by lcamile





SUMMARY: Ariel slowly began to discover her past.


NOTES: Lex doesn't marry Helen and go mad and other important events from the Smallville series don't occur.



Five weeks had passed since the fashion show yet I still was unable to shake the feeling that I had when I met the Luthors for the first time. Although I had seen media coverage of them, they somehow seemed hauntingly familiar on a personal level. Mabel had a history with them, especially with Lionel. There was even a rumor which stated that Lionel was her secret boyfriend. However, both Mabel and Lionel denied it. Suzvoy thought that they made an exquisite couple. When Lionel Luthor introduced himself to me, his voice gave me chills. Shortly thereafter, he gave his hand to shake and I accepted it. During the handshake, he smiled and told me that I had a firm grip for a delicate hand. I chuckled and tucked a lock behind my ear when we ended the handclasp. I told him that I was Roxy, which was my stage name as I took his hand and let him feel my face.

"You seemed familiar. Have we met before?" He asked as he gently held my face with both hands for a little while before he reached out with one hand and began to stroke one of my tresses.

"No, I don't think so." His other hand touched my lips as I answered. There was brief silence as he removed his strong hands.

"I'm sorry. It is just that you reminded of someone." He smiled slightly before he turned his attention to Mabel. As my eyes turned to Lex, he gave me a small but stern smile with one hand in his hand. He gave a handshake with his free hand.

"Hello, I'm Lex Luthor. It looks like that you intrigues my father."

"I get that sometimes." I shyly chuckled yet within seconds I became breathless as several emotions raced through me. As we continued to look into each other's eyes, there was a short period of silence. At the same time, I felt electricity from his grip and began to blush. When Ginger Eastwood joined us, I came to my senses and gently removed my hand from his grip. Ginger was a tall young woman with shoulder-length thick black tresses, smooth peach and cream complexion, large clear blue eyes, full ruby lips, long yet slender nose, a curvy yet thin figure, and a thick Mid-Southern accent. Ginger wore a light blue long-sleeved gown, matching heels, a small matching handbag, and clear lip gloss. She was Memphis native who moved to Sycamore Hills five months ago. We had worked together several times.

"Hello Lex. Hello Roxy." Ginger remarked as Suzvoy, Lionel, and Mabel left and went to another room.

"Hello Ginger." Lex said as he smiled and looked at her briefly before he returned to his eyes to me.

"Hi Ginger." I smiled and shyly wiggled my shoulders slightly as I wore my long-sleeved plum gown, a matching wrist bag, matching strapless Mary Janes, and silvery-plum lip gloss.

After Mabel and I went home, I slept peacefully without any dreams for the first time. Later Mabel and I learned that the fashion show had received national attention; furthermore, it marked Suzvoy's return from her 15-year absence from the fashion world. I seemed modest about the show's monstrous success since modeling was simply a job and I became one because of a bet. For Mabel, she just didn't care and considered modeling as a secondary job. Moreover, the successful show improved the Luthor business.

My mind returned to the present as I got up and made my bed. I ran my fingers through my now natural straight silky mane as I went to the bathroom to clean myself up. I began to think about my last night's dream. I was an audience member at a ballroom dance contest in a large bright ballroom as I wore a charcoal long-sleeved gown, matching low pumps, light charcoal lip gloss, and a Mod-styled flip. Lionel Luthor was sitting beside me. He wore a black tuxedo, white dress shirt, black glossy loafers, and a ponytail. He turned to me and smiled. I noticed that he had sight as he complimented on my gown. I thanked him before I turned to the new dance couple that appeared on the dance floor. It was the bald kid and a young girl who looked like me. The bald kid wore a turquoise rhinestone tuxedo. My mini-clone wore a matching long-sleeved gown while her shoulder-length mane hung down with a middle part. They did the Brazilian Tango to Elza Soares' "Salteide Banda".

For two weeks now, I had been having these dancing dreams. It all began when I bumped into my former Kelexyn Academy dance educator, Ms. Legroom at the Hodgepodge Grocery during my mother's visit. She instantly recognized me while I was at the dairy aisle with my mother. Ms. Legroom was a 6'2 curvy yet somewhat emaciated woman with dark blue eyes, smooth dark olive complexion, luxurious lips, long yet slightly wide nose, long wavy black locks, sweet yet mezzo-alto voice, and thick Hawaiian accent. I had a very brief dialogue with her since I didn't know what to say. However, when our discussion ended, my mother began a conversation with her. I listened until Mom began to talk about my accident and my problems, including my brain-damage. I always felt embarrass every time my parents talked about them. It seemed that I did these things all to myself in my parents' eyes. It was possibly the main reason that they spent more time with my sister, Jill. She was now the only genius of their offspring. Even though she was five years younger than me, she currently attended Kansas State University yet I was still close with my sister. She was the only intimate relative who actually loved the way that I was and I was proud of that.

