The Seeds We Sow

by chillian


The Talon looked the same as Clark left it; safe, humble, home. He felt as if some change should have occurred, a busted window, some chairs strewn about, at least the front doors should have squeaked. Nothing. The same place it had been over an hour ago when he had entered with the best of intentions.


The scent of coffee beans and cinnamon assault his nose and he wondered if he'd ever find them pleasant again. Of course you will, a small voice whispered in the back of his head, You aren't doing anything wrong.

That was right, he wasn't doing anything wrong. He had to believe that, otherwise the bile would have risen in his throat, humiliating Lana even more-

Where had that come from? Lana wasn't being humiliated; she wasn't trying to hold her shirt closed. Why would she? He wasn't doing. Anything. Wrong.

Even if he was that was her fault. She was the one who always needed to be rescued, getting herself into situations that were overly hazardous. Even for Smallvillians.

She owed him, owed him for all the times he'd risked exposing himself to catch her mid-plummet. Owed him for the indignity of being tied in a cornfield by her silly jock boyfriend with the girl's name. Owed him for the strain on his relationship with Chloe.

But all of that only mattered if he was wrong and he wasn't.

It was nothing more than giving Lana what she'd asked for every time she visited him in the loft, when she wore those shirts that stretched so tightly over perfectly perky tits and only smirked when she caught him staring. When the Nicodemus flower had affected her she'd given up on asking and demanded.

He was just giving her what she wanted like a polite little farm boy and if she'd protested and fought, well that was just her part as the innocent country girl.

Besides she had stopped protesting now and those noises in her throat only sounded a little like sobs.

AN: I do not condone the act of rape but images of Clark forcing himself on Lana were lurking in my mind. I had to get rid of them and this is what came of it. Please realize that this is not meant to glorify rape or any other type of assault.

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