Coffee Talk

by Katie


Lana blushes, takes a quick peek around the Talon, smiles, and tells Chloe to "Shhhh!"

Chloe laughs a little but lowers her voice and leans forward on the table. "So, spill! You did the deed, with Clark Kent no less. How was it?"

Lana looks at her friend from across the booth and leans back. "I'm not saying anything. I just wanted to let you know that Clark and I took it to the next level."

"Nuh uh. No way am I letting you out of it that easily. We're girls! We're best friends! I need details! Ok, not icky specific details, but general hints and impressions. Because seriously, as much as I love you and Clark, I REALLY don't want to picture the two of you testing out the Kama Sutra in the loft."

"Chloe!!" Lana gasps in shocked hilarity.

"Oh no, ew. Now I've done it to myself. Erase. Erase!!" Chloe scrunches up her eyes, waves her hands in front of her face and shakes her head, doing her best impression of an Etch-A-Sketch. "Now I desperately need general details to white out that thought." She implores her friend.

Lana laughs at the pathetic look coming from Chloe's green eyes and caves. After all, she did want to dish a little bit. And Chloe could be trusted not to judge her, laugh at her, or spread the news far and wide. Not to mention that Chloe's perspectives on things ran on the practical yet amusing side, and Lana was looking forward to the talks she knew they would have.

"Fine. I'll dish. But you ask and I'll answer."

"Yes!" Chloe crows. She just loves winning, especially when it comes to investigating her friend's love life. "So, first question. All those muscles... were they put to good use or was it sweet and tender?"

Lana's mouth just drops open. "Wow, you go right to the good stuff, don't you?"

"What? That's a perfectly reasonable quest..."

"No. It was a way of politely asking `So was it wild monkey sex or sweet tender loving?'"

Now it was Chloe's turn to catch flies as she heard `wild monkey sex' from Lana's mouth. Not to mention that she totally got called out. [i]Hmmm...[/i] "Ok, fine. You got me. Now answer the question."

Lana blushes and Chloe's afraid she started off too bluntly when suddenly Lana spills the beans. All of them.

"Well, at first it started off slow and sweet. Very tender. Kisses and petting. Which was nice, you know? But then I was starting to get worried, because there wasn't any passion. Feeling cherished is all well and good, but not when I'm about to have sex. I wanted to feel wanted. But then I remembered this is Clark. King of Sit Around and Wait. So I deepen the kiss a little and then push him down onto the bed and smile. Apparently that's all it took. The next thing I know..."

"Wait wait wait! Pause. I need a minute. Clark was being all sweet and tender and YOU didn't want that?!" Chloe is just staring at her friend in shocked awe. This was a whole new side to the fairy princess.

Lana just cocks her head at Chloe and says simply, "I'm a girl, not a doll. Every girl has urges. Are you telling me you don't want a guy to hold you like he can't get enough? Or to kiss you like you are the air he needs to breathe? Or be so turned on that he can't HELP but throw you onto the bed?"

Chloe leans back in the booth and appraises Lana with a small smirk playing on her lips. "Oh, we are going to have SUCH good times with this. Ok, back to topic. So you pushed him onto the bed..."

With a laugh, Lana picked up where she left off. "So I push him onto the bed, and after a second of confusion, he gets this grin on his face. And this was the sexiest grin I have ever seen. I didn't know Clark had it in him. Suddenly he was a different guy. Aggressive, confident, and sexy as hell. He yanks me onto his lap on the bed, then just lifts me up and lays me down next to him on the bed." This time Lana reads Chloe's expressions and nods permission to interrupt.

"Lifts you up and lays you down? Don't you mean basically rolls you off his lap onto the bed?"

"Nope." Lana smiles dreamily with the memory. "I mean I am straddling him when he wraps his hands around my waist, lifts me up and out with his arm muscles only, then, still sitting, twist his body and gently places my on my back on the bed next to him. It was the hottest thing ever."

Chloe pictures it in her mind and just stares at Lana, who is changing colors with the memory. "Wow. Continue."

"Um, do you really want me to?" Lana asks with a sly smile.

"Har har har. Yes. Just end it with the details and gloss over the highlights." The look Lana received should have at least removed a year or two of life, but the brunette remained unphased. "Well, from there Clark was pretty much in charge until, you know, everything was a go. Then we both slowed down, and being with him was the most incredible feeling possible. It felt right, like I had found a home. Which is weird because technically I'm the home and he's the..."

