Gary and Toni
by Lori Anderson

Disclaimer: I don't own Gary, Toni, Berine, Lois, or anyone from the show. This is not assiocated in anyway with EE and FoxFamily.  Toni and Gary start their life as married couple.

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Gary and Toni
by Lori Anderson

Chapter 1

The sun shone inside the hotel room and Gary Hobson turned over in his bed to look at his wife.

Toni was asleep dressed in her nightgown she had packed for the honeymoon.

I am very lucky man to have such a beautiful wife besides me, he thought to himself.

Not to disturb his wife, Gary quietly got out of the bed on his side and went to use the bathroom.

Toni heard the water running and woke up.  "Gary, is that you?," she asked.

Gary came out of the bathroom wiping his hands on a towel.

"I didn't want to wake you honey.  Good morning Mrs. Hobson." he replied.

"Morning Mr. Hobson.  What time is it?".

"Almost eight o clock. Go back to sleep if you want to."

Toni threw her covers off and went over to her handsome husband.

"Not without you besides me.  I'm going to take a shower before breakfast."

"Okay.  Sure you don't want me in there with you?"

"Don't tempt me.  Let me know when it's time to go down for breakfast."

Gary noddded and watched her take her shampoo and other things inside the bathroom.

He smiled thinking about the wedding reception they had in the bar after their wedding.

Lois had hugged Toni welcoming her to the family.  "I'm so glad to have you as a daughter-in-law.

I can see why Gary loves you so much Toni.  We do too now," she had told Toni.

Toni had thanked Lois.  "I love him very much too.  I almost cried when I said my vows," she had replied.

"I was crying, but they were tears of joy.  I was so proud of Gary today."

"I think everyone was proud of him today."

"I am so proud of you son.  Not only do you have your own business, but now, you have a beautiful wife to share your life with.  Toni is one pretty lady," he had told Gary.

Gary had nodded.  "I know Dad.  Did I tell you where we're going on our honeymoon?"

"No.  Where are you going?  Anyplace special?"

"We're leaving for Hawaii on the six o clock flight from O Hare."

"Hawaii huh?  Enjoy yourself and tell us all about it when you get back."

"I will Dad.  I'm not letting the paper ruin my honeymoon."

"Don't worry about it.  Your mother and I will handle it while you're gone."

Sitting in a chair inside their hotel room in Hawaii, Gary hoped that his parents wouldn't mess things up.

Five minutes later, Toni came out of the bathroom, hair wrapped in a towel having been washed.

"You'd better get dressed for breakfast Gary.  Wear that new shirt I bought you."

"Okay.  The hotel's giving us a specail breakfast for being newlyweds," he said.

"Sounds good.  Get dressed.  I'll be ready in a few minutes."

Chapter 2

Gary and Toni sat at table looking out on the beach in the resturant of their hotel.

"The water looks so beautiful.  So clean and shining out there," Toni said smiling.

Gary sipped his coffee and nodded.  "Are you thinking of taking a swim sometime today my love?  I'd love to see you in your bikini that you bought," he asked her smiling back.

"The same goes for you in the trunks I bought you to wear while we're here."

"Sure.  How's your breakfast?"

"It's delicious.  How's yours honey?"

"It's good.  You know something, you're beautiful when you're asleep."

Toni took a bite of her fruit and licked her lips.  "Uh huh.  What about when I'm awake?"

"You're more than beautiful when you're awake.  I really mean that too."

"Good.  I'd love to see some of the sights while we're here."

"I can see if we can go with a tour group if you like."

Toni shook her head.  "No.  I just want us to go by ourselves.  I'm not sharing you with anyone."

Gary laughed .  "Okay.  I'll rent a car and we'll go by ourselves."

"Good.  Let's finish our breakfast and then see about renting a car today."

They finished their breakfast and went to the front desk to see how they could rent a car.

"We're thinking about renting a car and doing some sightseeing today.  Where can we rent a car here?," Gary asked the clerk at the front desk smiling at him.

The clerk smiled back.  "I can check on that for you sir.  How are you and your wife enjoying your honeymoon so far," he replied.

"Loving every minute of it as the song goes," Toni said her arm on Gary's.

The clerk made a phone call , wrote down something on a note pad, nodded, and then hung up.

"You can call this number Mr. Hobson and a car will be delievered to you right away."

