'Til Kingdom Come (NC-17)

by Letia

Title: 'Til Kingdom Come (NC-17)
Author: Letia84
Pairing: Lex / AU
Rating: NC-17 for Sexual Content, Adult Language and Voloient Content Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Own by DC and Warner Brothers Summary:

Hello all this is my first fanfic story. It's based on Lex. It has some Smallville story line but it is mostly made up. The story is set a several years ahead of the show (Lex is about 28-30). Lex had a childhood friend named Faith Shaw and like everything in his life he keeps losing her. She's a rich kid to and sort of the female version of Lex without so much pain in her past.

The chapter's read in the 2 part in the present several years ahead then 2 parts in the past when they were younger and back and forth from Lex's point of view to Faith's. Whenever I'm in the past I'll say so in the title of the chapter.

I tried to use the Smallville timeline set up for Lex the best way I could nothing is really clear and I checked several websites to figure it out and settled on 9 when the first meteors hit, 11 when Julian dies, 13 when his mother Lilian dies, 21-22 when he's banished to Smallville by his father and meets Clark. I don't go past season three I think with info

Chapter One
Two Offers (Present Lex)

The noise from the crowd was all Lex could hear. His date had been blathering on for several minutes now and he had no idea what she was saying. He wouldn't even be at the this god forsake party after the art exhibit if he didn't have to smile at all the other rich people in order to keep up appearance.

He wanted to stop her persistent chatter so he opened his mouth to say her name but couldn't remember it. Her name was Missy, no wait Tina, no still not it... Dana. That right Dana.

"Dana do want another drink?" Lex interrupted her thought. She moved closer to him and pressed her body into him speaking in a very seductive voice. "We can leave when ever you're ready. I have been ready to f**k you Mr. Luther since you picked me up."

His mouth twitched into a half smile and he looked down at her face. Her eyes were hungry like she was going to eat him alive. And she clung to the collar of his black suit jacket. He rain his finger though her long brunette hair and placed the other hand at the small of her back just before her butt. He was touching bare skin the dress she was wearing had a long v shaped opening exposing her back to everyone that wanted to look. The dress was red and very short and tight. Completely inappropriate for this event but she look hot so he didn't complain.

She twitched a little in responds to his touch and spoke softly this time in his ear "So are you ready to leave?" He keep caressing her back thinking she was just his type tall, soft face, great lips, large breast but something was missing. She was beautiful yes but not what he wanted tonight.

He backed away from her removing his hands from her body and spoke as nicely as possible as not to hurt her feeling. "I think I should mingle a little. A few people I still need to make my presence known to. Do you mind waiting a little longer?"

He heard her whimper when he released her. Then she whinnied out after he spoke "Fine, I guess I can wait a little longer. Besides I have to make a trip to the little girl's room"

She was walking away and Lex signed in relief to be rid of her for a few minutes. What was wrong with him? He wanted to f**k when he asked her out what had changed now?

Lex started to work the room. Shaking hands with lawyers and CEOs. Making small talk about how business was.

He had settled his movement and was talking about a new drug Luther Corp was developing with the owner of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the city when he heard a familiar female voice behind.

He turned without thinking and saw short, curvy women in a long silver dress with an opening in the back similar to that of his date exposing her back for all to see. Even though she was a few feet away he could hear she arguing with the mayor about insurance policy.

He finished up the conversation as quickly as he could and made his way over to the women. He knew exactly who it was without even seeing her face. He knew the sound of her voice just as well as he knew the exposed curves of her back.

Once he reached her he tapped he shoulder and spoke in a sarcastic voice "This is supposed to be a business free exhibit."

She turned toward him with a huge smile on her face. "Its not my fault the mayor ask me what I thought. Besides don't people usually say hello to old friends when they see them not make sarcastic remarks." As she spoke she leaned her cheek toward him.

Lex chuckled a little and knew what the gesture meant he leaned down and kissed her lightly on the cheek. When he returned to his standing position she still had that huge smile on her face. The mayor was seemed happy about the interruption and walked off.

"Sorry, Hello" Faith. It's nice to see you again." It was really nice to see her. He scanned the rest of her body starting from the bottom up. The sliver dress draped on to the floor, it was sleeveless, tight around her curves and a modest amount cleavage, but as he looked down being slightly taller then her in just the right way he'd see the begins of her breast. She had long jet black hair with full curls that cupped around her round face. The dress so much more elegant then his dates and appropriate for the occasion. Finally, he looked into her dark brown eyes as she spoke.

"Hello to you too Lex. Where is your date? Passed her bed time?" She giggled under breath at her remark.

"No!" He choked. He couldn't understand why he could never control his voice around Faith. They had known each other for years. She was one of the few people that remember him when he had red curly hair as a boy. "She had to go to the ladies. So where is your date? One of those stiff lawyers again?" He gave her a half smile after his remark.

She gave him and annoyed look and spoke in a stunner voice "He's not stiff! At least he can have a drink. Besides what do see in those models anyway?"

"But he is a lawyer?" Lex said in the same sarcastic voice from before.

"I asked you a question first." She said

"She's 21 if you must know. By the way you look amazing."

Lex had no idea why he just complimented her but he couldn't help himself.

"Thank you look good, too. I always like the way your bald head is so shinny." she said. He couldn't understand her tone. It sounded slightly seductive to him.

"Do you want to talk out on the balcony for minute" she asks looking him right in the eye. He nodded in responds to her question and made their way to the balcony.

She had just moved back to Metropolis and he saw more and more of her in the city. Business and events like this kept them crossing pathways but they were rarely alone together. So he was interested in what she wanted to tell him and followed her to the balcony. He placed his palm at the small of her back just a little above where his hand had been earlier on his date and felt her warm soft skin.

They made their way through the French doors and looked over into the garden below.

Faith let out a sigh and then spoke not looking in his direction "So, I guess we can get to the flirting part of the evening."

Lex grinned to himself. He knew what she meant again. It was how they always talked to each other at lately. Light banter and then flirting. It never led anywhere at least not now. Maybe seven years ago, when they were together, but not now. Their break up was hard on him. She was his only real friend for a long time, but she turned her back on him. Somehow he managed to move past it, but their friendship was never the same.

Lex eyed her chest again, since she wasn't looking, at him and spoke "We could make small talk"

She sighed again and took a deep breath then spoke "I don't want to make small talk, nor do I want to flirt with you."

She was looking at him now. Lex adjust his gaze back to her face and his eyes widen at her words "What do mean by that?" he choked out.

She moved closer to him pushing him against the railing of the balcony. She was looking at him now with a wild look in her eyes. "Lex haven't you ever just wanted to do more then this flirting thing we do when we see each other. I assume your thinking about it, since you never look at my face when we talk. Sometimes think we aren't over each other yet, since used a lot we didn't get to have sex one more time before we broke up....I'd use a hyphen instead of ellipse"

Lex cut her off "What are you talking about? You want to have sex with me? We haven't slept together in years." His mind was racing why she was saying this. It was true he did regret not getting to burying his c**k in her one last time before they parted ways, but why was she saying this now? "What has gotten into you we're barely friends and now your talking about sex?" His voice was getting harsh and angry. He just couldn't control his tone with her.

She pushed herself closer to him. Lex could fell her body pressed against him. He could smell her familiar sent, he looked at her full lips she had on a glossy lipstick and he could do nothing, but focus on them. What hell was she doing, and why can't he control himself around her he thought?

She parted her shiny lips and spoke softly "I'm not trying to upset you. I'm pointing out that we are still attracted to one another, and maybe a physical release will release us from this attraction, so we can be friends again."

Lex shifted his stance trying to get some room from her, but she keep inching in on him. Her nipples were pressed up against his chest. They were erect, and it couldn't be from the night air. it wasn't that cold. It just meant she was aroused by him some how.

They stared at each other a long time and Lex final spoke "I don't think a couple of orgasms are going to fix our friendship problems Faith. As temping as it sounds, I think we should just stick with what we have." That was the second time tonight he the offer for sex.

What was wrong with him? When she frowned a little at his responds he came to realize he didn't want to leave with his date yet because he was waiting to see Faith. Now she was offering herself to him, and he wanted to take her offer but couldn't bring self to do it. She really hurt him.

She didn't move her body away from him even though he rejected her. She spoke softly again "Lex I'm not saying I want to get back together. I just want to get this attraction out of the way so we can be friends again. Don't you miss that? I haven't had a real friend in years. We've known each other since we were kids, and I think we can repair this mess with a couple of orgasm. I miss you as a friend. Don't you at least want to try?"

The last statement was a plea. Lex hadn't notice it before but though her speech he was now caressing her arms and exposed back. He did want to be friends again, but he still didn't see how sex was going to fix that. He didn't care he wanted her. His body was reacting to her. She reached up and stoked his scalp. This made him moan in his throat a little.

He had to stop this and get control back. He grabbed her arms and pulled her away from him then turned her to the railing. "Ok let's try." This time he was pushing himself into her. She shutter in responds to the closeness.

She leaned up to speak in his ear "Meet me at my penthouse in one hour." As she lowered her face she kissed the side of his mouth lightly and pushed by him and disappeared back into the party.

Lex was semi erect. He thought quickly. One hour. Need a plan. He made a quick list in his head. 1. Get rid of date
2. Pick up condoms
3. Meet his childhood friend at her penthouse 4. And finally make her come as many times as he could

It was an offer he couldn't refuse.

Chapter Two
Control (Present Faith)

"What the hell was I thinking" Faith was yelling at her self in the mirror again She only did this when she felt like she was about to lose control. "You can do this just calm down."

She washed her face off with some water and looked at herself in the mirror. She left the exhibit as soon as Lex said yes to her offer. She wasn't wearing her sliver dress anymore even though she knew Lex would probably want to tear it off himself but instead she fumbled though all her lingerie until she decided on a lacy black bra and panty set.

She was so nervous she could hardly keep her breathing under controlled. "Why am I like this"? she keep talking to herself. "It's not like Lex and I haven't f**k before so calm down."

When she was done ranting at herself she walked into to her oversized walk in closet toward the vanity table in the back. She looked in the mirror tossed her hair around getting the long jet black curls just right. Applied a little makeup. Checked out her body a little in the full length mirror next to the vanity and touch her soft curves.

She had to be at least 10 pounds heavier then Lex's date tonight. She definitely wasn't overweight since it was common practice for her to get yelled at every morning at 5:00 by her personal trainer. She was fit every where expect her large thighs and butt. None of these bad qualities seemed to bother Lex before but all she saw him with were models rather stick figures these days.

She looked over her face again and recited her plans in her head. 1. Get Lex into bed
2. Get Lex back as a friend
3. Get Lex back as her boyfriend
4. Get Lex to propose

So the last two things on the list were wishful thinking but she knew if she could get Lex to start thinking about her sexually again he would remember how much he still wanted her in other ways too.

She started to recall the night she broke his heart and her own. She had to. It was the only way to get what she need from her father to take control of the business. She regretted letting him go for the past seven years and had made plans to get him back.

He had to want her back she was his only true friend. Since he left Smallville to move back to Metropolis it was the perfect time now to convince him he wanted her back. Now that he was away from all the drama that she found out about in Smallville she might be able to get him to focus on her.

She turned her entire life around to do this. She left her house in New York and came back to Metropolis to keep and eye on him to see were he was at in his life and if she could squeeze her way back in.

While reviewing the details of her plan she heard the phone on the night stand ring. It was her doorman telling her that Lex had arrived. She hung up the phone, grabbed her silk rob and waited for him to knock on the bedroom door.

There was light knock on the door and she froze. She new the minute she saw him she might spill everything to him and tell him she was still in love with. She gave herself a minute to find her footing and heard a louder knock.

She walked over to the door and opened it slowly. Lex was standing there with a smirk on his face and a box of condoms. "Always prepared" she quirked.

He didn't let her say another work because he attacked her lips with his. The kiss was passionate and deep. His tongue slipped in her mouth and teased her lips. She tried her best to keep up with him. His hands reached out an pulled the robe off and then they were all over the place on her body.

He was still fully dressed in his tux from the exhibit so she started to pull away his suit jacket when he stop mid kiss but didn't move his hands from her. "Faith are sure this is going to fix things. Won't it just make things worse?"

She looked into his blue gray eyes and saw that he really didn't want to be saying this because his eyes were on fire for her. Not to mention the bulge forming in his pants that was now pushing towards her center. "It will only make things better" she tried to keep her voice controlled then pushed into his bulge.

He responded by kissing her again. This time slower linger over every inch of her mouth. She was finally able to get him out of his jacket, yanked the bow tie off and went to work on the buttons of his shirt.

He final settle one of his hands on her ass and the other flick away at her now hard nipples. She moaned in his mouth at the sensation. She started talking to herself again in her head "Keep it together Faith".

He stopped kissing her lips and started to nibble at her neckline then lowered himself to one of her breast. He pulled the bra off and teased one of her nipples with his tongue.

"Ahh" she spoke softly. It was getting to be too much. She felt herself now dripping into her panties. In responds to him playing with her nipples she pushed her aroused area into his pelvis and found that the bulge had grown. He grunted in responds to the action.

This went on for a few minutes Lex toying with her breast licking, sucking even biting, and Faith rubbing against him. "Can we move to the bed now?" she couldn't take any more and had to have him inside her now.

He stopped what he was doing and looked at her. "So you want to be boss tonight since this was your idea? Fine then tell me what you want".

She backed up toward the huge bed and spoke in low sedative voice "I never said that I just want to move to the bed. We don't have to play it that way. This is supposed to be about us both getting what we need from each so we can move on".

Lex followed her to bed and watched her sit down with her legs still hanging over on the side. He was now shirtless with his pants undone but still on. He knelt down between her legs and started to rub his palm over her panties. Looked up at her with a half smile when he felt how wet she was then spoke in a husky voice "I can still get what I need if you tell me what to do"

Faith was losing it. She was moaning ever time he touched her now. She looked down at him and started stroking his bald head the same way she did earlier at the party. "Do you have any suggestion as to what to do next?" Why did she say that she thought. He was giving her the control that she need and she just handed it back to him.

He gave her that half smile again and yanked the lacy panties off of her. He grabbed her thighs and lowered his head to her entrance "I can think of a few things". That was the last thing she heard before he started to lick at her dripping wet pussy.

"Oh God Lex" She cried out and lay back on the bed. He was working her over. She new it wouldn't take much for her to come. He tasted her and then found his way to her clit. Faith started pushing herself into his face but Lex keep her still with hands.

Then he lowered a hand to her entrance and placed in one figure and then another and started pumping them in and out of her.

"Ah Ah Ah" she was panting now. Clawing at his head trying not to scream out how much she loved him and missed him close to her like this.