"Enough! Enough!" Chloe burst out with laughter. "I get it, and I understand. No need for analyze the analogies. They are meant to be vague, leave them like that. So, you were back to the sweet and tender..."

With another blush at Chloe's laughter, Lana continues. "Well, there really isn't much left. It ended sweet and tender, and it was amazing. I feel totally connected and close to Clark. We have a special bond now, and it will never be broken."

"Ok stalker, that didn't sound obsessive." Chloe snarked.

Lana froze and just stared at Chloe, a little hurt by the comment.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, you were getting a little too sweet and mushy for me and the bitch snuck out. I'm sorry." With her puppy dog eyes and sincere apology, Chloe was hoping Lana would forgive. Which, with a smile, she did.

"So, I take it you are still a bit anti-romance-and-happy-couples?" Lana asked tentatively.

Chloe pretended outrage. "Hey hey hey! I have a few questions left; stop trying to divert the conversation."

Deciding not to point out who was doing the evading, Lana put her hands in the air and smiled. "Ask away."

"Clark's a nice big guy. With all that size, was everything in proportion? And yes, I want to know if Clark has a pencil dick or not." Chloe bluntly stated.

"Ohmigodchloe!" Lana choked out before succumbing to laughter. "I thought you didn't want details!"

"That's not a detail, it's a fact. And it's a fact I want to know. What he's working with is very important. How he's working it is unnecessary." Chloe just smiled.

"Um. Ok. Let's just say he was proportionate. Very proportionate. Maybe too proportionate." Again with the blushing and the smiling from Lana.

Chloe just lets out a low whistle and smirks at her friend. "Lucky girl. As long as he knows how to use it. Which isn't something I want to know!" She hurriedly clarified.

Having decided she was done with the one-sided share session, Lana turns the tables on Chloe. "Your turn. I answered your questions now you answer mine." Knowing this was not a situation she wanted to be in, Chloe tried to turn them back. "Nope, I've still got one question left, Miss Lang." She stated in confidence.

"Fine. What?"

Crap. Chloe didn't have another question. She had been banking on Lana to try protesting for a few minutes which would give her time to think of something. However, Chloe was nothing if not quick on her toes. "Now that you have done the deed, is it time for a new wardrobe change? No more pinks and blacks, the new Lang will be dressed in head-to-toe red. Scarlet red."

Startled, Lana just blinked at Chloe, not noticing the approaching figure who had just walked in the door. "What do you mean?"

"Well, just that you seem to have a uniform that fits who you are at the time. During our first three years of high school you were the sweet, innocent, bland Lana Lang who wore nothing but pink or baby blue. Then you get back from Paris and you wear nothing but blacks and deep maroons. Now you have graduated, survived another meteor shower, and are in an intimate relationship with the man you have loved for years. What's the new wardrobe going to be?" Chloe smiles when finished, pleased at having thrown her friend through a loop.

A deep voice answers the question, startling both girls. "Maybe the new Lana won't feel confined to a single color theme. Maybe she has freed herself from the need to find comfort in regularity and uniformity."

"Lex. Hi." Lana smiles up at him. "Thanks for the save, and I like that." Turning to Chloe she responds, "What he said."

Pulled from her startled stare of Lex, she turns and frowns at Lana. "What? You can't use that answer!"

"And why not?" Lex asks as he slides into the booth next to Chloe, unceremoniously pushing her further into the corner.

Giving him a disgruntled look to cover the butterflies in her stomach, she quickly thinks of an answer. "Because it wasn't hers. And it came from a man who only wears black and purple."

Lana has her mouth open to rebut but never gets the chance, as Lex took inordinate offence over Chloe's statement.

"Purple?! I don't wear purple." He spits out, treating the word purple like it left a bad taste in his mouth just by saying it.

"Um. Hi. Your name is Lex Luthor and every day you wear black with varying shades of purple. Today is no different. That sweater of your is a pale purple. Nice to meet you." Chloe snarks out.

"Hello Captain Obvious. I see you are miss-informed. The sweater I am wearing is called lilac, which is a tint of violet. I wear violet frequently, seeing as it is an actual color and one that I am fond of. However PURPLE was something created by Crayola because they felt violet wasn't fun enough of a name for kids. And I DO NOT wear anything created by Crayola. The pleasure is all mine." Lex fires right back.

