Doyle was an amazing (half)human being, and his gift of courage to save the lives of people he barely knew is a heartbreaking example of true heroism at its finest. Doyle, we shall always miss you and your heart lives on in ours. Wherever you are, they'd better be treating you good. Come home soon - it's not the same without you.
    ~ Messina ~

    What can I say about Doyle..? His charm and wit are what I miss most. His accent is something to be heard at all hours of the day. And those eyes and grin are melt-worthy. He's a true hero and though what he did made him go away for the time being, I'm very proud of him. I know he'll be back; he's just resting up right now. He lives on in us.
    ~ Mids ~

    Your Princess does love you Doyle! Come back to her!
    ~ Princess CC ~

    Doyle you were funny, loyal, full of wisdom but most of all you were a true friend to those you love. You will never be forgotten.
    ~ Ita ~

    Doyle...the Irish guy who stole our hearts with one dazzling blue-eyed smile. Though Joss has majorly gone off the edge this time...he'll be back. =) I know it.
    ~ Jess ~

    Doyle was a fine man and even though there were times when he didn't think so he will be missed and everyone should look up to him. I have shed many tears.
    ~ Rachel ~

    Yes we all have something to atone for, but it's clear that you've atoned in a big way. We miss you and thank you for what you did to protect all of us who are even a little bit human.
    ~ Werewulf ~

    To Eire's son, "May you be across Heaven's threshold an hour before the Devil knows you're dead." Godspeed, Doyle. Come back to us soon.
    ~ Jena ~

    While Doyle was never one to enjoy a fight against the many forces of darkness, he definitely came through in the end. And for that, he will always remain a hero in my eyes. His memory will live on in my heart. And if the "Powers That Be" are indeed as powerful as they claim to be, the Irish half demon we have all come to love, should be back in L.A. in no time, picking up where he left off. :)
    ~ Becky ~

    We love you Doyle and await your return.
    ~ Michelle ~

    Doyle you are everything that a woman dreams of spikes and all. You are handsome, bright, witty, wise, dependable, funny, but above all else you are my hero.
    ~ Marta ~

    Doyle was more than a sidekick to Angel, he was a kindred spirit. He possessed loyalty, bravado, courage, and one heck of a liver unsurpassed by any human, demon, or half-demon and will be missed sorely until his return.
    ~ Allison ~

    You know the saying "You never know what you have until it's gone?" Well, that's probably what it was like for most of us. For me, I thought Doyle was pretty cool. I felt bad for him about the whole Cordy being a clueless-bitch thing, but other than that pffft. Then I watched "Hero" and sobbed. Then, for two days after, just the thought of it made my eyes water and my lower lip tremble. For Doyle to care so much about Angel and Cordy was absolutely touching and even my male friend who has NEVER cried in fourteen years cried over it. For me, he will always be in my heart. And I know, deep within me, that he will come home soon. And I'm waiting...
    ~ Michy ~

    Doyle, you know I love you more than anything else in the world, and that will never change. You are my hero and my love. I will never give in to Joss's cruel ways and will keep you in my heart always, with your adorable irish accent and everything else that I love about you. You never died and you never will, at least in my heart. I will continue to shed tears for you and keep you in my heart forever.
    ~ Avy ~

    Doyle, you showed me what I can really be. Even though you were here only breifly, you had a huge impact on me. You were so much like me, it was scary. I wasn't half-demon and I didn't get visions but thats about the only differences. So if you could be a wonderful great person, that made me believe I could too. With your brief presence you have changed my life Doyle. Thank you for showing me what I could truly be. Please come back soon Doyle. You are greatly missed.
    ~ Phil ~

    Doyle, the half breed and oh so adorable, star of Angel, was the greatest demon ever to grace the screen on my television. He was the witty humor and the charm on "Angel", and he helped balance the dark broodingness of Angel and the ditziness of Cordy. He will be missed by me and many other fans around the world.
    ~ Sarla ~

    Here is a candle for the remembrance of Allen Francis Doyle. May his heart continue through ours. I only wish one day, that I may be as brave and heroic as he was. Rest in Peace.
    ~ Shea ~

    To the man that will nver die. There are few heros in this world, but Doyle is one of them. To know when to lose something that you have just found, is something many people can't and won't do. I aspire to be what Doyle is. A true romantic in every sense of the word. Doyle will come back. If not on T.V., then with each story, each thought, and each passing of a hero, I will hear that Irish prince say "We'll be okay princess, We always are". To you Doyle.
    ~ Carrie ~

    I would like to say goodbye because I've known you've died.
    ~ Janelle T ~

    Doyle, we love ya, baby! You're coming back! If you don't Joss better run, he better fly, he better swim, or he better hop like a bunny because I'm gonna kill him along with some very pissed off fans! And even if you do come back, we'll still kill him for the fun of it! I love you!
    ~ Jasmine ~

    Doyle, may all the beers of light be drunk to your shiny happy spirit! Cheers :)
    ~ Lucy ~

