Ninety Degree Turn 2

by Alecca

WARNING: This part of the story contains implied sexual violence, so if you don't feel comfortable with that, read no further.

Part 2


It was morning. Tina looked up from the bed, not being able to suppress a grin. She had done it. She had done it and had gotten away with it. Who could've guessed it would be that simple? The purple shirt she had worn the previous night was still hanging loosely around the chair. Taking it had been a risk of course, but she hadn't been able to help herself. If that shirt could only talk, she thought to herself and giggled as she let her body return, for a few seconds to its original form before going back to that of the random model she had picked from a magazine as a shape. She contemplated what to do next for a few moments before deciding she had to see the consequences herself. She stood up from the bed and adopting the look of the middle-aged man who could easily blend in, she headed out of the room she had rented since her return to Smallville.

The Talon was full when she got there. She couldn't find a table for herself, so she was forced to sit down at the bar on an empty stool. A distracted Lana served her a cup of cold coffee and Tina barely managed to hold back a snicker. She knew exactly what was on Lana's mind. Then suddenly an engine was heard roaring outside and shortly after the door swung open and Lex Luthor entered the Talon. He scanned the overcrowded establishment with a small frown. His eyes settled on Lana and he had a tiny moment of hesitation - barely noticeable to anyone who wasn't staring intently at him like Tina was - before he made his way toward her. Lana had her back turned to him and she didn't see him coming. She realized someone was behind her only when she felt Lex's hand on her shoulder and heard him whisper: "We need to talk." Lana pulled away from him with a violent tremor and put the bar between herself and her employer.

"There is nothing to talk about," Lana said forcefully on an ice cold tone.

"Lana...," Lex's voice was a sort of frustrated murmur.

"I think we settled what we had to settle last night," Lana seemed made of stone.

"Look, I didn't mean to...," he started, but she cut him off abruptly:

"What?" she snapped. Lana's attitude had drawn the attention of a few customers and Lex didn't appreciate putting on a show so he went after her behind the bar and leaned in to tell her:

"It was a mistake."

"A mistake," she repeated with a nervous chuckle.

"A mistake," he nodded slowly and his hand for the tiniest of seconds unconsciously lingered on her waist in a rather intimate gesture. It was enough for Lana to suddenly shove him away with more strength he thought her capable of and yell, so the whole Talon could hear:

"Don't touch me!" and then taking off her apron and leaning in she repeated, slower: "Don't ever touch me again." Lex looked at her baffled as she stormed out of the Talon. Everyone stared at Lex as he adjusted his clothes and his expression became unreadable.

"You shouldn't go around hitting on teenagers, kid," Tina couldn't help but say in a moralizing voice. Lex didn't even glance her way, but headed outside in a rush instead. Seconds later the sound of his car's engine running - whatever toy he had this week - was heard and then she saw the car speeding down the streets of Smallville. He appeared to be angry. Tina took her time finishing her coffee, read the Smallville Ledger calmly, paid for the coffee and then headed back to her rented room. Once inside though she put her face in the pillow and started laughing uncontrollably.

The previous night she had taken on her favorite guise of all: that of Lana Lang. She had found out Lana was supposed to drop off some papers at the Luthor mansion for signing and Tina had made sure she would be greatly delayed so she would have no problems replacing her. First she had screwed up all her receipts under the disguise of one of the waitresses; she had made some wrong deliveries and had then asked over at the Talon for a party a bunch of deadweights from the Wild Coyote. There was no chance Lana would make it to the Luthor mansion on time. So Tina decided to do her a `favor' and go in her place.

The Previous Night

The place was huge - impressive like she had always imagined it - Lex's office imposing and Lex himself looking quite appealing.

"Mr. Luthor," she said with a slow sensuous smile. He was standing with his back toward her. When he turned around to greet her, his eyebrows rose up questioningly. Lana Lang was dressed more provocatively than usual.

"Lana?" it had been more a question than an acknowledgment of her presence there. No, it's Tina, she wanted to say, but instead she smiled:

"Lex?" in the same tone he had used only intentionally a bit exaggerate. He smirked and shrugged off whatever her appearance might have mislead him to believe.

"Going out?" he asked gesturing with the glass he was holding in one hand to her clothes.

"No, not really," she moved her weight from one foot to the other.

"Sit down," he urged her as he went behind his desk and sat down opposite the empty chair he had indicated for her to take. Tina smiled again and sat down, crossed her legs and leaned into the chair. Her skirt was rising over her hips a bit too much. But then again, that had been the point of the skirt. "Study group then?" he tried to guess again as he caught himself looking a bit too closely at the spot her skirt ended in.