He started to suck at her clit and that was it she came hard on his fingers clamping down on him and she roared out something he couldn't understand. He gave her a few more finishing pushes as she came down. He raised his head and looked up her "That was a good start. Now what do you want?"

"Get inside me already!" she roared at him. She was dying to feel him fill her up. He pulled off his pants and then search for the box of condoms he came with. They were on the floor at the door since he dropped them on his way in. He pulled one out the box tossed the box to the night stand, unwrapped the packet pulled the condom on and made his way back to her standing there with his hard body and hard c**k.

Faith stared at him for several seconds. This is what she wanted to be close to Lex again but not just his lover his everything again. "Are you going to do something with that?" she asked in a sly voice.

He grabbed her thighs again pulling her closer to him and raising her in the air. He positioned himself at her entrance and plunged into her. His first responds was a grunt and then he paused. Faith studied his face. He was trying to stay in control as much as she was. He started pumping in and out of her slowly at first. "Is this what you want?" he asked.

Faith was panting again. She turned away from his face it was too much to look at. She would tell him everything if she looked him. He lowered himself to her and whispered "I won't be offended if you screamed out a little. Stop holding back." Then he reached over and kissed her. She could taste herself in his mouth. Then he raised himself and quickened his rhythm grabbing at her thighs. "God you're so beautiful" he said

Faith was panting louder now. He told her to stop holding back but she couldn't do it. She started pushing herself the best she could in this position to match his rhythm. "Yeah that's it let go Faith" he said now with his head back and eyes closed.

His pace quickened in responds to her pushes and she was bouncing all over the bed now. Her breasts were all over the place. "Can you come? Touch yourself" he said.

So she did. She slid her hand down to her swollen clit and rubbed it. She was going to come again. "Faster Lex almost there" she said now looking at him again. He was sweating, clenching his jaw, and grunting ever time in pushed into her. "Yeah feels so good". he said looking down at her hand and his c**k working her over.

"Lex I'm going to come again....Just a little...." She didn't finish because she was coming again. Harder then the first time. She was thrashing wildly into him now screaming out again something he couldn't understand. Lex froze in place attempting to keep from coming she assumed.

"Now you do some work" he said almost breathlessly. He pulled out of her a walked over to sit in the bed. He sat up against the headboard checked the condom and motioned for her sit on his lap.

"I thought I was in charge here" She positioned herself over his c**k ready to sit down on him when he spoke "You were. Now it's my turn. You came twice I think I get to be in charge now". He pulled down her and pushed up into her entrance. Faith yelped in responds to him filling her again.

"Ok I guess two orgasm gives you the right" she said into his ear and started to ride him. This time she started kissing him and played around with the position until she found the spot that felt the best. His face shifted every time she moved and he was grunting again "Yeah ride me".

She was panting again in responds to his words. She pulled back from the kiss and looked at him. She liked the way he was looking at her like nothing else matter but her and him all over each. He pulled her closer to him and whispered in her ear again "Please let go for me this time. I won't tell if you want to scream a little." He pulled backed and gave her a warm smile.

She couldn't look at him again so she turned her head as not to. "No look at me this time Faith" he pulled her faced toward him and kissed her again his tongue playing around with hers'. She was riding him faster now and he pulled out of the kiss to start grunting out orders to her "Come on let go for me. Look at me. Ride me harder."

She tried to give him what he wanted but it was so hard. She was panting loud now as her third orgasm started to build. "Faith come on let go" he said and started pushing up into her.

This time she couldn't hold it back "Oh God! Lex! Lex! Lex!..." She just kept saying his name louder and louder while she rode him.

"Yeah that's it let go. Look at me. I want to see you come" he said holding her hips firmly bucking up into her thrust. "Come again for me"

"Yeah Lex! Going... to come...for you again...Oh God...missed this...miss you..." She heard herself talking but she couldn't stop herself her orgasm wasn't far off and she was dazed by it. She was looking at him. She couldn't look away. His face was clenched he was trying to hold out for her. Sweat was all over his hard body and his fingers were digging into her hips so hard it was going to leave bruises.

"Oh Lex! I still... I still..." she was panting out.

"Still what Faith? Tell me!" he roared out as he pushed into her. He reached his mouth down to bite into her shoulder.

That was it Faith let go and came and this time when she screamed he understood what she said "I still love you!"

Lex bucked up into her as she contracted around him and came too roaring out her name and grabbing at her pulling her as close to him as he could get her.

They were in that position for a while both breathing heavily. Lex pushed her up to see her face and spoke softly "So you still love me?" he said and gave her that smirk again.

Then Faith realized she hadn't kept herself in control.

Chapter Three
Keep Enemies Close (Past Lex)

Lex's father was screaming into the phone again. He was seated in the study of his father's mansion in Smallville doing what he was told. Lionel thought it would be a good idea that when Lex was away from boarding school to sit for a few hours a day and watch his father do business. He was 10 years old and on his way to be a man Lionel told him. So it was about time he learned the ropes.

Lex rubbed his bald head in boredom. He let his mind wonder to what was going to happen later on that night. He would see his best friend in the world his only friend. Faith Elizabeth Shaw attended the same prep school as Lex. It was winter break and he always spent it with his mother and best friend but now his father wanted in.

Ever since the meteor shower his father had been busy rebuilding Smallville and after Lex's recovery he increased his interest in him becoming the head of Luthor Corp.

"Well get it done and get it done down!" Lionel screamed into the receiver and slammed the phone down. "Lex listen to me closely" he said in a stun voice. Lex flinched in his chair and gave his father his full attention. "Keep you enemies close son. Remember that" then he gave him an agreeing nod.

Lex had no clue what is father was talking about. He had no enemies to speak of at the time. Tons of kids that didn't like him because his family was rich and all the kids that made fun of him now that he was totally bald but no enemies.

"Are you listening to me?" Lionel shouted.

"Yes sir" Lex managed to say with only a little hitch in his voice.

"You must be thinking about the damn Shaw girl again. Let me tell something about the Shaw's son." Lionel moved over to where Lex had been sitting and leaned in close now talking in a softer voice. "They are the Luthor's enemies. Her father is our rival in the business world. The only reason there coming here to tonight for dinner is so I can keep and eye on my enemy. You do well son to remember that one day that girl will take over her father's assets just like you will take over mine and she will be your enemy. You are not too young to keep an eye on your enemy. Don't forget that she is not your friend but your enemy" he signed as he finished his speech.

"Yes sir. I will remember" Lex replied to his father. He had no clue what he was going on about. Faith wasn't his enemy she was his friend.

His mother walked in on them and asks Lex to get washed up for dinner. Lex smiled and ran to the bathroom. He couldn't wait to see his best friend even if she was going to become his enemy someday today wasn't that day.

Chapter Four
First Time (Past Faith)

Faith was riding in the limo sitting next to her mother who was fussing with her hair. She was slicking down the up do and tossed the curls that flowed out at the end of the ponytail.

"Leave her be Constance" her father Albert said "It's just the Luthor's. It's not a party or something. Besides we pay someone to do her hair remember it looks fine and I don't need her looking any better for that Luthor boy. He's sixteen now and I've seen the way he looks at her with his shinny bald head."

"Albert stop" her mother said.

"What did I say?" he spoke back in and annoyed voice.

Faith sat in silence as her patents had there little argument. Her father always spoke about her as if she weren't there.

She didn't really care that he didn't like Lex. She was his best friend.

After his bother passed away a few years go he wasn't really the same. Then not to long ago his mother Lilian's health failed and she was gone now too. So Lex couldn't be considered and good but her father just hated him because his father was his business rival.

The car slowed and they have finally arrived. They had been going to the Luthor's for dinner for years now. Each year was harder since her father and Lex's father fought it out in the business world. Lilian had died and the only thing linking there families now was her mother. She made sure to have dinner with Lionel and Lex at least twice a year since. She felt bad for them since the family had so much lost. Really she felt bad for Lex. Her father complained about it all the time.

The door man lead them to the study were Lionel was at the bar making cocktails before dinner. Lex was standing by the fire sipping on a scotch. She was the only sixteen year old boy she new that was allowed a scotch.

When Lionel heard them enter he turned and welcome them. It was so phony. Faith new he hated there family just as much as her father hated his. He was just keeping his enemy close is what her father told her.

Lex turned and looked right at her. She wanted to give him a hug since they hadn't seen each in months because of school. They no longer attended the same schools. She was at an all girl's school in New York most of the year while he was in an all boy's school in Connecticut. She smiled instead. Knew her father would grab her arm the minute she walked over to him.

They had cocktails, and then made there way to the dinning room for dinner. On the way she lagged behind as did Lex. When their backs were turned and their father's deep in conversation Lex reached out to grad her hand. She clung to his hand for a few moments until they enter the room.

The dinner was like torture. Their fathers couldn't seem to do anything but fight but it was so polite. They boasted about their children, business, and houses, anything they thought of worth.

When it was finally over they said there goodbyes but Faith new better. She would be seeing Lex in a few minutes.

They made it home and Faith announced she was going to bed. She made her way to her room. It was dark and she called out quietly when she shut the door. "Lex? Lex? Where are you?"

He popped out from the walk in closet and scared her a little. "Why are you so quiet your parents sleep in the other wing." he quirked out. He had gotten in though her private entrance. Her doorman knew to let him in and keep it to himself.

"I know that!" she said in annoyed voice "You scared me half to death just now".

She was standing in front of him now and he brushed his thumb across her check and spoke "Sorry love. Are you at least happy see me?"

"Of course I'm happy to see you" she said softening her voice.

"Good" he said and he kissed her sweetly. This made Faith melt but she tried to keep it together enough to kiss him back.

"Lex" she said pulling away from the kiss. "I want to do more tonight"

"What does that mean Faith?" Lex said lowering his lips to her neck.

"I want to go all the way tonight"

He froze in place. She didn't know if he was glad or terrified about what she just said.

"Are you sure" he said his voice muffled in her neck.

"Yes I'm sure Lex. Have you changed your mind about use having sex?"

"No!" his voice out of control. "I was just checking. I don't want you to feel you have to"

Faith walked over to the bed and sat down and started to undress. Lex's eyes widen and he walked over to her.

And that night was the first time they made love

Chapter Five
Fit (Present Lex)

"Are you going to say something?" Lex said. He was still inside Faith holding her close to him.

He'd just had the best sex ever and couldn't seem to let her go. Then he started to process what she just said. She still loved him. That couldn't be true.

She was silent. Looking down at his chest. "If you are not going to talk then you have to get off me so I can take care of the condom" he tried to speak as normal as possible. He was starting to panic a little.

She got off him and turned her back to him sitting on the other side of the bed. He walked into the bathroom took care of the condom and cleaned up. He kept thinking she's still in love with me. How did this happen?

She had been back in Metropolis now for a few months. So he saw more of her then normal. She was doing business out of New York but made the announcement that she was relocating herself back home to Kansas for a while to take care of some things.

Lex was seeing her at events, businesses meetings, birthday parties, and anything that was happening that was a big deal she was there. Looking beautiful and smiling at him every time they ran into each other.

Now she was saying she loved him again. What the fuck was going on he thought?

He exited the bathroom and saw she was standing in her silky robe he tore off her earlier at the mini bar having a brandy.

"Are you ready to talk to me now" he said reaching for his pants and sliding them on.

"No not really" she said "I just want to take back the last few minutes."

"I said this would happen. Sex would make things worse not better" he walked over to her a put a hand on her shoulder.

She turned and buried her face into his bare chest breathing him in. "What should I say" she whined out.

Was she crying he thought? She never did. Not since her mother died had he seen her cry. He couldn't take her crying it was just too much. He couldn't stand crying. Saw it as a weakness something he wanted nothing to do with.

"Would you please look at me" he said hoping she wasn't starting to cry.

She pulled away and sat in the large chair next to the bar. She had not one tear in her eye and Lex signed in relief she hadn't started crying. "Lex I shouldn't have said that" she paused like she was trying to find the words.

He studied her face and couldn't understand why she said what she said and how he could get her to explain herself.

She started again "I should have kept in control but all those orgasm and I guess I just got lost in it." She grinned to herself.

"So you felt this way but didn't want to tell me?" Lex was now kneeling down in front of her again and put his hands on her shoulder and started stroking them. He couldn't keep from touching her. It was really annoying that he was letting himself be so open with her but he couldn't help it.

"I was going to tell you Lex just at the right time" she was shuttering a little under his touch she was enjoying it he could tell.

"And when would that have been?" his voice was starting to waiver. He was getting sick of her tap dancing around what just happened.

"Lex I wanted to tell you when I thought you felt something remotely close to what I was feeling for you." She started to spill out everything to him now. "I thought that if we had sex again it would remind you of how happy we once were. Then you would start thinking about us getting back together or at least being friends. I don't know. I should have known better then to try and play you. It's not the way I should try and start this again" she stopped talking and look deep into his eyes.

Lex didn't want to admit it but he was melting a little at the way she was looking at. She could always get him to feel this way with the right look.

She started again "Lex I'm sorry. I can never seem to get it right with us. I should have just stayed in New York."

"You moved here for me!" he shouted that question still unable to control his voice with her.

She looked away from him and sipped the brandy she was still holding then lowered the glass and looked back into his eyes "Yes. I've gone mad. You can say it".

"Faith if you wanted to be with me so much why wait for seven years. I was pronounced dead a few years back I didn't see you show up when I was found". He never fully remembered what had happen to him when he was missing but he knew that he was gone and somehow his father had done something to him.

"I did come to see you!" she yelled back at him getting up. He could no longer touch her it made him up set. "I went to your grave. I cried. I never cry you know that! When I found out you were alive I was thrilled but I knew what had happen to you and I didn't want to move in on you seeing as how you were just getting your life back together" she was breathing heavily now.

"Well I guess waiting another few years was a good idea then. My life is just perfect now." he was angry now he didn't know why but she had been feeling like this for years and never said a word it infuriated him.

"Look I'm not like you Lex I can't just turn my emotions off" she said in angry voice.

"What is that suppose to mean Faith? Are we really doing this now bringing up all those things from the past because if you want to then you will remember you were the one who left me?"

"God!" she screamed "Am I going to pay for that forever. I had to it was the only way to get what I wanted from my father. What did it matter anyway you didn't seem to care."

Lex couldn't control his breathing. He couldn't do this now. He started to search the room for his cloths. He was putting on his shirt when she reached to grab his arm with her soft hands that were just all over him in passion.

"Lex don't leave!" she yelled. He turned to look at her face and it looked so hurt that he was going like she would be lost if he went. "We can talk this out don't go." Her voice was soft now pleading.

