that afternoon before he left to go home.  This time, he had to help a little old lady carry her bags across the street because the paper had said that she had gotten struck by a car because she couldn't see the car because of the bags. Gary knew the address and went to do his save telling his friends that he'd see them later, and left the bar.

"Something's telling me that Gary's going to have another save again," Gloria told her friends outside a small cafe.

"Better not ignore it Gloria," Monica said taking a sip of her coffee.

"Better not go see what he's doing this time Gloria.  You might be spotted, and you don't want that," Andrew warned her.

Gloria took a sip of her own coffee and nodded.  "Don't worry Andrew.  I know when not to be seen hanging around when it comes to doign what we're doing."

"Good.  When the time is right, then you can tell him you were there watching him."

Gloria put down her coffee cup.  "I had a disturbing dream the other night, and it concerned Gary Hobson."

"Go on Gloria," Tess told her.

Gloria nodded.  "He was doing something and somehow, it didn't come out the way he thought it would.  I could see the look in his eyes and knew he was in danger.  I couldn't quite make out what it was that was troubling him, but it was something that made him quite nervous.  He kept calling out for help, and looking for an exit."

Andrew frowned.  "Do you realize what it was telling you Gloria?," he asked knowing what it meant.

Gloria nodded again.  "It's telling me that Gary Hobson could be in danger someday, and needing help."

"Precisely.  As the newest member of our group, you know then when you get something like that it's up to you to make sure it doesn't happen.  Gary Hobson will need your help and the master's should this situation arise."

Gloria sipped her coffee again.  "I'm ready for it Andrew."

"I hope so Gloria.  Visions or dreams like that don't happen for nothing as you well know."


Gary arrived at the address, and found the old lady with the grocery bags trying to cross the street.  One of them blocked her vision. Carefully looking both ways, Gary ran to help her carry her bags safely across the street so she wouldn't get hit by a car.

"Here.  Let me help you," he said smiling at her as he took two of the bags from her.

"Oh thank you young man," the lady said grateful for his help.

They crossed the street safely and she lead the way to her apartment building where she lived.

"This is where I live.  I'll just unlock the door with my key, and you can take your bags inside."

She unlocked number 28B, and pushed open the door with her foot.  She entered the living room area, and set her bags on the table.  Gary put his two bags on the table as well.

"How much do I owe you for your help?," Stella asked taking out her coin purse from her purse.

"Not a thing.  I was glad to help you out," he replied.

"At least tell me your name before you go."

Gary smiled.  "It's Hobson.  Gary Hobson."

Stella smiled.  "Nice to meet you Gary.  I'm Stella."

"That's a nice name. Well, I've got to go now.  Have a nice afternoon Stella."

"Same to you Gary. Same to you.  Good bye and thanks again."

Gary left her apartment, and checked the paper again as he walked back to his bar to get his jeep.  He was relieved to see the headline about Stella being killed by a hit and run driver gone.

Chapter 9

Later, that evening, Gary was relaxing in his easy chair reading a magazine he had bought on the way home.  His children were watching the Discovery Channel sitting on the sofa, and Toni was just finishing up the last of the supper dishes. Since the children had come home from the park with Hazel earlier, Toni had the feeling that something had happened and that the children knew about it, but wouldn't tell her because of the promise they had made to Hazel.
Sighing, Toni went into the living room and sat down in her chair besides Gary's putting her feet up. "Honey, did you notice how quiet the children were at dinner tonight?," she asked looking at her husband.

Gary looked up from his magazine.  "I didn't pay much attention to it.  I was eating at the time," he replied.

"Usually, they're telling us how their day went with Hazel, but tonight, they didn't say one word all through dinner."

"Maybe they're tired.  They did have a good day today at the park, and it could've worn them out."

Toni frowned.  "I know something happened that they're not telling us about. It's like they're holding some kind of secret from us, and I don't like that.
We made them promise not to keep secrets from us, remember."

Gary sighed and put down his magazine.  "Alright.  Why don't we ask them what happened today at the park?  Wait until after their show is over first.  Then,
we will ask them to tell us all about their day at the park."

"Okay.  Sounds good to me.'


Hazel was relaxing inside her apartment listening to her radio and doing some of her kintting in her favortie chair. She had hated to make the twins promise what she did, but she really didn't know how their parents would take it if they found out about the angels who had been in the park earlier talking to her and asking about the children. "Forgive me Lord.  I did what I thought was best at the time," she prayed as she looked towards the ceiling.

Sighing, Hazel reached for her herbal tea, and took a sip.  It helped her relax a little more, and she sat it back on the coaster. Her phone rang than, and Hazel frowned.  She wasn't expecting a call from  anyone. Putting down her kintting, she got up and went over to her phone.  "Hello. Hazel speaking."

"Hello Hazel.  It's Monica," Monica replied from the hotel's phone that she was using with the others around her.

"I wasn't expecting anyone to call me tonight."

"That promise you made Gary's children promise you was really unfair.  You are asking them to lie to their parents."

Hazel gasped.  "How,how do you know about that?"

"Hazel, God knows, and so do we.  Was it fair of you to ask them to lie about us to their parents?"

