by sweeteen

In a sentimental rush the box of pictures had been taken out. As she neared the end of her collection, though, she wasn't sure what she had been looking for. All the pictures she'd looked at so far had brought back generally fond memories, but nothing that really made her happy. She'd been feeling sad and thought a quick trip down memory lane might improve her mood. Pulling out the last stack of photos she realized, disappointed, that they were from her freshman year when she had brought a camera to the Farmer's Market. She was curious as to what kind of photos she had taken that day so she flipped through them anyway. Setting aside yet another photo of her friends making faces at the camera she was shocked to see his face smiling at her on the next picture. He smiled brightly, his face glowing in the afternoon sun. The carefree look in his eyes and complete ease of his expression made her pause. Even though she was the last to admit it, there was no denying the fact that he was handsome and his laughing face enhanced that, but that wasn't what caught her. It was the memory behind the picture that stopped her. He had shown up to the market with his arm trophy, no doubt she had dragged him there, and walked over to her and her friends. She would never forget the understanding look that had been passed between him and her best friend. Those two were by no means friends, but she could tell by that one look that they respected each other. After some small talk he started laughing and joking with her and her friends. She had snapped a photo of him, forever preserving him with that bright smile and comfortable attitude. At first the picture had seemed silly. Why would she need a picture of him, it wasn't like they were friends, but now she was glad she had taken it. She smiled knowing this was the kind of memory she had been looking for. Two weeks later he had been shipped out and she'd never seen him again, but because of that one impulsive flash of her camera he was forever stuck smiling at her. And that was exactly how Chloe Sullivan wanted to remember the popular jock and refreshingly human, Whitney Fordman.

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