by Xevaral


"Are you ready, yet? We're going to be late!" Gabe Sullivan called out to his daughter. Chloe had to roll her eyes at her father's need to be punctual all the time. "Chloe, you've been in the bathroom for two hours! It's just a party!"

Chloe would have been finished getting ready a long time ago if her damn tiara would cooperate. She considered calling Lana, several times, to ask how to put one of these things in your hair and get them to actually stay. She figured that Lana would be an expert at it, but quickly decided not to call her. Chloe wanted to surprise everyone with her costume.

"Let's go, Chlo! I'd like to be able to speak to Lex before he decides to hide in a closet again." Her father resorted to furiously knocking on the door. She didn't realize that he could get up the stairs that fast.

"There." Chloe stepped back to admire her handiwork. The tiara wasn't going anywhere now. "Okay, brace yourself, Dad."

Chloe opened the door to find a very frustrated turned to a highly amused Gabe Sullivan. "You look so adorable!"

"Adorable? I'm supposed to be scary!"

"Why would a fairy princess costume be scary?" Lois came up behind Gabe. She was dressed like a Gothic nun, which instantly brought a smirk to Chloe's face. "Aww, you look so cute, Cuz." Lois was touching one of Chloe's fairy wings. She wasn't supposed to be cute, damnit.

"Come on, girls, we need to get going. We're already running late." The two cousins rolled their eyes at the anxious Sullivan, who was dressed up as the lion from Wizard of Oz.

Ever since her father found out about the Halloween party, being thrown by the Lex Luthor, he's been practically bouncing off the walls. Chloe was the opposite. She didn't want to go to the party and pretend to listen to everyone's ideas on God knows what. Her father demanded her to go or no more money for late-night lattes. Chloe wasn't planning on giving up her lattes, so she obliged her father.

Chloe couldn't believe Lex was throwing a Halloween party in the first place. Like her father said, Lex spent his time hiding in closets at parties. Which Chloe was beginning to think that wasn't such a bad idea.

They were at Lex's mansion in five minutes. "Yes, we're here on time," Gabe shouted with glee.

"After breaking every traffic law in the book." This earned Chloe a glare from her father. She mentally gave herself a pat on the back.

"Wow, this place is huge." Lois was looking around, trying to take in everything. Chloe remembered that this was Lois' first time being here at the mansion. It was impressive.

"Wait until you see the inside," Gabe said. He ushered the two girls to the entrance, which was cleverly covered in spider webs. They looked real and Chloe wouldn't be surprised to find out that they were. The mansion was just plain creepy. When the door opened, bright strobe lights came pouring out, immediately blinding their eyes, causing all three of them to groan like old people. Music was blaring and Chloe could literally see dozens of sweaty bodies jumping up and down in rhythm to the music. Some of the bodies had their own rhythm going on and Chloe couldn't help but look away. She could feel the heat rising to her cheeks.

"Chloe, you look so cute." Clark, who coincidentally was wearing a Gothic priest costume, came up to greet them. This received a glare from Lois.

"I can't believe you, Smallville. You stole my idea!" Lois and Clark both walked off together, arguing back and forth that they stole each other's idea.

"I think I see Lex." Gabe was running towards the ever-blinding strobe lights and shouting Lex's name. He might be a dork but he was still her father.

"Great, now I'm all alone." Chloe had to mentally giver herself a slap on the forehead for agreeing to come to this stupid party. She was seriously thinking about just leaving. She could live without lattes, really she could.

"Chloe, you look so adorable." Chloe turned around to see Lana dressed in the pink version of Sleeping Beauty's wedding dress. She couldn't help but roll her eyes.

"Thanks, Lana," Chloe managed to get out through gritted teeth. She noticed that the new coach was standing next to Lana, wearing the Prince's costume from Sleeping Beauty as well. "Did you two come together?"

They hesitated for a moment and then Coach Teague said, "No, we just so happened to arrive at the same time." It took him too long to come up with that and Chloe knew he was lying.

"Oh, I see Mrs. Kent." It was obvious that the princess was trying to avoid the subject at hand. "I'm going to go say hi." Lana walked off, which Chloe was eternally grateful for, but she was still stuck with Coach Teague.