    Joss Whedon better lock himself in his office where no one can get at him because all us TechnoPagans (as willow so aptly calls us) are gonna get Wiccan on his ass. Party Of Five was going to be canceled a while ago (not that I care) but people wrote the network and it's still on the air!! If they can do it for a whole show WE can do it for one character right? RIGHT! WHAT DO WE WANT? DOYLE! WHEN DO WE WANT HIM? NOW! We must rise up against the evils of Joss Whedon. Remember we are the messengers this time and we are his only hope at resurrection! RISE UP! AND TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS! WE HAVE THE POWER! WHO'S WITH ME?!!!
    ~ Danielle ~

    He has to come back! We need Doyle! The Angel-and-Cordy hour isn't gonna be nearly as cool without him...BRING BACK DOYLE! (think the WB heard that?)
    ~ Slayer Spice ~

    Decent, dignified and dependable
    Outstandingly open and optimistic
    Yearning to do good and too young to die
    Lovable, loyle (rhymes with Doyle) and laughing
    Extraordinarily empathic and eleemosynary
    ~ Kathy ~

    Doyle, you were the reason that I watched Angel. You were so sweet, and selfless, and wonderful... Cordy didn't deserve you, but you sure deserved her.
    ~ Loren Leah ~

    "Flying through the darkness, love, flying through the darkness. I'll be gone, but only for a short, oh, short time. And when the sun rises, I'll hold you once again..."
    ~ From 'Gone but not lost' by Little Pinky ~

    Doyle! I loved you. You were smart, funny, sarcastic, and sweet. You were the Sancho Panchez to Angel's Don Quijote (I know I spelled that wrong) We just all have to remember that "no one is dead as long as you keep them alive in your heart." One day you will come back to us. I know it in my heart.
    ~ Stephanie ~

    You just had to love Doyle. The way he dressed, his ability to make you laugh when you wanted to cry, his low self-esteem. Unfortunately Joss didn't love him like the rest of us did, but maybe with a little help and a lot of screaming he'll learn and bring our Irish sweetie back to us.
    ~ Jennifer ~

    Although he was with us for a short time Doyle made a big impression on Angel viewers.I watched it from the very beginning and instantly fell for that irish demon/human.With that witty sense of humor and that amazing smile, he certainly found a way into my heart.I pray that he comes back to me because without him, Angel will never ever be the same.
    ~ Nikki ~

    Doyle was a sweet, funny, Irish man. He was spun by love, which wasn't given to him in return. If only he were still here really soon...
    ~ Jewels ~

    Doyle was a wonderful guy who showed his true courage when it mattered. He was a wonderful friend to all.
    ~ Angel of Music ~

    Allan Francis Doyle was a brave and noble messenger. Though he is gone, he will always be alive in our memories.
    ~ angelmoonlight ~

    Doyle, we hardly new ye. Come back.
    ~ Alice ~

    No matter what Whedon and Greenwalt try to throw at us, my admiration and love for the loveable Irish half-demon known to us as Doyle will never waver. Come back to us soon Francis, we miss you.
    ~ Skye ~

    ~You Were Different~

    From the first time I saw you
    I knew you were different
    From the first smile you gave me
    I knew you were different

    Your eyes held a kind of laughter
    So rich and joyful
    And yet, something more
    Something different

    Every word from your lips
    Sounded like sweet music
    But, also held some secret meaning
    Something different

    And when that fateful moment came
    It seemed our destinies were decided
    There was no time for regrets
    No time to look back
    Only time to accept

    But you were always different

    I will never forget that last look you gave me
    And always hear your parting words
    I will forever remember your final smile

    Because you were different

    Because you loved

    ~ By Skye ~

    You atoned much earlier than you thought you had. May you return with a parade and lots of confetti with your beautiful Irish eyes shining and sparkling with joy. Joss has gone way off the end. Long live the Irish.
    ~ Trina ~

    I would just like to say that I have so much pride for Doyle. His death had meaning. He died to save others. He wasn't thinking of himself. 'The big picture' remember. I'll never forget him.
    ~ Sawyer ~

    Doyle, he stays in out hearts and least till he comes back anyway
    ~ Nikki ~

    Doyle is probably the best new character in the Buffy/Angel-verse. It was horrible to take him away from us so soon. I have not yet met a person who didn't love him to death, and I have yet to meet a person who likes Wesley a fraction as much. I pray that one day, he'll follow Angel and fall out of the sky naked without explanation.
    ~ Lara ~

    May the loveable little Irishman live on in our hearts forever. He may be gone, but as long as ANGEL is still on the air, he will not be forgotten. We love you, Doyle.
    ~ CobraGirl ~

    I love Doyle - he rocks my world.
    ~ eleanor ~

    I just want Doyle to come back. Despite his tragic life, he was still good humoured abd looked up to things. I believe he will come back. I will never watch an episode of 'Angel' without him there.
    ~ Kelly ~

