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From TV After a turbulent summer spent coping with the news of Buffy's death, Angel (David Boreanaz) returns to L.A. in the third-season opener only to run into a couple of nasty blasts from his tarnished past. While out on a routine vamp hunt, Angel happens to dust a bloodsucker (Kate Norby) from his evil Angelus days. Familiar or not, one less demon on the streets is always a good thing. Unfortunately, her boyfriend (Ron Melendez) of a couple of centuries doesn't share that sentiment—and he's prepared to take drastic measures to exact revenge. Fred: Amy Acker.

From Click TV: Angel (David Boreanaz) stakes a female vampire he recognizes from his past, provoking her anguished lover to seek vengeance against him for grievances -- old and new. With Amy Acker, Charisma Carpenter, Alexis Denisof and J. August Richards. (In Stereo)

From The WB: On a routine patrol, Angel (David Boreanaz) stakes a female vampire he recognizes from his past, but a moment too late. Her grief-stricken lover, Angel's old fighting buddy, is out for revenge for the present killing and a betrayal Angelus committed over 200 years ago. Charisma Carpenter, Alexis Denisof, J. August Richards and Amy Acker also star. David Greenwalt wrote and directed the episode.

That Vision Thing
From TV Cordelia's already painful visions start to have more serious physical side effects. Through telepathy, the Host attempts to track down why The-Powers-That-Be see fit to harm her. Meanwhile, the tenacious, Angel-hating servants of evil (lawyers at Wolfram & Hart) rear their ugly heads yet again. Gavin: Daniel Dae Kim. Host: Andy Hallett. Fred: Amy Acker.

From Click TV: Angel must align himself with the dark side to prevent a psychic hacker from killing Cordelia with visions that are leaving her burned and scaly.

From The WB: Angel (David Boreanaz) must team up with the dark side to stop a psychic hacker from killing Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter) with her own violent visions that are leaving her burned, scaly and frightened for her life. Alexis Denisof, J. August Richards and Amy Acker also star. Bill Norton directed the episode written by Jeffrey Bell.

That Old Gang of Mine
From TV Gunn finds himself stuck between old and new allegiances when he learns that a string of brutal and indiscriminate demon murders is the work of members of his former gang. Even the Host's usually peaceful club isn't immune to the violence. Cordelia, meanwhile, attempts to help Fred readjust to the world. Gio: Khalil Kain. Rondell: Jarrod Crawford. Fred: Amy Acker.

From The WB: Angel (David Boreanaz) comes face-to-face with Gunn's (J. August Richards) old demon-hunting crew who at one time considered Gunn a hero, but now view him as a traitor and want to see Angel dead. Charisma Carpenter, Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker also star. Fred Keller directed the episode written by Tim Minear.

Carpe Noctem
From TV Angel's body is taken over by a man (Rance Howard) who, in an effort to stay young, possesses younger guys---and ends up killing them in the process. Angel, meanwhile, is trapped in the soul switcher's frail body in a retirement home. The impostor is unaware of his new vampire status until he takes a bite out of someone. Lilah: Stephanie Romanov. Fred: Amy Acker. Wesley: Alexis Denisof.

From TV Fred's parents (Gary Grubbs, Jennifer Griffin) make a surprise visit to Angel Investigations. However, when their inexplicably frightened daughter gets wind of their arrival, she flees the scene. Not trusting Mr. and Mrs. Burkle, the gang prepares to protect Fred from them---providing she can be found. Meanwhile, a strange, insectile demon stalks the crew. Fred: Amy Acker. Host: Andy Hallett. Gunn: J. August Richards.

From TV Angel's loyalty to his friends comes back to haunt them in this chilling episode, an unsettling blend of the series' usual horrors with the more realistic issue of violence against women. Angel and Cordelia both knew there would be consequences when he freed the partially demonic (but totally evil) Billy from a fiery prison in hell in order to save her. Those fears are realized when a wave of violence against women is traced back to Billy, whose mere touch has the power to bring out the worst in otherwise good men. The crew rushes to prevent another brutal attack, unaware that Wesley has already been infected---and he's alone in the hotel with Fred. Billy: Justin Shilton.

From TV As the crew researches a prophecy predicting the imminent arrival of a being who may have a profound impact on the world, Darla arrives at the hotel---pregnant and angry, looking for the daddy. Cordelia, hurt by Angel's dishonesty, takes Darla's side in the matter. Baffled by how the pregnancy is even possible, Angel and company turn to the Host for some insight. Darla: Julie Benz. Holtz: Keith Szarabajka. Host: Andy Hallett.

From The WB: Angel (David Boreanaz) comes face-to-face with the consequences of his night of passion when Darla (guest star Julie Benz) arrives on his doorstep inexplicably pregnant. While Angel tortures himself over the decision whether or not to destroy the demon seed, the gang uncovers a prophecy that predicts the arrival of a great evil which will bring about the ruination of mankind. Charisma Carpenter, Alexis Denisof, J. August Richards and Amy Acker also star. Turi Meyer directed the episode written by David Greenwalt.

From TV As Angel and the gang try to figure out what exactly is inside Darla---who's now having contractions---news of her pregnancy causes near pandemonium at Wolfram & Hart. Meanwhile, the demon Sahjhan (Jack Conley) tries to bring a newly resurrected Holtz (Keith Szarabajka) up to speed on what he missed over the last couple of centuries. Darla: Julie Benz. Lilah: Stephanie Romanov. Gavin: Daniel Dae Kim.

From TV Vampire hunter Holtz's rekindled crusade to wreak fiery vengeance upon Angel and Darla complicates the impending birth of the expecting couple's baby.With Darla's contractions getting closer together, even the Angel Investigations gang is surprised when she takes off without them for places unknown. Angel finds her, only to learn how truly conflicted Darla is with the fact that she, a demon, actually loves something: her child. Her heartbreaking fear is that once the foreign soul leaves her womb, she won't be able to love it anymore. As the crew seeks sanctuary at Caritas, Lilah discovers an ominous prophecy concerning the baby.

From Cinescape: In this latest facet of the good guy vampire's unlife, Angel (David Boreanaz) discovers how hard it is being a new dad especially when the demon underworld is after your newborn son. Fred Keller directed the episode written by David H. Goodman.

From TV Still trying to figure out how to be a good father, Angel's problems multiply when he and the gang are trapped by several groups of enemies bent on kidnapping his son. Barricaded in the hotel, the group prepares for an inevitable attack. Meanwhile, Holtz goes about recruiting new help for his quest to destroy Angel. Justine: Laurel Holloman. Holtz: Keith Szarabajka. Gavin: Daniel Dae Kim.

From TV A powerful vision knocks Cordy out of her body, leaving her physical self in a vegetative state, but a guide (David Denman) on the astral plane offers her a new lease on life. Unfortunately, it's a life without her friends, who are busy trying to figure out how to get her back. Angel sets out to speak to the Powers That Be, who can presumably revive Cordy and mend her vision-ravaged brain.

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