Shortly afterwards I left my room. I fixed and ate breakfast in my big kitchen as I sat at my oral dark wooden table. Mabel left a few hours ago for her job as a video director for Ruther Studios. She also worked as a movie director. Before she moved here, she directed her first movie in her Earth hometown. After she concluded her picture, she became hire to work at the Ruther Studios. I heard her leave the driveway during my slumber. After I finished breakfast, I cleaned the dishes. I wore black leather pants, black leather boots, clear lip gloss, and a black long-sleeved tee shirt with a peach lipstick print as the sides of my hair were pinned back in a bun while the rest of my tresses hung down. I put on her leather peach and black jacket and black backpack before I got my keys. Next, I locked the door before I went in my blue 2000 Chevy Impala. I left and went to Sycamore Hills University, where I was a student.

Mabel went over her papers at Studio G as she wore a plum V-necked tunic, light plum lip gloss, black pants, and black boots while her long mane hung down. She just took off her black jacket and black small backpack before she sat down. Last month, she did a photo shoot with me. Today Mabel was directing a rock music video for Polly Cage, an upcoming rock singer. It was the fifth and last day of shooting. As she sat in the director's chair, the record executives arrived as the crew prepared the set.


Ariel did the Batucada, a Samba style dance as Peaches Faade asked about her weekend. Solana told her about Lex's birthday party that she attended. Solana was Ariel's was second name as well as her nickname. Even though she was his only invited guest, she had a breathtaking time. It was also the first time that her parents, Jack and Egypt Braxton met Lionel Luthor. They thought that he was charming yet somewhat creepy. Lionel found her dad, Jack Braxton mesmerizing with his 6'5 thin yet slightly large frame, chestnut brown slightly rugged complexion, shoulder-length red curls, large brown eyes, full V-shaped lips, red thick eyebrows, a strong cleft chin, and a long yet wide nose. He later became more enthralled when Jack greeted him with a firm handshake with a large glittery white smile, thunderous baritone voice, and a mixed accent of Posh British and Middle Class Brazilian. The elder Braxton wore a tan Great Gatsby styled-suit, matching suspenders, a long-sleeved white/tan striped shirt, white/tan dress spats, a tan ascot tie, and a silver pocket watch with a silver chain that was connected to his pants. Lionel also found Egypt charismatic with her 5'6 slender yet curvy frame, smooth walnut complexion, full lips, large dark eyes, thick straight silky black locks, small yet wide nose, high cheekbones, sweet mezzo-soprano voice, and mixed accent of Posh British and Middle Class Brazilian. She wore a short-sleeved white mock turtleneck, peach Cardigan sweater, peach ankle-length skirt, peach 3-inched granny boots, light peach lip gloss and a ponytail of loose large spirals.

"Lex, come out of there and go play with that nice Ariel girl." He spoke to a closed closet door after he knocked. He noticed that Lex was gone after he ended his discourse with the Braxtons.

"But Dad, she is right here with me."


"She is with me."

"What are you two doing in there?"

"We're eating cake."

"Eating cake?" The door opened. Ariel held a small paper plate of half-eaten birthday cake in one hand when her other hand held the doorknob.

"Hello Mr. Luthor." She smiled as Lex walked toward her with a plate of halfeaten in his hand.

"Well, you two come out and go back to the party."

During the present time, Ariel walked toward to her Women's English Literature class that was at the William Eckstine Building. As she entered the hallway near the classroom for her second class, she strongly sensed familiar cologne. When she came closer, she noticed a tall man in dark suit talking to Ms. Pulizer, her Women's English Literature professor. The dark-haired man had his back to Ariel as he had one hand in his pant's pocket while the other on his cane. While they continued to talk, they didn't perceive her as she came into the classroom. The tall man turned around and it was Lionel Luthor. He was the surprise guest speaker of the class. When he arrived in the classroom, everyone gasped, especially Ariel. Her astonishment increased when he sat beside her. Ariel quickly looked around for an empty seat but there wasn't any. The class began without problems until the intercom beeped.

