First Tumble

by shelia452

This is a long disclaimer.

This is Clark and Chloe smut, so if you are not an adult or do not wish to read a bit o' fic about that lovely Kansas farmboy in a graphically adult situation with Chloe, please pass this one by as I have no wish to inadvertently displease, only entertain.

Clark, Chloe, the Kent's hay filled barn do not belong to me. They belong to TPTB and this little distraction is in no way meant to infringe on any copyrights.

This was `inspired' by the look on Clark's face when he told Lana that Chloe was his first kiss. Made me wonder about other possible firsts with Chloe.

First Tumble
by Shelia

Clark looked down upon her, hazel eyes wide, focusing on hers as his divinity carved mouth formed the shape of her name.


Her name was a reverent moan as he carefully pushed harder into her tight heat. She clutched at his arms, her body instinctively yielding, opening, thrusting towards his, then there was only the need, the want.

The want of the moist brand of his lips against her throat, kissing, exploring, tasting her warm skin with his tongue. The need of his strong hand roughly squeezing her hip before sliding lower, open palmed, curving around, guiding her thigh to his hip, to hold it captive against him.

With the reverent gracefulness of a cat he rubbed his face against hers and the soft caress of his breath preceded his now demanding kisses. Kisses that trailed to the corner of her mouth supplying her with air.

Air that she gasped at as he continued to press into her with agonizing slowness. He was thick, thick and hard, pushing further into her, relentlessly insistent, stretching, filling her until the only thing she had left to surrender was her consciousness as pleasure before unknown melded with the bite of pain of her body utterly accepting him crashed over her.

His fingers tightened on her thigh and he forgot to breathe as she moved helplessly under him. Holding himself as still as his untried body would let him, Clark blinked, his hazel eyes blazed blue and time slowed, senses heightened, as dust motes danced slow waltzes in the bright rays that exploded through the cracks in the rough timbers of the barn.

Splashes of sunlight banded and lashed his body with humming energy. The smell of their joining surrounded him and he trembled at the sound of the hay rustling beneath them in the rhythm of the dance they had started beckoning, promising.

Still he waited, waited until her eyes opened before allowing himself to move, drawing himself out of her slowly as her slick heat adapted to the lose of him in demanding, aching throbs that slammed ferociously though him and his held breath escaped him in a harsh pant as his first hard thrust broke from his body with joyous abandon.

"Touch me," he begged, his vivid blue eyes wide in wonder, searching her face, searching, caught and fascinated by her lashes, jeweled with tears of pleasure. He tasted them away as she obeyed.

His eyes closed in bliss as he lowered his head, nuzzling against her neck, drinking deep of her smell as her fingertips scored flowing tattoos up his arms, her hands clutching at his shoulders when his teeth grazed her neck, and she threw her head back with wild abandon, gasping for air as her body shuddered underneath his.

She tangled her fingers in the dark silk of his hair, tugging, luring his lips near hers as his thrusts increased. He obliged and kissed her hard, parting her lips with sharp nips and his questing tongue.

Not breaking his ever increasing pace, he pulled her thigh higher against his hip, grunting harshly as he angled deeper. Her slick heat welcomed him further and he whimpered as she tightened around him almost unbearably.

And then he was caught in the pulse of existence.

A great throb of sensation meteored through him, dragging him along until he vibrated with the light that crashed him back to flesh, and his body's shudders echoed his orgasm as infinite let him go.

He drew a deep ragged breath and dropped a soft, shy kiss on the corner of her mouth before propping up on his elbows, waiting until her eyes opened and focused on his.

He grinned wolfishly down at her and moved his hips slightly so she could consider the length of him.

Still hard, still in her.

A blue promise of joy flashed in his hazel eyes as his divinity carved mouth whispered in awe.

"Wow! Let's do it again."


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