Gary Joins the Band
by Lori Anderson

Disclaimer:  This is a work of my imigniation and fiction.  The characters and places mentioned are in no way associatied with Early Edition, TriStar, and Fox Family.  This is my first attempt so I hope everyone will like it.

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Gary Joins the Band
by Lori Anderson


The alarm rang at six thirty and Gary Hobson groaned as he reached up to shut it off.

"I'm coming," he said as he heard the cat meow and the paper thump outside his door.

He opened the door, bent down, and picked up the paper as the cat went inside the room.

"Morning furball.  Stay off the furniture and I'll get you some milk for breakfast," Gary told the cat.

He went over to the refrigator, opened the door, reached in and took the out milk carton. Gary took out a bowl from his cupboard, poured the milk in, and set it on the floor.

"There you go.  Let's see what the paper has to say this morning."

He sat down in his chair and opened the paper like he did every morning.  On the second page was what he was looking for.

"Ticket man overtaken by angry concert goers.  David Cassidy concert tickets sold out leaving some people upset," the article said.  Gary grabbed his jacket and went down the stairs to the bar he and Marissa ran as friends and partners.

"Morning Marissa.  I got to grab something real fast and get going," he told her.

"Morning Gary.  Who do you have to save today?", Marissa asked sipping her coffee.

"A ticket man at the theate.  The concert tickets are going to be sold out, and some people are going to be left out.  I've got to get there and prevent them from taking their anger out on him.  See you later.  Oh, if Brigatti calls, tell her I'll be back in a while."

"Okay.  Good luck."

Gary went out of the bar and ran towards the theate hoping he got there in time to prevent an angry mob scence.

He got there and saw the line of people standing by the booth to get a ticket for the concert.

"Excuse me please.  Sorry," Gary said moving towards the front of the line through the people.

He tapped on the window to get the man's attention.  "Excuse me, but you've got a problem.  You're going to have to get some more tickets for the concert, or there's going to be some very angry and disappointed people.  They might take it out on you."

"How do you know that might happen mister?,"  the ticketman asked Gary.

"Never mind how I know.  How do you think David would feel if he knew that someone of his fans couldn't attend his concert because the tickets ran out, and they took their anger out on a poor ticketman like you?"

"You've got a point there.  I'm going to make sure everyone gets a ticket.  Thanks.  You might have just saved my life."

"Just make sure everyone gets a ticket that wants one."

Gary walked away from the ticket booth and checked his paper again.  He was releived to see the story had disappeared.

As he started going back to the bar, Gary didn't notice that someone had been watching and listening to what he had told the ticket man earlier.  The man just happened to be one of David's agents who was there making the arrarngements.

Stan took out his cell phone and dialed a number which happen to David's private number.

"David, it's Stan.  Things are going good here.  Everything will be ready for you when you arrive.  You won't believe this, but some guy just saved the ticketman outside.  I don't know how he knew, but he told the man to get some more tickets for your concert so that he wouldn't be hurt by some when the tickets ran out.  He even mentioned your name," he told David over the phone.

"He did?  That's awesome Stan.  Find out who this guy is and get back to me.  I'm going to look him up when I get there," David said from his private office in his casino where he worked.

"You got it David.  I'll call back when I find out who he is.  Good-bye."


"You should have seen the line at the ticket office Marissa.  I'm glad I wasn't handing out the tickets," Gary told Marissa back at Mc Ginty's telling her about how the save went earlier.

"At least you saved the poor guy from being beaten up by the mob Gary.  Did he thank you for helping him?" Marissa asked.

Gary nodded.  "Yeah he did.  He's going to make sure he has enough tickets for people that want them."

"That's good.  While you were out, your mother called."

Gary frowned.  "She did?  I wonder what she wanted."

"She said she'd call back when you got back.  Said it was important."

Gary went inside his office and sat down at his desk.  Just then his phone rang.

"Mc Gintys.  Oh hello mom," he said answering it on the first ring.

"Gary, your father and I are coming for a visit this weekend.  We have something very important to tell you that can't be said over the phone," Lois Hobson told her son from the phone in her and Berine's house.

"Sounds serious Mom.  I hope nothing's wrong between you two."

"Everything's fine with us.  We just have something we want you to know, and we'll tell you when we get there Friday."

"Okay.  I'll be expecting you."

"Good.  See you Friday.  I love you Gary."

"I love you too Mom.  Say hello to Dad for me."

