Saving Me

by Celeste Inwood

Saving me:
Chapter One: The words I need to hear:

I can feel nothing but this pounding heartbeat, this really feels like the end, all those times Clark saved me seem to not matter at this moment. Today turned out as an average day, I went to the Planet, met Clark for lunch at the Talon and even chatted to Lana. Some sneaky sly stalker must have followed me, all I can feel now is pain stabbing pains all over my body, and I can barely breathe, see or think... I don't know what happened as I walked to my car someone grabbed me and threw me into his car. I couldn't make out the face but he had a knife he quoted "if you don't keep your mouth shut bitch I'll stab you!" I kept content and quiet but wet tears poured down my face. He spotted the tear stains and slapped my face. Rubbing it I tried to silently pray Clark would come, save me.

But of course the blood curdling stare of the man caught my attention, he had his hand out ready to slap me again. Without thinking I try and kick him in the crotch but he grabs me, holds me down so I can't move and beats me till I have bruises and cuts down my body. My lips are trembling with fear and my voice is shaken as he glances, these laser beams eyes with danger in them. He raises his hand to hit me again, but I try to struggle out of his strong grip... "STUPID, STUPID BITCH," he yells hitting me hard as I crying hysterically not able to hold it anymore. "PLEASE NO, PLEASE! PLEASE DON'T HURT ME ANYMORE!" I scream but this time he has a knife, he raises it above my arm which is exposed because of my low cut top. "STUPID, STUPID, STUPID," he yells slapping my face and cutting me with his knife on my arms. "PLEASE! PLEEEEASE!" I yell as he just keeps hitting me until I start hallucinating. "Now, are you going to tell me who Clark Kent really is?" he asked his knife in the air near my neck. I love Clark no matter who he loves and I will never breathe a word about his true origins. "NO!" I yell but he grabs the knife slashing my cheek with it, he kicks me under the car seat. I bang my head repeatedly because the driver is swerving and speeding through stop signs, the last bang is the final straw I finally pass out.

It was amazing how good Chloe makes me feel, her smile the way she laughs. Sitting down I replay our conversation about past years the Torch, high school and all the creepy stuff that happens in Smallville even Lana joined in the discussion. She makes me feel human even though I'm not... Things have gone well so far with me and Chloe; we have attended shifts at the Daily Planet and have occasional quiet romantic moments. God, I don't know what I would do without her, when Alicia died she held me close for hours on end, bringing me a hot chocolate from the Talon and letting me sleep on her lounge. God Chloe, Chloe, Chloe; what would I do without her love and warmth to comfort me.... I decide that even though it's gone eleven at night it would be nice to bring Chloe some coffee she would still be working late at the Planet... Grabbing my car keys I drive to the Talon where Lana is making some coffee.

When I wake up, I'm chained to the wall and blood is on my hands and knees. Where am I? God, am I going to die? Where is Clark have they got him too? I just give up crying salty tears sobbing and sobbing until I nearly literally make myself sick from all the panic. I wish that Clark was here holding me close, his warm breath telling me its okay. But I'm wrong, he's wrong, the man appears holding a gun to my head...

Chapter Two: I'm still grieving for you...