Gary took the paper from the clerk.  "Thank you.  May I use your phone to call?"

"Sure.  You're a guest."

Gary dialed the number on the paper, told them what kind of car he wanted, and where to deliever it to.

"Thank you.  We'll be watching for it.  Good bye," he said and hung up.

"Our car will be in five minutes Toni.  It's coming right to the door outside," he told his wife.

"Great!  I've got my camera with me so we can take pictures.  Both of our parents told us they wanted pictures to see when we got back before we left," Toni replied.

Chapter 3

Gary and Toni drove down the highway taking in all the sights of Hawaii they could from their hotel.

"Hawaii sure has beautiful palm trees here, but not as beautiful as you honey," he told his wife.

Toni smiled.  "We could take a walk along the beach and have a picnic later. Maybe I'll sign you up for a hulu lesson tomorrow afternoon," she said, and Gary frowned.

"Oh no you don't.  I am not wearing one of the skirts they have you wear. I'd never hear the end of it."

"Okay.  You don't have to, but I am going to sign myself up for a lesson. I've always wanted to do the hulu."

"Good.  You can do it for me when I want to see you do it."

"Gary!  There's a perfect picture opportunity just ahead.  Stop at that little restplace please."

Gary saw what she was pointing at and nodded.  "Sure Toni."

They parked their car in one of the spots, got out, and walked hand in hand to the trees.

"Take my picture between these trees honey, and then, I'll take yours by the statue," Toni said.

Gary took out his camera and nodded.  "Let me get you in focus.  Okay.  Give me a big smile now."

Toni smiled her best smile and Gary snapped the picture.    "Got it," he said.

Toni walked over and took the camera from him.  "Your turn.  Stand by the statue and flash that sexy smile of yours," she told him and Gary went over to the statue and stood in front of it.

"How's this sweetheart?," he asked flashing that smile of his.

"Good.  Hold it."  Toni snapped the picture, and turned the dial to take another one.

"Okay.  Got it.  Let's see what kind of shops they have here."

They got back in the car and headed downtown to the different shops.

They went into a clothing store and Toni found a couple of shirts she liked.

Gary found a couple of shirts that he liked and a nightgown for Toni.

"You're going to look very beautiful in this tonight," he said showing it to her.

"You've got good taste in picking out ladie's nightgowns, especailly mine," Toni told him.

"I've got good taste in everything that concerns you my love.  Let's pay for these and get out of here."

After a while, they had the back of the rental car almost filled with packages from the stores.

"I saw a resturant on the way here that looked like it had good food.  Want to eat lunch there?," Gary said.

Toni nodded.  "As long as we eat anyplace together is fine with me sweetheart." she replied.

"Good.  I'll make the reservation so we won't have to wait in line."

Gary called the resturant from the cell phone he had and told them to please reserve a table for them.

"That's right.  Table for two by a window please.  Mr & Mrs. Gary Hobson," he said.

Inside the resturant, the clerk wrote down the information in book.  "Yes sir.  Your table will be ready for you when you arrive Mr. Hobson," he toldGary from his phone confirming the reservation.

"Thank you.  We'll see you at lunchtime.  Good bye."

He turned to his wife and said, "Toni, we're confirmed for lunch.  "

"I'm lucky to have a smart, not to mention, goodlooking husband,"she told him.

"You've got that right.  I'm lucky to have a very smart beautiful wife too."

Chapter 4

Gary and Toni are lunch in the resturant seated at a table by one of the picture windows.

"The view out the window is so pretty," Toni said sipping her coffee.

"Not compared to the one I'm looking at now," Gary told her smiling.

"Keep it up lover, and you'll have me blushing.  I want you to wear one of the shirts you've brought  today to the special party they're throwing tomorrow night on the beach."

"Sure.  I want you to wear the nightgown I brought you today.  Fair enough?"

"Deal.  Let's enjoy this delicious lunch and talk later."

They ate their lunch and the desert.

"Gary," Toni said, "I'm curious.  What was it about me that attracted you?"

Gary thought for a monment.  "It was the way you that understood that I couldn't have killed that man when I was on the run.  (Spolier : Fatal Edition.)  The look in your eyes told me just how special you were then. Now, may I ask you the same question about me?"

Toni smiled.  "Your gutlocks or whatever I called them that one day I came to see you at the bar.  In other words, it was your sexy legs that caught my attention."

