The following is a message from Glenn's Roseanne co-star Michael Fishman.


I was a very close friend and former co-worker of Glenn and would like to ask for your help in spreading the word about his memorial fund. As you may know funerals are very expensive and his family has been left with a considerable bill following Glenn's funeral. We as his friends have established a memorial fund in the hopes of lightening the financial burden on his family. To lose Glenn is a tremendous tragedy and for his family to be forced to deal with financial hardships on top of the emotional ones they are already facing is horrific. It is for that reason that I ask you to help spread the word and contact information for Glenn's family. The memorial fund is call...The Glenn Quinn Memorial Fund and all donations should be sent to:

The Glenn Quinn Memorial Fund
Care Of Mary Quigley
12049 Valleyheart Dr.
Studio City CA, 91604

Please help us, Glenn's friends help his family by relaying this information to as many people as possible. Any donation would help. A few dollars from many people adds up quickly and would go a long way towards lifting the family's financial hardships.

Michael Fishman

The Glenn Quinn Memorial Fund will be open for the next three weeks.

Additionally, fans can wire money via Western Union or The US Post Office. International fans can purchase an International Postal Order.