A Wednesday Afternoon at the Kent Farm (Ecstasy)

by Snarky1

A Wednesday Afternoon at the Kent Farm
After ridding her of her winter coat, Clark gestured to Chloe to sit on the bed. She smiled at him and pushed her hair out of her eyes. She then stretched out and looked at the ceiling as Clark walked to the side of the bed. "Move to the side?" he asked with a smile. She complied and he lay down next to her and pulled the blanket over both of their heads. The sunlight in the room came through the blanket so she could see his face even in the muted light. He gently kissed her and pulled her into his arms. They stayed like that for what felt like an hour, sometimes kissing and sometimes feeling each other's arms around each other. In the middle of one of the kisses, Clark tugged Chloe's shirt up over her head and laid it on the floor. She giggled slightly and pushed his sweatshirt and t-shirt up enough so her bare stomach was pressed against his warm skin. They continued to lie like that, sharing a few kisses here and there. It was the most romantic way Clark had ever initiated things. Soon after, Chloe was on her back while the soft material of her pants was pulled off of her to join her shoes, coat, and sweater. Clark again wrapped her in his arms but not before removing his own shirt and sweatshirt. Chloe smiled in happiness. "I love you," she whispered to the man holding her. "I love you too," he replied, giving her a kiss and squeezing her against him. She wanted to lie there forever or at least until the weekend with Clark just being sweet and wonderful. Being a teenager and because of his natural drive, Clark soon got up and Chloe covered her head with the blanket. However, she kept a small hole so she could watch the action in the room and to see how long it would be before he noticed her looking. There was a soft hush of material as Clark's striped boxers hit the floor and the sliding noise of the dresser drawer. There was the familiar rip of the foil and Clark had a look of concentration on his face when he noticed Chloe peeking out at him. "I see you!" he laughed and swept the blanket off of her, her underthings with it. Chloe giggled and he gently pulled her towards him by her ankles as he sat on the edge of his bed. Soon, Chloe felt that wonderfulness which she only was so lucky to get on occasions such as these. She smiled and closed her eyes. A gentle kiss on her bruised nose made her eyes open again. She gazed into the pools of brown which Clark was fighting to keep open as his breathing became heavier. "I, love, you," he said between breaths. "And I love you," she said into his neck as she kissed it, making his back tense under her fingers. He ran his hands though her hair and then held her tightly against him. They looked into each other's eyes again and unspoken words of love, commitment, friendship, and trust passed between them as together they passed into ecstasy.

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