"You've almost got me blushing now.  Let's change the subject. "

"Okay.  The cat of yours is going to be a problem when we get back."

"We'll handle that when the time comes.  How about a moonlight walk on the beach later?"

"Sounds perfectly romantic.  I'd love to."

"Okay.  We'll do it later tonight."

"If you snore again tonight, I'm going to bop you on the head with my pillow."

"I don't snore."

"Yeah, right.  You sound almost like a chainsaw or worse."

"Okay, okay.  I promise not to snore tonight."

"I'll make sure you keep it."

Chapter 5

Later that afternoon on the beach, Gary was rubbing suntan lotion on Toni's back as they sat on their towel.

"That bikni looks good on you honey.  Want me to put some on your arms?," he asked her.

"Go ahead lover.  I like the touch of your hands on me," Toni replied meaning the lotion he was putting on.

Gary smiled and put some on her arms starting from her shoulders down to her hands.

He reached over and kissed her on the cheek sending a chill down her spine.

"Okay.  Your turn now.  Hand me the bottle."

Gary handed Toni the bottle of lotion and faced the water so she could put some on his back.

"I'm going to enjoy this," she said rubbing some of it in her hands, and then, rubbed his back.

"Ah!  That feels good."

"Wait until tonight.  You're in for a real treat handsome."

"Tell me now .  I hate to be kept in suspense."

"Sorry.  All I can say is that you're going to love it."

Toni moved to put some on his stomach in front, and their eyes met.

"You've got very sexy eyes, you know that."

"Same goes for you Toni.  Mmmm.  Don't stop."

Toni put some lotion on his arms and almost blushed doing it.  "Here.  You do your legs.  I'm going in."

She handed him the bottle and went to the edge of the water to wade in.

Gary put some lotion on his legs watching his wife wade in the ocean. "I think I'll join you."

He put the bottle down, got up, and walked over to join his wife in the water.

"No dunking, or you'll be sorry," Toni told him.

"What will you do if I dunk you?  Handcuff me to the bed?,"

"Don't tempt me sweetheart.  I just don't like being dunked in water."

Gary smiled and splashed her with some of the water.

"That did it.  You're asking it for now."

She splashed him back with both hands and Gary laughed as he grabbed them to stop her.

"No fair using both hands my love. Just for that, you're getting a great big kiss."

He kissed her taking her in his arms, and she wrapped hers around him.

They broke it off before someone saw them, and swam a little in the water.

"Sure you're not a mermaid or something?  You do swim good," he said.

"I know how to swim honey.  Let's go back and sit down on the towel."

They walked back together to their towel and sat down.

Chapter 6

Toni raised her sunglasses and looked at her handsome husband lying besides her on their towel.

"Don't get too brown now.  I don't need you sunburned," she told him smiling.

Gary smiled.  "I promise I won't get sunburned.  I just want a nice tan that I can show our friends when we get back to Chicago," he said turning to face her on his side.

"You'd look good in a tan.  Do you know Chicago got hit with a freak snow strom two days after we left?"

"No.  When did you hear this?"

"It was on the news earlier.  It showed the snow, and I thought how lucky we are to be enjoying the warm weather here.  I feel sorry for them back there."

"Don' t think about it sweetheart.  Just enjoy yourself.  Maybe I should take a picture of you in that bikini."

"Uh uh.  This is only meant for your eyes, and no body else.  Just like your swim trunks are meant for mine."

"When we go back inside the hotel, I'm going to buy some postcards to send back to my parents and friends.  My mother wants me to write them one so they'll know how things are going."

"I like my mother-in-law.  She told me about the time you were trapped in that theatre on that thing." (Spolier: The Fourth Capriathian epsoide).  If you ever do anything like that again, I'll handcuff you to our bed and throw the key away.  Understand

Gary sighed.  "I wish she hadn't told you about that.  Yeah, I understand, and I promise not to do it again."

"I don't want any secrets in this marriage of ours.  I told you that during the night you proposed."

Gary nodded.  "I remember.  That's way I told you about the paper."

"I'm glad you did.  Paul Armstrong is always asking me about how you manage to be at places he says are dangerous for you to be.  You know how hard it is for me not to tell him the truth."

"Can we change the subject, huh. "

Toni laughed.  "Okay.  Subject is changed.  You are so handsome even with a swim trunks on."

