by Femvamp

Title: More
Author: Femvamp
Disclaimer: Smallville doesn't belong to me. It belongs to people who are not me. Spoilers: Unsafe, Pariah.
Note: Chloe thinks about Clark and what she saw.

With Clark there was always more.

No matter how much you thought you knew about him, there was always more you didn't. He was a walking conundrum. He had an innocent face and an old soul. He could smile and the world seemed less scary and then he would get this look on his face and all you wanted was to hug him and make the world go away.

Clark had the ability to make anyone want to be his friend. To want to protect him and yet you were the one he protected. He saved.

With Clark you always wanted more.

There was so much about him he kept a secret. That was why so many people wanted to know his secrets. The more he pushed you away the more you wanted to know why he was pushing you away. It was the laws of physics really.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

That was what it was like trying to understand Clark.

When Clark had married Alicia it had taken everyone by surprise. They had only been dating for a short while and with Alicia's history......well everyone was surprised.

No one was surprised when Alicia was accused of trying to kill Lana.

And yet they were all wrong.

Wrong about so many things.

But then Clark was wrong too.

That was the only thing that ran through Chloe's mind when she tried to understand why Clark had never told her his secret.

He thought she would like him less.

The truth however was, she loved him more.

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