"I will.  Good bye son," and Lois hung up her phone.

Gary hung up his phone wondering what his parents had to tell him Friday.

Marissa entered the office just then her cane tapping on the floor.

"Gary, someone's here to see you," she said.

Gary went out to the bar to see who it was who wanted to see him.

"Can I help you sir?," he asked the stranger.

"Yes.  My name is Stan, and I was looking for the man who was at the ticket office earlier today," Stan replied.

"You're looking at him.  I'm Gary Hobson."

"I'm here to tell you that what you did today for the ticket master was real nice.  My client, David Cassidy, will be wanting to see you when he arrives tomorrow."

Gary was a little surprised at this.  "I was just trying to keep the guy from being attacked by people should tickets run out."

"I know, and David appricates it Mr. Hobson.  He'll want to personaly talk to you when he gets here."

"Okay.  I'll be here.  My parents will be here sometime Friday visiting me.  I  just want you to know that should David see them."

"I'll tell David that, and also your name.  See you tomorrow afternoon."

"David Cassidy here in person!  Gary, you're going to have some a crowd you'll never have before if someone finds out," Marissa said after Stan had left the bar.

"No one is going to know he's here Marissa.  I don't want him mobbed by people."


Gary stood behind the bar wondering what his parent had to tell him that was so important that couldn't be told over the phone. "Something funny  is going on with them," he said to Marissa.

Marissa sipped her coffee and smiled at Gary. "Don't be bothering trouble Gary. Maybe what your parents have to tell you is something very good that they want to tell you in person," she told him.

"Whatever it is, I'd be be prepared when they get here. Did Brigatti call while I was out?"

"Did I hear my name mention just now?," Toni Brigatti asked coming inside the bar from outside.

Gary turned and smiled at her. "Hello Toni. It's nice to see you," he said.

Brigatti walked over and sat down on a bar stool in front of Gary.

"Pour me a cup of coffee handsome. I'm on my break right now, and decided to come and see you."

Gary reached over for the coffee pot and poured some coffee into Brigatti's favorite coffee mug,

"There you are. Ready for tonight? I've got our reservations at Toni's for seven."

Toni nodded as she sipped her coffee. "Yeah, and I want you to wear something special tonight."

"Any special reason that you want me to dress in something special?"

"I want my man to look real nice when we go out together. "

"Okay. I'll wear something extra special for you tonight when I pick you at six."

"Good. By the way, I heard that you saved a ticket man from being mobbed by people today. Care to explain what you were doing at the theate earlier today?"

Gary sipped his own coffee before he answered. "Uh, someone told me that there might be a problem with the tickets running out before anyone else could buy some. I went to the ticket office to warn the guy that he might be in danger if he didn't take care of the problem."

"Hmmm. Somehow I believe you. I've got to get back to the station. See you at six."

"Okay. I'll pick you up at your house."

Brigatti finished her coffee, set the mug down, leaned over, and gave Gary a kiss on his check.

"You'll get one on your lips later on when we're alone."

She turned and walked out the door waving good bye to Gary and Marissa.

"Seems you two are getting serious about each other now," Marissa said.

Gary almost blushed. "Yes we are Marissa, but don't tell anyone. We don't want anyone to know unless we want to tell them. We're just taking it a step at a time right now."

"You're going to have tell your parents about her sooner or later Gary."

"Well, I'll tell them when the time is right and not before."

"Sounds good to me. I'm glad you and Bragatti are seeing each other. You deserve to be happy."

"You sound like my mother. She and I are good together I agree."


The next morning at six thrity, the alarm went off, and Gary rolled over in bed to shut it off.

"I'm coming," he said as he heard the cat meow outside and then the paper thump.

Gary opened the door, and reached down to get the paper as the cat went inside the room.

"Morning furball.  How about some milk for breakfast," he said as he went over to his icebox.

Gary took out a carton of milk, poured some in a bowl, and set it down on the floor for the cat. He opened the paper to the inside and on the second page, was what he was looking for.

"Cassidy Concert In Danger Of Being Canceld.  One of the priceless guitars of the rock star was stolen from backstage by someone disguised in a secuirty guard uniform.", Gary read outloud downstairs to Marissa.

"Someone would really steal something from David and his band disguised as a guard?  Gary, you'd better warn David that someone might steal one of his guitars when he arrives in town," Marissa told him.

"Don't worry.  I intend to Marissa.  His plane doesn't arrive until four this afternoon."

