Angel Episode Guide

Review: There are not words for how much I loved this episode. All of the regulars had fantastic scenes, and the guest role was an increidble well-written part deftly performed by Daisy McCrackin. We got a great sneak peek into Wesley's mind as only he of the three could read Bethany well enough to know what button to push, and the Cordy/Gunn interaction in this episode was lightyears beyond First Impressions. The "Still saving my life?" "Every minute," exchange was a great moment of charatcer continuity, and this was the Charles Gunn I met and liked in Warzone. Stephanie Rominov as Lilah reminds fans that Lindsay McDonald isn't the only reason to keep W&H arc's going. But the core fo the epsiode are the Angel/Bethany scenes, which were powerful and excellent scripted and brought to life by Boreanaz and McCrackin. Fantastic first script from new Angel writer Mere Smith, skillfully brought to life by director Joss Whedon.

My rating: 10/10

Next week, Darla's not just dream walking any more...