"I do like you fairy princess costume, Chloe. It looks very adorable on you," he said with a sincere smile.

That's it! She shall find a closet and hide before anyone else could tell her how cute or adorable she looked. "Excuse me, Coach."

She took the opposite direction of the blinding strobe lights and took the stairs. She had no clue of where she was going it was so pitch black. Chloe had to run her hands along the wall to make sure she wasn't walking into a black hole.

When she finally felt a doorknob, she quickly opened the door and slammed it shut behind her. She had no clue where she was, but she couldn't hear the awful music anymore and those damn lights were far-gone. And she was sure that she was alone, away from the annoying people. If only she could find the dam light switch.

Then she heard what sounded like a stroke of a match and before she could blink there was a small amount of light shining behind her. She could sense someone directly behind her. The person's breath was tickling the back of her bare neck. Then she heard the familiar male voice softly speak into her hear. "You look rather cute tonight." And for the first time that night, she enjoyed being called cute.

Chloe turned around to see the smirk on Lex's face that was too happy to see her. "I'm not supposed to be cute, I'm supposed to be scary." Chloe quickly pointed out.

"I apologize. You are looking frighteningly cute this evening." He was smiling at her once more, and despite her best efforts, she could instantly feel the heat rising to her cheeks. Lex started walking away from her and she could feel the heat from his body slowly disappear. She wanted it back. "I have to admit that I never would've thought that I'd find a fairy princess in my bathroom."

His bathroom? That's where she was? She started to take in her surroundings. Chloe immediately found herself staring at the shower that could fit an entire football team in it. Then she saw the bathtub, which might as well have been called a small swimming pool instead. Why on earth would anyone need a shower or a bathtub that large?

As if reading her mind, Lex answered, "They're for accommodations." Chloe couldn't help but stare at him, with eyes popping out of their sockets and a mouth opened down to the floor. "Would you like to try one out, Chloe?"

Chloe knew that she was blushing all over her body now. She could even hear her breathing speed up and she felt as though she was going to collapse from too much body heat. "I see that you're idea of a costume is to not wear purple." Chloe Sullivan, the only girl that will avoid sex with Lex Luthor. Nice to meet you.

Lex gave her another smile. He was wearing a crimson, silk shirt tucked into jet black, wool trousers. "I'm not into dressing up." With that said, Lex began unbuttoning his shirt with full intention of getting out of it.

For the second time that night, Chloe was staring like a doe caught in the headlights. Was he really going to get naked? "Wait, what the hell are you doing?"

"I'm getting out of these clothes. A man can change in his own bathroom, can't he?" He was enjoying this way too much. Chloe wanted to slap him and run her hands over that lean body at the same time.

"Well, I can't stop you. It is your bathroom." Chloe barely managed to get her statement out as she watched the silk shirt drop to the floor, causing a crimson puddle of silk that promised way too many naughty things. Don't look up! Don't look up! And what does she do? She stares at his chest, taking in the smooth skin painted over strong, lean muscles that flowed into tongue worthy abs. Chloe, have some dignity, damnit!

"Is it okay for a fairy princess to get naked in my bathroom, as well?" His smirk was too sexy for its own good. She had to blink back to consciousness. Lex walked, no more like glided, over to her. His hands were rubbing her bare arms. All she could think about was the fact that she was wearing way too much clothing. "Do you want this?" He whispered it in her ear, causing her to let out an embarrassing giggle. He continued to breathe in her scent while his eager hands explored to just below her belly button. Chloe let out another embarrassing giggle. Damn girly habits! "You do want this," he whispered in her other ear.

Oh, God, yes she wanted this! Before all reason left her completely, she remembered the meteor rock juice that those damn cheerleaders made. With all her might, she pushed Lex off of her, immediately missing his body against hers. "Lex, you haven't had any green water that was offered by some cheerleaders have you?"

"No." No? Then why the hell was he coming on to her? Lex glided to her, once more, and went back to the seductive touching and promises. Chloe couldn't say that she minded it. Besides, it was his bathroom after all. Who was she to stop him from doing what he wanted to do in his own bathroom.