"No.  I just didn't know how they would feel if they found you were asking about their children."

"Let us worry about that.  Never ask a child to lie to their parents.  It could come back on you badly."

"I'm sorry Monica.  I should call Gary and tell him everything that happened."

"No.  Let the children tell them what happened.  Good night Hazel."

Hazel hung up her phone, and went back to her knitting.


When the show was over, Gary called his children over to him and Toni. "Kids, your mother and I would like you to please tell us how your day at the
park was with Hazel," he said smiling.

"It was really fun Daddy!  We got to play on the kiddie swings and slides, and we were very careful," Rose told her father.

"Sounds like you had a lot of fun.  Did anything happen that was a surprise to you while you were there?"

Jeff nooded.  "Yeah.  We saw two ladies talking to Hazel that we never saw before," he replied.

"Really?  What did Hazel say when you asked her about them?," asked Toni.

"She said that they were friends of hers, and then, we went to get some ice cream."

"Friends of hers?  Did she say what their names were?"

Rose shook her head.  "No Mommy.  We didn't ask."

"Good for you sweetheart.  If Hazel wanted you to know their names, she'd have  told you.  You can go watch the rest of the show now.  Thank you for being honest," Gary told his children, and they sat back on the sofa watching television.

Chapter 10

Marissa sat in hers and Emmet's apartment at her computer.  She was looking up something that might help Gary. "Here it is.  Angels," she said as the computer voice chip told her what she was looking for had came up on the screen.

Emment looked at the screen.  "Why the sudden interest in angels my love?," he asked smiling at her.

"Because of what happened to Gary earlier today.  I told you about it, remember."

Emment nodded.  "That would freak anyone out having someone suddenly tell you
that they all about you.""

"Gloria did more than tell Gary she knows all about him, Emmet.  She told him that she knows about the paper."

Emment almost dropped the coffee mug he was holding.  "That I find hard to believe Marissa."

"So did Gary, and he asked her how she knew about it."

"What did Gloria tell him?."  Emmet  took a sip of his coffee.

"She just said that she has her ways of knowing,  I'm going to print this out and read what I found for Gary tomorrow."

"You sure he really wants to know?"

Marissa pritnted the sheets of information out, and sensed what her husband meant.  "He might."

"As a lawyer, I think something is very suspicous about all of this."

"Never question someone who says they're an angel honey.   Anyway, this shouldbe very helpful."


Gary stood watching by his daughter's door as Toni was covering Rose with the covers on her bed.

"I want Daddy to give me a kiss goodnight Mommy," Rose said.

Toni smiled.  "Of course honey," she told her daughter and turned to the door. "You heard her sweetheart."

Gary came towards the bed smiling.  "My little princess wants a good night kiss.  Your wish is my command.  Good night honey," he told her and kissed her on her check.

"Good night Daddy.  Night Mommy."

"Good night Rose.  Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite," Toni told Rose as she and Gary walked towards the door.

Toni shut off the light and closed the door.  She went to check on Jeff, who was finishing saying his prayers.

"Good boy son.  Alset for bed now?," she asked smiling.

Jeff nodded.  "Yes Mommy," he replied getting into his bed.

"Sleep well Jeff.  Dream about hitting a home run," Gary told his son.

Toni kissed her son goodnight, and left the room shutting the light switch off as she did.

She and Gary went to the living room and sat together on the sofa, alone for the first time that night.

"Now, tell me all about your day," Toni said.

Gary put his arm around her and sighed.  "I had to save a lady from being hit by a car.  Her name was Gloria.  After she thanked me, she told me that she
was an angel and she knew who I am.  I was shocked at first when she told me. Later, her and her friends came into the bar, and she told me that she knows
about the paper and what I do with it.  I asked her how did she know about it, and that's when she told me how she knew Lucis Snow.  It was really weird.
This afternoon, I had a save, and I felt like someone was watching me, but when I turned around to find out who it was, no one was there," he told her.

"Hmmm.  Sounds a little strange to me.  Don't worry about it sweetheart.  It's over now."

"Yeah. but something tells me that I haven't seen the last of Gloria for a while."

"Maybe you will, and maybe you won't."

"Let's just enjoy this time alone right now.  I've been waiting for this all day."

"Me too."

Chapter 11

The next morning started the same for Gary with one exception, Ottis, his dog, was delievering the paper instead of the cat. Reason was that Toni was still allergic to the cat, and Gary didn't want her to be sneezeing all the time, and getting hives. '"Good morning pal," he said as he bent down to pick up the paper, and patted his dog smiling. Ottis licked his master's hand and then went back to his doghouse in the yard. Gary went inside, shut the kitchen door, and went over to the table.  He put the paper down on the table, and went over to the coffee pot to get a cup of nice hot black coffee.  He poured the coffee in his cup, and went back to the table. After taking a sip, Gary put it down on the table, and opened the paper. "Passengers Injured During Fight On The EL" the headline said.  "Nine people were injured during a fight between three men who were agruing about something concerning a sporting event they had seen the other night.  Other passengers attempted to intervene, and were pushed or shoved out of the way by the men," Gary read aloud, and sighed.  The last time he had tried to prevent a fight on the train, he was the one who had gotten thrown off the train by the others. He hoped this time it'd be different.

