Ninety Degree Turn

by Alecca

Author's note: This is my first Smallville fic, I'm normally a Btvs writer, but I'm looking to expand :D This is a darker idea I got, so it's only fair to warn you that even if it doesn't look very R right now, it will be in the next parts. Ninety degree turn
The return of Tina Grier
It was night. The forest was dark and unwelcoming. It was the perfect place for her. No one was going to appear out of nowhere and take her by surprise. Not like anyone could really hurt her...they'd most likely be the ones getting hurt. She smiled to herself. She had waited too long for this day. Sure it had taken her a while to get herself together, but eventually she had started to realize all the mistakes she had made during her first predicament. First of all and most important, she had underestimated Clark Kent. An easy mistake to make, she supposed. He was just a shy farm boy with not all that much wit in appearance, but something told her he was a lot more than that. Just like her, he had gifts, but he had gotten more than her and he liked to play hero, which was an inconvenience for her. She had learnt her lesson though. Trying to take on Clark Kent was a stupid idea. Obviously she was no match for him, his superpowers exceeded hers. This time she was going to do anything in her power to avoid him. Of course, the whole revenge thing had to include him as he was the reason she had been closed away in that awful prison to begin with, but she had come to the conclusion that the easiest way to hurt Clark was to hurt the ones he loved. And she could very well do that without being in his presence. For some reason he could tell it was her, no matter how well she acted around him. Her second mistake was keeping her real form, which was an unnecessary complication. As much as the citizens of Smallville were concerned, Tina Grier was now locked away in a maximum security penitentiary and she would stay that way for a long long time. Her only concerns were some of the snooping teens of Smallville High, particularly that Torch editor that was friends with Clark. If she wasn't careful and Clark would get suspicious, he'd most likely turn to his friends for help. And knowing how Chloe Sullivan was, she'd eventually find out she had escaped from prison. But maybe by then it would be too late. 'Maybe' really didn't comfort her. Luckily the facility she had been locked away in wasn't known for its public relations. Actually people probably didn't even know it existed. Though this fact minimized the possibility of the Smallville townies finding out about her jailbreak, it also meant a special ops team was probably going to get sent in after her. And they were bound to come to Smallville looking for her. She sighed, at least she had a few days ahead of them. It would take them a while to realize she was gone. Maybe it would be enough. Again that maybe she hated. Her third mistake had been her obvious obsession with the perfection of Lana Lang. It had been too obvious, too out in the open. At least prison had worked for her in one way. She had gotten over it and had come to realize the potential of her powers. And if she was going to be free after she had taken her revenge - she smiled again - she could do anything she ever wanted and so much more. The world was at her feet. Her last two mistakes had been her attachment to the whole problem and her irascibility. She had acted out of pure anger, but this time around she was going to do everything with a steady hand and with all details planned before. And no finger prints and trying to write while in other forms. There was no room for mistakes this time. She had reached the highway and looked out into the pitch black night and wondered if she was supposed to walk all the way to Smallville. She wished she could turn into a horse or something like that so she could get there faster, but unfortunately her powers didn't extend that far. She had taken the form of a middle aged man with absolutely nothing particular about himself, someone who could blend into the background without anyone noticing him. She figured he was a perfect cover. An outsider, just passing through town on his way to Metropolis. It couldn't be easier. She put her hands in her pockets and started whistling a song to entertain herself as she started walking. At that hour, the road towards Smallville was totally empty. Far away, on the Kent farm, Clark was wide awake in his bed. For some reason he couldn't sleep. He had a bad feeling. Like something was going to happen and he didn't have a choice in it. He felt restless. He just hoped it wasn't a new power showing its ugly head. He got up and went downstairs in the kitchen. He opened the freezer and took out the milk. "Can't sleep?" Martha startled him almost making him drop the milk. "Mom!" he sighed relieved it had been just her. "That's strange, that's the first time I really managed to sneak up on you," she noticed with a smile. "I'm feeling a bit edgy," he said pouring himself a glass of milk. "I don't know what it is. I just got a bad feeling." "About what?" she asked concerned.
"That's the problem I don't know what. It's probably nothing," he tried to shrug it off. "I hope so," she didn't want to give voice to her worries. The truth was, when it came to Clark it was rarely nothing. "Go back to bed," she kissed him on the cheek before going back to bed herself. Clark sat in the kitchen a few more minutes before speeding off into the barn to look through the telescope towards Lana's house. He just wanted to know she was okay. Surprisingly, Lana was awake as well, pacing around in her room, in her pijamas, like something was on her mind. He watched her for a few minutes before going back to bed, thinking that at least Lana was safe and that whatever would come, he could face it. Meanwhile Tina was just passing by the "Welcome to Smallville" sign still whistling a song. She smiled, stopping next to it. "Welcome back," she told herself with a smirk and started walking again, heading for the nearest motel or inn. End Prologue

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