"Meeting with the boss," she put an end to his questions. There was a moment of silence before Lex looked into her eyes and asked:

"Are you feeling all right, Lana?"

"Peachy," she said with a smirk. Another moment of uncomfortable silence went by in which Tina rocked her legs in a steady rhythm: "Is something wrong, Lex?" she asked innocently.

"No," he brushed it off. He cleared his throat: "You had some papers for me to sign?"

"Oh, oops. I think I might have forgotten them at the Talon. Silly me," she said in an even voice as she held his gaze without flinching or blinking.

"How could you have forgotten them? That's the reason you came here...," he reminded her.

"Is it now?" she asked and the corners of her mouth curled up in a smile.

"What are you playing at?" he asked with a scrutinizing gaze.

"You know I thought about how I should do this a million times over. I could have played little miss misunderstood or the nobody-loves-me angle, but I thought how lame would that be considering everyone loves Lana Lang," she said standing up and going around the desk until she was face to face with Lex's chair. "So...I saw this little skirt and I said to myself: just come clean? Why not?" she asked as she perched herself up on the desk, crossed her legs right under Lex's nose and leaned back on her hands.

"Lana, I don't know what got into you, but you obviously aren't feeling very well," he wanted to stand up, but Tina threw him back in his chair with her foot.

"Maybe I'm actually feeling very well," she said as she crawled into his lap. "And that's probably the scariest thing," she whispered in his ear before crushing her mouth to his. He pushed her away.

"Get out," he muttered, but didn't do anything to get her off of him.

"Oh, come on, Lex, you must have fantasized about this...why else would you invest in the Talon?" she asked as her lips neared his again.

"I did it because you asked. Because Clark loves you and Nell's a family friend and you needed it," he explained.

"Clark, Clark, Clark," she repeated pulling back momentarily. "Let's not bring him up. His name alone gives me such a headache..." she trailed her hand across his chest. "He's not here anyway. It's not nice to talk about people in their absence. It's just you," she gave him a short kiss. "And me, precious perfect Lana Lang," she kissed him again. "Come on, Lex. Give in. I know you want it." She was close to making him fall. Then, with the last shred of restrain he had in him, he tried to pull her off him, but it was useless, Tina's legs were wrapped too tightly around him and the chair and he seemed to have lost his strength. The truth was that Tina had been right: everyone loved or wanted Lana Lang. Even Lex Luthor. So he gave in. Totally. Completely. He let her do anything she wanted. Took it as far as she let him. From his desk to his bed - Tina had made sure they moved from the study - a thousand times over. He didn't even realize when she spiked his drink. He thought it was natural when he dozed off, with his arms wrapped around her tightly with their clothes scattered around the bedroom. He and the teenage queen. Except the teenage queen wasn't Lana Lang, but Tina Grier.

She stood up after he fell asleep. He wouldn't have woken up if a bomb had gone off next to his ear. She had learnt a lot about drugs and medicine in jail, she knew what she was doing. With a constant smile on her lips she picked up Lex's disregarded shirt and put it on. As she closed its buttons around the body of Lana Lang she thought to herself that so far her plan had proved to be quite pleasant. Lex Luthor was a great lover, but she would make sure Lana Lang would never know that. One other interesting thing she had learnt in jail had been the difference between how a woman's body functioned and that of a man's. She pulled on Lex's boxers and pants, shoes and jacket and stared at herself in the mirror amused. The clothes were far too big for Lana's tiny body. So she changed into Lex's body that fit the clothes just right. She smiled and thought to herself she could easily fall in love with herself right then. She pressed a kiss on the mirror and her reflection and then left the bedroom.

The study still felt electrified by what had gone on inside it only a few hours ago and Tina finally understood what exactly people were referring to when they said a room smelled of sex. She picked up the phone and dialed the number of the Talon. She had memorized it during the many little tricks she had played on Lana that day to keep her away from the Luthor mansion. The phone rang and an exasperated female voice answered her:

"Look, if this is about another delivery, you got the..."

"It's Lex," Tina cut her off.

"Oh, sorry," she could hear her sighing on the other end of the line and taking a deep breath before going on: "I had a hard day."

"I wanted to talk to you about those papers that needed signing...," Tina started.

"Oh god, I almost forgot about those with all this craziness. Is it okay if I come by tomorrow? Or it would be great if you could stop by the Talon in the morning," Lana suggested.