Toni came into the kitchen then wearing her blue bathrobe.  "Good morning sweetheart.  I see you have the paper already," she said as she went over to
the coffee pot to pour herself a cup of coffee.

Gary nodded.  "Yeah.  I've got to stop a fight on the EL this morning at nine o clock.  I hope it's different from the last time I tried to prevent a fight on it.  I got thrown off the train by the very people I was trying to help that day."

Toni came over and sat down beside him at the table.  "Maybe this time you won't be thrown off the train.  Good luck."

"Thanks.  Are the kids still asleep?"

Toni sipped her coffee and nodded.  "Yeah.  I let them sleep in a little later this morning.  We're going shopping for their school clothes today, and then,
I'm going to register them for the fall term."

Gary smiled as he sipped some more of his coffee.  "Why not come and have lunch at the bar with me today?,'" he asked.

"Maybe some other time honey.  We could go eat at a resturant somewhere for dinner."

"Sounds good to me.  You pick the time and place."

"I'll let you know when we decide.  I'd better get breakfast started."


Gloria sipped her orange juice and sighed.  She had that dream about Gary again the other night, and couldn't get it out of her head. "I had that dream about Gary again last night.  Only this time, where it was going to happen was a little clearer," she said.

Andrew looked over his coffee cup at her.  "What did it show you Gloria?," he asked.

"It showed me that Gary was in some kind of store, and there were other people around.  I could see the look on their faces.  They looked afraid about
something that I couldn't make out.  I know in time I'll see what it is."

"The only way you'll find out what it is Gloria, is to ask the Lord to revail it to you."

Gloria nodded.  "I intend to do that tonight Andrew.  This troubles me, and I want to know why."

"You know one thing for sure Gloria, the vision is telling you that Gary's in danger," Monica said sipping her coffee.

"Which is why I need to know what kind of danger so I can help him when it comes."

"Good thinking Gloria.  You're getting the hang of being an angel now," Tess told her smiling.

Gloria sipped her orange juice again.  "That's what I want."


Gary arrived at the train station a little before nine.  After having breakfast with his family, Gary had left the house to get to the station and
find the right train number to prevent the fight from happening.  The paper said it was number 57. "There it is.  Well, here goes," he said, and walked towards the loading platform with the other passengers.

The train pulled out a nine, and Gary looked around for the three men who were going to start the fight.

"That was just a lucky shot in that game last night.  My team should've won!," one man was telling another man.

"Oh yeah?  You're just upset because you lost the bet.  Don't blame it on the winning team," the second man shouted back.

"Yeah.  That game was played fair and square, and you know it.  So drop it, okay," a thrid man said.

"Listen pal.  I think someone cheated and the refs weren't smart enough to catch in time," the first man said.

Having heard enough, Gary walked towards the three men deciding to end the fight before it got worse.

"Hey guys.  Life's too short to fight over a stupid basketball game.  Do you want to upset everyone and have the conductor stop the train, or come back
here and throw all there of you off ?  He will, if he thinks you're disturbing the others,' he told them.

The second man looked at Gary.  "You got a point there mister.  I don't want thrown off the train.  Jake's the one who won't drop the issue because he lost
a bet we had on the game fair and square," he explained.

Gary turned to Jake.  "No one likes a sore loser pal.  Why don't you let it go, and not ruin everyone's morning, okay."

Jake could see Gary's point too.  "Okay.  You're right mister.  Sorry about that," he said.


"Thanks mister.  I sure didn't want to make a scene.  Since you know my name, what's yours?"

Gary smiled.  "Hobson.  Gary Hobson."

"Thanks again Gary."

"You're welcome.  Just don't get too upset over a game from now on."

Chapter 12

Gloria couldn't shake the feeling of Gary being in danger from her mind.  God had sent her the vision, but had not made know just where the place it was
going to happen clear yet.  She knew in time he would let her see it clearly. Angels did not demand that their most high God show them all of a vision when
he did not want them to see it all yet.  That had been the one thing she had learned from the start when she had first become an angel like the others.  As she was walking down the street with the others, Gloria suddenly felt herself being pulled towards a jewerly store on the corner, and something was telling
her that this would be where Gary would end up in danger.  The store was one of the fanicest stores in Chicago and carried very expensive jewels. "Something's telling me that is the place where my vision is going to happen soon," she told the others.

Andrew looked at the store, and then at Gloria.  "Did your vision show what was inside the store?," he asked.

Gloria nodded.  "Yes.  It showed me something very rare and shiny.  Like a diamond or ruby."

Tess also looked at the store.  She could see some very priceless diamonds in a display case inside.

"Gloria, there are diamonds inside a display case inside the store.  Is that what your vision showed you?," she asked.

"Yes.  It showed me a lot of diamonds."

Andrew knew what it meant.  "Somehow, this store has something to do with Gary Hobson.  That is for you to find out Gloria."

Gloria frowned.  "If this is the place, then I need to find out when and how Gary is involved."

"That may come tonight or when you least expect it Gloria.  Now you know where," Monica told her.


