official sites

Official Buffy Site is a fantastic resource, and home to the Bronze Posting Board, where you never know who may drop in for a chat.

WB's Angel mini-site is less of a full-blown site as it is an online press kit. However, the production synopses are first rate and a mite longer than your average TV Guide blurbs.

WB's Angel Discussion Board is the place to go to discuss the series with other fans, and keep up with the news and spoilers.

Goldfingers Bar & Nightclub is the night club co-owned by Glenn Quinn in Los Angeles.

doyle/glenn quinn fan sites is an unofficial fan site dedicated to the talented Mr. Quinn, built by Glenn's fans to help publicise his career, provide a place for fans to learn more about Glenn, and meet and get to know one another.

The Glenn Quinn Site is a nice tribute to the actor, with links, pics, and more.

Doyle's Demon Lair is the home of Doyle's Keepers (in the grand tradition begun with Giles fans).

Candlelight is a tribute to Doyle for those folks wishing himself had not succumbed to the Giant Christmas Tree Ornament of Death.

Department of Denial, Inc. is yet another haven for those folks who wish to live on the banks of that river in Egypt.

Grab a virtual campsite along De Banks of DeNial.

Angel's Demon is a tribute to the late great Doyle.

The Doyle Cult of Resurrection is now open! And not just on Sundays...

The Unofficial Doyle Resurrection Fanfiction Index is devoted to bringing himself back from the great beyond (or fixing it so he never went there in the first place).

This Side of the Nether is another tribute page dedicated to Himself and the late, lamented Alan Francis Doyle.

A Hard Day's Doyle is a nifty treat from the same folks who brought you Boca del Inferno (a Max Perlich fan site).

The Agency is still under construction, but has a great start.

Lost Angels is a fun forum in which to hang out and discuss Doyle.

The Glenn Quinn Pages is yet another fan site devoted to GQ.

Everyone's favourite Irish Half-Demon is yet another site dedicated to the dear, departed Francis Doyle, from a UK fan.

When The Chips Are Down is a clique for folks who love and miss Doyle.

angel fan sites
City of Angel is a beautifully designed site, easy to navigate, with first-rate graphics, episode guide and listings, bios, galleries, news, and more. Worth downloading Flash for the splash page!

Angel Elders is a site aimed at the over 18-crowd, with in-depth coverage of every aspect of the show and David Boreanaz.

Angel Annex comes from the folks at SunS.

Flights of Angel is another well-designed fan site for the series packed with images, links, spoilers, and more.

An Angel's Soul is a smartly done fan site for the series. Don't miss the spoiler board!

The Sanctuary is home to a truly fantastic episode guide for the series, complete with screengrabs.

To Shanshu in LA is a nifty and peachy keen interactive guide to everything Angel.

l o s e  y o u r  s o u l  is a slick guide to the series, with a clean design and tons of info.

Touched By Angel is a quick loading, well thought-out site with everything you could need—cast bios, episode guide, message board, and more.

Angel: Redemption is a professional-looking fan site from the fine folks at

Redemption is another fan-produced Angel site, still under re-construction but well worth checking out.

buffy fan sites
The Watcher's Web is a stunningly designed fan site from the UK that covers both Buffy and Angel.

The Buffy Cross & Stake is a spoiler-packed fan site with all kinds of goodies.

The Watcher's Guide is a great spot to catch up on the latest news and spoilers for Buffy and Angel quickly.

doyle/cordelia fan sites
Oblivious Much? is a slickly designed fanfic archive for stories about Doyle and Cordy.

Sweet Delusions began life as an Angel site, and then decided to narrow in on our fave couple.

Cordelia & Doyle: The Powers That Be is another fanfic archive devoted to the couple and the actors who play them.

Doyle and Cordelia: Damn the Scripts, Full Steam Ahead is a lovely fan site devoted to their relationship.

Happily Never After is the BtVS Writers' Zone devoted to Cordelia and Doyle's relationship. Now under new management

Celtic Dreaming is a brand new Cordy/Doyle shipper site with cast and charater bios, images, fanfic, and more.

All the Right Reasons gives you the chance to support your favourite couple with banners, read fanfic, read about Doyle and Cordy, and more.

The Doyle and Cordelia Files is a lovely tribute to the couple.

Solace (formerly know as "A Slayer and Her Demon") is a Buffy/Doyle site with really lovely graphics and layout. Includes bios of Buffy and Doyle, fiction recommendations, and resources.

Willow and Doyle is fairly new and still has a lot of bugs to be worked out, HTML and graphics-wise, but if you're in the moody for some witch/demon action, it's pretty much the first and only thus far!

Forever Francis is an archive devoted to Harry/Doyle fan fiction.

Sanctuary is an archive devoted to Angel/Doyle fan fiction.

The Mesenger and the Message is another Angel/Doyle site.

kiss me, I'm irish is the Angel/Doyle BtVSWG ship zone, and has a beautifully simple design that should not be missed!

fan fiction

grimoire is the BTVS Writer's Guild site for Doyle, and contains character bio, essays, beta reader index, and more!

Until You've Been Tested... The Doyle Database Project is a brand new archive!

Doyle & Cordelia Fan Fiction Vault is the newly spun-off fanfic archive of the redesigned Doyle and Cordelia: Damn the Scripts, Full Steam Ahead, and is currently looking for submissions!

A Demon's Heart is a sharply designed and well-organised fan fiction archive devoted to Himself. Not to be missed!

The Story of My Life is a nifty peachy keen Doyle fan fiction challenge site.

Hidden Depths is handy dandy an index of Doyle fanfiction organised by content.

Doyle's House of Pies is a small but growing fan fiction archive.

Doyle Investigations is an alternate universe fan fiction series set in the Wishverse (from the third season of Buffy) and starring Doyle and Faith.

Angel: The Cyber Series is an alternate universe series of episodes which diverge from the official Angel timeline after I Will Remember You.

Unconventional Relationshippers is a nicely-organised and sharply designed site for fic that goes that step further.

angel fanfiction resources contains essays and articles on the craft of fan fiction, links to useful resources, an on-line workshop for writers to hone their craft and provide feedback on each other's works in progress, and more.

borderland is an elite Angel archive, with a stunning design, and top-notch fiction.

Buffy Betas is the home of the Buffy Betas mailing list

Fanfiction.Net is an incredible database-driven site that I can't recommend enough.

The 11th Hour is a fantastico online 'zine that covers Buffy, Angel and other genre tv series, films, and more!

Watch With Wanda is the source of many of the Buffy and Angel spoilers on the web today.

Angel Music and Buffy Music answer the always vexing question "What was that song?"

Little Willow's Slayground is a slayer's paradise—with everythinmg you need to know about Buffy and Angel, as well as sub-sites dedicated to Amber Benson, Danny Strong, author Christopher Golden, and more!

Things that make you go duh! is my new favourite website ever. Of all time. I mean it.

VAMPED has some of the highest quality wallpapers of the Angel and Buffy cast out there. Check it out!