Beautiful Ending

by Erika

        She stood in one of the many bedrooms in the Luthor Mansion. She never thought this day would come, the day she would become Mrs. Luthor. Nell and Mrs. Kent were busily playing with her dress, trying to make it perfect. In less then an hour she would be marrying the man of her dreams. The guy she'd been in love w/ since she was 16. It was meant to be, but the only people who seemed to know that but her and Lex. There wasn't anyone she could think of off hand that hadn't made an objective comment towards this wedding. Nell said she was to young, truth be told she might have been a little, they announced there engagement three days after her eighteenth birthday. Chloe said that he was just using her to boost his image as a family man to get more business, and as we all know everybody else just hates Lex Luthor and they don't want to see her marry what in their eyes in the evil incarnate. It seemed petty to her that they would have been ridiculed for their relationship, that's why they kept it a secret until she was eighteen. Which for ended up being a good thing for both of them, plus the fear of getting caught made the relationship all that more exciting. Sneaking around behind everybody's back also added a thrill and a challenge.  They didn't always know they were going to be together, all they knew for the longest time was that they could never be together, he was Lex Luthor, big and Bad business man from the evil city of Metropolis. She was little Lana Lang, Homecoming queen and all around good girl. They'd always been taught that if those two worlds collided it would be disastrous, little did they know that the result would be utter bliss and happiness for both of them. 
        It all started Prom night of her Senior year, she was suppose to go with Clark, just as friends nothing more, they'd given up on that part of their "relationship" after the fiasco at the previous years homecoming. At 7:30 Clark called her and told her there was an emergency on the farm and he couldn't make it. She was disappointed. What else could she be? She couldn't be mad at him for an emergency obviously out of his control. So she traded her dress for jeans and a t-shirt and headed down to the talon which only had one waitress for the night, because most of the employees were high school students and of course tonight was Prom. The one waitress she had left Becky was getting restless waiting for Wendy to get there so she could go to Prom. She knew Wendy wasn't coming she had called her earlier and told her, her son was sick. She walked in and told Becky to go home no questions, as She began to pour herself some coffee and mentally prepare herself for another two hour shift with no one to serve.   
        After two full hours with only one customers, it was ten o'clock, time to close. She shut and locked the door after the only customer left and began wiping down the tables. She walked into the backroom to grab another rag, when She heard the door jingle and someone rush in. It scared her a little it was late at night, raining, and She was all by herself. She grabbed a broom and slowly began to creep around the corner. She saw a man standing behind the counter. She acted on instinct hitting him on the head with the broom, but when he fell to the ground she quickly realized her mistake.
        "Lex, Oh my gosh!" She said, dropping to her knees she flipped him on the his back, grabbing a cushion off a chair and putting it underneath his head," Are you alright?"
        "I'll have a little bump, but nothing i can't live with," He responded. 
        She grabbed some ice and wrapped it in a rag," I am so sorry, I thought u were a robber or something an I'm all by myself and oh my gosh I'm so sorry,"
        "Lana, Calm down it's ok, I'm happy u can protect yourself, I was just sneaking in for some late night coffee i figured you'd be at Prom, I thought you and Clark were going together?"
        "We were, he had some kind of emergency, and those things are no fun unless you go with someone so i came here instead," She explained, helping him over to the bench. She sat down in a chair in front of him, putting the ice on his head.
        "So how was business tonight?" He asked.
        "We had one customer in two hours, so I would say it's booming," She laughed.
        There was a moment of silence and in that moment a spark hit in both of their minds, and in two seconds they both leaded forward and their lips met. Within a few seconds arms were wrapped around each other and they were making-out. 
        After they finally let go Lex looked Lana in the eyes and when he normally saw the innocence of a teenage girl, he now saw the fire of a woman.
        "What was--" She was interrupted.
        "Hey You two, " Clark Walked in, "Lana i am so sorry about the dance,"
        "Clark, don't worry about it you had an emergency, it's not your fault," She said.
        "Well I have a lot of work to do, i better head back to the estate," Lex said getting up from the bench and walking toward the door.
        "Bye Lex," Lana Said.
        "See ya Lex" Clark said," Lana do you want a ride home?"
        "Yes, that'd be great, Clark, just let me lock up real quick," She walked into the backroom and grabbed her coat and purse. Then she and Clark walked out, all the while she was thinking about that kiss w/ Lex and whether or not he meant it as much as she did. 
        Lex stood at the alter with Clark standing next  to him, he was his best man. He too never thought this day would come. He loved her more then he'd ever loved anyone. He'd heard the rumors and he knew they weren't true. He wanted to marry Lana because he loved her not because it would boast his career or because she'd be a trophy wife. This was the day he had waited for, for year since that day the day in the Talon, but it was the next day that Lex knew she was the one.    
        He leaned over the pool table, lining up his shot, when he noticed she was standing in the doorway.
        "Hello," He said," how long have you been standing there?"
        "Not long," she responded," We need to talk,"
        "You know....Last night,"
        "What was Last night?"
        "I don't really know, Lana, What do you want it to be?"
        "I don't know,"
        "Lana I'm not going to lie to you I like you...a lot,"
        "I like you too,"
        "But there are something's we defiantly need to talk about if were going to take this any further then it is already,"
        "I know,"
        "There are risks," He said," you need to understand that once we go there, there isn't any going back the press will be all over it,"
        "Maybe we should keep it quiet for a bit," she said walking closer to him. 
        "I think that's best at least until you turn 18 so no one gets in trouble," 
        "That's only a month away," She commented, "So you really want to do this?"
        "Yes, as long as you do, i don't want to pressure you or anything of that sort,"
        "Yes I want to," she said," I understand there are risks but i want to take them," she got closer, she was standing right in front of him, pressed against him, maybe two inches from his face.  He leaned down and kissed her, she put one arm around his neck and the other on the side of the pool table to steady herself.  After a few more minutes of  that Lana caught a glimpse of her watch.
        "Lex, I have to go, Graduation ceremony starts in an hour, Your coming aren't you, I mean you always go to that kind of stuff , don't you?" She stuttered, "But I mean if your busy or something I don't care,"
        "I'll be there," He said, and after one quick (Rather long) kiss she ran off through the doors home to get ready for Graduation. He picked up the phone and ordered a dozen red roses having them sent to the talon where he know Lana would be tonight instead of partying with the rest of the gang. 
        She sat in the car for a moment gathering her thought on the new relationship she'd just started.  It was a foreign concept to her, with Whitney it was only puppy love,  Clark was only infatuation, but this.  This could be the real deal and that was new and exciting to her. She pulled off the Luthor property and drove home to get ready.
        Chloe walked into the Dressing room, "Lana you ready?" She asked shutting the door behind her. Lana gave Chloe a look of confusion, "Nell, Mrs. Kent could you give us a minute?"
        "Certainly Chloe," Mrs. Kent said, She and Nell Left to go take there seats after giving Lana and Chloe hugs.   
        "What's wrong, Lana?" Chloe asked.
        "Nothing's wrong, I'm just in shock, I can't believe this is actually happening," She said
        " I know I've always seemed to be opposed to this wedding but I love you both dearly and I'm finally starting to see that you two are the happiest people on earth when your around each other and  you make him a better person and he makes you happy, something Clark, Whitney, or even Jason never completely accomplished," Chloe said.
        " So your not opposed anymore?" Lana said, "Chloe you don't know how happy this makes me, your like a sister to me, and I felt bad about getting married when you didn't think I should, your blessing means a lot to me," She hugged her, " I Just wish Clark felt the same way,"
        " Lana you know Clark supports you and Lex in what ever you do, he loves Lex like a brother and he knows Lex adores you and he'd never do anything to hurt you," Chloe said.
        " I know but I still get this vibe from Clark, like he doesn't want this to happen," she said. 
        " I don't know, but it's not like he's going to ruin the wedding he knows how much you and Lex love each other, he's not stupid enough to interfere,"
        "ok," Lana Said
        "I'm so happy for you," Chloe said, " Your getting married," Chloe hugged Lana.
        "Do you remember when we told you and Clark?"
        "How could I forget?"

