glenn quinn

Glenn Martin Christopher Francis Quinn was born May 28th, 1970, and was raised in Cabinteely, Co Dublin. He moved to the United States twelve years ago, and prior to his role as Doyle on Angel, was best known to American audiences as Becky's not-too-terribly-bright husband Mark on the long running sitcom Roseanne. Quinn attended Clonkeen College in Ireland, and took co-star David Boreanaz and his then wife (who is also Irish) on holiday during a two-week break in production in the summer of 1999. Although he spent years doing an American accent on Roseanne, he loves the fact that Whedon and producers made Doyle Irish when he was cast. In an interview with The Irish Times in July, Quinn said of his accent "I've been hiding it for so long that it's amazing to have some freedom. It was like putting on an old pair of shoes—it's bringing my soul back to life".

In addition to Angel and Roseanne, Quinn's filmography includes Dr. Giggles, Shout, Live Nude Girls, Covington Cross, Campfire Tales and guest star appearences on Jesse, Bagdad Café, and Beverly Hills, 90210.

Quinn is part owner with Mark Leddy of Goldfingers, a Los Angeles club with a 007 motif.


alan francis doyle

Alan Francis Doyle is human—on his mother's side. He's never met his father, a Brachen demon, and his spiky green demon genes didn't manifest physically until he was twenty-one years old. A grammar school teacher then married to the love of his life, Harry, he did not cope well with the revelation. His marriage disintegrated, and Doyle today hides behind the flimsy veneer of a ne'er-do-well hustler, seemingly more interested in where his next drink is coming from than helping others. However, he's a kind of halfbreed telephone for messages from the Beyond that come accompanied by a blinding migraine. Little more than pictures and sometimes a name, he sought out Angel and instructed the vampire to use his gift (or curse) to help those in danger. Doyle fancies Cordelia, and hides his demon side from her, afraid she'll reject him even more than she already does. A reluctant hero, he nevertheless shows great strength of character and a good, kind heart.

In the ninth episode of Angel, Doyle was killed while trying to protect Angel, Cordelia, and two dozen demon-human hybrids from a militant pureblood sect calling themselves The Scourge. Before his death, Cordelia learned of his heritage, and they shared a passionate kiss.

His ex-wife, Harriet, remains in Los Angeles.