Gary entered Mc Gintys after getting off the EL and walking towards the bar on the side of the street he was on. "Good morning Marissa. Chuck," he said smiling at his friends and co-workers.

"Good morning Gary," Marissa replied.

"Morning Gar," Chuck said sipping his hot coffee.

"I'm not going to take the EL again for a while.  I've forgotten just how crowded and loud it can be at times."

Marissa sensed that the train had something to do with a save of Gary's, and she asked him.
"Yeah.  I had to prevent a fight from getting started on the train earlier. The paper said nine people would be injured because of it."

"Were you able to prevent the fight from happening?," Marissa asked.

Gary nodded.  "I told the three men that life was too short to fight over a basketball game.  I mentioned that if they didn't cool it, they might be thrown off the train for endangering the other passengers.  One guy was upset because he lost a bet with the others on the game fair and square, and thought his team should've won."

Chuck laughed.  "Oh man.  Do I remember betting on those games.  Some guys get carried away."

"Yeah pal.  You used to ask me to let you see the sports page so you would know the score ahead of time and make a bet."

"That was the old me.  I don't do that anymore thanks to my lovely wife."

"You mean Jade actually made you promsie to stop betting on games?

Chuck nodded.  "Yeah.  She said she wasn't going to let me become one of those men who get obsessed with gambling.  She didn't want to see me get in deep, and made me promise never to bet on any games again."

Marissa smiled.  "I bet that was hard for you Chuck."

"Not all Marissa.  I gladly promised her that because I love her, and I was tired of trying to make money the easy way."

Chapter 13

Gloria sought out a nearby church.  What had just happened at the jewerly store shook her that she needed to pray for guidance on how she should deal with what was coming.  The others followed her knowing what she was about to do.  The church was opened, and Gloria felt a inner peace within her as she entered the building and walked towards the front where the altar was.She knealt and put her hands together.  With her eyes closed, Gloria prayed:" Lord, I know you are the one who is showing me this vision about Gary and the jewerly store.  Am I to save his life when this happens?  Please let me know more details so I will know what it is I am to do.  In Your Precious Name. Amen."  When she was done, Gloria just stayed there on her knees.

Monica came towards her, and gently placed a hand on her shoulder.  "You've done all you can for now.  You will have your answer from the master soon.  He has heard your prayer, and will not fail to answer you," she said smiling.

Gloria stood up.  "I wasn't asking too much of him was I?"

Andrew shook his head.  "No.  You only asked what was in your heart Gloria. Come.  There are people who need us," he replied.

All four left the church, and started walking down the street.


Hazel had decided to tell Gary about how she knew Lucious Snow.  She'd go see him at the bar in private and tell him. She called for a cab, grabbed her purse, sweater, and waited for the cab to come.  She hoped she wouldn't lose her nerve between her apartment and the bar.  Five minutes later, the cab arrived, and Hazel told the cab driver where she wanted to go. I hope I'm doing the right thing, she thought to herself as she sat in the back of the cab and rode to the bar.

Meanwhile, Gary was doing some paperwork in his office with Marissa.  Chuck was helping behind the bar outside the office.

"Maybe I should've ask Chuck to help Pete out.  He wasn't good the last time he was behind the bar," Gary said.

Marissa nodded.  "He's a changed man Gary.  I think Jade did him a world of good by marring him," she told Gary.

"I agree.  I've never seen him so happy before.  He doesn't even ask about the sports page anymore like he used to."

Chuck poked his head inside the office just then.  "Gar, there's someone here to see you.  She said she's your babysitter," he said.

"Hazel?  What's she doing here?  Send her in Chuck."

Chuck nodded.  "Go on inside," he told Hazel smiling.

Hazel entered the office, and Marissa could sense that she wanted to talk to Gary along about something.

"Excuse me.  I think I'll go see how things are going out there.  Hello Hazel," she said  tapping her cane as she passed.

As soon as the door closed, Gary could tell that something was bothering Hazel.  "Please sit down Hazel.  Would you like a cup of coffee or some water?," he asked.

Hazel shook her head.  "No thank you Mr. Hobson.  I'm fine. I have something very important to tell you, and I wanted to tell you alone.  It's not about your children, so please don't worry about that.  This is something else entirely different.  Something that I must get off my chest before I lose my nerve," she replied.

"Alright.  Let's hear what you have to say."

Chapter 14

Taking a deep breath, Hazel began.  "I knew Lucis Snow when I was a little girl.  He saved my life one day. I had never told anyone this before, except my late husband, and he made me promise never to tell anyone.  Now that's he gone, I can tell you.  It started when I was walking home from school with some friends of mine.  It was a nice day, and we felt like walking instead of taking the bus home.  We were coming down one of the side streets that lead to the corner where we would cross the street to go home on the other side. Anyway, we just started to step across when this man comes running out from a building and yells at us to watch out.  He pulls us out of the way just as a truck comes along with the driver not paying attention to who was crossing in front of him. Had it not been for that man,who I know now was Lucis Snow, pulling me and the others to safety, I would not be here today.  Somehow, he had known what was going to happen, and came to our rescue just in the nick of time.  So, that is how I know Lucis Snow.  He saved me from being hit by a truck when I was young," she told Gary.

