Gary 'n Grapes
by Teresa LaBlynn

Disclaimers: You know the drill.  Nothing belongs to me (except, of course, Sherral).  Everything belongs to the people in the suits who have the law fighting on their side.  Right.

Rating: G

Spoilers: I wouldn't really consider anything, but I do mention a very small something from Mel Schwartz, Bounty Hunter.  But really, you'd have to have seen the episode to understand.

Summary: This is my response to the newbie challenge.  Let me just say Gary, flamingo, grapes, jellybean, umbrella, and Paddington Bear.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Gary 'n Grapes
by Teresa LaBlynn

Wednesday, October 31, 2001, 5:30 p.m.

Gary stood in his loft, looking down at his attire.  "I can't go out wearing this!" he said to Marissa desperately.

Marissa was trying hard not to bust up laughing, however, she held her voice steady in her reply.  "It was all I could find on such late notice.   Besides, Gary, you can't look that bad."

"Marissa, I'm wearing a FLAMINGO!  And who are you to judge how I look?"

Marissa was now trying to suppress a laugh so hard she was shaking.  With much effort, however, she was able to retain herself and said, "I suppose you're right, but Gary, you have to be wearing a costume to get into that party tonight, or that woman will choke on--what did you say she would choke on again?

Gary picked up the paper from on his bed and read: "Sherral Norman, 34, who was attending her cousin's costume party dressed as--" Gary paused, double-checking to make sure he read correctly.  "--Dressed as grapes, chocked to death on a jellybean at 6:48 last night.

With those last words Marissa couldn't contain herself anymore.  She busted up laughing.

"What's so funny?" Gary asked, confused.

"Nothing.  Just--Gary the Wonder Flamingo, saving grapes from chocking on jellybeans!"

"Hah, hah," Gary said sarcastically. "And what are you dressing up as for Halloween?  Chuck Fishman?"

"Oh, Gary, you're such a stick in the mud.  What's life without a little fun once in a while?  You should go to that party, save Sherral, and then enjoy yourself for once.  You said yourself that was your last save of the night."   Marissa then got up and headed for the door.


"Have a good evening Gary," Marissa cut him off, exiting the loft and shutting the door behind her."

"Yeah, you too," Gary called, frustrated, to the closed door.  He stood there for a minute, looking at the bright pink flamingo he was wearing, then simply shook his head, grabbed the paper, and followed Marissa out of the loft.

About an hour later, Gary arrived at the costume party and began looking for Sherral.  Gary soon found his ridiculous flamingo outfit wasn't all that out of place.  Sure, there were the traditional ghosts and vampires, but there were wacky things like pizzas and toilet paper men (maybe they were suppose to be mummies, but they sure looked like toilet paper men) and even a lone mattress that looked oddly familiar, though at the time, Gary couldn't place it.  About ten minutes later Gary spotted her.  She was wearing purple warm ups and had attached balloons all over her body.  She had stuck her brown hair strait in the air to resemble the stem of the grapes.  Gary kept an eye on Sherral and noticed she was munching on jellybeans.  She had walked off slightly away from the crowd when Gary noticed she began to choke.  Gary looked wildly around and said to a near by Paddington Bear, "Can I borrow this, thank you."  With out even waiting for a replay, Gary grabbed the umbrella out of Paddington's paw and raced over to Sherral and began popping balloons on her using the pointed end of the umbrella.  With the balloons out of the way, Gary was able to get his hands around Sherral's waist and perform the Heimlich maneuver.  The jellybean popped out of her mouth.  Sherral turned around and looked at Gary.

"Thank you," she whispered, giving Gary a kiss on the cheek, then turning and walking away.  Gary smiled and gave a dumbfounded Paddington Bear back his umbrella, thinking maybe he really would enjoy himself tonight.  Before joining Sherral at the punch table, Gary checked the paper.  He heaved an ironic sigh when he read the new headline.


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