After one of Lana's amazing chocolate lamingtons (she is an awesome cook!) I push aside everything else to ask if Lana has seen Chloe drop in for some coffee. "Lana, has Chloe come in here for coffee?" I ask watching the Talon doors as the weather turns to rain. "Um no, and we are about to close."
"That's strange; could I get Chloe's coffee to go please?" I ask as Lana filled my request making a quick coffee .I smile thanks as I ran out into the pouring rain. He glanced at his phone, maybe if he sent her a text she would reply I mean the date or "lunch" went well right? Maybe she is avoiding me, but that's no like Chloe maybe I'll just ring instead. Ringing Chloe's number I use my heat vision to make sure the coffee stays hot for Chloe after all Smallville's weather tonight was colder than usual. I listen to the beeping noise then I hear with my super-hearing Chloe's ring-tone just a little beeping noise but it's enough to realize it's coming from Chloe's phone... Checking the streets I speed to the other side of the road and pick up a small mobile. Yep it was Chloe's small and practical. It flashes as I open it Chloe has made three calls at ten o'clock! That was an hour ago, she dialled my mobile three times and the Kent house twice, and I can't think why I didn't hear it with my super-hearing and all... I check my phone frustrated; typical, dead battery! What if Chloe needed me, not for coffee but help, real help? Like she was hurt or abused? I need a sign, something to tell me she is okay, anything... I race home and check the phone two knew messages? I press the button drumming my fingernails on the table dying eagerly for that message... I press the button a voice says: "Message one received at 10:05: CLARK GOD PLEASE PICK UP! "Second message received at 10:06: GOD PLEASE, PICK UP ANYONE! Message three: Received at 10:07: HELP! The message broke off with a man interrupting. "I WARNED YOU BITCH!" I heard the phone smash and cut off beeping. I feel my insides shake she sounds so scared more scared than she has ever been in her life! I didn't need a second thought I jumped onto the computer and traced the address...

I'm still crying and feel like I'm slowing dying, dying, dying... The man obviously didn't have the guts to kill me instead he shot me in the chest and I'm slowly, slowly losing my mind... If Clark doesn't hurry or anyone I'm going to- "HAD ENOUGH BITCH," the man yelled holding a knife close to my neck I know if I die I would die protecting Clark's secret I've heard about this you feel pain and then relief, no matter what I'm not going to do what Alicia did and tell the man Clark's secret he can forget it, I would rather die first!

My boots stamp up the stairs I can hear yelling, screaming and gunshots. Running and running there is nothing I can do if Chloe dies, God take me instead don't take Chloe please! "HAD ENOUGH, HAD ENOUGH YOU STUPID BITCH, HUH HAD ENOUGH?" a cold voice yelled. "NO PLEASE NO-OOOOO PLEASE, NOOOO!" I can hear Chloe screaming loudly pure fear in her quivering voice. "CHLOE!" I yell loudly X-raying rooms and rooms that seem endless. "CLARK! CLARK! CLARK! CLARK!" Chloe screams as I race up the twisting stairs following her voice. "I WARNED YOU, YOU BITCH NOW YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT!" the man repeats as I race in the man has a knife by Chloe's neck inches from slitting her to pieces. "LET HER GO!" I yell as he grabs the knife lunging for me the knife snaps in half as the guy runs away startled I grab him and knock him out. "CLARK, CLA-AAA-RK!" Chloe screams as I glance at her bleeding and bruised to the skin. "Oh God Chloe what have they done to you?" I ask braking the binds and chains on her body she falls collapsing into my arms. "Clark..." Chloe trails off hoarse...
"Chloe, I've got you, its okay, and its okay." I whisper but her body is becoming limp in my large arms. "Clark, they shot me..." Chloe trails off as I X ray her body two large bullets are in her body making her lose blood, I have to act fast or she'll die from the blood-loss! "Clark please, help me, get the knife." "Chloe just hold still I can dig it out just hold still." "Just kill me; please I've never been in so much pain!" Chloe cries as I hold her close glancing at her firmly.

"Just hold still..." Clark soothes as my body continues to try and shut down, he grabs my head and the knife. "P-p-p-please don't hurt me."
"Okay breathe slowly, its okay, its okay..." Clark whispers he quickly heats my body I feel nothing but sweaty absolute pain, before I can say anything he digs the knife deep beneath my skin his hands trying to grasp the bullet. "Clark..."
"Shhh, shh, it's okay Chloe, it's almost out I promise." He whispers as I feel the bullet tore out of my skin I let out a panicked exhale. "Its okay, it's okay..." Clark whispers pulling the next bullet out my skin... "OW!" I scream as he tosses them aside I collapse in his arms. "Oh God Chloe, I love you so much..."
"Clark I'm still bleeding..." I say quietly as he scoops me up. "Come on; let me get you home..." Clark whispers as we are home in a few seconds he lays me on his lounge and grabs some salt water and band-aids. TO BE CONTINUED...

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