"How was your date last night with the detective?"

Gary sipped his morning coffee and smiled.  "It was alright.  Took her out to dinner and then to Navy Pier."

"Uh huh.  Sounds like you had a good time with Toni."

Just then, the phone rang, and Gary answered it.  "Mc Gintys."

"Morning handsome," Toni Briggatti said from her phone in her office at the police station.

"Hello Toni.  Did you have a good time last night?"

"Yes.  I just called to tell you that I enjoyed myself last night, and you looked very handsome."

Gary almost blushed.  "Thank you.  You looked very beautiful yourself."

"Don't get into any trouble  today.  I don't want to hear it on my radio."

"I promise I won't get into any trouble.  You want to go out this weekend to a movie?"

"I don't know yet.  With the concert this weekend, I might have to help with security.  I'll let you."

"Okay.  See you later.  Bye."

"Good bye for now."  Toni hung up her phone and smiled to herself.

Gary hung up his phone and saw Marissa smiling at him.  "She just called to say that she enjoyed herself."

Two hours later, his parents arrived from Hicory Indiana in their truck and motor home.

"Mom!  Dad!  I didn't except you until later today," Gary said seeing them enter the bar.

"We just couln't wait anymore to come and tell our good news honey," Lois told her son.

"What good news?  Is this the news that you couldn't tell me over the phone?"

Lois nodded.  "It was your father's idea actually."

Gary looked at his dad.  "I have a funny feeling about this.  So, what's this news you want to tell me?"

Berine looked at his son and smiled.  "Your mother and I are planning to move to Florida permently."

"What?  You're not serious, are you?  You love living in Hickory."

"Gary, I'm retired and there's not a whole lot to do in Hickory for someone who's retired like me.  We're going to buy a condo with the money we've saved, and I'm going to work as a groundskeeper to help with the rent."

Gary had to sit down and let this sink in.  He couldn't believe what his parents just told him.

"What brought this on all of sudden?," he asked looking at both of them.

"We just felt we had to move on.  We still can keep in touch with our friends back home, but the change will do your father good.  This wasn't something that we just decided to do on the spur of the monment, we did some serious thinking before we decided to go ahead and do it," his mother replied.

"Are you sure this is what you really want?"

"Yes son.  This is what we really want.  Please don't be too upset about it."

Gary sighed.  "I just wanted to make sure you were sure.  Okay, I'm happy for you.  Really I am.  Now, I have some news for you that I think you're going to like."

"Oh.  What is you have to tell us Gary?" Berine asked his son.

"I'm dating detective Briggatti.  Have been for some time now."

"That's wonderful Gary!  I'm so glad you finally found someone to be serious about.  I hope we can meet her before we leave for Florida," Lois told him hugging Gary.

"I think I can arrange it.  Well, what do you think about that ?"

"I agree with your mother son.  All I want is to meet her before we finally move," Berine said.

"You will Dad.  I promise you both that you'll meet her before you move."


"Maybe we should reconsider about permanently moving to Florida Berine.  I would miss the ladies club and everything else in Hickory that I like if we moved .  We could go to Florida for the winter, and come back home in the spring.  That would be better," Lois told her husband after thinking about it for a minute.

"Yeah Dad.  That would be better than I wouldn't be losing my chidhome home," Gary said.

Berine knew that his wife was right.  He didn't want to admit it, but he didn't want to lose all the things he liked to do in Hickory either.  "Okay. We won't sell the house.  We'll go to Florida for the winter, and come back in the spring.  I wouldn't want Gary to feel like he lost his childhood home," he replied.

Lois hugged her husband.  "Great!  I feel better now.  So Gary, tell us how you meet this woman."

Gary smiled.  "It's kind of strange story mom.  She was my protection during a mob trial she was working on at the time, and I was her witness.  Then, we kind of worked together to help nab a jewel theif on a yacht as man and wife.  (Spolier: The Iceman Taketh where Gary and Brigatti had to work together.)  After that, we started dating, and have been going together ever since," he told his parents explaing how he and Brigatti met. "I wonder is she's going to be part of the security that's going to be
around David Cassidy's concert this weekend.  I'd sure would like to go it," Gary's mother said.

"I think it's sold out by now.  I had to go help save the ticketman from being mobbed by angry ticket buyers who wouldn't get their tickets when they ran out."

"Are you a fan of David Mrs. Hobson?," Marissa asked Lois.