    This song ("You were loved" by Wynona Judd) explains how a lot of people feel about Doyle. There is one point I'd like to add...You ARE Loved Doyle!
    ~ Francesca ~

    Doyle always cheered up the show with his funny remarks, eyes, and smile. Joss tried to do that with Welsley, but it just won't work. The show isn't the same without him.
    ~ Alexandra ~

    I loved his wit and charm and give it a go attitude, plus his anything to celebrate if it means going down the pub thing. I shall miss his smile and his loving eyes - 'goodbye are all we know of heaven and all we need know of hell' - it's something I heard the once and it sounds fitting.
    ~ Nicky ~

    Doyle, you were brave and selfless. Your soul will live on.
    ~ Katy ~

    I miss Doyle's nice charm, his Irish accent, his beautiful blue eyes. Also his heroic heart.
    ~ Michelle ~

    I love him, I miss him, I want him BACK.
    ~ Jenny ~

    It is a jorney of the mind, not body,
    in which one loses foreign thought
    and finds soul.
    It was a jorney of the heart, not mind,
    in which I lost foreign thought
    and found you.

    Always in our hearts, Doyle. Till we meet again, may the rose rise up to meet ye, and may the sun warm ye's back.
    ~ Rayne ~

    He is a shining example of true heroism and can be a candle to light our own paths.
    ~ Diana Michelle ~

    What can I say? Doyle's the most awesome half-demon ever - if you're still out there Doyle, please come home.
    ~ Tigger ~

    I think, like all of us, that denial is the bet way to handle this. You see, Doyle was an Irish drunken gambler, he had that little mischievious grin, and that sparkle in his eyes. He got away with calling Cordelia 'Princess' and he had the cutest accent. Oh and he was a half demon, with a demon face that consisted of blue/green spikes. But you know what? Even that's a face I love. He was (is) caring, he had bright spots, and he..he..*sniff*....excuse me *takes a handkerchief and wipes her nose. Lowdly* He was just Doyle. Lovable, drunken, little Irish man. I miss him.....Ok, is that it? Am I done? Remember...our rats are low...*fully fledged sobbing and crying*
    ~ Maya ~

    I will miss him forever
    ~ Jacqueline Barrs ~

    He will be missed greatly, he will always have a place in my heart, a place for a true hero
    ~ Aisha ~

    I would like to pledge my candle to Alan Francis Doyle, who physically died before our eyes to save others. I wish that he would come back to spread that cheerful, Irish happiness like before. Let the Powers That Be finally realise their flaw in not returning our Doyle home.
    ~ nikki ~

    I love you Doyle. I keep you alive , if anyone sees "Doyle Lives" you know I have been there!!!
    ~ lysette ~

    I am one of those girls when told that Doyle is dead, stick my fingers in my ears and screm "He is NOT!!". He will always be alive to me, no matter what Joss says, or anybody else for that matter. :)
    ~ Jessi ~

    He was a short, drunk half-demon, and we loved him dearly. Wherever he is now, I hope he hurries his very nice butt up and gets back to us soon!
    ~ Gabby Spike ~

    Doyle was a funny guy, he was the first half-human, half-demon, Irish lad, plus I think he was more funny than Xander.
    ~ Robert McCallion ~

    He's in heaven where he can rest, watch over Angel and love Cordelia
    ~ Chloe ~

    He can't be gone, bring him back!
    ~ Bec ~

    You never know your true strength until you're tested
    ~ Queen C ~

    The man may be gone but his legend lives on
    ~ chris ~

    A version of Bif Naked's "Lucky" performed by Cordelia Chase. How many of us have our fingers crossed that she'll finally realize she can never "love another when she miss(es) him every single day" and "how could (she) ever get over (him) when (she'd) give her life for (his)"?
    ~ Pandora ~

    Your heart is made of gold
    No matter what you do or say
    Your memory I will hold
    Always and forever, including this day!
    ~ Jaydene ~

    The writers of 'Angel' made a big mistake by getting rid of Doyle, DOYLE LIVES
    ~ Steven ~

    Come back one day and pay us a visit old friend
    ~ Ross Paterson ~

    Doyle, we love you and miss you. We wait for your return.
    ~ Shakira Hylton ~

    Doyle was so brave! He gave up his own life with the people he loved to save them. He was a true hero if I ever saw one.
    ~ Vicky ~

    Doyle, I loved you on the show and I really hope that you come back some day.
    ~ Ashely ~

    Allen Francis Doyle --
    Gone, but not forgotten.
    Truly, a hero that is remembered.
    Forever, in our hearts.
    We miss you, friend.
    ~ Chrissa ~

    Doyle is an everlasting hope in the eyes of millons.
    ~ Callista ~

    Doyle? Dead??? YEAH, RIGHT!!!! *snort, snort, snort*
    ~ Little Pinky ~

    We loved you Doyle, for the short time we knew you...*cries*
    ~ Jessica ~

    Goodbye Doyle - should you return, we shall smile again, but still we can enjoy the love you left behind that lights up Angel Investigations.
    ~ Messina ~