fan fiction

What sort of Hallowe'en 1999 did the fang gang have?

1. Must adhere to series canon (no alternate universe fic)
2. The minimum length is 1000 words (approximately three pages).
3. Must be rated up to and including R—no smut! (use your best judgement)

There are no deadlines for these stories. Stories are added to each of the previous challenges as people write them. So take your time with it, and have fun!

Please read the submission guidelines first, and clearly mark in the Subject Line "Challenge" so that I know it is in answer to the current challenge.

Okay, now go write...

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previous challenges

Challenge 1: What events lead up to Doyle appearing in Angel's basement in City Of?

Flashes in the Dark by Ellen
Destiny Calls by Calandra
Visions by TJ
Pot of Gold by Avan Marie Bishop

Challenge 2: Where and how did Doyle spend the night, after fleeing the demon loanshark in Room w/a Vu?

No responses.

Challenge 3: How did Doyle's parents meet?

Pawn Spawn by Christine Costello

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