"I have to leave Faith. I can't do this with you now" he pulled away from her and started to get dressed. She was making him feel and he didn't want to. He had to control his emotions.

She walked over to put down the glass she was still holding then before he knew it she lunged herself at him claiming his lips.

His mind was telling him to pull way but his body won and he was kissing her back. She wrapped her arms around his shoulder and started to rub his bald head.She pulled back from the kiss after a few moments and looked deep into his eyes.

Lex didn't want to leave anymore he felt his heart burning. He could never deny Faith. Not even when they were kids playing and she always had to be win. He couldn't tell her no. He didn't know if he felt for her what she was feeling. He hadn't thought about it for seven years.

"Lex please stay. We don't have to talk about this now. We can just sleep. We are exhausted. The sex was amazing and I know I'm not thinking clearly so please just stay and go to sleep." She spoke so softly now still holding on to him stoking his scalp. He loved it when she did that one of the few people that really took to his lack of hair.

"Lex?" she was pleading him to speak. He couldn't. He knew he would just say yes.

"Faith what happens when we wake? Are we just going to end up right back in the same spot yelling at each other?" He started to stoke her cheek with his thumb. He couldn't help but touch her.

"I have guest rooms you don't have to sleep in here with me. I just don't won't you to leave like this." He was now pushing his face into her palm.

Lex's minds was racing again. She was giving him another offer. "Ok" he sighed out.

She started to undress him again put he stopped her "Sorry I just got excited about you saying yes. I have to go to the bathroom and change then I'll be back" she said looking sad that he stopped her.

Lex took off his shirt and went to remove his pants but then thought about it and kept them on. If he was naked next to her he might get ideas. He climbed into the bed and waited for her to come back. He was on the left side of the bed. He knew which side she liked.

She came out of the bathroom and walked into the closet. She came out in a silky pajama outfit that included pants and a tank top that did nothing to hide her nipples from his site.

What was he thinking he couldn't sleep next to her again not after so long being without her? He just start touching her again. Then waiting to please her, wanting to hear her scream, hear his name on her lips said over and over again, then finally come in her. He couldn't do this.

Before he could move she was in the bed on the other side of him smiling because she knew he remembered that she liked the right side of the bed.

"Good night Lex" she said and laid down and turned so her back was facing him.

He laid down but didn't move for a few minutes. He wanted to hold her, caresses her, push his cock into her and make love to her again. He didn't he had to maintain control. Lying there he realized something he didn't just want to fuck her or have sex with her he wanted to make love to Faith. He wanted her back in his life.

He just wasn't sure she would fit.

Chapter Six
Not enough (Present Faith)

Faith was on the phone in her office looking over into Metropolis' downtown. She was attempting to calm a buyer to keep him from backing out of a deal. She managed to save things and hung up the phone.

She heard her phone go off again. She signed and picked it up knowing it would just be another problem she would have to fix. It wasn't it was the front desk informing her Lex Luthor was here for her 1:00 lunch meeting.

After they made love two months ago they some how managed to get back to being friends.

She woke the morning after and he was still asleep. Somehow he rolled over to her side of the bed and was clinging to her. She loved the feel of his warm body on her in the morning but wasn't sure how clingy he would be when he woke up. She didn't give him the chance. She woke up showered, got dressed, and went to work at 4:30 in the morning as to avoid him breaking her heart with a long speech about how she no long fit into his life.

He called her a few days later explaining that he wasn't up set she left and wanted to try being friends again. He put a lot of rules into the mix as well.

They were not dating just trying to repair their friendship. There was to be no more sex since it clouded their judgment. They couldn't even be alone together.

She agreed to the terms didn't want to but agreed. They were having a steady 1:00 lunch every Friday and Lex even escorted her to a few events she had in Europe during last month. They went over to each others homes and had late dinners often since they both keep long hours. They saw each other all the time.

"Send him in" she said out loud then turned off the speaker phone.

Lex walked into her office and sat on leather soft across from her desk. "Why is it every time I come to meet you there is a pile of papers on your desk and you aren't ready" he said then gave her an annoyed look.

He was wearing black pants, a dark purple shirt no tie and long jacket. She couldn't keep her eyes off him as he made himself comfortable on the sofa. "Sorry I just finished a call and I'm ready to go now" she motioned to grab her suit jacket and walked to the open door. The door was still opened keeping up with his rules never alone together. Her secretary could hear everything if the door was open so they weren't alone.

She was wearing a gray suit with a shimmering blue top. She wanted to be professional and as feminine as possible in a world normally run by men.

Lex watched her closely as she put on her jacket waiting for the elevator "What did I do now?" she asked in annoyed voice looking at him

"Nothing I just don't understand why you tie your hair up so tight all the time. Its better down" he gestured to her up do as he spoke.

"Yeah just what I need my hair to be all over my face while I try to conduct business. If it makes you feel better I will take it down now." Faith reach for the clip holding her hair in place gave it a few shakes and said "Happy now?"

He nodded and smiled "Much better". Then the doors to elevator opened and they walked in. Elevators were hard since they'd never knew if they would be alone in them.

They were this time and like always Lex stood as far away from her as possible like she had the plague or something. She hated this it just wasn't working the way she wanted it to. He rarely touched her and when ever he looked at her and she noticed he would jerk his gaze away from her. Why was he making this so hard? If he loved her back just say.

They made it to an up scale caf in town and were seated as soon as they walked in. They agreed on a white wine and made their orders. Eating there meals Faith had a plan of attack today she was going to get Lex to kiss her.

She cleared her throat after he finished ranting about some merger he was working on and spoke "So it's been two months why haven't we kissed yet?"

He was sipping his wine when she said it and he almost spit it all over her. "What!" he roared. He could never seem to mange his emotion around her.

"I know about all your rules but you never said anything about kissing and face it Lex we are dating. I see you all the time. Somehow you always mange to keep some sort of staff around when we are having dinner at each others places keeping up with your rules but I think you are doing it because you are afraid I'll kiss you. I won't mind you kissing me first. Besides it's not one of your rules. Friends kiss all the time as things change between them. So face it things are changing between us and I don't see why we can't kiss" she finished and took a deep breath.

She was pleased with her speech but Lex was looking so confused "I don't think we should kiss" he said lowering his face to his plate. He was attempting to compose himself then look back at her "Things are going so well with our friendship again. I don't want to mess things up with kissing that could lead to other confusing things. I agree things have changed between us but I want to take it slow. I got so hurt the last time and I refuse to feel like that again".

He laid out his feelings and it crushed Faith. She thought he would leap over the table to kiss her but maybe she was miss reading what was going on with them.

They finished their meals made some more small talk. It was her turn to pay and she did then they made their way back to the limo.

They didn't speak they sat on opposite sides as always with the window lowered so the drive could look back and see them. Never alone it was a rule Lex was strict about.

When they reached her office she said her good byes and motioned to exit the door. Before she could he grabbed her arm and pulled her into a kiss.

It was passionate. There lips pressed together then Faith opened for him and he slid his tongue into her mouth flicking it around with her's. Faith did what she always did and grabbed at his bald head to rub it. He moaned in her mouth at her touch then let go instantly as things were starting to build up.

"Dinner with me tonight at my place? Is 10 ok I have a ton of work" he spoke like everything was normal.

Faith nodded and smiled then got out of the limo. She was glad that they had kissed and her plan worked but it just wasn't enough. She had a new plan. Get him to have sex with her again.

Chapter Seven
Say Good Bye (Past Lex)

Lex arrived at the Shaw estate with his father early in the morning on a Saturday. He didn't know why Lionel dragged him here he could have saved him the trip seeing as how he just left Faith's room about an hour ago to return home to his own bed.

They were showed into the study and Faith's father Albert was staring at them as they entered. Albert hated Lex he knew that but didn't care. Lex was sure he would hate him even more if he knew his daughter was giving herself to him on regular bases for the past six months.

Even though they were at separate boarding schools now Lex would drive to New York when ever he could to see Faith. He wasn't concerned about grades seeing how his fate was sealed to run Luthor Corp. A job he didn't really want.

He didn't just run to her for sex either she was still his best friend and the only person that understood him. So he loved to spend time her. Even when she was studying he could just sit in her dorm room and watch her. She always said it felt creepy but never made him leave so he assumed she never meant it.

"Good your here" Albert spoke and gestured for them to take a seat "Faith will be in shortly she was out for a morning ride."

Lex knew what he was talking about she told him before he left she was going to go horseback riding and invited him along but he declined it was too early in the morning for so much exercise.

"Would you like a drink" Albert looked at Lionel. "A scotch would be great. Calm the nerves about this whole mess" Lionel replied.

"What is going on?" Lex final broke his silence.

Albert moved close to him he could feel his breath "You'll find out soon enough".

"That's enough Albert." Lionel said nudging him back.

"Daddy you wanted to talk..." Faith paused when she saw Lionel and Lex standing in the study. "Hello Mr. Luthor and Lex. Is this visit business or pleasure" she changed her tone and switch on her proper voice. He hated when she did that it just wasn't her.

Faith shook his father's hand and gave him a concerned look. Then she motioned to the bar for some water. She was wearing tan riding pants, black riding boots, black turtle neck, her dark hair was tied backed spread down her back, and she was carrying her helmet and riding crop. Even though they appeared to be in some sort of trouble he started at her anyway.

"Stop looking at her" Albert yelled standing in front of Faith blocking Lex's view. "I think you have seen enough of her".

"Why don't we just get on with this" Lionel said in an annoyed voice.

"Fine" Albert walked over to his desk and picked up a long box and handed it to Faith. She opened it and her eyes widen in fear. She scanned the room settled her frighten gaze on Lex.

"What is it? What the hell is going on?" Lex was furious now he couldn't understand what this was about.

"It's the test Lex" Faith said in a soft voice "They know were having sex. It's the pregnancy test I took a month ago" she turned to her father and spoke in an irritated voice "You know this is negative right daddy? It was the birth control that threw off my cycle. Lex and I practice safe sex. "

"It doesn't matter if it's negative or not Faith" Albert was yelling again "You let this boy touch you. A Luthor I can't believe it".

Lionel cut in "That's enough. You think I'm thrilled about my son lowering himself to be with you daughter..."His father trailed off and Albert was yelling back.

Lex was froze he couldn't believe what was happening. He knew this wouldn't end well. That he was about to lose Faith. "She's not pregnant. What is the big deal? We are in..."

Lionel interrupted him before he could finish. "Oh please Lex you're a child you don't know what love is besides you are not here to speak but listen. Albert get on with it I want to get out of here."

"Fine I want you gone as well. Faith you are not going to see Lex again. You are going to finish out school in England. Lex don't attempt to contact my daughter again. The same is for you Faith. We are stopping this before the two of you ruin your lives." Albert turned to Faith and held her shoulder "Faith you are destined for great things Lex will only hold you back. He'll make you soft and in business as a women that will not be tolerated."

Lionel pointed at Faith and spoke "Lex say good bye to her so we can go".

Albert moved away from Faith so he could see her. She had tears in her eyes and wasn't speaking at all. Lex wanted to hold her tell her that they would get pass this but he couldn't. He just stared at her and watched her cry. He knew that when his father made a choice it was final and the same was for Faith's father.

"Lex snap out of it and say good bye to the girl so we can go." Lionel was yelling again.

Lex said good bye to her and his father lead him out of the room to the car and away from his only friend. He said good bye to the only person left in the world that he believed loved him. He said good bye to Faith for the first time.

Chapter Eight
Get Away (Past Faith)

Faith was fighting with her father again. She should have been at Harvard and she wasn't home for winter break or the summer. She was back for her mother's funeral. The cancer had spread from her ovaries and slowly killed her mother for a year.

Her father ordered the most God awful flowers she had ever seen. They were something her mother would have never ordered and she was making sure he new it. "These things should be thrown out. You know mom would have wanted white orchids. These things are all insult to her."

Since that day he took Lex away from her she stopped calling him Daddy. She knew it hurt him. When he heard her call him daddy it reminded him that she was his little girl and a role she no longer wanted to play.

The service was painful. Faith hadn't cried since the day Lex had to say good bye to her. She was 20 years old now and still in love with her high school boyfriend. She never got over what happen to them and always hoped he hadn't either.

She new he was back in Smallville again. After she left his behavior got worst. After all the trouble he got into in Metropolis his father banished him to Smallville.

Faith was at the burial site looking down at her mother's coffin. She wished someone was here to hold her hand. She really wished it was Lex. The pastor said his say and then announced she was going to sing a song.

There was a chill in the air and it was gray and cloudy. The day matched the way she felt.

Faith stood in front of the crowd of people her father had pulled out the wood work to be here. People she knew but none of them were Lex.

She started to sing the first verse of Amazing Grace her mother's favorite hymn. Then she noticed the crowd shift. She couldn't make out who was causing this right away but she saw a set of white orchids in someone's hand.

She sang out as loudly as she could hoping her mother could hear her where ever she was. People started to tear up but she couldn't understand why none of them loved her like she did and couldn't possibly understand how much it hurt to lose her.

She finished the song and the owner of the white orchids was visible. It was Lex. He was taller then she remembered and dressed all in black. She signed with relief that he was their. Someone that actually could understand how much this hurt.

She looked over at her father who was making and angry face in Lex's direction.

The pastor said his final words and people started to walk over to her and her father. She looked down the line and saw Lex wasn't there. The last person gave her condolences and she was so up set Lex didn't wait.

Her father walked off with an associate and started talking business. His wife was dead but he still kept his number one priority ahead of her, money.

She was watching the men that were going to put her mother in the ground when she felt a light tap on the shoulder. She assumed it was her father urging her to get to house before people arrived and she had to play hostess now since her mother was gone.

She spoke without turning "Father I'll be there when I'm ready."

"I'm not your father". She heard the voice and it sounded like Lex but it was little different. "But I'm sorry for loss and that I wasn't here sooner.

She turned and was looking at Lex. She didn't speak a word just stood there dazed. He ran his hand though her now short hair "You finally cut it. I like it long but this is nice to." he said.

She still said nothing. He was just stroking her hair looking into her eye. She felt like she was going to cry. Hadn't felt like that in years. "Thank you for coming" she final spoke in a tiny voice. "Can you get me out of here? I can't go home. I have to get out of here."

"Of course. My car is this way" he pointed behind her. He took her hand and led her to the car. His hand was warm and firm. She never wanted to let it go.

"Faith!" she heard her father's voice call out. She didn't turn to him. She let Lex lead her away from him.

They settled into the sliver Porsche and Lex started the car "Where do you want to go?"

"Out of Smallville, out of this state, out of this country, out of this world if possible" Faith said in an exhausted voice.

