Sycamore Hills

by lcamile






        In a dark room of Smallville General Hospital, a young woman slept in her bed on her back as a small dimmed light shined on her bandage-covered face.  Her coffee brown hands rested on top of her white bed sheet while her long black thick curls lied on her white pillow and softly on her shoulders. Mabel Sawyer sat nearby as she watched her sleeping friend, Bobbie Jane Starwood. She just helped the nurse put a hospital gown on Bobbie Jane. Mabel had smooth fudge brown complexion, full lips, dark brown eyes, long yet wide nose, and long yet rather thick black eyebrows. During the Smallville storm, Bobbi Jane's home was smashed by the tornado while she and Mabel were still in it.  Although Mabel rescued Bobbi Jane, the young Smallville resident endured several minor injuries while Mabel was unhurt. Mabel wore a long-sleeved cerulean Henley shirt, black denim pants, black denim jacket, black ankle boots, and wild pink lip-gloss as her small black leather backpack rested on her lap and her long black mane hung down. BJ stirred a bit as Mabel uncrossed her legs.  She tucked a lock behind her ear before she got up and opened the door quietly.  When she heard nearby voices, she closed the door slowly.  She reopened the door and carefully crept out.  Mabel softly closed the door behind her when she noticed a familiar face as a patient from an uncovered window of a room that was across from Bobbi Jane's room.  She came closer and noticed that it was Lionel Luthor.  She had her last encounter with him three months ago when she moved to Sycamore Hills. He was having business deals with Tantoo Cardinal, the Sycamore Hills mayor at the time.
         Sycamore Hills was a small city that was next to Smallville.  It was found by Elin Haggis, a black Canadian. In early 2000, a new road was built and made the Smallville-Sycamore Hills route shorter.  The road also helped expand Sycamore Hills with two new communities, an unsullied warehouse store, and a modern coliseum. The city also inhabited Crump Academy, an all-girl boarding school and had many secrets.  The recent secret was that several of the residents were not originally from Earth.  They were Thungarans. Thungara, which was Krypton's ally, was a distant alien planet.  It was also like Earth yet tremendously advanced.  Before the planet's demise, several Thungarans offered their help but their allies refused.  Nevertheless, several Thungarans moved to Earth over twenty years before Krypton's destruction through a portal.  Both Earth and Thungara had many of them. Though all Earth portals were hidden, only a few Thungarans knew each one. Presently all Thungaran mutants were scattered over the absolute Earth.
         Mabel was born on Thungara as a mutant yet was bred in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia although on her Earth records she was stated as a native Tasmanian-Australian. When she was ten, she went to Crump Academy, which secretly educated Thungaran mutants. Mabel graduated there in 1996 and became a superhero on her home planet.  On Thungara, most mutants were superheroes.  She loved her home planet until some of the Thungarans began to treat the mutants badly. Before she moved to Sycamore Hills, the Thungaran mutant recently returned from her home planet.  During her brief stay, it brought bittersweet memories since she was a former powerful superhero on her planet.  She lost her powers in mid-2000 after she rescued the Thungaran leader.
        "Who's there," Lionel asked since he now saw only darkness and was in pain since his medication began to wear off.  
         "Hello Lionel. It is me, Mabel," she spoke in a raspy voice.
         "Is that really you? That storm had left me blind and with other problems." He reached out his hand and Mabel took it.  They held hands before he pulled her closer and felt her face.  He smiled when he noticed that it was actually her.  Her long hair brushed against his face as he kissed her.
         It was three months before the Smallville Tornado storm as Mabel drove pink 1964 Camaro with black flames to the Sycamore Hills Mall. The Kansas wind was cool and breezy as the trees' branches danced to its mild song. Shortly afterwards, she parked her car and stepped out. She wore a peach long-sleeved Midnight Oil t-shirt, black jeans, silver-peach lip gloss, peach and black Nikes, and peach 1980s-styled Raybans while her long thick straight mane was bounded up with a large peach hairclip. She put her small black/peach backpack on her shoulder after she put her car keys in her pants' pocket. 
         "Hello Mabel," smiled the older man as he wore a black suit, a light blue/black tie, a white long-sleeved shirt, black laced-up loafers, and black oval shades and stood beside her when the sliding doors of Sycamore Hills's main entrance opened. He drove himself to the mall in his late 2000 black Jacquar.
        "Hello Lionel," she articulated with a mixed accent of Aborginal Tasmanian and Posh Australian as she quickly recovered from the shock of Lionel's appearance before they went inside the large mall. Mabel, who was a thin yet curvy 5'6 black Australian, walked through the shopping center with him as they began a conversation.
        Two months after she lost her powers, she returned to her second home, Launceston and met Lionel Luthor for the first time.  Their encounter was accidentally since each was sent to defeat Gaius Antium.  He was a powerful yet malicious insane tycoon, who planned to take over all of Australia and to destroy the Luthor dynasty.  He had already seized some of Luthor's territory and nearly killed both Lionel and Lex on several occasions.  Gaius also left Mabel's mentor, Garnet Beacon, an Aboriginal shaman in a coma after Gaius nearly pummeled him to death. Mabel and Lionel soon became friends before they successfully trounced him and put him in prison.