Gary sipped his coffee taking in all what she had just said.  That was how Snow had saved him when he was 10 years old. "Hazel, I believe you.  He saved my life when I was a boy once," he said smiling at her.

"Somehow I knew he had Mr. Hobson.  I feel so much better now that I've told you."

"I'm glad you did Hazel.  Did you ever see his cat?"

Hazel shook her head.  "No.  Why do you ask?"

"No reason.  Thank you for coming here and telling me how you knew Snow."

"You're welcome.  I must be going home now."

"I'll walk you to the door."

Gary walked Hazel to the door and made sure she caught the bus home.


Toni and her children were shopping for school clothes in the Walmart.  Toni's mother had told her that she could always get good deals on clothes and anything else there, and so Toni had decided that was where she would go shopping at with the kids.

"What do you think of this dress Rose?  Do you like it?," she asked her daughter showing her a nice dress with flowers on it.

"It's nice Mommy," Rose replied not too interested .  She wanted to look at some of the toys.
"We'll get it for you and some others you can wear to school.  You can wear pants when the weather gets cold."

Jeff hoped he didn't have to wear anything dressy for school.  Boys liked wearing jeans to school.

"Can we look at some of the school supplies Mommy?," he asked wanting to pick out a notebook he liked.

"After we get done getting your school clothes, Jeff.  You are not wearing shorts to school unless it's really hot."

"I kow lots of kids whose moms let them wear shorts to school."

"I'm sure they do, but you are wearing nice clothes young man.  You can wear shorts at home."

Jeff sighed.  "Okay Mommy."

"Good.  Now, let's get the rest of what you'll need to wear, and then, we'll go get your supplies."

Chapter 15

Gloria sighed and concentrated on her menu.  It was lunch time, and she and the others had decided to get something to eat. Everything looked so good, but she knew she had to watch what she ate, and so she decided on what she would get. The waiter came to take their orders.  "Are you ready to order now?," he asked smiling.

Gloria nodded.  "Yes.  I am.  I don't know about the others.  I'll have a hamburger with a salad please.  A glass of ice tea to drink," she replied handing him her menu pleased with her order.

The waiter wrote it down on his pad, and then turned the page.  "Anyone else care to order?"

Monica nodded.  "I'll just have a salad with a glass of ice tea please," she said.

"Okay.  Got it. "

"I'll have the same thing," Tess told him smiling.

"And you sir?," the waiter asked Andrew smiling.

"I'll have the specail," Andrew replied.

"One special.  Okay.  I'll be right back with your drinks."

The waiter took their menus and went towards the kitchen to give the chef the orders.

"You are still thinking about what happened earlier Gloria.  I can tell," Andrew said looking at Gloria.

Gloria nodded.  "I wish I wasn't, but I am Andrew.  I feel like I should warn him about what will happen," she replied.

"You know that we don't do that.  We are to help those who need our help. Gary will need yours soon."

"I know it's not easy being an angel at times Gloria, but when you were assigned this, you knew what was required," Monica said.

The waiter returned with their drinks, and they waited until he had left to continue.

Gloria took a sip of her ice tea.  "I know the oath I took when I became an angel Monica.  I just wish there was someway to warn Gary that he could be in danger."

"We understand how you feel, but it must happen.  You can be there to help him and others," Tess told her.


The lunch crowd came in, and soon the bar was busy with people ordering drinks and lunch. Gary was inside his office doing some paperwork that needed to be done.  The visit from Hazel had been both surprising and enlighting.  He could tell how relieved she had been to finally tell him how she knew Snow by the look in her eyes.

"Hey Gar!  Don't spend all your lunch time in there.  Come out and have some lunch," Chuck said poking his head inside.

Gary smiled at his friend.  "Okay pal.  Get me a beer, and I'll join you and Marissa for lunch," he told Chuck.

"You got it!  One beer coming up."  Chuck ducked out to get Gary's beer for him.

Gary chuckled.  Sometimes Chuck acted more than a partner at times, he thought.

Sighing, Gary pushed the chair back, stood up, and left his office.

He looked around at all the people having lunch, and smiled.  It made him feel good to see his customers enjoying theirselves.

'This way Gar.  Marissa's waiting for us at the table," Chuck said handing Gary his beer and leading the way.

"We've got a good crowd today," Gary said as he sat next to Marissa.
Marissa could hear the people, and nodded.  "Sounds like it.  Where's Toni and the children?  I thought they might join you for lunch today," she said taking
a sip of her diet pop.

"They're shopping, and having lunch at a resturant today.  We're going to have dinner together later."

Chapter 16

That evening, Gary asked Toni how the children behaved when they went shopping as he stood in the kitchen with her. Toni smiled as she washed another dish from dinner.  "They behaved fine honey. Rose got some nice outfits for school, and so did Jeff.  I told both of them that they could shorts at home, but not at school.  After that, we ate a little cafe for lunch," she replied.

"That's good.  If it's too hot just before summertime, they can wear shorts to school.  We wouldn't want them to feel out of place with the other kids who are wearing shorts.  I remember when I went to school, my mom said I could wear shorts if it was too hot. I did, and it felt nice and cool on a real hot muggy day.  I also wore jeans to school too," Gary said.