"In a way.  I like his music, and I did watch his show once in a while."

"If there was a way to get you tickets for it mom, I would."

Berine asked Gary if he could use his phone.  "Got to call the realtor in Hickory and tell him that we're not selling the house after all.  Too many memories," he said.

"Sure Dad.  Here it is," Gary replied handing him the cordless phone.

"Thanks Gar.  This will only take a minute," Berine dialed the number of the relator's and waited for the guy to answer the phone.

"Hi Steve.  It's me Berine.  I'm in Chicago with my wife at my son's place. Listen, we changed our minds about selling the house, we're not selling it. It means too much to us to sell it, and to Gary too.  That's right.  You heard me.  Lois and I are not selling the house.  We're going to the Florida for the winter, and return to Hickory in the spring.  No, we're not crazy.  You understand?  Good.  Thanks.  Take it off the market.  Bye."

"Did he understand Berine?," Lois asked after her husband was finished.

Berine nodded.  "Yeah, he understood.  When I told him how much the house meant to us and Gary, Steve said that he didn't want our hometown boy meaning our son, to feel like he lost part of his childhood.  He's taking it off the market as we speak," he replied.

"I'm glad.  Now, Gary has a home to come to when he visits us."


"Maybe I should call David's manager and warn him about the possible theft of one of the guitars," Gary said showing his parents the article about the theft of the guitar in the paper.

"Gary, that's a good idea.  He'll thank you for being so concerned about something being stolen from his band," Lois told her son as she sipped her cup of coffee that she had poured for herself.

Gary got on the phone and dialed the number that Stan had given him to call earlier.

"Stan, it's Gary Hobson.  Don't ask me how I know, but I have the feeling that one of David's guitars is going to be stolen by someone disguised as one of your secuirty guards," he told the agent.

"You're saying that someone is going to disguise himself as one of our guards, and steal one of David's guitars.  Are you sure about this Mr. Hobson?," Stan asked from his own cell phone.

"Yes.  I'm sure.  I wouldn't kid about something like this sir."

"Okay.  I'll call David on the plane and tell him what you just told me.  He may want to come and thank you."

"I'll be here if he does.  I thought you'd want to know about this."

"Thank you for telling me.  I'm going to have a check of our security guards to be on the safe side."

"Sounds like a good plan sir.  Good bye."

Gary hung up his phone and smiled at his parents and Marissa.

"It's done.  Stan's going to call David on the plane and warn about it," he told them.

"You did the right thing Gary," Marissa said sipping her own coffee.

Stan called David's private number and told him what he had just heard. "That's right David.  Gary Hobson, the one who saved the ticket man from being hurt by angry people earlier, somehow found out that someone's going to try to steal one of your Guitars disguised as a security guard," he told his client, as David was headed for the airport in his limousine.

"Hmmm.  Thanks for the warning Stan.  I want to meet this Gary Hobson.  Can you arrange it?," David said from the phone in the limousine.

"Sure.  He owns a bar called Mc Ginty's and has an appartment above it. I'll meet your plane and bring you to the place when you arrive later."

"Great!  I'll see you when I arrive, and thanks for the warning again. Bye."

David hung up his phone and turned to his wife sitting besides him.

"That was Stan.  This guy named Gary Hobson somehow found out that someone is going to try to steal on of the guitars by disguising himself as one of the security guards.  I'm going to meet him when we arrive in Chicago later," he told Sue.

Sue nodded.  "He just did you a favor by warning you honey.  I want to meet him too," she said.

"You will.  I have the feeling that he's a nice guy as well."

Later that afternoon, Stan drove David and Sue to Mc Ginty's to meet Gary.

"Sue.  David.  This is Gary Hobson.  The man I told you about," Stan said introducing everyone.

"It's a pleasure to meet you David.  This is my friend Marissa, and my parents, Lois and Bernie," Gary said shaking David's hand smiling at him.

"Same here Gary.  Hello Lois.  Berine.  You must be very proud of your son," David told them.

"We are Mr. Cassidy.  We are," Lois said smiling.

"Please call me David.  This is my wife Sue.  Sue, this is Lois, Gary's mother."

"Hello Lois." Sue said shaking Lois's hand.

"Nice to meet you Sue."


Steve's phone rang and he reached in his pocket to answer.  "Steve here. You caught the guy who was trying to steal one of the guitars?  Good!  Was he disguised as one of the security people?," he said into it.