Lex moved his hand to her face and turned it to him "I can get you out of the country but will have to stay on earth" he finished with a grin and drove off.

Faith was so thankful Lex had come to take her away.

Chapter Nine
Right (Preset Lex)

"Fuck! Fuck!"

Lex was yelling at himself under his breath when he got home and his staff told him Faith had been waiting for him. It was 10:45 and he told her 10:00. He hated being late to see her.

"Don't worry sir. She's having a drink in the study waiting for you. She doesn't seem up set" his doorman told him.

Lex made his way to the study. He was thinking about the kiss in the limo earlier today. If he kissed her again he knew it would be his undoing.

He was letting the idea sink in that he was still in love with her and he wanted her back in his life but didn't know were to start.

He walked into the study and saw she was sitting with her back to him starting at the fire. He wanted to walk over to her and kiss her again but he resisted the urge and made his way to the bar. "I'm sorry I'm late. Things got out of hand" he said pouring himself a drink.

She stood and walked over to him "Its ok. I have been picking though your wine cellular if that's all right." She leaned in close to him.

She was gesturing for him to kiss her cheek. He couldn't he wouldn't be able to stop if he did. She stood still and waited for him to move. "How was your day?" He said moving passed her to the sofa with his drink in hand and set it down on the coffee table and sat on the sofa.

She sighed and followed him and sat really close to him. He scanned the room looking for someone from his staff but no one was there. They were alone. She did this he knew it. She told everyone to stay away.

Damn it there was no one there keeping and eye on them. He let his mind wonder about what he could do now. He watched her reach for her glass and take a sip. He look at her lips the entire time saw her lick them when she was done. His cocks twitched a little at the site of it.

She put the glass down and looked at him. He was trying not to think about kissing and sex but that was all that was on his mind.

He loved her why couldn't he show her. He couldn't. He made a rule. Sex mixed things up. He wanted to be sure he wanted her not just her body but his body had other ideas as his eyes settled on her exposed legs. "What the?" he thought she was wearing pants this afternoon at lunch.

She changed. She was doing this on purpose trying to corner him. She picked up her glass and pointed it at him "My day was fine. You want to try it you keep staring."

He jerked up a little when she said it. He took the glass from her and sipped the wine. She studied him while he drank. "Good?" she asked.

He put the glass down and nodded. "Why are you so quite? Is this about the kiss? We don't have to do it again if you don't want to" she said

Lex did want to kiss her again and do more then that. She reached over to stroke his hand with a concerned look on her face. He must look really uncomfortable because he was. He wanted her and was acting like a little boy.

"I wouldn't mind if you didn't stop at kissing" she said with a sly smile at the end of the statement "I wouldn't mind if you wanted to go all the way tonight".

It was almost the same thing she said the first time they ever had sex. He couldn't take it anymore. So he grabbed her and kissed her. He moved his hands all over her.

She moaned in his mouth as he touched her and she was rubbing his head again. It made him moan too.

They were really going at it when Faith reached for his cock. She rubbed her hand against it. He was hard all ready.

He pulled away and stopped her "Wait. I want this but I have to say something first." Her face was flushed and she was up set he pulled away but nodded and listened.

"I have come to the conclusion that we are dating. My rules are insane. I can't keep seeing you under those strict conditions".

She interrupted him "There your rules Lex". She reached over to rub his head again. He leaned into her and signed but pulled away again.

"Let me finish! I want to be more then friends. I want to try being a couple again" he paused and held her face and looked right into her eyes he wanted to say he had to say it was burning in his thoughts. Then he signed and spoke "I still love you too."

She leaped at him after that. She was on top of him before he could stop her. She was pulling his clothes away and kissing him.

Lex responded and their tongues played around each other and his hands dropped to bunch up her skirt and grab her thighs. She got off him and stood tossed off his shoes and hers then reached to undo his pants. He lifted himself so she could get them off and she freed his erection and she smiled at it as she got on her knees.

She was going to suck him off. Lex really wanted her to but before her mouth touched his cock. He raised her head and said "Don't you have something to say to me first."

She smiled and replied in a matter of fact voice "You know I love you. Now do you want me to get to work or not?" she shifted her eyes to his pulsing cock.

"I just wanted to hear it back. Now we are on the same pagggee...." His voice went high pitched because she was now licking his length. Taking care of it the way he liked. She'd hadn't done this in seven years but she knew what would make him lose control.

She started sucking at the tip of his cock. "Fuck!" Lex was yelling out. He couldn't hold himself back. Faith slid the rest of him inside her mouth licking and sucking all the way to the base of his cock. "Fuck! That feels good!" Lex grabbed at her shoulders with one hand and the other pushed her hair away from her face so he could see her.

Faith looked at him hungrily. And she started bobbing her head up and down his cock. Lex was pushing into her mouth a little getting her into the right rhythm. Faith responded and Lex was clawing at her shoulder now "Fuck!" he said again and it seemed to be the only word he could form.

Faith's head was moving quickly and Lex knew it wouldn't be to long before he came. He saw her reach a hand under her chin and she started massages his balls. Lex bucked up into her mouth at the sensation and came in her mouth. Faith did her best to sucked and swallow what he gave her then gave him a few more calming sucks and looked at him with a big grin "Please tell me you can go again soon."

Lex lifted her from her knees and started to undress her like she had done him. He sat her down on his lap and she was straddling him on the sofa. He started to kiss her and rub his hands all over her naked body then rested his hands on her breast and played with her nipples.

Faith was moaning in his mouth and pushing her wet center into Lex's cock. His cock responded to her push he wanted to be inside her now so he stop the kiss "We need a condom" he said out of breath.

Faith got up and went over to her bag on the coffee table. "Damnit" she said as she tossed everything in her bag on the table looking for the condom. "Got it" she said and handed it over to Lex.

Lex was fully erect again put the condom on and motion for Faith to come back to his lap. She shook her head no. "What? This isn't what you want? Have you changed your mind?" his voice was strained he didn't want her to change her mind not now he was so hard.

"No! I still want to. I just don't want to be on top. I want you to..." Faith ran off from him. Lex knew what she was doing. A game they played from time to time. She would run and pretend to get away from him but Lex would catch her and they had sex were ever he caught her.

She ran over to the billiard table on the other side of the room. She was breathing heavily now and looking over at him chasing after her. "To old for this game? Seem slower then you used to be" she let out a laugh at her remark.

Lex was on the other side of the table now looking determined to get her. She went right then left and Lex keep with her. His cock was aching now and there was nothing else to do but jump the table. He did and she was so shock she hesitated in getting way.

Lex grabbed her and pushed her into the wall. He lowered one had to her clit and started to rub it for her just the way he knew she liked. "Yeah like that" she was clawing at his shoulders now.

Lex kissed her again mingling there tongues together again. He pushed two fingers in her to check to see how wet she was. He confirmed she dripping for him he pulled his hand away grabbed her ass with both hands and used the wall to lift her in just the right position so he could enter her. Faith responded quickly and wrapped her legs around. "I missed this Lex" she was looking at him with fire in her eyes. "Me to" he replied and plunged his cock into her.

She was so wet and tight. It was obvious Faith hadn't had sex with anyone since Lex two months ago. He loved the idea that she as waiting for him to decide if he wanted her but he also felt bad he made her wait so long.

Lex started thrusting up into her and every time Faith groaned. "Lex faster please! Faster!" she was begging him. He quickened his pace banging her into the wall so hard he was scared he was hurting her but he couldn't stop now and she was urging him on so he didn't.

She was still holding on tight to his shoulders. Lex was starting to sweat the position was taking its toll on him. "Please come soon Faith" now Lex was begging.

"Just a little more... almost there... harder Lex...Oh God..." She was just yelling now and Lex loved how out of control she was. The last time she was holding back so much he couldn't tell if she was enjoying it not until the end when she finally let go.

"I'm going to...." She finished with a scream. She came hard clamping down around his cock. Lex pushed into her as far he could and came too. He couldn't control it she was so tight around him.

He held her in place for a few seconds then slid out of her and placed her down. Her knees buckled and he had to catch her to keep her standing "Oh! That was so good Lex I can't stand" she said breathing heavy. "I love you so much Lex" she said.

"I love you too" he said then felt a pain in his chest. He didn't know what it was about but it felt like happiness which he rarely felt.

He had her back again and for a moment everything seemed right.

Chapter Ten
People Change (Present Faith)

Faith woke up in Lex's bed. His arm draped over her stomach. She tried to roll away but he pulled her closer and pushed his pelvis into her butt. She tried again and it was more of the same. She jerked herself this time and Lex let go and groaned then turned over.

She never slept alone anymore. Two months had passed since he told her he loved her again and they made love against the wall in his study. So they made love every night now and slept together. It was the best sleep Faith had in years. She felt so relaxed with Lex sleeping next to her.

She pulled on his light blue shirt that he tossed into the chair the night before and breathed in his scent. "You can smell me all you want if you get back in the bed". She turned and Lex was looking at her tapping the bed for her to get back into it.

"I would love to but I really should get going" she said walking toward the bathroom.

"I sleep in when we are at your place." Lex followed her to the bathroom grabbing at her waist stopping her from moving.

He was naked and hot. His hard body was pressed into her and she was resisting the urge to push into his morning erection. Faith knew it would only lead to her being late. "I have to go and I did sleep in its 6:00am." She finished and pulled out of his grasp.

"Fine! Deny me my morning dry hump on your ass. I'll just take it as a sign that you are sick of me after only two months." Lex said walking back to the bed playing like he was disappointed.

Faith grabbed his arm and stopped him then kissed him. He pulled her close to his erection and started to thrust a little "You look better in my shirt then I do" then he started to nibble at her neck.

She was getting into this and had to stop. She had a meeting at 7:00am and did need to get going. "Lex we have to stop this. I know you can't stop once you start. You can get in the shower with me and I can give you a morning hand job instead."

He stop kissing her neck and spoke" What are you waiting for your going to be late get going" he said and smacked her butt. She ran into the bathroom and he chased after her.

Faith made it to her office just in time for the meeting. She had a shipment stolen a week ago and was trying to sort out with her people to find out who took it and get her shipment back.

"What about superman could we ask him" one of the three men said.

"What?!" Faith yelled out "I'm paying you to find my shipment and the people that took it. Not superman! I never want hear such nonsense again!" She moved over to the man sitting in the chair in front of her desk. "If you can't do the job then don't waste my time." She looked at him like she was going to break him in half

"Yes Miss we can get the job done." He and the other two men walked out of the office. Then Faith's phone rang her secretary told her that her father was here to see her. "Send him in"

This was perfect timing Faith was in business mode and was ready for him.

"Hello. You got a late start to day. I was here at five. Must have been busy with Lex Luthor" he was talking at her but not looking at her just walked to sit on her sofa.

He was a lot older looking now since his heart attack five years ago. After which Faith rid herself of the last bit of fear she had of her father and took over everything. When he was back to his old self after the company was in her power and there was nothing he could do about.

"So you are here to try to tell me to stay away from Lex? Father you can save it I'm not a child anymore. I own Shaw Industries now. Not you and things are going fine. Lex is not getting in the way of business." She was standing over him now by the sofa

"Faith I don't say these things to hurt you I just want you to be happy and..." she cut him off "Father when have you ever been concerned with my happiness? You know what don't answer that I want you to leave. I have another appointment I have to get to."

Albert Shaw stood up and motioned to leave. He was at the door and turned to her and said one last thing "You don't know him anymore Faith. He's not the person you knew when you were kids. People change" then he left her office.

After several hours of work Faith made her way back to Lex's penthouse. His doorman said he was in his office. So she made her way through the house to his office.

He was sitting at his desk rubbing his forehead. He looked so stressed. His dark blue tie was undone and suit coat tossed on the floor. "Is everything all right." She said entering the room.

He looked up and she couldn't read his face at all. This morning he was so loving and now he looked a million miles away. "What are you doing here" he said in and annoyed voice.

"What is wrong? Are you up set with me? Did something go wrong at work? Lex look at me!" Faith was getting worried.

"I just need some time to my self so can you go?" he said walking away from her.

"Lex don't do this. Don't shut me out. Talk to me. Maybe I can help." She followed him around the room.

"Stop following me. I don't want you around right now. You make me feel weak and things are falling apart now because of you so just leave me be for a few hours so I can think." Lex's voice was so cold. She never heard him speak like this to her before.

"Fine. I'll leave" then she stopped herself from walking away and spoke again "Lex is this your dark side coming out now that you keep talking about. I'm not afraid of it. Talk to me!" she said her voiced slightly raised.

He had been talking about how he felt himself slipping into darkness lately. He couldn't keep it in control anymore. Things really got out of hand in Smallville and things just got worst when he moved to Metropolis.

He reached for and grabbed her arm so hard it was going to leave bruises. "I asked you to go. Now let me help you leave." He pushed her out of the office and closed the door.

She knew he was different but she never expected him to be so cold to her. She was so angry with him for not letting her in just now and also thinking that her father was right about him. People change.

Chapter 11
Let go (Past Lex Age 20)

Lex was sitting in main cabin of his father's yacht. Faith was showering and changing in the bathroom. Lex made a few calls and drove to the Luthor Corp. jet. It took off and they landed in Florida and then went to one of the Luthor's yachts with a staff waiting for them when they arrived.

Faith wanted to leave the planet so he assumed that going out to sea might be the next best thing to space. Just open water and nothing around for miles might help clear her head.

He read in the paper that morning about her mother dying. She had always been so kind to Lex. Especially when his own mother died. He had to pay his respects to her. He also had to check in on Faith. She was there for him and he had to be there for her.

"I feel much better now" She said coming into the cabin with him. "What do we have to eat?" she said sitting down next to him.

She was wearing jeans and a tight black tank top she picked up from a boutique before they got on board and her feet were bare. Her short hair was dry and curved around her face. Lex thought she look better then he remembered and she was lot sexier then he remembered

They hadn't seen he tried to sneak into her dorms in England but they fell back into friendship as if nothing happened. "The staff prepared some seafood" he said walking to the dinning area and she followed him.

"Lex thank you for doing this. I just couldn't think straight to get myself out of there" she said behind him.

They made it to the dinning area and he turned to her and bought her into an embrace. She felt so good. He started stroking her hair. He didn't know what it was about her short hair but he was compiled to touch it. "Stop thanking me. It was nothing I just made a few phone calls."

She reached up and kissed his cheek then pulled away and headed for the food. Lex was so turned on. She still had this power over him and he hadn't seen her in years.

They ate and caught up. After dinner Faith wanted to go to bed so Lex lead her to the master bedroom on the ship and told her he would be in the guest cabin if he needed her.

"Would you stay and talk some more" she asked sitting on the bed.