"You'll have to tell me more about when you were a boy.  How did your day go?"

"Hazel came in the bar today to see me."

"She did?  There wasn't anything wrong, was there?"

Gary shook his head.  "No.  She just had something to tell me is all."

"That's a relief.  What did she have to tell you, or should I ask?"

Gary smiled at his wife.  "You can ask.  She told me how she knew Lucious Snow. She said that he had saved her life when she was a little girl.  She and
her friends were walking home from school one day, and nearly got killed by a truck.  He knew about it somehow, and got there in time to save them from being hit.  I never told you this before, but when I was twelve, he saved my life the same way."

Toni looked at him surprised.  "Tell me all about it.  We agreed not to keep anything from each other."

"I had just won a contest to come to Chicago to read a poem I wrote about the Bi Centrinal Celebration going on at the time. I was on stage getting ready to read my poem when this other boy starting picking on this girl next to me.  He took her poem and wouldn't give it back. I fought him for it, got it from him, and gave it back to the girl.  The guy chased me, and to aviod causing a scene, I hid in the man's room.  I overheard two men planning something very dangerous, and knew I had to tell someone. One of them saw me, and  they chased me out of the men's room and towards the door of the hotel.  I ran outside, but tripped and fell on the curb.  I saw this big semi coming my way too fast, and knew I couldn't get up in time to get out of his way. All of a sudden, this man appears, grabs my right hand, and pulls me up to  safety.  He said his name was Lucious Snow, and that he had something for me. It was a pocket knife with my intinals on it."

Toni put down her towel, and embraced Gary.  "Please don't hold anything like that from me again."

Gary kissed her on her forehead.  "I promise honey.  Need any help with the dishes?"

Toni shook her head.  "Nope.  Almost done.  Go in and sit down in your chair."


Gloria sat in her hotel room she shared with Monica.  She was sitting on her bed with her Bible open.  After what had happened earlier that day, she felt that she could find strength and wisdom by reading some scirpture.  She was reading when Monica came in.  "I'm reading a chapter in Proverbs that tells about wisdom and strength," Gloria told Monica.

Monica nodded as she sat in one of chairs by the table.  "Good thinking Gloria.  His word is always there for us whenever we need it to help us with something or someone.  Let it give you some peace tonight.  I got us each a diet soda to drink," she said.

"Thank you Monica.  What's Andrew and Tess doing?"

Monica took a sip of her diet cola.  "Andrew is taking a walk around the hotel doing some thinking.  About what, I don't know. Tess is in her room relaxing.  She told me to tell you that she's going to say a prayer for you tonight."

"That's nice of her.  Do you think what happened today also affected Andrew, and that's why he's walking around?"

Monica shrugged.  "Could be.  I knew better than to ask him.  If he wants us to know, he'll tell us."

Gloria went over to the table to take a sip of her diet soda before reading further.


Andrew walked around the outside of the hotel, his mind busy thinking about what had happened earlier that day. He knew his newest angel was troubled by it, and if it troubled her, it troubled him.  He had the errie feeling that Gloria's vision was going to happen very soon, and it would be her first test on how to handle a dangerous situtation. Casting his eyes heavenworld, Andrew softly prayed for guidance and wisdom on how he should advise her on it. A soft still voice replied: "I will give her the words to say my son.  Just be there for her should she need your help." Having gotten his answer, Andrew felt better, turned and walked back to the hotel's main doors. "Good evening Mr. Andrew.  How was your walk?," the desk clerk asked smiling at Andrew when he entered the lobby.

Andrew smiled.  "It was just what I needed to help me relax after a busy day. Good night," he replied.

"Good night sir."

Andrew entered the elevator and pushed the button for his floor.

Chapter 17

That night, as Gloria slept in her bed, she had a disturbing dream about Gary. This time, the dream showed her what she needed to know on what was about to happen leaving nothing out.  In her dream, Gloria saw Gary with a gun pointed to his head by a man behind him ordering the clerk to give him the diamonds he was after, or he'd shoot Gary.  The other customers were on the floor lying face down, and dare not move for fear of what might happen to Gary.  She saw Gary and the man going out the door to a car parked outside, and Gary was pushed in the backseat with the man with the gun behind him.  This so disturbed her that Gloria sat up straight in her bed, sweat on her forehead. She knew what she had to do, and she got down on the floor to pray.
"Lord," she began, "You have shown me the vision you wanted me to see.  I ask for guidance on how I should handle this when it happens.  I know I must be
the one to save Gary and the others from this man with the gun.  I need to know how to do it without causing the man to panic and hurting someone. Please tell me what to do.  Amen." After she had prayed, Gloria got back into bed, and felt a peace come upon her.  She smiled knowing that God was giving her the answer to her prayer, and with that knowledge, she slept without alarm.

Monica had heard the prayer from her bed and smiled.  She knew that when the time came, Gloria would have want she needed to handle and defuse the
situation without incident.  After all, she was an angel after all, and they all knew where to go for help. Gloria was learning the ropes as she went along, and she would soon pass her first big test when it came.


