5-Minute Fic Challenge
by Lori Anderson

 "Don't tell me no"

Gary saw Henry reaching for the paper again as it laid on the counter of the bar where he was sitting at. "No.  Don't touch it pal.  Remember what happened the last time you looked at it?,"he asked Henry.

Henry nodded.  "I forgot.  Can I at least look at the funnies?  Please," he begged hoping Gary wouldn't say no.

Gary sighed.  "Okay, you can look at the funnies, and that's it. Understand?"

"No problem."

Gary smiled and handed Henry the comic section of the paper.  He could hear Chuck and Marissa arguing from inside the kitchen about something.  "Why don't you go and ask Patrick to fix you the chocolate drink you like so much?  I've got to settle an agrument before it gets out of hand in the kitchen."

As Henry called Patrick over, Gary went into the kitchen to see what the argument was about.

"I could you hear you two clear out there.  What's going on here?," he asked looking at his friends.

"Chuck has some crazy idea to get the customers involved in some kind of contest Gary," Marissa replied.

Gary groaned.  Now what does Chuck have up his sleeve, he thought as he looked at his friend.

"Whatever it is Chuck, the answer is no," he said wanting no contest whatsoever to interfer with the customers pleasure.

"Gar, it's a great contest!," Chuck said.

"I said no.  Besides, I thought your days of quick rich schemes were over with since you're married now."

Chuck sighed.  "Okay, no contest.  Don't tell me no about this idea until you hear it, okay."

"Okay.  Let's hear it, and if it's not a money making scheme, I'll consider it."

"Fair enough.  How about you and Toni coming over to my house tonight for dinner with my wife and I?"

Gary smiled.  "Sounds good to me.  I'll ask Toni and get back to you."

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