He nodded when he heard the answer and thanked the person who called him to report.

"Good news David!  That was one of your security guards that just called, and he said to tell you that someone was caught trying to carry out one of the guitars out of the terminal.  He was disguised as extra security guard, but didn't pass the check I had made.  He's being detained by airport security for the police, and you're to file a report later at the station against the man. Seems like he was some sort of guitar collector and wanted one of yours for his collection," he told everyone after he had hung up his phone.

David nodded.  "Thanks for the information Steve.  Looks like you were right Gary.  How did you know about the guy trying to steal one of my guitars?",he asked looking at Gary.

"It was just a hunch I had David.  I'm glad the guy didn't get the job done," Gary replied.

"That was some hunch.  To show you how grateful I am for what you did, I am inviting all of you to be my special guests at my concert tomorrow night. Steve, will you handle that please?"

Steve nodded.  "You got it David.  They'll get the best seats in the house."

"Thanks David.  I think I'll invite someone real special to come too."

"Call her up right now Gary, and invite her to the concert," Lois told her son.

"Your son has someone special he's dating Lois?," Sue Cassidy asked smiling. Lois nodded.  "Toni Brigatti.  She's a detective on the police force."

"MoM!  Please don't tell everyone that I'm seeing her.  I don't need rumors going around right now."

"That's my son.   You don't need to be afraid of people knowing that you and her are dating."

Sue whishpered to her husband, and David nodded smiling at Gary.

"My wife just had a brilliant idea.  When I sing "I Woke Up in Love", I want you to come up on stage and join me.  I'll announce that it's going out to a special lady in the audience," he told Gary.

"Me?  Sing with you and your band on stage?  David, I can't sing really good," Gary said honest.

"Just do your best, and look at your lady while you're singing.  You'll be alright.  See you tomorrow night."

David, Sue, and his manager left the bar, and Gary looked at his paper to see if the story was still there.

"The story is gone.  I feel good that I helped David, but to sing on stage with him isn't something I had planned on.  Toni is going to wonder what's going on when I tell her about everything," he said.

"Tell me what Hobson?  What was Cassidy and company doing coming out of your bar just now?," Toni Brigatti asked coming inside the bar from outside just then.

"Uh, it's a long story Toni, but he's invited all of us, you included, to be his special guest at the concert tomorrow night," Gary replied smiling at her from behind the bar.

"Hello Toni.  I'm Lois Hobson.  Gary's mother," Lois said extending her hand

"So you're Gary's mother.  I can see where he gets his good looks from. It's nice to meet you Lois."

"I'm Berine.  Gary's father.  So you're the lady he's fallen in love with.

It's a pleasure to meet you," Berine said smiling shaking Toni's hand.

"I told them that we're dating .  They're here to visit me for the weekend."

'I don't mind that your parents know we're dating, but no one else needs to know just yet."


Upstairs in his apartment, Gary was talking to his parents about something that he had on his mind.

"Mom.  Dad.  There's something I have to tell you.  I really love Toni a lot and I'm thinking of asking her to marry me.  I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I wanted you to be the first ones to know," he said.

Lois felt tears of joy come to her eyes.  "I knew I sensed something specail in your eyes when you looked at her today.  I think it's about time you got serious about someone, and Toni Brigatti is certainly the right one for you son.  Go ahead and propose to her," she told him hugging him.

Berine smiled at his son.  "I agree with your mother Gar.  If you really her like you say, go ahead and propose to her.  Don't put it off any longer. When you are going to pop the question?," he said.

"I haven't decided yet to be honest.  I just wanted to tell you about it beforehand."

"Why not do it at the concert tomorrow night?  I'm sure that David wouldn't mind if you proposed to Toni on stage.  Especially after deicating a song to her."

"I don't know if he'd let me do it Mom.  What if I make a fool of myself?"

Lois laughed.  "That's one thing you never have to worry about Gary.  You have Steve's number he gave you.  Call him and tell him what you told us. I'm sure he talk to David about it."

Gary sighed and reached for his phone.  He hoped his mother was right as he dialed the hotel's number.

"Uh, this is Gary Hobson.  I'd like to talk to David Cassidy's manager please.  It's important."

"Just a minute please.  I'll put you through to his room," the hotel operator told him.

She put his call through to Steve's room, and when he heard who it was, he said he'd take the call.

