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ORDER the ninth original Angel novel, The Summoned by Cameron Dokey

Doyle is in the supermarket with the latest vision hits. Fear. Fire. Death. And an ornately engraved ancient amulet. As usual, the Powers That Be are none too specific. When he comes to, he is being tended by an anxious young woman named Terri Miller. A shy girl from a small town, Terri is new to L.A. and feeling like a wallflower in the bright lights of this big city. Soon after her encounter with Doyle, who heads off without more than a perfunctory thank-you, a charismatic young man invites her to a meeting for a club to which he belongs. Meanwhile, Angel and his gang have been turned on to a killer who burns his victims beyond recognition. Several of the deceased have connections to Terri's newfound circle of friends, and Cordelia suddenly finds herself in possession of an amulet that looks awfully familiar...

Pocket Pulse, December 2001, ( 304 pages, $5.99 )
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 0-743-40700-8
FICTION/Movie Or Television Tie-In

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ORDER the eighth original Angel novel, Bruja by Mel Odom

Los Angeles is stunned when a priest is attacked by a woman who confesses to having murdered her own son. At the same time, Angel Investigations turns up reportts of a madwoman floating in and out of gang fights, playgrounds, and flophouses populated by teen runaways... she's everywhere. She is a bruja—a witch, and the embodiment of La Llorona—the 'Weeping Woman' of Spanish lore. In any place she alights, a trail of death lingers. The priest soon lapses into a coma, but Angel and company have their hands full with other matters: Doyle is wracked with a vision of a young mother and her son in danger, out by the docks. Meanwhile, Cordy is busy searching for a big-shot producer’s missing wife. The trio is running out of time. Angel has to to find a possible connection between the wife who’s gone MIA and the mother on the docks before he himself is stopped – by a phantom whose mere touch brings death itself....

Pocket Pulse, August 2001, ($5.99)
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 0-743-40701-6
FICTION/Movie Or Television Tie-In

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ORDER the seventh original Angel novel, Soul Trade by Tom Sniegoski

Of any creature to walk the earth, Angel understands—perhaps better than most—the fragility of the soul. For others, the soul is the essence of humanity. But for Angel, his propels him towards the acts of humanity that may ultimately be his salvation.

He never thought people would pay for a soul.

In Los Angeles, where everything's for sale, Doyle, Cordelia and Angel discover a young girl whose soul has been literally taken from her and they realise that the soul trade has hit the black market. A soul is now a commodity among the gamblers, junkies and gangsters of the underworld and the soul of an innocent child is the hottest item in town. That is, until Angel appears on the scene and the inside traders realise that there's a soul out there even more unique than they had ever dared to dream...

According to Tom Sniegoski in a recent the 11th Hour interview, "[Soul Trade] is a hardboiled detective story with monsters," he says. "Very hardboiled. I've always loved that. That's what I love about the show. I'm trying to make it as hardboiled as possible, in the good sense of the word. You know, lots of asking snitches on the street, who just happen to be monsters.

"Basically, Doyle has a vision about a small child being struck down by something. They have no idea what happened to her, but she was struck down by something in her home, and they go and they investigate and they find the child is in the equivalent of a coma. She's still alive, but no response or anything like that. So they poke around, and find out that her soul's been taken. And it opens up a whole can of worms that there's this soul trade. They're buying and selling souls."

Format: Mass Market Paperback, 256pp.
ISBN: 0743406990
Publisher: Pocket Books
Pub. Date: May 2001

ORDER the sixth original Angel novel, Avatar by John Passarella

When Angel arrived in Los Angeles, he assumed he'd find enough evil to keep himself busy for, well... eternity. Up until now, he's had his hands full in real time. So when Cordelia suggests starting up a Web site for their detective agency, he's hesitant. As Doyle puts it, "People in trouble want to interface with a face."

Soon, though, the police discover a trail of desiccated corpses stretching across the city. The only thing that binds these victims (other than their cause of death) is their pastime pursuit: online chatting. One by one, they are being hunted bi a techno-savvy demon. And when this monster has claimed his final victim, he will have completed a ritual that extends the arm of his evil far beyond the reaches of even the internet...

According to John Passarella in a recent Watcher's Web interview, "The editor asked if it would be a Doyle story (meaning pre Hero) or a Wesley "rogue demon hunter" story. When I began the outline, Doyle was still on the show. And I liked Doyle. I had no idea how Wesley would be used once he came aboard. It would have been a guessing game. So I elected to do a Doyle story and he is very much in evidence in Angel: Avatar."

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ORDER the fifth original Angel novel, Hollywood Noir by by Jeff Mariotte.

At a Hollywood construction site, a decayed corpse is the harbinger of a supernatural evil, while at Angel Investigations, Doyle's latest vision leads him to a puzzling address. He, Angel, and Cordelia start tracking down the real McCoy: a cigarette girl named Betty McCoy. But they're not the only ones to do so. There's a new PI in town—Mike Slade—who dresses and acts as though entrenched in the era when lounge singers, swing dancing, and martinis first made the Hollywood night scene. The golden age of the silver screen. Tinseltown.

Still, Mike's agenda is thoroughly modern—he has a long-standing bone to pick with local officials. Now Angel and his team find that their research leads them directly to Slade, and some files that are strictly L.A. confidential. But what do a cigarette girl, a water commissioner, and a slew of disappearing demons have in common?

