Angela's Ashes
    ~Messina ~

    A Good Bottle Of Irish Whiskey
    ~Brandi ~

    The song "When I Die", by Lush
    ~Rubeus ~

    My website
    ~Princess Cordy ~

    The song "Hero", by Mariah Carey
    ~Ita ~

    The song "Turn Back Time"
    ~Jess ~

    One of Doyle's wide-collared shirts
    ~Rachel ~

    The winning horse at 35:1 odds, a bottle of the good stuff & a hearty thump on the back from the Powers That Be
    ~Werewulf ~

    All of my Irish jewelry, the song "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" by BSB, and "Crash and Burn" from Savage Garden
    ~Mids ~

    The song "Even Angels Fall" by Jessica Riddle
    ~Sarah Lee ~

    The song "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan
    ~Michelle ~

    The song "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan
    ~Marta ~

    A bottle of the finest, smoothest whiskey and my undying admiration for his courage, valiance, and selflessness
    ~Allison ~

    "Where You Are" by Jessica Simpson w/ Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees
    ~Michy ~

    My fic series "Farewell Letters", written for my favorite Irishman
    ~ Ragna ~

    A cool beer and a tear of mine
    ~Avy ~

    Everything good I accomplish in my life because of Doyle's influence
    ~Phil ~

    My red hair and freckles, and my Irish ring
    ~Sarla ~

    To the thought of Doyle
    ~Shea ~

    My heritage, my leather jacket, and an alcohol bar in his name
    ~Anya ~

    Dedicating Doyle as still part of a team at Angel Investigations
    ~Janelle T ~

    The song "Where You Are", whiskey, my claddagh ring, and Cordelia
    ~Jasmine ~

    My favorite fuzzy slippers to the man of fuzzy words.
    ~Lucy ~

    Sting's song "It's Probably Me", my computer, my love of Ireland, and my favorite Teddy Bear(Patrick)
    ~Sweet D ~

    A bottle of Asprin, my love of the show Angel (which I don't have anymore now that he's gone) and my little sister
    ~ Bethony ~

    A box of Kleenex (for those nasty demon sneezes) and Doyle's Corner (a pub in my neighborhood)
    ~ Danielle ~

    A pint of Guiness, a pint of the best Irish whiskey, and my very special claddagh ring
    ~Stephanie ~

    My TV... it just won't be the same without him ::sigh::
    ~Slayer Spice ~

    Savage Garden's "You Can Still Be Free", and to the C/D 'ship - Sarah McLachlan's "The Path of Thorns" and "Tonight" from EFX
    ~Kathy ~

    "Lucky" by Bif Naked and every fanfic that I've ever written
    ~Loren Leah ~

    "Gone, but not lost" - performed and composed by me, a bottle of malt-Whiskey from 1980, two 'Diamond Tears' and all my sad Doyle-fic.
    ~Little Pinky ~

    "Do what you have to do" by Sarah Mclachlan, "You're still the one" by Shania Twain
    ~Gabby ~

    "Forgiven Not Forgotten" by The Corrs
    ~Stephanie ~

    A rousing chorus of "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" because I know somewhere Doyle's beautiful blue eyes are full of laughter
    ~Jennifer ~

    My heart, my soul, and all my tears
    ~Nikki ~

    I would like to dedicate all of the love in my heart to Doyle and this organization
    ~Jewels ~

    "Some Things Never Change" by Tim McGray and my tears for a true hero who was taken from us far too soon
    ~Nadja Lee ~

    My painting of Doyle and Cordy and the song "My Heart Will Go On"
    ~Angel of Music ~

    "Together Again" by Janet Jackson, "Witness" by Sarah McLachlan, and my Claddagh ring
    ~angelmoonlight ~

    I would like to dedicate a song that I compossed on my piano. Every time I play it, it reminds me of him
    ~Alice ~

    My poem, "You Were Different" ~, written especially for Doyle
    ~Skye ~

    Sarah McLachlan's "Full of Grace" and the Doyle/Cordelia section of my website
    ~Trina ~

    I dedicate my faith and pride in Doyle
    ~Sawyer ~

    The song "I love you" by Sarah McLachlan and Wesley's glasses so he can beat and jump over them
    ~Gabby ~

    My love of Irish accents to Doyle's memory...while he's on vacation
    ~Lara ~

    My own copy of Angela's Ashes and the song "Standing at the Edge of the Earth" by Blessed Union of Souls
    ~CobraGirl ~

    'Nothing Compares To You' by Sinead O'Connor
    ~Kelly ~

    The song "You were loved" by Wynona Judd
    ~Francesca ~

    My web page, which is still being made, my fanfic about Doyle, and the songs "I Will Remember You" and "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely"
    ~Xandra ~

    My saved bottle of fine Scott Malt in the hope he'll be back, even though he'll always stay in my heart
    ~Nicky ~

    The song "Seasons In The Sun"
    ~ Katy ~

    The song "I Will Remember You"
    ~Michelle ~

    The song "My Heart Will Go On"
    ~Jenny ~

    A bottle o' whiskey and a new copy of Angela's Ashes
    ~Rayne ~

    I wish to dedicate my personal search for inner peace to Doyle
    ~Diana Michelle ~

    A bottle of whiskey and a pub named after him
    ~Tigger ~

    K's choice '20,000 seconds'
    ~Maya ~

    My life
    ~Jacqueline Barrs ~

    I would like to dedicate my mind, body and spirit to the cutest half demon on TV. Love ya loads Doyle, se ya soon.
    ~lysette ~

    The song "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlan, because he will always be in my heart!
    ~Jessi ~

    My Irish heritage, all the alcohol I never drank, and his picture page on my website.
    ~Gabby Spike ~

    All my favourite moments from watching Doyle on 'Angel'.
    ~Robert McCallion ~

    Our love for our gorgeous Doyle!! Bring him back!
    ~Sophie Hargrave and Courtney Hughes ~

    One tear that I shed as I realise ok it's a programme but heroes do exist in the unlikeliest people.
    ~Chloe ~

    My heart, my soul, they belong to him, always and forever.
    ~Doyle s Cordy ~

    Stevie Nicks' song "If You Ever Did Believe"
    ~Bec ~

    The 'demon' in all of us.
    ~chris ~

    A version of Bif Naked's "Lucky" performed by Cordelia Chase.
    ~Pandora ~

    I would like to dedicate everything I do to the memory of my favourite character ever, Doyle!!!!
    ~Jaydene ~

    Umm... everything? Well almost... Doyle lives on!
    ~Jackie ~

    His seeing eyes from the powers that be; "The good fight, yea"
    ~ Anon ~

    A memory of great episodes of 'Angel' and his help in protecting my beloved slayer Buffy.
    ~Ross Paterson ~

    My Claddagh Ring.
    ~Shakira Hylton ~

    My Claddagh Ring.
    ~Christina ~

    I Will Remember You, by Sarah McLachlan
    ~Ashely ~

    A mirror -- as a reminder of who he truly was and who he will always be. A hero.
    ~Chrissa ~

    I would like to dedicate myself for I will never truly be happy untill we see Doyle again.
    ~Callista ~

    My ring, my love of the Irish, the songs "Wind Beneath my Wings", "I'll Never Break Your Heart", "Iris" and "God Must Have Spent...", and my creativity in Doyle/Cordelia fanfiction due to his character.
    ~TrinityDierdra ~

    I would like to dedicate a white rose for peace.
    ~Jessica ~

    'Don't let the sun go down on me' by Rodger Daltry.
    ~Jessy ~

    Candlelight itself - we hope you're having fun, Doyle.
    ~Messina ~