The Morning After

by kris

The Morning After

She slowly woke up. She didn't know where she was. What happened? She thought. Where am I? She couldn't remember anything. She blinked a few times to improve her vision.

She realized she was naked with a blanket draped over her. She seemed to be laying on something hard, like the ground. She rolled over and she could believe what she saw when she did.

It was Clark. "Oh shit". He was naked too. She had a splitting headache and in her thighs and between her legs came a sharp pain. She really wanted to know happened.

So she tried to wake up Clark. "Clark, Clark wake up." she whispered.

"Chloe" he said confused. "Where are we, what happened?"

"I think we're in your loft."

"How'd we get here?" he asked.

"I guess we're both in the dark" she said with a smile.

"All I remember is...ohhhh my head" he moaned. "Clark, by the looks of it..I think we slept together."

"No, really?" he said sarcastically.

After he realized that both of them were naked he jumped up and put his jeans and shirt on. Chloe sat up, holding the blanket close her chest. Being careful not to expose herself. He may have seen her but... She was in her right There they sat in perfect silence. Chloe was biting her nails and Clark sitting on the other side of the loft, staring intently at the floor. They both were wondering what ELSE had happened and how they got there.

"Oh shit" Chloe said breaking the silence.

"What is it?"

"Oh shit" she said again and again under her breath as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

"Chloe what is it just tell me?"

"Clark, if we really did what I think we did, then I...I might..." she stopped and began to cry. She didn't want to cry in front of him. She saw it as a sign of weakness. She hated showing her weak moments.

"Chloe, you might what?!?!"

Clark had a pretty good idea of what she might be, but he quickly put that thought away. He took her into his arms, sliding her on to his lap drying her tears once more and softly said. "Chloe, please just tell me." Hoping that what she had to say wasn't what he thought it was.

Chloe swallow and said." I could be pregnant!"

Clark made some mental deliberations- he didn't want to say something that he might regret.

He softly said "It's okay. Come on lets get you dressed."

Clark found her clothes and helped her put on here shirt.

"Thanks Clark, but I think I got it from here."

There they walked hand in hand down the road. They didn't know why but it just felt right. They saw a red Ferrari coming in the distance. This could only mean one thing. Lex.

Soon after seeing it, the car stopped.

"Okay Clark, just play it cool."


"Hey guys" he said with a smirk. "What's goin' on?"

"Nothing too much" Clark said quickly. Too quickly.

"Where'd you guys end up last night?"

"What? Last Night? Huh?" Chloe said very confused.

"The party, at the mansion. Any of these things ringing any bells?"

"No" they both said.

"Really?" Lex said raising his eyebrows in awe.

"Why?" Chloe said looking very curiously at Lex. She had that reporter look in her eyes.

"You guys were pretty drunk. You were making out and dancing and whole bunch of other fun stuff."

"We did?" said Clark

"We were?" Chloe chimed in.

"Yea, you guys don't remember any of this?"

"No not at all" said Chloe

"Well, I'll talk to you tomorrow guys. I've got a meeting to get to that I am officially late to."

He started up his car and sped off.

Still holding hands they walked to Chloe's house. Standing on the porch Clark turned to Chloe.
"Chloe, before you go."

"Yea, Clark"

"If you're pregnant then well.. we'll take care of it."

A huge smile came across Chloe's face. She knew that he cared.

"Thanks, Clark"

Chloe turned to walk in but she was stopped by Clark's strong arm. She turned around and looked into his big green eyes. He bent down and kissed her. It was a light kiss, a small one but, it meant so much to her. Finally, he let up and let her go. She didn't want to go but, she knew that she had to. She knew that her dad would be furious knowing that her and Clark went to the party together and never came home that night.

She gave him a hug and whispered a "thanks" in his ear. Then she fumbled through her purse for her keys, unlocked the door and walked in closing the door behind her.


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