Delivery Boy

by Blondie

The truck skidded to a stop in the gravel drive. The dog recognizing the truck barked listlessly. It was over ninety, sweltering and humid the type of day where people only talked about the weather. Truth was he didn't even feel it anymore. A day full of produce deliveries and casual lies "Yeah horrible isn't it", " Can't wait for it to cool off". Of all the things that had happened to him sometimes days like this left him feeling the most alien. The old truck's door creaked loudly as he opened it, the scent of honeysuckle and wildflowers assaulting him. He hadn't felt like talking to Lex today and now he was glad he saved this delivery for last instead. Grabbing the box of produce he tossed a treat to the expectant dog and wound his way around the toys scattered in the front yard. He liked it here, the faded blue paint and noisy kids. And though he would never admit it Ms Morgan's chocolate chip cookies were even better than his mom's. He was sure because he snuck one once to his dad and his dad agreed answering him with a guilty look and "this goes no further" in a conspiratory whisper. ."Hey Clark" she waved as he made his way to the front porch her bare feet rocking the porch swing in an unsteady rhythm. Pressing a glass of lemonade to her chest and tossing a book casually aside. " The kids will be sorry they missed you but I guess it's too hot for basketball anyway, I left the check in the kitchen and there are cookies too. Sorry the place is a mess." He smiled at that she always said that and it never really was. After grabbing a large plate of cookies he plopped down on the porch swing giving it a serious jerk and causing her drink to slush out on her shirt. "You did that on purpose you jerk!" but she was smiling. She always smiled at him. "Well I guess I'd better get you a drink " She hopped up pulling her jean shorts down as she padded in to the kitchen. He had just stuffed the last cookie in his mouth when she returned with another plateful and a glass of lemonade. He noticed that she had run a brush through her hair and put on lip-gloss. "Here" she said thrusting the cookies at him "I like feeding you it's like going to the zoo" playfully he opened his mouth and she put a pinch of cookie in his mouth her fingers grazing his lips. She looked at him appreciately. He liked it. He liked her and dammit if he didn't feel comfortable with her. Not like Chloe who desperately wanted him to love her. Lana who seemed to want everything and nothing, and Lex and Lionel who wanted all his secrets. His parents, his biological father, Dr. Swan all expecting, all wanting more than he felt even capable of. Natalie (Ms. Morgan) wanted to feed him cookies, well and stare at his chest through his tight, white t-shirt and his butt when he walked back to the truck. Actually it was flattering she was pretty and a lot older about late thirties he guessed. He had taken over the porch swinging. She leaned back her legs pulled up beside her tucked in next to him. He rocked it violently to tease her. " Ack! you're going to make me sea sick " she thumped him on the chest. He smiled and grabbed the offending wrist and kissed her. She was startled and then responded hungrily her hands grabbing his hair running up and down his chest his inner thigh then over his crotch. He chuckled in to her neck and she moaned her hand ever more insistent. She straddled him rocking her hips his hands cupping her full breasts thumbs teasing her nipples. God how long had she been thinking about this. Her fingers were tracing his cheekbones then she was gone dropped on her knees between his legs. Her hands were shaking as she tried to undue his belt so he rocked his hips back and dropped his pants and boxers enough for what she obviously had in mind. She took him in her mouth enthusiastically, aggressively and with skill. He leaned his head back and groaned. Again he wondered how long had she thought of his and why had he denied himself this. He held her head almost reverently his pleasure and hers awash with tender feelings. She must have been so lonely it had been years since her husbands died. He could give this he wanted to. "Let's go upstairs" he said huskily. She moaned around him and pulled her mouth off reluctantly with a wet pop her eyes questioning. He stood up and grabbed her hand pulling her off the ground, in to the house, and up the stairs. She led him to her room breathing heavy and gripping his hand tightly like she was afraid he'd change his mind. Inside the door he grabbed her by the shoulders kissing her deeply her hands under his shirt that he quickly pulled over his head God the way she looked at him. She was panting now her eyes so wide. She was trembling the woman with three kids and here he was the inexperienced virgin taking the lead undressing himself and her, guiding her to the bed. Anything he did anyplace he touched or kissed she moaned and panted. God she was so wet. He was positioned on top of her the moment hung there a few seconds maybe an eternity till she reached down and guided him in. rocking her hips meeting his thrusts. He knew he was large but any pain she might have felt was muffled in screams and moans of pleasure. She licked his ears and grabbed his butt her breasts swaying in rhythm. He bent his head down to lick her nipples and then he felt it her muscles contracting heard her muffled curses and everything slowed down like he was dodging bullets. He felt like he was moving in slow motion her orgasm caressing him. God it was agonizing and incredible. He knew some of the moans and whimpers were his and right when he was ready to come inside her he pulled out a low growl parting his lips. She reached down pumping him as he came six sharp bursts then time went back to normal. He collapsed beside her they both a sticky mess. She clung to him exhausted and satiated. He felt so relaxed she was alive unhurt and he heard her whisper as he drifted to sleep "Damn baby, Wow whatever you want or don't I'm always here, ok" and he feel asleep with a smile. The End.

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