        " What's going on you guys, it sounded important?" Chloe said Bursting into the Talon to see Lana and Lex sitting inside.
        " We'll tell you as soon as Clark gets here," Lana said.
        "Clark's always late," Chloe commented.
        " Sorry I'm late you guys," Clark rushed in the other three burst into laughter, " What's so funny?"
        "Nothing, " Lex commented.
        " Ok Clark's here what's this huge news?" Chloe said eagerly.
        "Well...." Lex started.
        "We kind of started" Lana said
        "Seeing each other," Lex finished
        " When did this start?" Clark said confused.
        " About  a month and a half ago," Lana answered, "Anyway we're getting married now that I'm eighteen,"
        "What?" Clark said loudly.
        "Lana, your eighteen, your way too young to be getting married," Chloe said.
        "And to Lex?" Clark said, "I didn't even know you two liked each other,"
        "Neither did we," they looked at each other and smiled, " Until the night, Prom night,"
        "I knew I walked in on something," Clark yelled, storming out.
        " Clark wait," Chloe ran after him, " I'm sorry you guys congratulations,"
        "Well that went well, " Lana said, Letting her head fall on Lex's shoulder.
        "Better then I expected, no one got hurt," Lex commented kissing her forehead.
        "Well Chloe knows which means everyone in town will know by tomorrow morning," Lex said
        "I wouldn't say that, I give it until 8 tonight by then everyone will know," She laughed.
        "Well lets go back to the mansion and enjoy the last few hours of peace before the vultures swoop in," she said.
        "Ok," she said, they walked out and got into the car and drove back to the mansion.

        " Let's go," Chloe said to Lana.
        "Ok," The two girls walked out to the inner doors, the wedding was in the garden and the reception was in the ballroom.
        "I'm really going to do this," Lana said to Chloe.
        "Yes and I couldn't be happier for you Lana," She said, "Now should we start?"
        "Yes," Lana said. Chloe told the ushers to open the doors and Chloe started down the aisle as Maid of Honor.  Lana took in a deep breathe before turning the corner into the aisle. She  slowly walked down the aisle, smiling as Lex came into view. She focused in on his piercing blue eyes, those eyes she loved them.
        "She's so beautiful, " Lex thought to himself as he watched her come down the aisle. He smiled back at her as she got closer. He to couldn't believe the day was actually here 

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