"I was going to call you in five minutes.  You and your family have seats in the special people section tomorrow night.  I was going to tell David about it later.  What can I do for you Gary?," Steve said.

"Do you think David would mind if I proposed to my girlfriend on stage tomorrow night?," Gary asked.

"You mean the detective?  Man, you must really love her to ask a question like that.  Sure.  I'm sure David wouldn't mind if you proposed to her on stage.  What's the lady name so I can tell him?"

"Toni Brigatti.  Yes, I do really love her.  I've been deciding when to pop the question for  a while now."

"I'll talk to David and get back to you.  I'm sure he'll say it's okay. "

"Thanks.  I'l be waitng for your call."

Steve hung up the phone and went to David's and Sue's room right next door. David was praticing on his guitar and Sue was reading a book when they heard Steve knock.

"Come in Steve," David said knowing it was his manager.

Steve entered the room.  "Gary Hobson just called, David.  He has a favor to ask you," he told David.

David put the guitar down and Sue looked up from her book to hear what he had to say.

"What's the favor he wants of me?  Nothing's wrong I hope," he asked.

Steve shook his head.  "No, everything's fine with the seating arrangements for tomorrow night.  He's in love with a lady by the name of Toni Brigatti, and he wants to know if it's alright to propose to her on stage.  I said I'd ask you, and call him back with the answer."

"He wants to propose to his sweetheart on the stage tomorrow night?  How romantic!  David, you have to say yes.  You invited him to sing with you on stage, let him propose to Toni there too," Sue said.

David nodded.  "You can tell him that I said it's okay for him to propose to his lady love on stage tomorrow night.  I had a idea that he was in love with someone and I know who it is now."

"Great.  I'll go back and tell him that you said it was alright."

Steve went back to his room and called Gary.  "David said it was okay with him for you to propose to Toni tomorrow night on stage.  Sue said it sounded very romantic to her," he told Gary.

"Great!  Thanks Steve.  See you tomorrow night.  Good bye."

The next night, a limousine came and got Gary, his parents, and Toni Brigatti at the bar.

"David sent a limousine to get us.  This is going to be a special night," Lois said getting inside.

Toni looked at Gary wondering what was going on, but Gary only smiled the dimple smile of his.

"It's a surprise honey," he said finally.

"Knowing you it could be anything," she told him shaking her head.

They arrrived at the concert hall, and Steve met them at the door.

"Welcome friends!  David's on stage warming up and Sue's wating for you in the special section," he said.

They followed him to the section of seats that Steve had got for them. The concert started, and everyone settled in to watch and listen to David perform.

Later, David made an announcement. "I have asked someone to come and sing a special song tonight on stage with the band.  Gary Hobson, come on up," he said into the microphone.

Gary walked towards the stage feeling the audience eyes on him as he got on the stage.

"This song goes out to a special lady of Gary's in the audience.  Gary, please tell  the lady what the song is you're going to sing for her," David told him smiling at him.

Gary took the microphone and turned towards where Toni Brigatti was sitting with his family.

"Toni, this song is for you.  It's called "I Woke Up in Love" which is how I feel about you.," he said.

Toni gasped and almost blushed.  She had no idea that this was coming.

David motioned for the band to begin the song, and Gary jumped in when he was motioned to by David.

Toni felt tears of pride and joy come to her eyes as she listened to her sweetheart on stage singing.

When the song was over and the audience applauded, David motioned for slience. "I believe you have something you want to ask your lady love Gary.  Go ahead," he said.

Gary faced Toni again and cleared his throat for a minute.

"Toni, ever since we first met, I've always felt  something special towards you.  It was friendship at first, but now, it's gone beyond that.  I love you very much, and here is what I want to ask you:  Will you marry me?",he said and everyone turned to see what her answer would be.

Brigatti was speechless for a few minutes.  "Yes!  I'll marry you Gary," she finally replied smiling.

Gary handed the mike back to David, jumped off the stage, and went over to where she sat.

He got down on one knee, took out a little box out of his pocket, opened it, and put the ring on her finger. The whole place cheered and applauded as Toni threw her arms around him and kissed him.

"The future Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hobson ladies and gentlemen!  Time to get back to the concert," David told the audience and started the concert again as Gary sat down besides his bride to be, putting his arm around her.

I hope you enjoyed this story.   There will be more of Gary and Toni in the next fanfic as they prepare to get married, and live together as a married couple above the bar.

Email the author:  Lori Anderson
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