"I'm leaving for Metropolis early tomorrow," he said. "I won't be back for three days." There was a pause on the other end of the phone before Lana said:

"But I really need those papers signed by Thursday. They're for..."

"Come by now," Tina said in the calmest voice possible although a vein in her forehead was already pulsating. Did she really have it in her to do this? Killing was killing. It could occasionally be quite satisfactory, but this was a whole other story. She was afraid she'd freeze or do something stupid like backing out of it halfway through it. Then she thought back to everything she had endured and decided Lana deserved it. "I promise not to bite," she muttered into the phone.

"Uhm...okay," she said after thinking it over for a moment. It was after all ridiculous of her to assume it was dangerous to be around Lex that late. It wasn't like he was a vampire and, she told herself, the only reason she had postponed the visit had actually been because she had thought him otherwise engaged at that hour, but if he was available, why not take care of business then?

Half an hour later, Lana Lang entered Lex Luthor's study and found him - or at least a person she assumed was him - browsing through the volumes in the bookcase with a glass of whiskey in his hand. When he heard her, he turned around and smiled warmly - she had noticed many times that he smiled that way to few people:


"Hey," she returned the smile. "Your butler seemed very surprised to see me."

"It's the hour," he said shrugging.

"God knows what he's imagining," Lana said nervously.

"I don't think you should be worried about my staff. Their number one quality is discreetness," Lex assured her. "And after all, there's nothing to hide, is there?"

When he kissed her the first time - while she was showing him the papers - she was shocked. She pulled away feeling uneasy. But he kissed her again. Not so nicely this time. For a second, he seemed to consider seeing whether she responded to his advances, but since Lana's mind - from the tiredness and the awkwardness of the situation - denied her a reaction of any kind but utter shock, he went on. When she felt her clothes being removed from her body - carefully so as not to be ripped, she would after all have to get dressed again and leave later - and the harsh touch of hands on her flesh, she started to struggle. To scream. To try to escape. To free herself. At one point, she managed to make a run for the door by scratching him on the arm. The door - luckily - wasn't closed. She ran down the corridor and ran into a servant. She begged him to help her, but he just stared at her sternly. She was naked. Lex came after her and brought her back to the study. He tried to calm her down first, hit her across the face - in such a way that it wouldn't leave a bruise - when she wouldn't stop sobbing and then resumed his torture.

When it was done - he was done - she was laying motionless on the floor, numb, in pain, bleeding and feeling like she had just been murdered a hundred times over. Like there was so much filth inside her that she would never be able to clean herself up. She wanted to die, to bury herself and hide from the world...

"Get dressed," he ordered her in a harsh voice throwing her clothes on the floor next to her. "And if you mention one word about this, to anyone," he crouched down next to her and caressed her face gently. "Especially Clark, I'll make sure you lose the Talon, your friends, this town and that this happens to you every day for the rest of your natural life. Do you understand?" she nodded weakly. "Good," he smiled and stood up and stretched. "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm tired. I'm going to go get some rest. You know the way out, right?"


Lana stood in the darkness of the Talon and wrapped the coat closer to her body, not being able to hold back a tremor. It was raining outside and she had been left alone to close up the Talon. She had thought that pretending like nothing happened and returning to her every day life - every day routine - she would feel safe again and healed, but it hadn't worked. It had only made it worse. Especially after that morning when Lex had showed up and put his hands on her again. She shuddered at the memory. She felt like throwing up everything she had ever eaten.

She thought with horror at the possibility of Lex stopping by like he occasionally used to do to check up on things. That idea alone made her fumble for her keys and head out as fast as she could. She closed the door in a rush and started down the sidewalk. For a moment she had the impression she could see - in the corner of her eye - Lex's car and she started walking faster and faster until she was practically running. She had to get rid of everything that connected her to him. The Talon included. No matter how much it meant to her. She felt like running away. To a far away place where Lex Luthor couldn't find her. But where couldn't a Luthor find her? As the rain soaked her clothes, she allowed herself a silent sob. But the sob quickly turned into a full scale crisis and she started crying in the middle of the sidewalk, in the rain, in the darkness.

"Lana?" a voice called out to her from the night. She didn't even hear it. "Lana!" clearer this time and a hand touched her shoulder. She twitched and pulled away from the touch. "Lana, what's wrong?" Chloe placed herself in front of her and put both hands on her shoulders. "Lana!" The girl finally responded staring up at her with eyes full of tears and despair.

"I was raped," she muttered.

"What?" Chloe asked shocked.

"I was raped," Lana repeated as if admitting it could somehow make it go away. "By Lex Luthor."

End Part 2

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