"Solana Braxton, please report to the Dean's Office at the Administration Building." She was using her middle name for college. Ariel cursed under her breath before she calmly got up and began to leave.

"Don't forget to read chapters 15 thru 36 and do an essay on your assigned short story." Solana gave her black power fist sign to Ms. Pulizer before she went to the Administration Building.

An hour later, Ariel left Dean Bronte's office. She had discovered that she had been transferred to two advanced classes because of her excellent grades. Span would start to attend them tomorrow. She went outside and sat at a nearby bench as she looked at her new schedule. Her new classes were at the same time like her former ones. She ran her fingers through her mane after she put her new schedule in her backpack.

As the day became mid-morning, she arrived at the library since her science class was assigned there today. She thought that she was the only one that was early until she noticed that two of her science classmates were already there as they all sat at a large rectangular wooden table. They exchanged greetings when they saw each other. They went over yesterday's assignment before they talked about Lionel Luthor's visit. When Ariel looked up from her science book, she detected Lionel Luthor and his male Asian guide. Luthor was in a talk with the head librarian as Mr. Extol, her Science professor walked past him. As Mr. Extol sat down, he looked at Lionel briefly before he greeted his class and began to talk about the previous assignment. When more of her classmates came, Lionel and his guide went on the elevator to the second floor.

After her science class ended, she went to a study booth that was on the second floor. During the middle of her study session, she heard him talk on his cell phone near her study booth. He removed his purple shades as he continued to speak. However, while he was near her study booth, she didn't look at him. Several moments afterwards, he and his guide entered her study booth. The matured businessman pardoned himself and his guide with a smile as he ended his phone call and made another one.

      Several weeks passed as Ariel read the recent Sycamore Epoch edition.  Lex 

Luthor's annulment was on the front page. The anecdote remarked that his marriage to Desiree Atkins became officially annulled two days ago after she attempted to murder him for his vast fortune. Alison Sanders, which was Atkins's real name, had several arrest warrants in Sycamore Hills. She was now in the FBI's custody.

After she finished with the newspaper, she put it on the dining room table. She missed Mabel who was in Japan filming a movie. It was Mabel's second movie. Ariel later went to her room and turned on her CD player/radio. She put on Bobby Womack's "Daylight", which strangely reminded her of Lionel Luthor as she organized her wardrobe. Tonight, Lionel invited her to a formal dinner at the Luthor Mansion. Ariel befriended him after his recent visit at her university yet he already knew that she was Roxy, the model that he met at Suzvoy's fashion show so he and Lex called her Roxy. Lex also liked Roxy's company since he always gave her burning looks whenever she was around.

She arrived at the Luthor Mansion as she wore a long-sleeved satin/lace black and emerald gown, black three-inched pumps, black handbag, clear lip-gloss, and a soft yet classic hair flip with a middle part. During the formal dinner, she mingled several celebrities. Many found her breathtaking with her exotic yet quiet beauty, warm yet sharp judiciousness, energetic charm, powerful sweet yet slightly timid smile, and elegant pose. As the dinner came to an end, she excused herself and went in the hall. She sighed as she stood her back against a nearby wall. She relaxed slightly as she walked a couple of steps away from the wall.

"Are you bored like I am?" Lex asked as he stepped out and stood before Ariel. He wore a black tuxedo and shiny laced-up loafers. Lex glazed into her dark eyes as he awaited her answer.

"Yes. Are you also bored?"

"Not really. I am used to it." He spoke as he continued to glaze into her eyes and began to notice that she hazily reminded him of Ariel, his Angel that he still missed intensely.

"Well, I must be going," she said after a long pause of silence. "I had a wonderful time and tell your dad that I will see him around."

"Okay, I will," She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

"See you later, Lex. I really enjoyed your company." She smiled with her arms still around him. She kissed his other cheek before she released her soft embrace and left.

When she arrived home, she received a phone call. It was her sister, Jill. She was calling from her campus dorm on her cell phone. Jill hadn't spoken to Ariel in three days. They both were glad to hear each other's voices. As they talked, Ariel told her about her recent dinner with the Luthors while Jill told her about her encounter with Bruce Wayne, who was visiting her University. Ariel's heart soared as she continued to her sister and the night went on.


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