That night, Gary was asleep in the bed he shared with Toni in their bedroom, and his dreams were about watching his son play baseball, and seeing his
daughter in her first big dance at school.  He smiled as the dream showed how graceful Rose was, how she performed everystep to the letter, and how proud he and Toni both were of her.  Then, he was cheering Jeff on as they sat at his first little league game in the park, as his son was rounding the bases after
hitting a home run.  He had no idea that the angel whom he had saved two days ago was going to return the favor very soon, possibly tomorrow afternoon.
Gary had no idea that one of his saves was going to put him in danger that only an angel could save him from.  An angel named Gloria.

Chapter 18

Gloria woke up the next morning and sat up in her hotel bed.  She glanced over at Monica, who was still asleep in her own bed. She couldn't shake the dream she had just had.  It was so real.  However, she felt something was telling her that today would be the day that she'd have to save not only Gary, but everyone else in the jewerly store from the robber. "Thank you Lord for giving me the wisdom and strength I need for today," Gloria softly prayed, her eyes lifted upward. Throwing off the sheet, she got out of bed, and decided to take a shower to wake her up and be clean as well. She hummed a hymm she loved as she walked past Monica's bed towards the shower in their room.

"Good morning Gloria.  Going to take a shower I see," Monica said smiling as Gloria walked by.

"I thought you were still asleep Monica.  I didn't mean to wake you,"Gloria replied smiling back at her friend.

"You didn't wake me.  How are you feeling today?"

"Fine.  Ready to handle whatever comes my way."

Monica looked at Gloria as she sat up in her bed.  "Does that mean what I think it means?"

Gloria nodded.  "Yes.  I know that today's the day I have to save Gary and the other people, and I've been given what I asked the master for in order to do
it without anyone getting hurt."

"Good.  I knew he'd give you what it was you were praying for last night."

Gloria smiled again, and entered the shower closing the door behind her.


Woof!  Thump!  Gary knew what the sounds meant, and he went to the door of his house to get the paper. "Good morning Ottis!  Good boy.  Let me have the paper please," he said holding out his hand for it.

Ottis dropped the paper into Gary's hands, got a pat from Gary, and returned to his dog house waging his tail.

Gary shut the door, went back into the kitchen, and put the paper on the table.

He went over to pour himself a cup of fresh black coffee from the coffee pot.

Taking a sip, Gary went back to the table, sat down, and opened it.

The headline read: "Daylight Jewel Heist:  An Armed Man entered the local jewerly store at two this afternoon, and demanded all the priceless diamonds from their cases, and the money from the cash register.  Witness reported seeing him getting into a car with another man at the wheel, and speeding away.  No one was harmed, but the value of the diamonds that were stolen was very high according to the clerk who was very upset at being robbed," Gary
read, and took another sip of his coffee.

Two o clock, he thought.  That's this afternoon.  I've got to stop the robbery from happening.

He hoped nothing would go wrong.  It gave him such an errie feeling whenever he was to stop a robbery. He didn't like guns being pointed at him at all ever since the first time he had been in a bank since getting the paper.


After Gloria and Monica had finished their showers, and dressed, they went to meet Andrew and Tess for breakfast.

Andrew looked at Gloria as all four of them rode down to the lobby in the elevator.  "I can tell by the look on in your eyes that your prayer was
answered Gloria," he told her smiling.

Gloria nodded.  "Yes Andrew.  I've been given from the Lord what I need to do in order to save Gary and the others today. I feel so much better now that the whole vision has been shown to me," she replied.

"Can I ask how you're going to handle this?"

"I can't tell you just yet.  I will afterwards, but I can't right now.  He told me that last night."

"If the Lord told you to wait until afterwards Gloria, then, by all means, obey him," Tess said.

"I intend to Tess."

The elevator stopped on the lobby, and they all got off, and walked towards the resturant.

Chapter 19

Everything went fine for Gary that morning during his early saves.  He even told Marissa and Chuck about them during lunch. "It's the one I've got this afternoon that worries me.  The thought of having guns pointed at me gives me goosebumps. Just like the other times I've had to face guns in my face.  It doesn't get any easier," he said with a sigh.

Chuck smiled at his friend.  "Gar, just don't worry about the guns.  Pretend they're not there if it'll make you feel any easier about this.  The paper wouldn't put you in danger if it could help prevent you from being hurt," he told Gary.

"Chuck's right Gary.  You know the paper wouldn't put your life in danger if there wasn't any for you to get out without getting hurt or worse," Marissa said and took a sip of her coffee.  She didn't say the other word she was thinking of.

Gary rubbed the back of his neck.  "I'll  be glad when it's over with.  The sooner it's over with, the better I'll feel."

"I'll drink to that Gar."

"It'll be alright Gary."

Gary took a sip of his own coffee and hoped his friends were right. Sometimes, he felt as if the paper put him in dangerous situations just to test him.  He frowned at it, and took another bite of his sandwhich.  He wasn't going to let it ruin his lunch.


Meanwhile, Gloria and the others were checking out the jewerly store ahead of time to make sure Gary wouldn't be harmed.

"Here comes the car I saw in my vision.  It looks like the thieves are doing some checking theirselves," she said as they watched a car slowly drive past them with the driver and passenger looking at them.