"Of course" Lex said and sat next to her. He was starting to think dirty things. About having his way with her on the bed. Did she still scream at the top of her lungs when she came? What did her breast look like now?

He had to stop his thoughts. Her mother just died. He'd taken her there to comfort her in her time of need not sex. He wanted her though.

"Lex would you do one more thing for me?" she asked scooting closer to him.

He could smell her now and the scent was the start of a soon to be painful erection. "What do you need?" he said as normal as possible.

"I need you to either burn matches on me or...or have sex with me. I can't feel like...this anymore...I miss her so much....I...just need to feel...something else" her words were breaking up and she was crying throwing herself into his arms.

Lex's mind was racing. He hadn't seen her cry since that day he said good bye to her. He wanted to have make love but he didn't want to have her again then just lose her once they got back to the real world.

He wanted her and he was going have her if it was only for that day. "I'm not going to burn you. So I guess it will have to be the sex" he said stroking her hair again.

At his words she jumped up wiped her face and started pulling off her cloths. "You do have condom? Please say you do."

Lex was frozen for a moment in anticipation to see her naked body again. Then he pulled a condom out of his pants pocket.

"Always prepared" she said now naked and sitting next him working him out of his shirt. He was just sitting here letting her undress him staring at her.

Her breast were larger then he remember, he stomach was still so flat , and hips, thighs and ass hadn't changed much. She was still curvy and he loved the fact that she wasn't a stick figure and it gave him something to grab on to.

When she was satisfied with there lack of clothing. She ran her hands all over his body. It made him quiver a little that she was touching him again. "Lex you don't have to do this. I'm a little messed up right now but I don't just want to forget about today. I still have all these unresolved feeling about us and..."

Lex didn't let her talk anymore. He kissed her soft and slow. He knew that's what she needed. She placed her hands on his head and started rubbing it. He moaned into her mouth.

He lowered his hands to her body and started feeling all over it examining the places that he once knew so well. She was so soft all over and when Lex placed one hand between her legs she was also wet. She must have been thinking about this as much a he was. He was hard now and she reached out to stroke his length.

He stopped her and spoke" Let me please you first" and then slid one finger into her wet entrance She moaned and clung to him opening up wider for him. He slid another finger in her with the first and started to slowly pump them in and out. She started panting and breather heavier

"Oh Lex! That feels so good." she said lying back on the bed.

"Can I use my mouth?" he asked her to make sure she was ok with everything.

"No. Just like this please. I want to come like this. With your hand first" she managed to say almost out of breath. So he arranged his finger so his thumb pushed into her clit.

"Fuck. Lex please my clit." He understood and started to rub her clit faster with his thumb and pump in and out of her faster. He reached down to suck her nipple and then bit into it. This made her scream at the top of her lungs. She clamped down around his fingers and came clawing at shoulders.

Lex loved seeing her out of control like this she was so beautiful. Couldn't believe how long he had been away from her.

"I want your cock inside me now Lex" she said grabbing at him to get him into position. He paused and put the condom on. Then got into position

He plunged his throbbing cock into her. He was close to her and her legs lifted up around his waist. He got deeper into her. She was tight. Like she hadn't had sex since the last night they were together.

She lifted her legs up on him higher and he went in even deeper. She cried out at the depth. "Is this too deep" he asked hoping she'd say no.

"It's fine Lex. I want you deep inside me" and she started to pump up into him. He took that as a sign to get moving and he did. He reached down and kissed her. This time harder and longer.

He started pumping faster and didn't stop kissing her. She pulled out of the kiss and started crying out "Lex you feel so go. Faster. Please faster"

He did as he was asked and pumped faster. He was grunting now and sweating a little. He buried his face in the shoulder. "No Lex look at me. I want to see you" she said "Come on look at me. Let go for me".

He was holding back a little and when he raised his head to look at her he started crying out to "You feel so good. I've missed you so much"

He was pumping fast and kept saying yeah over and over again. Faith was screaming his name and then she roared out clamping down around his cok and coming hard. She was matching his thrust but now hers were wild. "Faith!" he said and came to.

He kissed her again and held her. He rolled them on their sides got up got rid of the condom and pulled her back into his arms. They didn't talk. Lex just stroked her short dark hair and she fell a sleep in his arms.

The yacht sailed off and Lex wished they could just stay like this forever. Now that he had her in his arms again he couldn't and wouldn't let her go.

Chapter 12
Giving up (Past Faith Age 21)

Faith was looking at herself in the mirror doing last minute touches on her gown. Her father had decided that turning 21 dissevered a huge party to celebrate. Especially since seen she was nearly done at Harvard and about to get one the best jobs in the world, twenty five present ownership of one of the largest companies in the world, her father's company.

"You look fine" her father said coming into her room with out knocking. "Stop fussing with your self and listen to what I have to say. He sat down in one the large chairs by her window next to the bed. She looked over at him and got of flash of her and Lex just having sex in that chair a few hours ago.

They had been back together since they made lover after her mother's funeral. It was hard not seeing him everyday but he purchased and place in Boston and was there all the time. She was so happy to have him in her life again. It was rare she got something back that her father had taken away and Lex was the one thing she never thought she would get back.

"I want you to think about were you see yourself in ten years? I hope you see yourself running my affairs with Shaw Industries and doing it well" her father started to talk when she sat in the chair across from him.

"I do. You know how ready I'm to take over my shares father" Faith replied with an annoyed tone. They had talked about this already with the lawyers weeks ago why was he doing this again. She was to inherit a small amount of control over the company and her lawyers and her father's final decided on a contract she already signed.

"I also hope you don't see Lex Luthor in that future. To make sure you don't I have a proposal for you Faith" Faith just noticed a file her father passed to her. "I can't send you away again to keep you from him so I'm going to offer you something I know you want."

Faith's eye widen as she scanned the file. It was a new contract for her to sign about her share holdings. It was exactly the same as before but one huge difference. Her father was giving her over thirty five percent of his holdings and power to run several departments of the company the minute she graduated. "Father what is the meaning of this" she said in a confused voice.

"I'm giving you power Faith. Something Lex is only going to get in the way of you having. If you want this power then sign the contract. It's all the same as before you just get more power. The only catch is you have to get rid of Lex" he finished with a smile

"No! I'm not getting rid of Lex!" She was standing now by the window on the verge of tears. She wanted this. Her desire for control over the company had been growing and this was just the thing she would need to get a jump start at the power she desired. "I love him I'm not going to break his heart for a few shares."

"Listen to yourself. He's weakening you already. This is and amazing deal. You would have to be crazy not to take it. I'm offering you a future. I just can't see you making it happen with him on your back" he softens his voice and moved towards her. "Faith I want you to have the world. I know you can take it but Lex is going to be right there trying to grab it from you. Getting rid of him now only helps you. Look stay away from him two years then I'll let the deal stand. In time see how powerful you become without him and you'll never turn back".

Faith's mind was racing. Her father was right. She wanted this. Over the past few months Lex had been talking about taking up his father on starting to run Luthor Corp. He would be trying to steal her ability to have control. She wanted the balance of power on her side and this was the jump started she need to get what she wanted.

She didn't say a word. Just walked over to her night stand. Pulled out a pin and signed the papers. Then handed them to her father. "Break up with him tonight" her father said then left the room.

Faith could here the crowd outside of the coat. She ask Lex to come and talk to her which he took to mean she wanted to make out and he started kissing her as soon as she closed the door to the room.

She pushed him back "Lex stop that's not what I meant" then she walked away from him. "Lex I have to tell you something."

"Can't you tell me while I hold you" he said walking over to her reaching his arms out to her "This dress is begging to be pulled off. Don't you want your second birthday gift?" he was right on top of her and he pulled her into a kiss again.

Faith was letting the kiss take her over. She had to stop this. She was about to break his heart and all he wanted to do was be with her.

Faith had no idea what Lex would say but she had to do this. It was the only way to get what she wanted, and she was willing to do it even if it meant hurting him.

She pushed him away again "No! Listen to me!" she yelled at him

"What is wrong with you? You have been distant since I picked you up!" his faced changed and he look hurt because she kept pulling away. She'd been doing it all night.

She composed herself and tried to calm her voice "Lex we have to stop seeing each other" she was going to continue but Lex interrupted.

"What why? What happen? Did your father do something?" he was getting angry she could tell.

"Look this has nothing to do with my father. It's about me and my life and what I want" she took a deep breath and continued "We are heading down similar paths. As much as you want to deny it you are just like your father and desire power. I'm the same way. We can't stay in this relationship."

"What hell are you talking about Faith? I know you want to take over Shaw Industries but since when do we have to be apart for you to do that!" he grabbed her arms and pulled her close to him "What did your father say to you?!" he was shaking her now.

Faith tried to pull away but she couldn't he just grabbed at her bare arms tighter. "He offered me more then what I was getting before. I will control several departments and own over thirty five percent of his holding in the company. All this is mine if I break up with you now and I'm not just doing this for the power but for us. We will destroy each Lex. We will turn into our fathers. So lets just end this now" she finished and he finally let her go and backed away from her.

He was rubbing his forehead in disbelief. "You are sure about this Faith" he was looking at her again on the verge of tears "You really want this. We have been apart before and I know it was torture for you like it was for me. Really think about it. This can't be the only way. If it is then I'll say good bye to you a second time." He finished with his say and his eye looked like tears were being forced back.

She never saw him cry. She assumed he did how could he not with all the pain in his life but he hid that from her.

"Yes this is the only way. Good bye Lex" she said and walked out of the coatroom leaving him. Walking away from Lex and gave up believing they could ever be together again.

Chapter 13
True Nature (Present Lex)

Lex was sitting on his sofa in front of the fire having a glass of scotch. He was running though his mind the fight he had with Faith. She was weakening him. Throwing him off his game and he had to focus. His ambitions were being masked by his love for her.

He took another sip then heard a voice and turned to it "I see she's got you all in knots already. That girl really spins you about" his father said as he poured himself some scotch.

"Lionel just die already" Lex thought. His father was older and looked a lot more fragile but he was still same arrogant bastard.

This is just what Lex didn't need. Lionel making him feel even weaker. "What the hell do you want now dad. Oh and her name is Faith. You could try saying it. Faith" he said they last word slowly as if his father was hard of hearing.

"I know her name. You know she doing better then you these days. Have you seen the numbers" his father was now sitting cross from him sipping at his drink.

"I know that. Are you here to rub it in my face? If I remember correctly her father used to be ahead of you too from time to time" Lex then reached for his glass and took another sip.

"Look Lex I'm not here to talk about me. I'm hear to warn you. This girl you are so in love with and can't seem to get away from will crush you. You are to much a like. Your thirst for power and hers will ruin your lives. You have to be rid of her" he finished and took another sip.

"Are you done now with your little speech? If so you can leave. I'm not giving up on her again" Lex got up to pour himself another drink and didn't give his father anymore attention.

Lionel moved for the door to leave but had to get the last word in "She broke your heart once son to gain power. She always knew what was necessary to get control. Are you really prepared for what she is like now? Do you think she won't toss you aside again if she could get what she wanted? Think about it son" with that he left.

Lex's father had rattled his cage yet again. He was right she was a lot colder then she use to be. She had to just like he did to run business. Sometimes he found himself wanting to control her and make her like she was before she took her fathers deal all those years ago.

He wasn't about to lose her. He had to make it clear that if she wanted him she would have to accept all of him and they had to agree to stay out of each others way when it came to gaining power.

He drove to her place and saw her leaving. She hoped into a dark SUV with two large men. He assumed they were body guards if they weren't then what then what the hell where they doing with her he thought. Then the SUV pulled off and he followed to find out.

They drove out of the city. Then out on the open rode and finally stopped at and abandon warehouse. Lex pulled off away from them so they wouldn't notice him.

He ran in to the warehouse after her and then closer to her hiding the best he could around boxes all over the warehouse.

She was on her cell and looked mad as hell. She was also holding a gun in the other hand. Her guards were tying up a man that was bleeding all over himself from a spilt lip to a chair.

What the hell was she doing he thought. His she going to kill this guy. This wasn't the Faith he knew. Power had changed her.

She ended the call and pointed the gun at the man then spoke in a voice he never heard "Alright Mr. Stevens you made good on the shipment. Now you can tell me who your boss is" as she spoke she walked closer to the man pointing the gun at him till it was in his face.

Lex was strangely aroused at how powerful she looked. She had on long high heeled boots, short gray skirt, tight black top that exposed her cleavage, a long dark coat, and her hair was down falling down her back.

The man shook his head no and one of her guards punched him in the gut. Blood flew out of his mouth. The bleeding man caught his breath and spoke "I can't he will kill me".

Faith laughed out loud and pointed the gun at his leg "I'll kill you Mr. Stevens. Why do you think you are here for a dinner party? You are going to tell me or you are going to die. It's really simple" with that she pulled the trigger and shot a whole in the bleeding man's leg.

He screamed out in pain. Lex couldn't just watch anymore so he called out to her and walked out to them from behind the boxes with his heads up so the guards knew he was unarmed.

"Faith! It's me Lex!" She turned around to the sound of his voice still with the gun in hand. Her face didn't change she look to her man approaching him and spoke "Wait he's ok".

She handed the guard the gun then spoke to him "He tells you what he knows in and hour if not get rid of him and find me someone who will" then she moved towards Lex "Since you are here can you take me home?"

He couldn't believe his ears she had just told them to kill that man if she didn't get what she wanted. He was in no room to judge since he had given that order several times himself. "My car is up the rode" he said.

She started to leave and he followed. He put his hand at the small of her back and led her to the car. She didn't stop or look at him. She was in business mode. He found himself in that place all the time but he never thought he'd see it on her or that it would turn him on so much.

They drove back into Metropolis in silence. As they did Lex concluded his father was right her true nature was so much like his own.

Chapter 14
Darker Sides (Present Faith)

It was late when Faith walked into her place and Lex followed. She couldn't image what he was thinking. She just shot a man then ordered him to be killed. She thought he would run from her but for some reason she just thought he looked aroused.

She walked into her bed room and he followed. She went to the mini bar poured and drink then sat with it in the big chair next the bar. Lex followed suit and was not sitting next to her.

"So you do that sort of thing often" he said then took a sip of his drink.

"Not if I don't have to" she said and put the drink down at the bar then the removed her jacket and got back into place. She looked at him and his breathing was altered and his eyes were on fire. He was aroused but Faith had no idea why. "Why did you follow me?" she said.

"I wanted to apology for earlier but you were leaving so I followed and saw something I thought I would never see" he finished reached over to touch her legs.

She tossed his hand away and raised her voice" I thought I was making you feel weak. Now you feel all better and want to fuck me. Will that is not going to happen Lex." She walked over to her tall dresser put down her drink.

