Ninety Degree Turn 1

by Alecca

Part 1

Good night, sweet prince

Martha Kent was waking up with one hell of a headache. She wondered what had happened. She had been sitting on the kitchen floor. The last thing she remembered was cutting carrots for a soup and then everything had gone black. Her body didn't ache so it seemed like she hadn't fallen all of a sudden. She stood up, still a little dizzy. She dropped the kitchen knife on the floor so she could rub her temples in an attempt to sooth her pain. She went over to the sink and turned on the water. As she put her hands under the water stream, she found in horror, that they were covered in blood. She started franticly cleaning them as anxiety took over. What had happened?

She wiped her hands on a towel and stared at the clock. It was 11:14 in the morning. Clark was at school and she and Jonathan had been alone. Still filled with that terrible feeling that something bad had happened she headed for the door. When she reached the other side of the kitchen she was greeted by a startling sight. Jonathan was lying on the floor in a pool of blood, stabbed in the back. She looked back at the kitchen knife she had carelessly dropped on the floor. It was covered in blood. A trembling hand reached out towards her mouth and she let out a cry of absolute horror.

"Oh god," she let out as tears started flowing down her cheeks, warm and salty. Stumbling, she went over to the phone and dialed 911.

"911, may I help you?" the operator asked her.

"Yes, my-my husband...he's...," she let out a sob. "God, he's been stabbed. Please send an ambulance at the Kent farm just outside town. Hurry, please."

"Right away, ma'am," the operator responded promptly and Martha hanged up, crumbling to the floor as she did, giving away to the pain and horror. She didn't dare go near Jonathan. She was afraid she would find no pulse and if she did not she would die with him. She didn't know how much it took for the ambulance and the police to get there. It could've been hours or just minutes, she had lost herself fully in the pain. She only reacted when the door swung open and a deputy entered the kitchen holding a gun in case there was still someone who presented a threat in the house.

"Clear. Bring the paramedics in here, now!" he yelled towards another deputy outside. "Oh god," he looked at the body in shock as he had known Jonathan well. "Martha! Are you in here?"

Martha reacted to the voice as if she had suddenly been woken up from a nightmare. She stood up, her body shaking from head to toe.

"Ethan, thank god you're here," she managed to say, her voice trembling. The deputy looked at her in shock. Her face, her clothes were smudged with blood. Her hands were clean though. The paramedics entered the kitchen and checked for life signs. He was still alive, but barely hanging on so they secured Jonathan on the gurney and headed out for the ambulance in a hurry.

"Martha, what happened?" Ethan asked her concerned.

"I-I was cleaning carrots and then I blacked out and-and..." she started sobbing again while pointing towards the puddle of blood Jonathan had been sitting in.

"Let's get you down to the sheriff's office," he put his arms around her shoulders and guided her outside the house, away from the horrible scene. Outside he let her sit inside the police car while he went back inside to gather the evidence. On his way back inside he asked his partner to send someone to Smallville High to let the Kents' son know what had happened.

Clark was in biology class, discretely contemplating Lana Lang from afar, while his teacher babbled on about some subspecies of insects. Chloe was sitting a few seats away from him, with her mind focused on her unfinished article, mentally organizing it on the first page of the Smallville Torch's next edition. Pete was right in front of her, trying his best to not fall asleep during the lesson. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and a deputy entered the classroom. He went over to the teacher and whispered something in his ear. The teacher seemed shocked about what he had said, but then calmly nodded and eyed the class for someone.

"Clark," he told him once he found him. "The deputy wants to talk to you."

He gestured for the boy to leave the classroom. Taken a bit aback by the fact that a deputy had come to talk to him, Clark rose from his seat hesitantly. On his way out, his eyes locked with Lana's. She was worried. He smiled in an attempt to comfort her, though his own heart had begun to pound in his chest and he had a huge knot in his stomach when he finally found himself alone with the deputy in the hallway.