Watching Chloe bristle up over that rapid-fire response, Lana leans back to enjoy the next few rounds of judo. [i]Score: Lex 1, Chloe 0.[/i] she thinks. However, she was surprised when Lex interrupted whatever was about to fly from the top of Chloe's head out of her mouth.

"As much as I would love to stay and compete in the `Who's Quickest With Their Mouth Game,' I just dropped by to talk to Lana about the upstairs apartment. So." Turning from Chloe to Lana, Lex continued. "Lana, when you have a few minutes, please let me know. Thanks." And with that, Lex slid out of the booth, got his coffee from the counter, and was out the door. Leaving behind a stunned Chloe and nervous Lana.

"I wonder what he wants to talk about..." Lana murmurs to herself, only to be startled by Chloe's shriek of frustration.

"Can you believe that man?! Can you?! He does it on purpose! I know he does!" Chloe whisper-yells at Lana.

"Does what?" Lana asks, totally mystified by this change in her friend.

"He strolls in, interrupts our conversation, which results in getting me all fired up mentally, only to cut me off before I get a chance to give as good as I got. And not only that, but ends it with the hottest double entendre possible. And just leaves. LEAVES! GARRRRHHH!" Chloe ends with a growl.

Lana just stares wide-eyed at her friend, then busts out laughing. "Double entendre? What double entendre?"

" `Who's Quickest With Their Mouth Game,' don't tell me you didn't get it." Chloe says.

"Please explain," Lana asks believably.

"Oral! He left me thinking about how quick his mouth and tongue were, and the challenge that maybe I'd be able to show how fast mine are, and just the general idea of us battling it out with our mouths in very strategic locations, trying to impress the other. The person who wins is the one who gets the other off first. Although that means the other person would win too, so it's a win-win game and he just LEAVES with that thought! Again I say GARRRRHHH!" Chloe pauses for a breath, realizes what she just revealed, and really looks at Lana. Lana, who is just sitting there with the most innocent and shocked expression on her face. Causing Chloe to blush and curse pale Irish skin. Only then does Lana break into laughter.

"Oh my goodness. That was too good! You two are hilarious!" She sees Chloe just staring at her in shock. "What, you didn't think I could tell that you like him and that he likes you? I'm a friend. You two are blatantly obvious. And whenever you two are around each other I need a chainsaw to cut the sexual tension." Lana gasps out around the laughter. Chloe continues to stare at her.

"He likes me? You think Lex Luthor likes me? Why would you think Lex likes me? Spill. NOW! Also, you will need to clarify why you haven't mentioned any of this previously in order to stave off a serious reckoning." Chloe jokingly threatened.

A little more hesitant now, Lana begins, "Well, Chloe, you aren't exactly the more open or approachable about your feelings. When someone tries to investigate or interfere in your emotions, you have a habit of shutting them down and out. I didn't want to be on the receiving end of that. Now. As to why I think Lex likes you... 1. The comments that you just went on a rant over. He knows what he's doing, he just doesn't know if you like him back. 2. He came over here to tell me he wanted to talk to me later. Why not talk to me now? Or, you know, call. He has my number. 3. He wanted to talk to me later. Which means he is hoping to see you again, since this is where you most frequently hang out and he doesn't really have the excuse of visiting your dad on business or any of that. Do I need more reasons?

Chloe groans and buries her head in her arms on the table. Peeking up at Lana she asks, "What do you think I should do?"

"Well, I obviously need to talk to Lex. I think you should come with me, then stay there afterwards and clear up a few things. Because if you don't, I will."

"But what if I get shut down?" Chloe whines.

"Oh please. Just think back to his display 5 minutes ago. The only bad thing that could happen is you missing out on all the incredible sex with a certified sex god who is know for showering his love interests with attention, affection, generosity. In fact, forget Clark, can we trade?" Lana jokes.

Unfortunately, this sets Chloe's back up. "Forget it! This one is mine. You won yours, leave mine alone! Now, you're right. Lets head over there while I still have the courage."

Lana smiles in delight and the two girls head to the mansion. Lana can't help but say, "Who knows, in a few days hopefully I will be the one asking all the questions and you being the one blushing."

Exactly five days later, that is exactly what happens.

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