Okay, I am not one of those folks who usually gives out awards. The fact is, I take a dim view on the common practive of sites handing out awards to high-traffic sites as a cheap ploy to drawn traffic to their own website. For that reason, I do not require the the winner put up the graphic with a link back to this site, nor will I be giving out these awards on any kind of schedule. But would like to recognise the winners here on this page, and I hope that you too will check them out.

Awarded March 1, 2000

NOTE: as of December 17, 2001, this site is no longer available!
The content and design are oustanding and comprehensive. These alone set this site head and shoulders above the rest, and I believe that zero's talent and hard work should be recognised. The site is a feast for the fan, and is easy to navigate, has eye-catching design, and continues to add new content on a regular basis, encouraging repeat hits.

Recipient: Candlelight
Awarded July 5, 2000

I very much enjoyed the crisp clean, spartan design and the content is a good as the design. A lovely tribute to a character whom we all miss dearly.

Recipient: Apparitions and Remain by Zero
Awarded September 1, 2000

It takes an extraordinarily good writer to convince me to read "fix-it" fiction, and Zero is that. in Apparitions she creates a rich, vivid mythology for the Land of the Dead, and all the chaarcterisations are spot on, and the plot and pacing are thoroughly enjoyable. This story stands head and shoulders above its fellows, and is only matched by its sequel, Remain. Zero's exploration of Doyle's death and miraculous resurrection is grounded in reality rather than melodrama, and the characters relationships are poignant and sweet without being cloying.

Recipient: Real by Amanda Wilde
Awarded September 1, 2000

I simply loved this vigenette about the nature of Los Angeles, relationships, truth, perception, reality, and hot dog vendors, told from Cordelia's point of view. Amanda has an excellent gift for setting, dialogue, and characters, which come through in this short but lovely piece.

Recipient: City Without... by Tammy Green
Awarded September 1, 2000

I am not usually much of a fan of apocryphal "alternate universe" fan fiction, and in fact have to be dragged kicking and screaming into reading it normally. But Tammy did an excellent job with the "what if?" premise, and I particularly liked how she built on the episode, but remained true to both Doyle and Cordy's characters.