Andrew smiled.  "I think it's time we put the fear of God in the driver.  Let me handle the driver Gloria," he told her.

Gloria nodded.  "Sure Andrew."

Tess checked her watch.  "It's almost 12:30 now.  It won't be long now," she said.

Monica saw a security guard standing inside watching them from the window. She turned and smiled at him.

The guard smiled back.  He somehow knew that she was an angel, but he didn't know why he knew.

"I think that guard knows about us," Monica told the others.

"If he does, that's alright Monica.  Most people realize we're angels sent to help them," Tess said.


Around one thirty, Gary left the bar and headed towards the jewerly store.  He hoped he got there in time to prevent the robbery from happening, but he had a strange feeling that someone else was going to save him in the process.  He didn't know the someone was yet, all he knew that it was someone he had met
not too long ago.

Gloria watched from where she was standing as Gary walked towards the door of the jewerly store.  She knew it was time for her to go over and prevent him
and the others from being harmed by the robber who was about show up any minute now.

"Here comes the getaway car," Monica said pointing to the car that was approaching the outside of the shop.

"Wait until the passenger gets out, and goes inside.  Gloria, are you ready for this?," Andrew asked.

Gloria nodded.  "Yes Andrew.  I know just what to say when I get in there," she replied.

"Good.  Tess, you and I will handle the driver. Monica, you wait outside. Gloria will let you know if she needs you."

Monica nodded.  "No problem."

They watched the car pull up, and the passenger got out.  He went inside the store, and the driver drove away.

"It's showtime people," Andrew told everyone.


"Alright!  Everyone get down on the floor!  Now!,"  the robber ordered the customers waving his gun around.

Everyone got on the floor, and Gary could feel sweat on his forehead as he saw the gun in the man's hand.

"Hey pal.  Don't point that at me.  Come on.  You don't really want to do this," he said trying to be calm.

The man swung and pointed his gun at Gary.  "Yeah, I do, and you're gonna help me mister," he replied.

"Oh no he's not," said a voice from behind them.

Both men turned to see Gloria standing inside the doorway her hands on her hips.

"Gloria," Gary whispered not believing what he was seeing.

Gloria walked towards the robber unafraid of the gun he was pointing at her. "Put the gun away Fredic," she told him.

"I don't know who you are lady, but you'd better get down on the floor with the others," Fredric growled.

"No, I will not.  What would your grandmother say if she could see you right now?"

Fredric blinked.  "My grandmother's dead."

"Yes, I know.  She's in heaven, and she's watching you from there right now."

"She, she is?"  Gloria nodded.  "How do you know she's watching me?"

"That's not important.  What do you think she'd say if she was here right now?"

"She'd say she was disappointed in me, and that I should stop before it's too late."

"Wouldn't she wonder where she went wrong with you?"

"Huh?  What do you mean?"

"Think about it Fredric.  She helped to raise you when you were a child.  Can you imagine what must be going through her mind as she's watching you from
heaven and seeing what you're doing now?"

Fredric felt a lump in his throat at that.  "She'd she ask herself where she went wrong with me as you said.  She'd think I wasn't the grandchild she knew
and loved all those years."

Gloria nodded again.  "That's right Fredric.  Do you want her to feel that way?  Like she did her best with you, and somehow, she felt like she failed at
something because of what you're doing now?  Put yourself in her place."

"I loved her.  I tried to do what she told me to, and not to get into any trouble."

"You can still show her how much you love her by stopping this right now. Just walk out that door, and forget about ever robbing anyplace again. That'll bring a smile to her face in heaven."

Fredric put his gun down on the floor, said he was sorry to everyone, and walked out of the jewerly store.

Chapter 20

Gary looked at Gloria in awe.  "How did you know I was in trouble and where it'd be?," he asked her.

Gloria smiled at him.  "Remember I told you I'm an angel, and we know things like this.  I'm glad you and the others are alright. I'll walk you home.  Saving and helping people are one of the things I do best as an angel," she replied.

"Uh, that's okay Gloria.  I can walk back to work by myself.  Thanks anyway." He started towards the door, and then stopped as it opened, and the other three came inside.  He gave Gloria a look as if to say, now what?

"Everything alright Gloria?," Monica asked looking at her.

Gloria nodded.  "Everything's fine Monica," she replied smiling at Gary again in a knowing way.

"Good.  What did you say to make the robber forget about robbing this place?"

Gloria looked over at Andrew, and he nodded as if to tell her it was okay to tell Monica.

"I just told him what would his grandmother say if she saw what he was about to do.  What would she be thinking."

Tess smiled.  "That never fails.  Good job Gloria," she told Gloria.

Andrew agreed.  "You did very good at handling this siutation Gloria.  You truly proved yourself as an angel," he said.

"Thanks Andrew.  How did it go with the driver?"

Tess laughed.  "He took one look at Andrew, and drove away as fast he could."

Gloria laughed too.  Must've thought Andrew was going to do something to him.

"Our job here is done.  Come ladies.  We have others who need our help."

They left the store and headed down the street towards the next person who need them.

As he watched them leave, Gary knew he'd tell Toni and the others about it later.

The End

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