Lex followed her and stood right behind her "I just realized that I was up set because I thought this would never work if you made me weak but you don't " his arms were on the dresser trapping her in place then he continued

"I see it so clearly now. My problems today were my own and I shouldn't blame them on you. When I saw you today I also realized that I thought I wanted to control you but I don't. It excites me that you are in control of yourself and not willing to give that up. You're a challenge and I love a challenge" he finished his sentence and turn her toward him then trapped her again.

"So you want to stay together?" she said now pushing herself into him. Whatever was happening she liked that he was so turned on by her. He accepted all of her even the darker side. "You see you're not the only one that has a dark side to them sometimes?" she said and started to stroke his chest with her hands.

Lex leaned in close to her and pushed his pelvis into her and the bulge in his pants confirmed is arousal. "Yes I want to stay together. I accept all of you but do you accept all of me? I will have a bad day from time to time and need to sort it out without you. Can you handle that?" he finished the question with another push into her with his pelvis like he was asking could she handle his hard cock.

"Yes I can but there has to be some sort of balance. I can't control you and you can't try to control me Lex. We have to make it clear that we aren't going to mix business into out relationship" she gave his hardening cock a few rubs over his pants.

He grunted in responds but didn't move. "That will never work. We need to make a deal here. When it is obvious that the other has the up hand one of us has to back down without argument. We both have to realize that are ambitions will not out weigh our love but some sacrifices will be made to accommodate them" he reached down and started to nibble her neck and Faith tugged at his cock.

"Ok deal. Now I changed my mind you are going to fuck me" then she pushed into his bulge. She was aroused now too and she could feel her wet pussy starting to drip down her leg.

Lex pulled her into a kiss and he was like a wild animal grabbing at her. She opened for him and grabbed his head into her hands. She loved that bald head and started to claw at it with her finger nails.

Lex pulled out of the kiss and turned her back to him. He pushed up her skirt and tore off her panties then he paused and pulled her bare ass to his pulsing cock in his pants. "Do you want this?" He said biting into her neck pushing himself into her.

"You know I want it just check and see" and he did. He slipped two fingers into her. Lex grunted and pulled off his pants then bent her over. Faith grabbed on to the tall dresser and opened her legs for him. He grabbed her ass and heaved his hard cock into her. They stop using condom Faith was already on birth control and wasn't sleeping with anyone and Lex wasn't either if he didn't want to admit.

For some reason this was different then the other times they had sex. Not that the sex they had was bad but Lex was acting really wildly and Faith loved that he wanted her so much.

Lex shifted in and out of her looking for the right spot and when he found it Faith gave a shout and he kept pushing into. He found her g spot and pounded it. "Oh God Lex. Harder! Harder Lex!" Faith felt herself feeling as wild as he was.

"Yeah" Lex said "You want this don't you?" then he reached down and gabbed at her breast with one hand and the other on her ass digging into it still pumping into her harder and faster.

"Fuck me harder Lex!" she was screaming now pushing her ass into his thrust "Rub my clit now Lex.!" He responded and moved his had from her breast to rub her throbbing clit. "Ahh.. Ahh.. Harder Lex! So close!"

Lex pushed into her harder and Faith met him at every thrust." Scream louder. Let me know you want it" he said grunting.

Her orgasm was burning and she knew she was going to come soon. The dresser was rocking as she held it since Lex was pushing into her hard. She was going be sore later but she didn't care it felt amazing. She started shouting out totally out of control "Fuck me harder Lex! I want you. Make me come! HARDER!".

He was sweating all over from his efforts and grunting out fuck over and over. "Fuck! Faith! I want you too! Come now! Come for me now!"

He reached down and started biting at her shoulder and Faith came hard pushing back into him so hard he had to push her up and grab the dresser as not to fall and that pushed his cock into her contracting muscles deeper and he came to yelling fuck at the top of his lungs.

They both slumped to the floor out of breath. Lex grabbed her into an embrace. "I love you" he said pushing little kisses into her neck

Faith was out of breath but managed to tell him she loved him too. They made their way to the bed and fell a sleep as soon as they hit the sheets exhausted from the sex.

Faith was glad they talk things out. She didn't want control over Lex and he did want it over her. Control was important in there lives but they had to be equal if things would ever work. They both had to find a way to balance their dark sides.

Chapter 15
Forever (Past Lex Age 16)

It was a late at night at the Luthor mansion in Smallville. Lex and Faith were in the pool house drinking a red wine and laughing enjoying each others company like always.

Lex got up and walked to the pool "I want to go for a swim" he said then pulled his shirt off. Faith grabbed his arm to stop him. "No Lex you are drunk you could drown".

Lex pulled out of her grip. He loved that she was concerned about him. He didn't have anyone like that in his life but Faith. His mother gone she was the only person that cared about him. He couldn't image that at sixteen his mother would be gone but at least he still had Faith. She was his best friend.

"You're the drunk one so let go of me. You can come to if you want. I promise to take care of you." Lex moved closer to the pools edge.

"I don't know Lex. I had a lot of wine. Are you sure you will watch me?" She said kicking off her shoes.

"We are best friends I would never let any harm come to you." Lex was sure he wasn't drunk he knew what it felt like and this wasn't it. Since his mother died he been acting out and his father hated it but he could care less.

"We could swim naked" he announced kicking off his shoes as well.

Faith stopped and had a horrified look on her face. He had a feeling she would. She was his friend but she was also a girl turning into a woman and he was becoming more and more attracted to her. He had been with other girls but he really wanted to be with Faith.

"Lex can't we just swim in are underwear like normal people?" She was looking down into the water.

"Sorry I don't think you understood me. It was a dare Faith. I dare you to jump in the pool naked" he finished with a grin and removed his pants keeping on his boxers. He knew Faith couldn't resist a dare. She always had to win.

"OK fine but do you look at me jump up in?" she asked removing her jeans and standing in her bra and panties.

Lex couldn't help but stare she was so beautiful. Her long black hair was covering her breast a little but he could see enough that there were nothing like when they would swim together in bathing suits when they were younger. "Of course I get to look. I have to confirm that you didn't just jump in with what you have on now."

"Ok fine. You have to watch me anyway I do feel a little drunk." Faith tore off her bra and panties so fast then jumped in the pool that Lex could barely get a few of her naked body

He pulled off his boxers and jumped into. He was getting hard in the pool knowing that Faith was naked and hoped she didn't notice. Then she started splashing water in his face.

He tried to fight back but she was winning. So he made his way to her pushed her deeper into the pool. He was starting to win now and she cried out "Lex stop. You win! You win!" she couldn't stop laughing.

She ended up at the ladder leading out of the pool trying to shield her from his attack. He was close enough now to reach for her and he did pulling her against the pool wall.

She stopped laughing because he must have looked so strange to her. His face was focused on her body. She looked nervous about it but then she started looking at him.

Lex wanted to kiss her. He been dying to do so it seemed like forever but before he could she spoke in a sarcastic tone "You just wanted to see me naked. I knew it this wasn't a legitimate dare. So are you going to kiss me or not? I assume this what this was about. Besides I have been waiting all night for you to kiss me."

Lex was so glad to hear that she wanted him and leaned in, starred into her dark brown eyes and spoke softly "You know I love you?" She smiled at him and spoke just as softly "Of course I know that Lex. Even if you don't say it I love you too."

He leaned in slowly and kissed her lips. She opened her mouth a little and Lex slipped his tongue in her mouth and the kiss got more and more passionate.

The kiss seemed like it lingered on forever and that's what Lex wanted to be able to do kiss her forever.

Chapter 16
Without You (Past Faith Age ~22)

After Faith started working with her father she pushed back here memories of Lex as much as she could. She relocated herself in New York after she left Harvard and moved the departments she was in charge of with her to stop thinking about Lex. After he went missing that was all she could think about. Things were going well. She had several business ideas, picked up on things quickly, and was really enjoying herself.

She thought of Lex less and less. Then she heard he got married to some doctor in Smallville and went missing soon after. She hired some people to look for him and told them to stay out of Lionel Luthor's way but for some reason Lionel stop looking and pounced Lex dead.

She was headed to Smallville the day of his memorial service to pay her respects to him. She made her way though the cemetery and stopped at her mother's grave first. She placed white orchids in the metal flower pot attached to the marble and rubbed her hands over her name. Then Faith stopped at Lillian Luthor's grave and did the same. Lex's mother had always liked her and liked the fact she and Lex had been friends. Finally she made her way to Lex's empty grave.

She started to tear up now. Faith placed flowers with the rest of the arrangements surrounding his grave. All those flowers she wonder how many of those people really knew him the way she did.

Damnit! She was doing it again thinking about him as if he were gone. There was still a chance he was alive. This thought was her undoing and she started to cry. She hated crying hadn't done it since that night on the yacht with Lex. Not even when she broke it off with him did she cry.

She imaged him walking up behind her. Pulling her close to him and turning her to him and kissing her then whispering in her ear that he was alright that he was back now and everything would be alright again.

Faith closed her eyes and let this thought wash over her. "This is my fault" she said as if someone was there. "I should have chosen you. You would be..here if... I hadn't..." She was touching the head stone now crying louder then she heard and voice behind.

"He is dead because of you" said Lionel. Faith turned to him shocked to see him there.

"I found it odd you weren't at the service but assumed you wouldn't stay away. You were so attached to him. You know I remember the first time you meet. I dropped him off at that new school. He introduced himself and the teacher asked did anyone want to show Lex around. You grabbed his hand made him play tea party or something another. For some reason he was so attached to you but now you've killed him. He was so desperate after you left him I assumed that's why he married that woman. If the two of you had stayed away from each other after your father and I separated you he would be here now" he stop talking and walk off.

"Better off without you" she heard him say in the distance.

This just made Faith cry more because she remembered that day in grade school. She stayed by his gave a little longer pulled herself together and got back to New York.

Lex some how made it back to Smallville after being stranded on and island for months. She wanted to see him but didn't because of what Lionel said.

If she stayed away Lex would be better off. So Faith let time pass, buried herself in work, and attempted to move on without him.

Chapter 17
Feeling (Present Lex)

Lex woke up alone again. Faith hadn't slept with him since they had sex against the dresser at her place three weeks ago.

He asked her to give him some space. He need to sort out several of his business dealing and had to travel some in order to do so. It mostly had to do with some shipment he lost on that same day. Shipment he stole but he still wanted it.

He was finding it easier to miss her. He hadn't allowed himself to miss her when she tossed him away seven years ago but he was use to seeing her every day for the past four months and having her away gave him a pained feeling in his chest.

He woke up hard and unsatisfied from a vivid dream he was having about Faith. This happened every time he went to bed the past three weeks. He mostly dreamed about the last time they were together. He was so out of control at seeing her so strong.

He was about to start jerking himself with his hand in his pajama pants when the door to his bedroom flew open. It was Faith and she looked furious. "Did you think I wouldn't find out Lex?!" She said stomping over to the bed. "You took the shipment. You're the boss I have been looking for."

Lex knew what she was talking about. He did take the shipment. He had to get his hands on the product so he had some people steal it and three weeks ago it was stolen back before he could give it to the buyer. The reason he had to do all the traveling was to calm the buyer and get him not to expose him. He didn't say anything just froze with his hand in his pants.

She was dressed in dark slacks with high heels and tight green top. Her hair was up in a tight bun at the back of her head. He wanted to yank her it to bed and have sex with her again like he did that night against the dresser but she was pissed and Lex knew he couldn't.

"What the hell are you doing? Are you masturbating? Will its nice see that you didn't call some call girl to do it for you or did she already leave and left you unsatisfied?" she said with her hands high on her hips.

He pulled his hand out of his pants and stood up. She caught him off guard but he was back together now after her last rant. "Faith there was no one here but me. I wouldn't do that. I said need some space. Not another women and if you must know I haven't had sex with any one but you the past four months and three weeks since we had sex that first time after the exhibit." He didn't want to admit that but it was true. His desire was completely focused on her again. Other women still approached him but they all paled in comparison to Faith.

"Ok so you're not fucking anyone else. Great now why did you still my shipment?" she said now standing right in his face. Her voice was just like that day she shot the man in the leg. She was in business mode. "Well Lex say something."

Lex was trying to find the right words. He backed away from her icy stare and started "I didn't know it was yours to start with. If I did I wouldn't have made a move one. Besides you got it back."

"So! Who cares if I got it back it's the principal. We said we would keep out of each others business if one had the upper hand. Lex I was about to sell that shipment and you took it. What is the point of making deals about how we are going to work on our relationship if you don't follow through with them?" She was talking and backing him into the wall next to the bed.

He put his hands on her and moved her out the way. She couldn't come here and talk to him that way. "I said that I didn't know it was yours! So stop acting like this. If I knew then I would have backed off. When I found out I let it go. I have been working no stop the past three weeks to cover my ass and keep the buyer I had online from exposing me for stealing it in the first place. I did all this work for us and I'm not leaving or backing out on our deal. You're the one with this history for leaving." Lex was breathing heavily and just wanted her out of his face so he could calm down before he said something he didn't mean.

"Oh that's right let's throw that in my face again. Yes Lex I left you and I won't take it back. I needed that deal. Do you know how hard it has been for me taking over? Things aren't handed to me like they are for you. I have to work hard. If it had been you Lex you would have taken the deal to without a moments pause." She was in his face again

"Your right I would have taken it but I would have come to you and tried to work something out. I'm not upset you took the deal. I'm upset that you didn't think I could help you around the terms. You were so blinded by getting power that you didn't even see what it would do to me." Lex was grabbing at her arms again.

"I'm sorry Lex. I can't change what happen! All I can do is show you that I want to try now. It hurt me to Lex. I didn't date anyone else for almost three years because I felt like it would be betraying you." her voiced soften and she was calming down she was slowly coming out of her business mode.

Lex didn't know that. When she left for New York he pushed her out of his mind and started screwing a long line of brunettes. "Faith if we are going to do this then you can't come to me angry every time you find something like this and I can't do it to you either. I'm telling you the truth I didn't know and if I did I would have backed off." Lex loosened his grip on her arms and was stroking her check with his thumb.

"I'm sorry Lex. I was just so up set. I have been without you for weeks and my mind was wondering. I didn't know what you were doing. I thought about having you followed but I didn't. Then I found out about the shipment and started assuming things. I felt like you wanted to get back me someone. I can't lose you again." She pushed herself into Lex's bare chest. "Are we going to just keep fighting all the time?"

Lex grinned a little "We have always fought. You never give me an inch on anything Faith. I think we can get past it if we really try this time and we..." Lex paused he was about to say love each other but he stopped himself. He felt a pain in his chest. It was that damn happiness again. He didn't know how to react to it.