        CHAPTER II

        Smallville's unusual yet peaceful environment had returned to its normal self two weeks after the tornado storm hit it. Bobbi Jane temporarily lived with Roxy and Mabel until her injuries had completely healed.  Shortly after she was released from the hospital, she discovered that the storm destroyed most of her property. Bobbi Jane moved to Sycamore Hills after she received her check and sold her remaining property. She currently lived two houses from them.
        Bobbi Jane stepped on her porch as Ariel followed her.  She talked to Bobbi Jane briefly before she left.  Ariel was thrilled that Bobbi Jane was their new neighbor although Roxy still disappointed about the loss of her powers.  As she walked toward her house, she began to think about the bald kid that always appeared in her dreams since her accident. When she was 12, she was in a horrible accident on her home planet, Thungara.  She was in a coma for five weeks and had some brain damage, two broken ribs, a broken nose, and bruises. After she woke from her coma, she was transferred to Earth.  It was discovered that the former child genius lost most of her memories of her first 12 life years yet some fragments of her old memories returned in strange dreams.
        Ariel Roxanne Braxton, who was five years younger than Mabel, was 5'8 curvy yet slightly muscular woman with dark brown eyes, long yet slightly crooked wide nose, luscious full lips, smooth chestnut brown complexion, rather high cheekbones, dark cinnamon blonde thick straight yet silky tresses, and dark cinnamon blonde long lovely-arched eyebrows. Roxy and her parents moved to Oruro, Brazil when she was five weeks old. The Thungaran mutant attended Kelexyn Academy, all-girl boarding school.  The Kelexyn Academy was near Excelsior Academy, Lex's school. She first met Lex when she was six.  On the second day of school, he dropped his inhaler before he sat on a nearby bleacher as his co-ed science class was held outside that day. A brown hand, which was smaller than his own, picked up his inhaler and gave it to him. It was six years old Ariel. She wore a dark Kelexyn Academy uniform with a black plaid knee-length skirt and several thick braids. She smiled and sat beside him as their teacher began class. 
         After Lex's accident, she never saw him again until three years later when several Excelsior Academy students, including Lex were transmitted to Kelexyn Academy for co-ed dance classes. On the first day of school, Lex and Ariel became permanent dance partners in their beginner ballroom dance class for the year. Soon they began to develop a relationship.  To them, it was simply friendship. To others, it was something else. Before long, he was called A.J. by many Kelexyn Academy students since Ariel was the first person to call him that. 
         Ariel's mind returned to the present as she came toward her house. The domicile, which originally belonged to her aunt, was a slightly large mauve-colored abode. Her aunt gave her the place when she moved to Europe last year.    Mabel and Ariel were reunited three months after the departure of Ariel's aunt and shared currently the accommodation.  Even though it had been a few years, it seemed like old times with her former Crump Academy classmate.
        The next day, Ariel walked past Lex Luthor after she stepped out of Emmy's Beauty Salon.  Lex Luthor recently arrived at Sycamore Hills to see a business associate.   A soft breeze blew her newly-made large spirals.  For a very brief moment, they exchanged glances.  Ariel stopped and took a double take as Lex continued to walk away.   She found him hauntingly familiar with his pale skin and bald head.  He reminded her of a mysterious young kid with similar features that appeared in her dreams.   Actually, he was the kid in her dreams.
        Later that night, Ariel and Mabel entered Smallville to go to the Luthor Castle for the Rachel Perkins Charity Fashion Gala.  They were two of the models for the fashion show.  When they arrived, Suzvoy, the fashion designer and her entourage quickly grabbed them, made them up, and pushed them on the runaway before they were able to mingle with the variety of models. With the designer clothes and masks, the surprised women looked at each other briefly before they turned their attention to the crowd and the constant bright camera flashes.  They held hands as they began to walk down the catwalk together.  When they reached the edge of the catwalk, Ariel noticed the mysterious bald man that she saw earlier.  She came closer and bended toward him while she still held Mabel's hand.  Ariel tinted slowly her head from side to side as she continued to look at him. Lex gave her a small smile as he silently looked back at the masked woman.  After Mable began to turn around and leave, she noticed that Ariel had her eyes fix on Lex Luthor so she gently tugged on her hand. Within seconds, she broke her glare and looked at Mabel briefly before they left the catwalk and returned to the backstage.
        After several returns to the runaway and back, the young women's odd behavior quickly faded and the charity fashion show was a huge success.  However, nobody in the audience knew their true identities since their faces were frequently covered yet other models' faces were always exposed.  Shortly afterwards, Ariel and Mabel talked with some of the models after all of them changed in their regular formal clothes.  Lionel and Lex Luthor entered backstage and thanked the models for their excellent jobs while Mabel and Ariel somewhat hid in the back of the small crowd.  When the small group casually disbanded, the young female pair went to a nearby corner and quietly chatted.
        "Ariel, Suzvoy and the Luthors are coming this way." Mabel whispered when she looked around and saw them.

"Gentlemen, I like to meet my Faade Twins for the show." "Hello," Mabel remarked charmingly with a warm smile. "Greetings Madam and Sirs," Ariel timidly chuckled with a mixed accent of faded Brazilian and slightly refined American accent.

The End

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