"Is something wrong?" he asked concerned.

"Clark, it's your father...he..." the deputy hated when he had to tell someone bad news. He could never find the right words for it and was never able to comfort the people going through such ordeals. "He was stabbed. He's at the hospital. He's still alive, but the wounds were pretty bad. They're doing the best they can..."

Clark felt like he was floating around in a dream-like state, like all this wasn't happening to him, like the words coming out of the deputy's mouth were coming from somewhere far away and he was slowly going deaf. His heart was pounding in his ears, the way it does when a bad feeling - no matter how much you want it to be a lie - becomes a brutal reality you're thrown into without a safety net to land on.

"Where's-where's my mother?" he brought himself to ask as he leaned into the lockers wanting nothing more than to speed away from everything to some secluded place in the world.

"She's at the station. We're trying to find out what happened," the deputy told him. "You want to come to see her?"

"Yeah, but I-I have to get my things," he didn't know why he needed them, he just wanted to do something that would keep his mind off the incident. He stumbled towards the classroom and he could hear nothing besides the sound of his own heart beating. He opened the door and stood for a moment in the doorstep fearing he'd collapse. The teacher gave him a sympathetic look. He went to his seat and gathered his things and put them in his backpack, not returning the concerned glares of his friends, after which he exited the classroom and followed the deputy to his car.

As he sat down in the car, reality finally seemed to sink in and tears formed in his eyes. Where should he go? To the hospital to his dad or to the sheriff's office to his mother? He realized he couldn't really help his father, but his mother would surely need the support to go through something like this. And once at the sheriff's office he would probably find out in what condition his father was in too. Just the thought of his father dying made all those bad feelings resurface worse than before and the trip to the sheriff's office seemed like a blur to him as he floated around in these dark feelings.

At the Talon, a beautiful stranger had made her first appearance in town. She was tall, brunette, with gorgeous blue eyes and wearing a silky green dress. Tina laughed to herself when she noticed all the stares she got when she entered the cafe. She could take the appearance of thousands of amazing looking women from all sorts of fashion magazines. She was surprised by the transformation the Talon had undergone and the fact that the Beanery was closed down. She strolled casually over to a table an sat herself down. A waitress appeared to take her order. She just asked for some coffee and politely requested a Smallville Ledger. She wanted to see if her escape wasn't accidentally listed somewhere in it. While she was concentrating on the newspaper, a voice said:

"I doubt you'll find anything worth your time in it." It was Lex Luthor standing before her in his ever so elegant suit, holding a Daily Planet under his right arm. "Unless of course you're interested in the latest agricultural report." He smiled. Or was it a grin? When it came to him one could never tell.

"Well, I do like to know the latest news," she put aside the newspaper, assured there was nothing in it that might betray her reappearance in Smallville.

"Smallville news? First time I hear that from an outsider," he had noticed the beautiful woman from the first moment she had walked in the Talon, like many others, but he was the only man there who had the guts to approach her.

"What makes you think I'm an outsider?" she asked absently arranging her hair behind her ears.

"I would've noticed someone like you," he said with a half-smile and this time Tina returned the smile.

"Don't you believe in the story of the ugly duckling?" she asked and there was a moment of silence in which they stared into each other's eyes.

"Lex Luthor," he extended his hand.

"Lana... Morton," she shook his hand and invited him to sit down across from her. She hadn't been able to hold back the urge to call herself Lana.

"Lana," he smiled at the coincidence. "I know another Lana. She helped restore this place to its greatness."

"Did she?" she was surprised. She had been long gone when the Talon had reopened its doors under Lana Lang's supervision and management.

"Yes, she's done wonders with it," he said honestly.

"She must be a remarkable woman." A few things had definitely changed since she had last been to Smallville. "Luthor? As in the Metropolis Luthors?" she faked her sudden realization.

"Unfortunately," he admitted.