"I'll be blushing if you keep talking like that."

"Learn to take complements  like that, because I'm going to tell you that throughout our lives together."

Gary laughed.  "Okay.  Thank you honey.  You're beautiful in your bikini also."

Chapter 7

Gary brought some postcards at the front desk to send back home to his friends, and family.

"First one goes to my parents in Florida, and then the others goes to Chuck and Amber, and Marrisa and Emmit .  I promised I'd send them some postcards when I got the chance," he told Toni in their room.

"Just don't write the corny "Wish you were here"on it.  Tell them what a great time we're having, and let it be with that.  I have an idea.  Why don't we have dinner in here tonight?," Toni said sipping her ice tea.

Gary looked up from writing his first postcard and smiled.  "Sounds good to me."

"Then, I'll call down and tell them to bring it to our suite then along with some red wine."

She picked up their room phone and pushed the button for the front desk.

"This is Toni Hobson in the honeymoon suite.  My husband and I have decided to have dinner in our suite tonight.  We'd like steak, well done, salad, baked potaotes, and for desert, one of your delicious pies.  Chocolate. We'd also like red wine to drink with it.  Have you got all that?"

"Yes Mrs. Hobson.  I'll give the kitchen your order, and room service will bring it up to you," the clerk replied.

"Good.  Thank you, and have a nice evening."

"I didn't know that you liked chocolate honey."

"You do now lover.  How's your postcard writing going?"

"I'm done with the one for my parents, and starting on the one for Chuck and Amber."

"I'll help you out.  I'll write the last one for Emmit and Marissa."

At six, they were both ready for dinner, and romantic music was playing on the stereo.

There was a knock on the door, and Gary went to answer it.

"Room service!," the bellboy called from outside.

Gary opened the door for him to bring the cart with their dinner in.  "Thank you.  Here's a tip for you," he said.

"Thank you Mr. Hobson.  Enjoy your meal." the bellboy said accepting the money Gary gave him.

Gary shut the door, and started putting the containers with their food ontheir table.

Toni came out of the bathroom dressed in a T-shirt and shorts.  "Looks good," she said.

"Sit down my love.  I'll pour the wine."

Chapter 8

Gary and Toni were in the middle of their third glass of wine when their phone rang.

"Now who could be calling us here?," Gary asked frowning at the phone.

"Go see who it is honey," replied Toni sipping her wine as Gary went over to answer the phone.

Gary picked up the phone.  "Hello.  This is Gary Hobson."

"Remember me?  I'm the one who got you to propose to your wife on stage at my concert," David Cassidy said from the phone in his Las Vegas office .

"David Cassidy.  Sure I remember you.  This is a surprise.  A nice one."

"Sue and I read about your marriage in the paper, and just wanted to give you both our congrulations.  How's it going now that you're married so far?"

Gary smiled.  "We're loving every minute of it David.  We just had dinner in our room a while ago.  How'd you get the number to call?"

"To tell you the truth, Sue and I were there once ourselves on vacation. I'm not going to keep you long.  Just called to say congrulations, and wish you and your wife all the best."

"Thanks David.  I'll tell Toni that you called and what you said."

"Good.  Enjoy yourselves.  Good bye."

Gary almost laughed as he hung up the phone, and returned to the table where Toni was waiting.

"You're not going to believe this Toni.  That was David Cassidy on the phone."

 "The David Cassidy?  The one who got you on stage that night to sing to me and propose?," she asked.

Gary nodded.  "Yeah, that's him.  He just called to congrulations on our wedding.  He and Sue read about it in their paper, and he decided to call here.  Hate to see his phone bill."

"He has the money to pay for it honey.  Now, where were we before we so rudely interupted?"

Gary picked up his glass of wine and raised it.  " I was going to make a toast to us before it rang."

"Here's to us!  To a long life of love and happiness."

"I'll drink to that!"  Gary clinked his glass with Toni's and they both took a sip of their wine.

Toni put her glass down and looked at her husband.  "Let's skip the moonlight walk tonight."

Gary raised his eyebrows.  "Okay.  We'll just stay in here tonight."

"I'll be right back honey."  Toni got up from the table, went over to her drawer, opened it, and took out the nightgown that Gary had brought for her earlier that day.  She went inside the bathroom to change.

