My First Taste - Prologue

by Aelora


"In the Beginning"

I am home now
I've been waiting for forever to find you I'm not alone now
Cuz you've taken in my heart from the cold You're Where I Belong - Trisha Yearwood

Jonathon Kent gripped the steering wheel of the truck tensely as the silence continued to descend throughout the cab. Beside him, his wife Martha was just as still as he was and he thought that if he listened closely enough, her heart was likely beating just as quickly too. On the far side of the seat sat business tycoon, Lionel Luthor, just as tense, just as silent, yet for far different reasons.

None of them would likely be here now, the way that they were, if not for the two children who were also present. On Martha's lap sat a little girl, with dark wavy hair and big blue-green eyes, who Jonathon was guessing was somewhere around three, maybe four years old. From the moment he had seen her, crouching outside their overturned truck in the midst of scorched earth, she'd had an ever-present brilliant smile on her face, like she was simply happy to be there, to be meeting them, to be alive. Her presence was miraculous, and difficult to come to terms with, for she had arrived in a hailstorm of fire, brought to the town of Smallville in the tiny ship hidden beneath a tarp in the back of the truck they were traveling in.

Lionel Luthor didn't know any of this. He simply believed he was sitting beside a family of three that had been caught in the same terror that had rained from the sky as he and his son had. From what Jonathon could tell, Lionel's son, who was stiffly cradled in his lap, had seen the worst of what had occurred. He had been laying in a flattened cornfield, his red hair stripped from his scalp, shaking and unconscious and alone. His father had seemed shocked out of action and Jonathon had been forced to gather the child into his arms and bring them both back to the truck to take them to Smallville Medical Center.

The same truck that harbored a hidden spaceship, and the little girl that the space ship belonged to.


But real. Jonathon had seen it with his own eyes - this naked child crouching on earth that should have burned her bare feet but hadn't. And the smoking ship laying in a blackened crater. Martha had held and talked quietly to the child, who had continued to smile and tug on Martha's hair and spoke only one word to them that sounded like `Per'mek'. But Jonathon couldn't make it out and didn't know what language it was.

"Can't we go any faster?" Lionel asked, his voice slightly panicked, from the other side of the cab.

"We're doing the best we can," Jonathon replied calmly.

"What are you carrying back there? It's slowing us down."

Jonathon didn't reply, didn't change expression, didn't do anything. Because he couldn't. It wasn't as if he could just admit "Well, see we found this little girl and her spaceship in a field and we have the spaceship back there, you know? In case she needs it back". No, he couldn't say that. Right now, he really didn't know what to do. Beside him, his wife continued to hold and cuddle the child and kiss her dark hair and murmur softly and soothingly to her. Jonathon knew his wife was already attached and how was he supposed to tell her that she was going to have to let go? This wasn't their child. Certainly, someone would come looking for her.

But who?

As if understanding that Jonathon was thinking about her, the child with the ever-present smile looked up at him, regarding him quietly for a moment, before turning to gaze at the silent little boy in Lionel's arms. Martha watched in fascination as he finally opened his eyes, like he could sense that he was being scrutinized.

Blue eyes met blue-green.

The child on Martha's lap reached out with her hand and touched the cheek of Lionel's son, moving her fingers down his pale, delicate skin to his jaw.

The little boy managed a smile, seemed to relax suddenly in his father's arms, then closed his eyes and once more fell into unconsciousness.

The little girl returned his smile and leaned back against the woman who held her, turning her gaze back onto the road and what lay ahead.


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