"I love you to Lex. Even if you are having a hard time saying it now. I know you don't feel happy often and the feeling is strange but just let it wash over you. It feels good I promise. Its how I feel every time you look at me."

Lex closed his eyes and pulled her in closer and let the happiness do its thing like Faith said. He lifted her head and looked into her dark brown as like he had done so many times "I love you" then closed his mouth over hers' with his and the released her when he felt her hand in his pants "Faith what are you doing?"

"Helping you out and myself. We haven't made love in three weeks what do you think I'm doing." They kissed again and made love and Lex swam in the feeling that he could be happy for long time with Faith.

Chapter 18
Fear (Present Faith)

Faith was washing her hair in the shower when she felt another set of hands on her head "I'm very capably in washing my own hair Lex" she said dropping her hands from her head and closing her eyes letting Lex lather her up.

"I know you are. I just thought I would help you out. Love you were so tried last night and I just want to take care of you". Lex was calling her love all the time now. Faith couldn't remember him saying pet names to her in all the time they were together but it made her tingle when he said it.

They were living together now. They argued for weeks that one should move in with the other. Then when they decided on a purchasing a new place they argued another week on location. They both settled that things were going so well in Metropolis that they should stay. Then they fought about who should pay for the new place and finally agreed to split the cost even though it wouldn't have hurt either of them to pay.

Faith gave a little moan as Lex pushed into her then she had to pull away from him to place her head directly under the running water. Lex moved with her helping the water rinse her hair then his hand started to slide down her wet body. "Thought you were helping me with my hair?" Faith said looking down at Lex's hardening c**k. She knew he didn't come in the shower to help her with her hair.

"I said I was going to take care of so let me love." Lex then started kissing her neck and Faith moved her hands to rub his bald head and then he looked up at her to and said "Are you up set you can't wash my hair?" then he gave her a sad eyed look.

"No. I like your head the way it is." Then she reached up and started to kiss it then lick and final gave it a nibble. Lex was moaning now and pulled her away from his head and attacked her breast with his mouth

He was licking and nibbling away at her in retaliation. He paused and spoke into her chest "You want to do it in here or go back to the bed?" then went back to work on her breast.

"Bed please." Faith said jumping into his arms so he could carry her. Lex responded grabbing her into his arms and her legs went around him linking around his back.

Faith reached to turn off the shower then wrapped her arms around Lex's next. He stepped out of the shower and started to kiss her as they walked to the bed.

Lex laid her down on the bed and Faith started at him with hungry eyes. She wanted him inside her.

She always wanted Lex and she finally had him after so long. It wasn't easy. They still had a lot of issues to work though.

Faith was leaning to let her guard down with Lex and he was trying to do the same. Moving in together was the first of many big steps they were taking at their new life together.

Lex lowered his hand to her entrance checking to see if she was wet and Faith really didn't think she could wait any longer so she grabbed his arms and brought him down to her.

Lex reacted quickly and plunged himself into her and started pumping in out of her slowly. "Lex go faster please I can't take it slow" Faith said feeling her orgasm burning inside dieing to break free.

Lex quickened his pace and started grunting as the fiction between them was getting good. Faith was now pushing up into Lex's thrust and panting his name. They were still wet from the shower and the there bodies made funny sounds as Lex push into her.

"Yeah! You feel so good Faith" Lex said she knew he was starting to lose control and wouldn't last much longer. Since they didn't have sex last night when she got home Faith assumed Lex had been dying to be in her all night while she slept. "Love can you come I don't think I can last much longer" he said almost out of breath.

"Yeah just a little...more Lex..." she said out of breath and trying to wedge her hand between them to reach her clit thinking if she could get to it then she could come quicker.

Lex saw what she was doing and adjusted himself by pulling up from her so he could slip his hand between their bodies until he found her clit and started rubbing away at it. "I said that I was taking care of you. So stop interfering" he said

Faith let Lex do his magic still trying to push herself into him and her orgasm was building up faster "Oh yeah! Lex I'm going to come soon..." then she let out a loud squeal and came around Lex's cock. He removed his hand from between them and started pushing into her in short strokes and came as well falling down on to her in exhaustion.

Faith took his weight and wrapped her arms around him. She still couldn't believe they were back together at last and her life was completed.

Lex lifted himself above her and smiled at her "So how do feel about being my fifth and final wife."

Faith couldn't believe what he just said. She squealed and pulled him into a kiss. Lex pulled away laughing at the sound she just made and spoke in a sarcastic voice "Love is that supposed to be a yes?"

Faith rolled her eyes at his smart remark and punched his gut. Lex recoiled in responds and she spoke back in the same sarcastic tone he used "Yes it was a yes and you do will not to make fun of the sounds I make if you going to be my husband."

Lex made a squeal of his own mocking hers laughing to himself. Then he jumped out of the bed to his night side on the left side of the bed pulling out a little black box "Then I guess you will need this." He opened the box and handed it to Faith.

Faith's eyes widen as she looked at the ring. She couldn't believe her plans she made almost a year ago were working out so smoothly.

Then Faith had a massive wave of fear hit her heart as she put the massive diamond engagement ring on her finger. She had her one true friend, lover, her everything back in life but she never really got what she wanted this easily and she feared that soon it would all be taken away from her again.

Whenever she was at her happiest with Lex she some how managed to lose him.

Father's Interlude (Present)

It was a late at night to late for two old men to be awake but Lionel and Albert were both sipping on scotch, staring at each deep in thought about how to ruin there children's happiness. They were sitting across from each other in Albert's mansion in Smallville. It was one of the things Faith left him when she took over everything he had.

"I don't think anything we do now is going to have an effect on either of them" Albert final broke the silence.

"Well we have to try. We can't let this continue. It's been almost a year and their not going to break up on their own." Lionel said.

They both took another sip of their drinks and went back into their thoughts

"Lex will be the easiest to convince." Lionel said then signed because even though his son had made great strides to becoming the man he wanted he was still so weak and he was reminded of it every time he saw her with Faith. "We can get him to break it off if we push him in the right direction."

Albert gave him and agreeing nod then got up from his chair walked to bar to fill his glass. "What do you think we should do? I say making Faith look like she is cheating on him would never work since after they're second break up she buried herself in work. We have to hit them were it hurts. Something dealing with there business?" He finished his thought and returned to his chair.

Lionel was nodding in agreement. "Yes, I agree something with business. That would do it. I know that Lex is working on a merger with a drug company in Washington. He's really tearing the business down from the inside so he can take it over and get all their ideas. He is covering his tracks well so if Faith steps in and takes over first he'll think she did on purpose without consulting him. When she finds out that it was him doing all the work and she stole it from him it will be to late."

"That's perfect. She has been interested in the pharmaceutical industry for years she will take the bait. I have the perfect source." Albert took another sip of his drink and spoke "Are we sure we want to do this? I have never seen her happier then when she's with your son."

Lionel stood up and his voice was no longer calm "Don't go soft on me Albert. These kids have no clue what they are doing. They will destroy each other till there is nothing left or one of them is dead to get what they want. They may not think so now but there are not meant to be and I won't watch her ruin my son's life. So are you in this with me or not." Lionel reached his hand out to Albert to shake it and agree.

Albert stood and shook Lionel's hand "Your right. We have to do this. I won't let your son ruin my daughter's life."

Lionel motioned to leave "I'll call you with the information about the merge in two days" he turned and walked out.

They both had the belief that fathers knew what was best for there children.

Lex and Faith had no idea the lengths they would go in the name of protecting them but they would soon find out.

Chapter 19
Can't Stay (Past Lex Age 17)

Lex was looking out the window in his first class seat on his way to England.

The pilot made a final announcement as they approached the landing strip "Its 10:00 am Saturday here in London, England. We shall be landing shortly so please head back to your seats and fasten your seat belts and thank you for flying England Airlines.

He wanted to take the Luthor Corp jet but as soon as he took off his father would stop him. He was on his way to see Faith after a year of being apart.

Things in Kansas got worse each day she was gone. Lex had no one except is father and he was a poor excuse for one. He needed to be with someone that loved him and Faith was only person he believed did.

When she was first gone Lex got a few letters from her. She tried to call from private lines and even tried to see him when she was home for Christmas with her mother. Every attempt to stay in touch was broken up by their fathers.

Lex tried to live without her and experience other girls but it wasn't right. It wasn't what he wanted. He wanted his friend, his lover, his everything back and he took a commercial flight to get her.

Lex arrived at Faith's school a few hours after he landed in London. She was at an all girl's school still so it would be impossible for him to see her.

He remembered from one of her letter saying she spent most of her Saturday's riding so he headed for the schools stables that weren't exactly on campus and clear from someone that would spot him.

He entered the horse's stables and started searching for her horse's name on the horse storage gate. Lex started to read out loud "Savannah, Fabulous, Majestic Wind..." Then he paused at the gate for Gypsy, Faith's horse.

She was standing there brushing the horse's humming to herself. "Faith" Lex spoke after staring at her for a few minutes without her noticing he was there. She was wearing almost the same riding outfit as the last time he saw her.

She turned and stared at him in disbelief "Lex! Are you here? How did?" she continued to speak in broken sentence running out to him. Lex opened his arms and grabbed her.

"So you're happy to see me?" he said letting her go to look at her again. He was waiting for answer but she didn't saying anything she leaned in and kissed him.

Lex kissed back and it was like she never left him. "Lex you can't be here. I have a bodyguard. He went to the bathroom. If he sees..." The door to the stables was opening and Faith stop talking and pushed Lex in with her horse.

"Hi Erin" she said speaking to the guard closing the gate door. "I need a few more minutes to take care of my horse and change my cloths can you leave me alone for 10 minutes."

The bodyguard nodded and walked back out of the stables. Lex walked out and locked the horse's gate. "When are you alone so I can see you" he said.

"Lex I am only alone in the dorms and you can't come in there no boys. We can try and ditch Erin now by going out the back."

They made their way out of the stables to a cab and to the hotel Lex had made reservations for. He had to give his name to the clerk and fear shot though him that he just gave there location away.

They got in the elevator and walked down the hall to the room. They talked for several hours sitting on the bed and entire time Lex was able to hold her, smell her, and feel her warmth and soft body against his again.

"Lex I'm so glad your here, but you can't stay" she said stoking his hand wrapped around her.

"I know I can't stay. How long do you think you have before they find you?" he asked stroking her check with his other hand.

"I don't know. I think a few..." Faith was cut off because the door opened and her bodyguard stormed into the room

"Faith! I'm sorry but you have to come with me now. I've called your father. His in France and will be in a few hours. If you don't come with me now it will be worse so say good bye to Mr. Luthor and let's go." The bodyguard was standing over them.

"Good bye Lex.". She said on the verge of tears that never came. It was like she was use to disappointment now and found no need to cry anymore. She walked out with the bodyguard and didn't look back.

Lex didn't get out of the bed to stop her. He knew it would be fruitless to fight. She was gone again. He stared off until he fell asleep.

He dreamed about Faith coming back. Getting back into bed with him, he could hold her again, kiss her again and have his best friend back.

When he woke in the morning his father was sitting in the room waiting for him.

He went back and settled back into his dysfunctional life and was banned from flying overseas again without consent from a parent until eighteen.

So he did the only thing he could do stop feeling the pain of losing her again. He pushed her to the back of his mind and started the process of ridding himself of all his emotions building wall around his heart so he couldn't get hurt again.

Chapter 20
Betrayal (Past Faith Age ~24)

Faith was on date with a man named Collins. She was at a trendy New York club sipping drinks and trying to listen to her date's story about his last girlfriend.

She only said yes to his offer for a date because she had been turning men down for more then three years now. Her work was her date night after night. She just couldn't date anyone. Men asked but she said no.

She felt it was betraying Lex. Even though he had a new brunette in his bed every night. She still felt it wrong on some level.

She was attempting to move on with her life. She did well at work but when there was nothing to do her mind would wonder on it's on.

She would start thinking about Lex. The way he smelled, his laugh, the little half smile, and of course how they made love. His kisses, his soft touches, and his cock pumping inside her these memories would wash over her whenever her mind wondered.

"Isn't that terrible?" Collins said. Faith had no clue what he was talking about she stopped listening a long time ago.

So she changed the subject "I need another drink. "Do you mind?" holding out her martini glass to him hoping he get the hit.

Collins was a lawyer she met a few weeks back while finalizing a merger. He was nice enough and good looking but maybe too much hair on his head for Faith's taste.

He asked her out once the deal was done but she didn't take him up on it right away. She gave herself a week before she would meet with him and now that she was out with him she wanted to go home.

She debated with herself all the time that her choice was the right one. That she was getting what she wanted. That Lex wasn't the end all be all of her world. Yet this was the only date she had been on in years.

Lex was in control of her even though they weren't together. He's living it up in Smallville sleeping with burettes and pining for teenagers. This was so crazy why couldn't her heart move on? She deserved to be able to move on to.

She got up and started exiting the club. She couldn't stay no matter what she should deserved she didn't want Collins. She wanted Lex.

As she was leaving she saw a man dressed in black with a brunette on his arm. He was talking to some people laughing. It was Lex.

Faith was frozen in place. He wasn't looking in her direction yet so she had time to move but couldn't. Lex walked off behind the club with his date. He didn't look in her direction. Faith had to follow him.

Faith saw them walking towards and black Mercedes in the parking lot but they didn't get in.

She saw Lex nudge the women against the car and start to softly touch her face. She wanted scream out at him "Stop that you love me. Don't touch her!", but she keep it to herself.

Lex then leaned in close to the women and started kissing her and placing his hands on her hips pulling her close to him.

What is he doing? She thought. Is he going to have sex with her right here in the parking lot?

Then Faith saw Lex slip one of his hands under the woman's short dress.

Faith was so shocked she dropped her purse. The sound alerted Lex and he stopped what he was doing and turned to her direction. She grabbed her purse and ran away just before he could see her.

Damn him! She was saving herself for nothing she thought. Faith was going to go home but she went back into the club. She was going stop feeling like she was betraying Lex because he sure as hell didn't feel like he was betraying her.

She was going to have sex with Collins.

After she did Faith didn't feel any better. She felt worse. She just couldn't push her feelings back like he could.

She kept trying but every time she kissed another man, touched another man, or had sex with one she still felt like she was betraying Lex. She spent four years like this and couldn't take it anymore she had to get him back.

Chapter 21
Coming Back (Present Lex)

"Tell me again why you haven't done what I asked?" Lex was staring down one of his hired hands questioning him about a recent merger rather take down he was working on that just went all wrong. "No, really I want to hear why this failed."