Five minutes later, she came out dressed in the nightgown, and Gary almost dropped his glass.

"Wow!  You look very beauitful in that," he said smiling at her.

"Thank you.  Now, it's your turn.  Go put on the boxer shorts I brought for you to wear."

"What boxer shorts?"

Toni pointed to the ones lying on Gary's bed.  "Those lover boy.  Go put them on."

"When did you buy those?  I didn't see them in any stores we were in."

"That's because I brought them before we were married.  I got your size from your mother when you weren't looking during the wedding dinner that night."

Gary groaned.  "I knew you and her were talking about me, but I couldn't figure out what it was.  Okay.  I'll go change and be right back out.  Pour  some wine if you want."

Toni smiled.  "I ordered something specail for tonight.  Go get changed before it gets here."

Gary picked up the shorts and went into the bathroom to change.

While he was changing, room service arrived with Toni's order.

"I'll get it," she said when she heard the knock on the door.

She opened the door and told the man to come in with the bucket of champagne.

"Thank you.  Here's your money,? she said handing the man some money.

When Gary come out a few minutes later, Toni already had the glasses on the table.

"Champagne, huh.  When did you order it honey?," he asked.

"Earlier today.  Pour us some sweetheart."

Gary picked up the bottle, carefully popped the cork, and poured some in Toni's glass.  Then, he poured some in his, and set the cork back in the bottle.

"Here's looking at you Mrs. Hobson," he said raising his glass at her.

"Same to you Mr. Hobson."

They clinked glasses, and their special night began.

Chapter 9

The next morning, Gary was taking a shower in the bathroom as Toni lay asleep in her bed.

Hearing the water running, she got up, and walked over to the door of the bathroom.

"I'm tempted to join you in there handsome," Toni called through the door.

"Yeah.  I'd love to open the door and tell you to come on in, but I won't. Not just yet,"  he said.

"Don't stay in there all day lover.  We've got things to do today."

"I'll be out in a few mintues sweetheart."

"I'll be waiting.  You want to eat breakfast here or down in the resturant?"

"Whatever you want to do is fine with me."

"Let's eat in the resturant.  Wear one of your new shirts that you bought."

"Sure. "

Toni went over to her own drawer, opened it, and took out a blue t-shirt, and a pair of shorts to match.

She removed her nightgown, put it in her middle drawer, and quickly changed into her shirt and shorts.

Gary came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and took one look at his wife in her outfit.

"That shirt really matches your eyes," he said, smiling at her.

"Thank you.  Get dressed.  I'm hungry this morning."

Gary nodded, grabbed his Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and went back in the bathroom to dress.

Five minutes later, he came out wearing his new shirt and the shorts that go with it.

"Ready for breakfast Mrs. Hobson?," he asked offering her his arm.

"You bet I am Mr. Hobson," Toni replied accepting his arm.

"Then, we shall go down to the lobby.  Don't forget your purse."

"Already have it, and my key to the room is inside."

They left their room, walked to the elevator, pushed the down button, and went down to the lobby.

In the lobby, they walked towards the resturant hand in hand smiling at the other guests.

"Good morning folks.  Please follow me to your table," the waiter told them smiling.

Gary and Toni followed the waiter to a table by one of the windows that overlooked the ocean.

"May I suggest the specialty of the house this morning?," the waiter asked handing them each a menu.

"What is it sir?  Is it something really good?," Gary asked as their coffee was poured.

"I believe it's called the "Honeymoom Special."

Toni looked up from her menu.  "Describe it please." she said.

"It's eggs anyway you want them, ham, hashbrowns, toast, and orange juice."

"Sounds delicious.  I'll take it."

"Make that two please."

"Very well sir.  Two "Honeymoon Specials."  Good choice,", and the waiter left with their order.

"Did you sleep well last night honey?," Gary asked Toni once the waiter had gone.

Toni nodded as she sipped her coffee.  "Yes, thank you.  Last night was wonderful." she replied.

"I could tell by the look in your eyes that you enjoyed it."

"I could get used to it."

"Hmmm.  Is that a hint my love?"

"If you want to take it as such, yes.  Would you promise me like last night?"

Gary reached over and touched her hand.  "If you want it, yes I will give you nights like last night."

"I want more nights like last night then."

"You shall have them I promise."

Their breakfast arrived, and they stopped talking long enough to eat.