Pocket Pulse, January 2001, ($5.99)
Mass Market Paperback, ISBN: 0-743-40697-4
FICTION/Movie Or Television Tie-In

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ORDER the forth original Angel novel, Shakedown by acclaimed Sci-Fi author Don DeBrandt.

Angel has long since learned that earthquakes are usually not benign incidents, so when Doyle has a vision involving a seismic shift, everyone's guard goes up. Further investigation leads Angel to a group of Serpentene demons living locally as an affluent private community. These nouveau "monsters" are not evil in any way (other than the fact that they make their living as telemarketers) and have no discernible enemies—so why, then, have they become the target of a clan of underground quake demons—demons who have the ability to reduce living creatures to a pulverised mass in an instant?

Cordelia and Doyle are not sure the clients - demon, albeit high-paying, that they are—can truly be trusted. But Angel finds that he has much in common with this particular brand of outsiders. After all, as he knows, there are degrees of evil and of innocence alike....

"DeBrandt's energetic prose is vivid, graphic, and concise."--Spider Robinson

Pocket Pulse, November 2000, (192 pages, $5.99)
Mass-Market Paperback, ISBN: 0-743-40696-6
FICTION/Movie Or Television Tie-In

order the book! ORDER the third original Angel novel, Close to the Ground by Jeff Mariotte.

Greed. Fear. Anger. All, technically, human emotions. But Angel's a demon, not a saint, and he's not immune to human emotions. So when big-shot Hollywood studio head Jack Willits offers him huge sums of cash in exchange for guarding his overprivileged daughter, Karinna, the Dark Avenger takes the gig. After all, as Cordy and Doyle point out eagerly, there's rent to pay. And Willits can certainly foot the bill.

After accompanying Karinna to several trendy nightspots, Angel writes her off as a spoiled brat. Cordy thinks Angel's too personally involved in the case, but the situation is worse than they suspect. Karinna's in trouble and suddenly Angel and company are being pursued by an unidentifiable creature, bent on destroying everything between it and what it wants most in the world.

Before long, Angel finds himself trapped within a supernatural struggle for power, fame... and immortality.

According to Jeff Mariotte in a recent Watcher's Web interview, "Close To The Ground is about what happens when Angel gets a little too close to the case he's supposed to be working on -- so involved with trying to protect a spoiled Hollywood brat that lets his guard down and ends up in trouble himself. It's got a lot of Celtic mythology scattered throughout it, with a healthy dose of black magic, and some inside movie studio stuff that comes from my own experience on various movie lots in Hollywood (DC Comics is owned by Warner Bros, so I spend some time on that lot, as well as the Paramount lot).

The book is set during the Doyle era, so in the early part of the first season. There are no specific ties to "Not Forgotten," but I was around during the writing of that one, so I'm sure it's influenced by Nancy's book."

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ORDER the second original Angel novel, Redemption by Mel Odom

When their investigation agency books a walk-in client, Angel, Cordelia, and Doyle couldn't be happier. Whitney Tyler is a beautiful, widely adored actress who plays a vampire on a popular television series. Trouble is, a cult of viewers seems to think she's a real vampire, and had made attempts on her life.

Cordelia has got stars in her eyes now that she's rubbing elbows with Hollywood's elite, and Doyle's just relieved to have signed on a case that didn't start with a vision—and a blinding migraine. But when Angel lays eyes on Whitney, he's astounded—she's the spitting image of a young woman warrior whom he encountered during his early days as the scourge of Europe.

As the attempts on Whitney's life continue, the trio uncovers a symbol that links the perpetrators to an ancient cadre sworn to battle creatures of the night. But what could connect Whitney to someone that Angel once knew—almost two centuries ago?

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ORDER the first original Angel novel, Not Forgotten by Nancy Holder

Even if it takes an eternity, he will make amends...

A crime wave has swept the Los Angeles area, which under normal circumstances would be par for the course. But nothing links these particular victims except the cause of death—their bodies were burned from the inside out. Obviously supernatural forces are at work.

While Angel investigates the murders, Cordelia tracks down a band of child pickpockets. Surprisingly, both searches lead to the same place: a wealthy slumlord who has all but imprisoned the children's immigrant parents. And conducts elaborate rituals to Latura, the Indonesian God of the Dead.

Angel, Doyle, and Cordelia may have had a rocky start in L.A., but they realize they've got it much easier than the immigrants. Characteristically, Angel wants to help. But can he free them before the Feast of Laturna? And if not, will they become the next sacrifices of someone's quest for immortality?

order the book! ORDER the novelisation of the pilot episode, City of... by Nancy Holder

Everyone's got his demons...

For Angel, life as a vampire was a constant thrill. Power, danger, cool clothes (never getting old, also a plus). But in the end, it was all about the kill -- until he killed the wrong girl.

"Gypsies, in my experience, are heavily into vengeance. They cursed me. Gave me back my soul. I had to live with everything I'd done and I had to live forever. It took another woman to show me that my endless life was worth living."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was Angel's first true love, but the relationship was doomed from the start -- a moment of true happiness would cause Angel to lose his soul forever. So he left -- Sunnydale, Buffy, and everything else meaningful to him.

"Alive for 244 years, I thought I'd seen everything. Then I came to L.A."

City of Angels. Run by powerful forces, agents of pure evil. It's a city hard on its human population. If Angel wants to save himself, he's going to have to save them...somehow. With the help of two unlikely allies -- a half-demon and a ex-May Queen -- he's going to set up shop....

And keep watch over his city.