The man was shaking. He new better then to cross Lex but it was to late now to say sorry. "Sir, things were going so smoothly and then suddenly someone swept in and took all the people we had put into play to sell to Luthor Corp and they sold to a new company the man finished and took a deep breath hoping he wasn't going to die.

They were out in the middle of no were miles outside of Metropolis. If Lex wanted to kill this man no would find his body for days but he still needed information. "Look you can stop shaking I'm not going to kill you. YET!" he was getting angry.

Lex new he should have gone ahead a week ago with his plans to take over but he was being forced by Faith to be involved with every thing for the wedding. She was even taking time off work.

"Tell me who purchased before us?" Lex said trying to calm his voice.

"My sources are saying it was..." the man paused he knew what he was about to say could get him killed just for being the messenger.

"Well tell me!" Lex was right in the man's face.

"It was Shaw Industries sir. They are going public with the take over in a few weeks" the man said backing away from Lex.

Lex didn't say another word. He got in his car and drove home. Faith had a lot of explaining to do.

"Hey, I didn't expect you back so soon. Now that you are hear can you look at these flowers again. I just don't think they are right." Faith spoke but Lex couldn't hear her. He was blinded by anger.

She was sitting in the bedroom with pictures of flowers all over the bed. She was wearing one of his shirts and nothing else. She was so casual it made Lex feel sick that she was acting as if nothing was wrong.

"You want to tell me about the take over you just finished this week?" he said in the calmest voice that he could muster up.

"What? How did you know about that? We aren't going public until we get back from our honeymoon" Faith was looking at him with a confused face.

Lex's heart was being torn in two directions. They said that they would stay out of the way of each others business affairs if one had the upper hand. Lex was working on this take over for months and he definitely felt like he was the one with the upper hand in this take over.

"Don't look at me like you don't know. I have been working on this take over for months. I did all the work bringing down the CEOs and paying people off and getting the board on my side then you come in and sweep away all my good work. So don't look at me like you don't know Faith. Tell me the truth!" Lex could no longer control his voice.

Faith was standing now she was rubbing her head in confusion like she didn't know what he was talking about. It was making him sick to see her trying to play him so he grabbed her arms and his voice was wild with anger "Stop looking like your lost! You know what you did now just admit it!"

Faith tried to fight out of his grip but he just held her tighter. "Lex let me go! Let me go!" she screamed at him and he didn't care if he was hurting her because she was hurting him again.

He was prepared to spend of rest of his life to make her happy and she was betraying him again.

She looked like she was going to start crying "Lex I didn't know! I'm telling you the truth! I didn't know it was a Luthor Crop deal" Lex tossed her to the side and walked away groaning. He couldn't believe she was lying to him.

"Did you even try to find out?!" Lex said still screaming facing her again with her close to tears. "Did you check your sources before you took over a million dollar deal?"

She sat on the bed again trying to catch her breath. "I had a source call. He said he had a pharmaceutical company that was going to go belly up in a few months and it may be of interest to me to get their scientist and staff. I was told that things on the inside were starting to crack and if I came in and bought out a few people I could buy the whole company. So I did. I had my source back track what the breakdown was about and they never found anything about you or Luther Corp. I promise you Lex I wouldn't do this to you...I wouldn't ruin..." She was crying now. Lex hadn't seen her cry in years but the tears didn't calm his anger.

"Who was the source Faith? Really is he that trustworthy that you didn't follow up on the work yourself" Lex said coldly.

Faith stood to walk over to him. She wasn't sobbing anymore but tears were still falling from her eyes.

She tried to touch him but he pulled away before she could "Lex I didn't fact check it personally. I looked at my source research and saw no implications of your involvement. It seemed routine. I'm telling you I didn't know you were involved. You have to believe me. I wouldn't go back on our deal. I have been waiting for use to be together for years I wouldn't throw it away like this."

Lex couldn't take it anymore. He didn't believe her. He couldn't believe her. He knew he couldn't stay in her presence any longer. "Well you did throw it away Faith. It seems to be a trend with you to just forget about my feelings if it's in the way of what you want." He turned to walk out.

She was chasing after him trying to grab him keeping him from going. "Stop it. It's too late. Let me go!" he yelled at her.

She collapsed on the floor in the hall in tears. "Please Lex don't do this. I didn't know. Someone lied to me. Don't leave..." She was begging like she knew he wasn't coming back because he wasn't.

Chapter 22
Striking Back (Present Faith)

Lex is gone. Lex is gone. Lex is gone. Lex is gone. Lex is gone. Lex is gone.

Faith's mind kept repeating the same thing over and over. She was back in the bed she shared with Lex, the home they made together; with a life they thought would finally start.

She couldn't move or think clearly she just knew that he was gone and he wasn't coming back. She had to snap out of this. She couldn't sink into defeat.

Faith new she didn't know about Lex's involvement. Somehow her sources had lied to her and masked the truth.

Faith got out of the bed and got dressed. She had to find the source. Get the information that would get her Lex back. She was going be his wife in two weeks. She wasn't going to give up not again. She was going to strike back

Faith was sitting in her father's house and she wasn't alone. She was with her source and two guards. She went to his home with the guards and dragged him out. She really didn't need the guards she could have done it herself but she was afraid that if she had to hurt him she would have killed him for lying.

The source was connected to her father before she took over. She thought his loyalties were to her but her father had something on him that could get him jail time. She was waiting for her father to take him. He was out with old friends and she wasn't leaving the house without him

"Faith? What are you doing her at this hour." Her father said walking into his study. One of guards grabbed her father and held him making sure he didn't leave.

"Well father looks like you have been..."her cell phone rang and she paused. Faith reached for her took her call "You found him. He's with his father in Smallville. Make sure you watch him. If he leaves call me back."

Faith hung up her phone and returned her attention to her father "Your going for a little ride daddy" She said in a cold voice.

She was going to take her father's to Lionel's and get him to confess. She was gong to get Lex back even if she had to beat the truth at her own father

"What is the meaning of this" Lionel screamed as Faith walked in with her father, his source, and her guards.

While they drove to Lionel's she got her father to spill every thing. Yes, he was punched a few times. She didn't feel bad at all for beating on and old man with heart problems.

"Hello Mr. Luthor." She said sitting down next to the fireplace. "We came for a little chat. Where's Lex?"

"I'm here Faith." Lex's voice was coming from the upper wing of the study as he made his way down to them "Now what is the meaning of this?"

Faith shivered a little because Lex sounded just like his father. "Are father's have been up to no good Lex" she got up from her chair and walked toward him "They have been plotting against us again. Right Mr. Luthor" she turned and spoke that last statement to Lionel.

"What is she talking about dad?" Lex said addressing Lionel.

"Son I have no idea. I told you to stay away from her. Look at how she's gone mad. Get out of my...." Lionel was cut off by Albert.

"Let it go Lionel we are caught. She beat it out of me. She beat her own father. I'm sure her men would have no qualms about beating it out of you if she told them too." He finished taking a seat a little bruised.

Lex was looking confused he didn't know what was going on "What did you do dad? Faith what the hell is going on" he said looking at her as she made her slow approach on him.

Faith wanted to touch him but she resisted she had to get the truth out first then he would be the on touching her. "They did this to use Lex. This is the source that gave me the tip. He lied to me about the information he found. My father..." paused and studied his face and it look like he was putting it together before she should finish "My father told me that they had to stop the us from being together and he and Lionel plotted this thing up. We got played Lex"

She was reacting to touch his hand. She had to touch him make him see that she was telling the truth before. He didn't recoil he grabbed her hand and spoke "So dad what do you have to say is it true?"

"Damn it Lex. We had to. It was the only way...." Lionel couldn't finish because Lex lunged at him and grab him.

"When will you stop meddling in my life dad? Do ever want me to me happy? Come at me again or my wife and I will end you. Do you understand me? Nod if you do because I really need to know" Lex was in a rage. Faith wasn't scared at all she accepted him in all his forms.

Lionel nodded. He had seen his son like this before he nodded and hoped he let go. "Good." Lex let go of his father and walked to her.

Lex's hand extended to Faith and she reached back out to him." Let's go home" Lex said grabbing her hand and leading her out of the house. She gave the guards the nod to leave and turned to door leading to her future with Lex.

She knew this wouldn't be the last time they had to fight their fathers but she didn't give this time. She would never give up again.

Interlude (Lex)

All Lex could hear was Faith's breathing against his chest.

The beach around them was glowing. For some reason Faith wanted candles everywhere for the reception and Lex could never deny her.

The wedding was a huge deal. Lex had to invite anyone and every that was a colleague and Faith had the same problem. People they meet once and never remembered had to be there to keep up appearance, but he was smiling and couldn't seem to control it

The crowd was loud around them and people were dancing around them but he couldn't hear anything but Faith's breathing.

"Are you smiling? Be careful someone might think there is something wrong with you with such a huge smile on your face" Faith said pulling up to look at him.

"Yes I'm smiling. Is it crime to be happy to have your bride in your arms?" Lex said back.

She smiled and placed her head back on him. He started to stroke his fingers though her hair. She wore it down it was the one thing he wanted. Then he stoked her bare arms.

"Are you trying to get me in the mood Mr. Luthor because I have been ready for you since I walked down the isle?" Faith spoke then pushed herself closer to him.

Lex could feel her nipples through her dress.. This made is cock twitch. "I want to get you out of this dress." Lex said into her ear.

"You can't I'm laced into this thing. The only way I'm taking it off is when this is over. Besides we can't leave all these guests." She finished by kissing him.

Lex was getting aroused now. He reached his hands down her back lower until they were settled on her butt. "Lex stop" Faith yelped as she pulled out of the kiss. "People will see you feeling me up and just think what that will do to your votes."

Lex laughed little "I don't need their votes. I can dance and grab you're ass if I want to. Besides are you sure you want to be a senator's wife. I hear they lead boring lives."

Faith reached Lex into another kiss then pulled away and looked into his eyes "Nothing with you is ever boring Lex. Just look at what we had to go through to get here."

"I know what we went though" Lex said "and I don't know how we got here but I wouldn't change a single thing if I knew we would be standing here now."

"Lex that was so sweet, but you would have to want to change a few things." She was looking up into his eyes.

"Ok, I could have done without a few things but if it meant not being here now I would want it all to be the same" then Lex pushed himself into hoping she get the hint that he couldn't wait to leave before they made love.

"Alright, I think we have a right to slip away for a few minutes" she said with familiar look in her eyes that she understood what he wanted.

Lex grabbed her hand and dragged her off the dance floor. He pushed his way though guest congratulating them and gave them a warm nod. He had no time for small talk.

He pushed by them making his way back to the beach front hotel were the ceremony took place. He stopped at the first unlocked door he could find. It was a the dinner hall with tables and chairs everywhere.

Once he closed the door and it was secure. He lunged at Faith with his lips. She responded immediately and started to rub his head like always.

Lex pushed her into a table and then pulled back and studied the dress. "I'm not taking it off so stop trying to find a way for me to get out of it." Faith said then hiked the dress way up and sat on the table. "Here this is the best you can get."

Lex was going to take it. He claimed her lips again running his hands over the exposed area below the bunched up satin. He wanted her breast in his mouth but they were tightly held in the dress so he went and started to suck on her neck.

"Lex I don't need all this fore play. Trust me I'm wet get in me we don't have much time before people notice we're gone.

Lex smiled then pulled off her panties and put them in his pocket. Then pulled down his pants freeing his erection. He positioned himself between Faiths legs hanging from the table and pushed into her entrance.

"Yeah. Lex" she said grabbing at his shoulders.

Lex reared back and pushed into her again grunting as he enter her deeper. Then he started to pump in a stead rhythm. "How is that Mrs. Luthor?"

"It's good ... Oh... I'm not...changing my name." she said almost out of breath.

Then Lex started to pump faster and lowered one of his hands to her clit to rub it "After you come you may change you mind" he said nibbling at her neck.

Faith was screaming out of control now and Lex was right there with her pumping faster and faster and she met him at every thrust.

"I won't ...change...my...Ahh...."Faith's sentence was cut short because she was about to come but Lex froze in place halting her orgasm.

"Hey I almost came" Faith said with an annoyed look on her face

"I know and I won't let you until you say your changing you name." he said with a grin.

"Lex I said nooo..." her sentence was cut short again because Lex had reared back into his initial rhythm and rubbing her clit.

"Were you trying to say something" He said with a grin then leaned in and kissed her.

Faith pulled out the kiss and buried her face in his shoulder panting as her orgasm started to build again.

Lex pulled out of her again. "Damn it Lex stop torturing me." Faith said whining.

"You think this is easy for me. If you say what I want then we could both get what we both we need" Lex said then turned her and bent her over the table plunging into her entrance from behind grabbing at her ass.

Faith cried out as he filled her up and Lex started searcher for just the right spot. When he found her g spot Faith started screaming out of control "Oh God!".

"No not God. That was me. Now tell me you'll change your name" Lex said.

"No...faster Lex... go faster" she said panting trying to grab to the dress out of the way and push into his thrust.

"No not until.... you tell me what... I want to hear" Lex tried to speak clearly but she was pumping into his thrust again and trying to bait him into giving her what she wanted.

When he didn't quicken his pace she start groaning in frustration because her release was close but she couldn't get there. "Lex...Faster...I'm so close...I'll change my name...please go faster" she said panting pushing back into him harder.

Lex pushed back faster and then put his hand back to her to clit and started to rub it again. "Say your name then" he said.

"Oh God!" was all she could get out.

"Once again me...Not God. ... Now say it!" he said shouting and increasing his pace completely covered in sweat since he was still almost fully dressed.

"My name ...is...Mrs....Luthor!" she screamed coming hard around him. Lex pushed into the contraction letting her clamp down around him squeezed her ass tighter and pushed into her few more short strokes and came screaming her name.

They were both out breath and Lex slipped out of her and pulled her close to him.

"I told you. You would change your mind" He said hugging her tightly. Then he tuned her so he could look into her dark eyes

"You are going pay for what you did just now. We will see how you like begging." She said looking back into his eyes.

"I love you so much." He said melting at the way she was looking then clinging to her again

"Lex you are being so sweet right now. We should get married everyday." Faith said pulling him into a kiss.

Lex pulled away "Don't you have something to say to me"

She smiled and held his head in her soft hands. "I love you too Lex. I'll love you `til kingdom come."

Lex kissed her again then they colleted themselves and headed back to the reception.

Things were only going to get harder from this point on for them. There lives would never be simple like at the ends of fair tales.

Lex knew this but this was as close to a happy ending he had ever been and would do anything to keep it that way.

Lex new that nothing would ever separate him from his best friend, his lover, and his everything again.


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