Chapter 10

That afternoon, at 2;00, Toni had her hula lesson on the beach with the others in the class.

"Don't you dare laugh at me, or I'll make you come and join the group," she told Gary.

"Why would I laugh at you honey?  You look cute in that grass skirt," Gary said.

"Alright class.  We will now begin.  Please take you places and follow the dancer," the instructor said.

Toni took her place and waited for the music to start so she could follow the lead dancer.

Unknown to her, Gary had brought his camera down with him from the room.

As she moved to the music playing, Gary took her picture twice, and then put the camera away.

Toni threw him a dirty look which he only smiled at in response.

When the lesson was over, Gary appaluded as Toni thanked her instuctor and joined him.

"Alright, let's have the camera.  I saw you taking my picture.  Give it to me," she said.

"Nope.  Sorry, but these are going into my photo album back home."

Toni frowned, turned, and walked over to her instructor who was ready to leave.

"Would you help me play a joke on my husband?  He took my picture and I want revenge," she said.

The instructor looked over at Gary, and smiled.  "He did, did he?"  What would you want like to do to get back at him Toni?," he asked knowing her answer already.

"Have him put one of the skirts on and play the music again.  Please," she replied.

"Consider it done."  The instructor walked over to Gary.  "You're just in time for your private lesson Mr. Hobson.  Please follow me over to the class area," he told Gary.

"What?!  I didn't sign up for any lesson," Gary said.

"You didn't have to.  Your wife wanted me to give you one."

Gary knew what was going on, and looked over at his wife, who could hardly keep from laughing.

"She promised me I wouldn't have to do it."

"That was before you took her picture without asking her.  Come on.  Be a good guy and take the lesson."

Gary threw her a look that said, "Just wait until we're alone later.  I'll get you for this."

Toni waited until he had put the skirt on, took out her camera, and quickly snapped his picture.

"I feel like an idiot with this thing on," Gary said frowning at the grass skirt.

"True, but you look cute with it on lover.  How's it feel to have your picture taken with it on?", she said.

"Okay, I'm sorry.  I should've asked you first if I could take your picture.

Do I really have to go through with this? Everyone's looking at me, and I 'm about to blush."

"I've gotten what I wanted.  Go ahead and take it off."

Relieved, Gary took the grass skirt off, and thanked the instuctor for understanding.

"That was your idea, right?," he asked as they walked back to the hotel .

Toni nodded.  "You should know what I'm capable of by now.  Relax.  It was only a joke."

"A joke?  I didn't think it was funny."

"I only wanted you to wear the skirt, not do the dance."

"Don't tell anyone back home about this.  I'll never hear the end of it."

"I promise I won't say a word.  Let's get something to drink.  I'm thristy."

They sat down at the hotel bar, and ordered some refreshments.

The bartender set their drinks before them, and turned to answer the ringing phone.

"You've got a call Mrs. Hobson.  Would you like to take it here?," he asked.

"Who could be calling me here that I know of?  Sure.  Hand me the phone please," Toni replied.

The bartender handed her the phone.

"Hello.  Toni Hobson speaking," she said into it.

"Toni, it's Barbara Gordon," Barbara replied from her apartment phone in Gotham City.

"Barbara!  It's good to hear from you.  Why are you calling me here for?"

"I just read about your marriage in the paper, and told my father that I know you from college.  He wants you and Gary to come to Gothan.  I'd said I'd ask you, and let him know what you decided.  Sorry to call you on your honeymoon, but I just had to say congrulations."

"Hang on a minute."  Toni turned to Gary.  "It's a friend of mine from college.  Her father's the commisher of Gothan City.  They're inviting us to come there.  What do you say Gary?  Do you want to go?," she asked.

Gary thought for a minute.  "Tell her that we'd be glad to come to her town honey," he replied.

Toni smiled.  "Barbara, tell your father that we'll be there as soon as we can."

"Great!  You're going to meet Bruce Wayne too.  Knowing my father, he's probably telling Mr. Wayne about it right now.  I'll hang up for now.  Good bye," and Barbara hung up her phone.

Toni handed the bartender the phone back.  "Bruce Wayne is a millionaire. Be prepared to meet him."

"Let's just concertate on us for the rest of our honeymoon.  We can talk about other things later."

"Agreed.  No more phone calls from anyone.  They can call us when we get back."

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