"I've heard a lot of bad things about you Luthors," she looked into his crystal blue eyes for a moment. "Should I be worried?"

"I can't speak for my father, but you definitely shouldn't worry about me."

"I have a tendency to not take words for granted," she let her hands slide over her knees as she leaned down to tell him those words.

"Then you could always think of me as a Lex, not a Luthor," he said and he leaned dangerously close to her face. Right then, the front door of the Talon had opened and three teenagers had entered talking. One of them headed straight for Lex and interrupted this somewhat intimate moment.

"Lex," Lana said with a serious tone that Lex immediately caught.

"What's wrong?" he asked realizing something must have happened.

"Have you heard about mr. Kent?" she asked.

"No," he stood up and excusing himself from Tina he took Lana aside. "What happened?"

"He was stabbed in their kitchen this morning. A deputy came after Clark in school. I've never seen him so lost," she said, for a moment flashing back inside the classroom when Clark had seemed like he was about to collapse any moment. "I heard some teachers talking about it..."

"Where's Clark now?" Lex asked concerned.

"I don't know. My best guess is he's at the sheriff's office with his mother," Lana said.

"If you want to go to him, take me along. I think he needs his friends."

"Okay. Just give me a moment," he said and he headed for the table Tina was sitting at. "I'm sorry to cut our conversation short, but something came up."

"Your friend seemed worried," she looked over at Lana and a chill ran up her spine remembering everything that had happened in the past.

"She is. But I'd like it if we had dinner sometime," Lex said his mind drifting away to the Kents and in what kind of state Clark must be in.

"Sure, Lex. Next time I'll let you buy me a coffee," Tina smiled as she got up and headed for the exit after, realizing Lex was very much distracted by the news he had gotten, she picked up his Daily Planet and disappeared. She could very well guess what Lex Luthor was so worried about as well as Lana and the rest of Clark's friends. It had been by far the most simplest part of her plan. She wondered if mister Kent was still didn't really make much of a difference, if he wasn't he'd at least be in a coma for the rest of his life. She must have stabbed him at least ten times in the back.

She had waited for Clark to leave for school that morning and for mister Kent to go out to do his chores. It had been easy to sneak in through a window, wearing black gloves and in the form of Clark to not wake any suspicions. She had taken Martha by surprise from behind and knocked her out cold with some chloroform before she even had a chance to see her attacker. Then after pulling Martha in the other corner of the kitchen where she was out of sight, Tina had taken her place cutting carrots at the table. She thought it ironic that she had been using the kitchen knife when she had made her move. She had taken off her gloves and set them aside.

At some point Jonathan had come inside the house and as soon as his back was turned, Tina had stabbed him and stabbed and stabbed him until he laid in a pool of blood on the floor of the kitchen. She had been extra careful to not use too much strength in the blows so that it looked like a woman had done it. Then without rushing she took her gloves back on, cleaned the knife of her fingerprints, squeezed it in Martha's hands and then threw it in the pool of blood. She wished she could change clothes with Martha, but she could just shape-shift out of them and into a clean outfit. But then again she could at least make it look that way. She smudged Martha's hands, face and clothes with plenty of blood and then admired her work. While still in Martha's form she made a bloody trail of footprints leading and coming from where Martha was laying unconscious. Tina had smiled to herself as she made one last adjustment. She took the knife from the pool of blood and put it in Martha's hands. Then shape-shifting into the middle-aged man from before, she had taken off the bloody shoes and tip-toed out of the house the same way she had come in, through the window. No one had seen her, but just as a precaution she had taken Jonathan's form until she had been off the farm.

And now she was smiling at her victory. She entered a public bathroom where she shape-shifted into a middle aged woman and headed back to the motel, whistling happily. One part of her plan had gone smoothly and she hoped the rest would too. She had to leave Clark alone for a while so he wouldn't start getting suspicious about all these tragedies suddenly happening to him. The next on her list was Lana Lang and she would have to suffer even more.

End Part 1

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