Chloe could feel his expert fingers trailing to the back of her costume, with full intent of discarding it. Lex was breathing right below her ear, his lips barely touching the sensitive flesh of her neck. She quickly came to the conclusion that he had an ear and neck fetish.

To Chloe's surprise, Lex had her costume unhooked within seconds. It took her an hour to get the damn thing on. He was slowly undressing her, causing her to whine like an impatient puppy that was ready to play. He let out a laugh, then began moving south as her costume fell to the floor. His breath was tickling her skin as he continued to breathe in her scent. Lex touched her as if she was some prize while gently memorizing every curve with his fingers and lips. Chloe officially lost the ability to think from there on out.

Lex lingered over her nipple, his breath tickling it, causing Chloe to practically melt to the floor. She was like a puddle of water for Lex to bathe in. His tongue reached out to flick the nipple, his mouth then covering it like a dark cave and sucking and sucking like a black hole. She was about to lose it when he all of a sudden stopped, then did the same thing to the other nipple.

"You're, you're still clothed." That received a burst of laughter from Lex, who managed to get naked in less than a second. Chloe had to stare. How could any girl not? Now Chloe knew why his reputation as a playboy was so famous. If Lex hadn't been born into a rich family, he definitely could've made a wealthy living in porn. "You're too far away. On top of me. Now." This gained Chloe another laugh.

Lex was back on top of her within seconds. He was fumbling with her pantyhose, desperately trying to take them off. Chloe knew that she shouldn't have worn the stupid things. He resorted to ripping them instead, proving that pantyhose were clearly meant to be worn by women only. With the shredded hosiery thrown across the floor, soon accompanied by her panties, Lex was between her legs and more eager than before. Chloe let out a shriek that quickly became a moan when she felt Lex's provocative tongue tease her clit. Oh, God, he was going to cause her to die soon. Another flick with his tongue and a nibble with his teeth sent Chloe bucking in the air. No, she was already dead and she was certain that this was heaven.

His tongue was moving in rhythm of her body, only slowing down when her climax neared. It drove her mad that he prolonged her orgasm, but she loved every minute of it. "Lex. Please. Lex."

She thanked God that there was music blaring downstairs. Otherwise, the whole town would've heard her moan as Lex plunged two fingers inside her while continuing to dance his tongue across her clit. Oh, dear God, this was heaven. This. Was. So. Heaven. Chloe could barely hear the tear of a package. She opened her eyes to find Lex tearing a condom package with his teeth. He somehow managed to keep the rhythm, with the two fingers inside her, going while he put the condom on with one hand. Chloe spread her legs farther apart, more than eager to have him inside her. She could only think yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Lex gave out another whole-hearted laugh at her eagerness. Chloe loved the fact that she could make Lex laugh. But, damnit, she needed him inside her right then and there. After what seemed like an eternity, Lex slowly eased inside of her. He quickly pulled out, and then went all the way in. Chloe welcomed the small pain as she felt him all the way inside her. He began finding a rhythm, easing in and out, and she moved her hips in sync with his. It was if she was custom made to fit him as he quickened the pace.

Her entire body tingled from the nearing climax. Chloe quickened the movements of her hips to match with Lex's faster pace. She could hear his rapid breathing below her ear. "Oh. God. Waited. Too. Long. For. This." Lex's words were barely audible over her moans, but she still managed to make them out.

Her climax came, sending her bucking like a mad bull against Lex. She could feel Lex's climax shortly after hers while she continued to melt in bliss. They both lied there, panting and sweaty. Both could no longer move their bodies and Chloe was perfectly content with it. Chloe wasn't perfectly sure with her sex-induced mind, but she could have sworn that she heard Lex say heaven. She couldn't have agreed more.

"I'm not positive, but weren't you wearing pantyhose earlier tonight?" Lois had a confused look on her face as she watched her cousin head upstairs to her room.

"Yes." Before Chloe could let Lois interrogate her any further, she bounced into her room, shut the door behind her, and crashed on her bed. She basked in her sexed-up glory as she thought back on Lex's parting words to her. "I hope to see you at the Christmas party." You're damn right she'll be there!


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