After Dark

by HumbugGirl

Title: After Dark
Author: HumbugGirl
URL: Pairing: Chloe/Lex
Rating: NC17
Summary: Chloe. Lex. Talon. A black out. What more do you need? Spoilers: Hmm, let's say up to `Ryan'
Disclaimer: Not mine, I've never pretended they were either. Author's Notes: 1) Practically PWP. On a related note its ages since I wrote a piece of sizable smut for Chlex so I hope this turns out okay. 2) I'm embarrassed to admit that I used the word `donned' in this. Lol. Don't ask... Dedication: To Hope, because she wanted me to write Chlex. I mentioned Blana... but only as a plot device! Feedback: Please. Always welcome.

If there was one thing that Chloe liked about Talon it was the way that the place smelled. It wasn't just the coffee although she loved that scent but there was something else too that consisted of syrupy smells and sugar and the promise of sticky cakes that Lana always made sure were on tap for the customers if they wanted them. It made for a delicious combination and usually left Chloe's mouth watering for more. Unfortunately there were only so many refills you could persuade your friend who happened to be the owner to give you when technically they should have already closed for the night and as for the sticky cakes, well, Chloe did like having the figure she had so those were limited too. Still, as she sat waiting for her roommate to finished cleaning up so she could give her a lift home Chloe couldn't help but wish that Lana hadn't already packed everything away for the night.

The distinctive `clunk' of the front door to the caf falling shut drew Chloe out of her thoughts of sugary goodness. Turning around she found herself faced with the figure she had least expected to see that night. Lex Luthor stalked towards her with an almost desperate expression on his face, a long grey coat flaring about him in a manner that was entirely too much like that of a hero in a romance novel and Chloe couldn't resist a secret little smile at the sight of him. Lex Luthor, for all his faults, was one mightily fine looking man.

"Please tell me she still has some coffee on somewhere," he said slumping onto the chair next to hers and peering over the counter.

"Well hello to you too and no she hasn't." Chloe watched as he slumped over slightly with a disheartened expression painted on his features. "Couldn't wait to get back to the mansion and have someone brew some up for you?" she quipped.

The look Lex gave her was wry. "Unfortunately the mansion is still being inhabited by the Ghost of Christmas Future," he replied. At Chloe's raised eyebrow he added, "My father," by way of explanation.

"Oh," Chloe said, her voice clearly indicating that she understood his dilemma.

"I swear if the man throws one more prediction of doom and gloom at me then he's going to find himself hurtling through the nearest window."

Chloe snorted laughter that turned into a grin as Lex turned to her with a small smile on his features. He ran a hand back hastily over his scalp. "What about you Miss Sullivan?" he asked. "What brings you to Talon at this time of night?"

"I'm giving Lana a lift home," she replied. "Although if she doesn't hurry up soon I may end up leaving her here."

"I heard that," a voice called from the back storeroom. Moments later Lana appeared with a smile on her face. "Hi Lex. I'm sorry; I already turned everything off for the night."

"So I hear," the man replied. "Could you find it in your..." he trailed off as the lights blinked out once, twice and then completely leaving them in utter darkness.

"That isn't good," Chloe observed.

"What happened?" Lana asked.

In the dark Chloe turned to where she thought she could remember her friend standing and bit back the more obvious reply that had suddenly sprung to mind. "Do you think the fuse blew or something?" she asked instead.

"I'll go check." There was a rustling of sound and although Chloe's couldn't see that Lana was gone she guessed as much that she had.

"Chloe?" Lex said after they had been sat in silence for a good ten minutes.

"Yes Lex? Hey you called me Chloe!"

Wryly he replied, "It really isn't that difficult a name to pronounce."

"Then why don't you use it more often?"

"This is hardly the time to be discussing technicalities," the man replied and Chloe's lips formed a smirk in response.

"We're sat in the dark Lex, what do you propose we do?"

The man on the seat next to her coughed a little and shifted uncomfortably but before he could reply Lana reappeared, a flashlight in hand. Chloe blinked at the sudden illumination, her eyes swinging from Lana's face to Lex's and she was startled to find that he seemed to be slightly flushed. "Its not the fuse," Lana said. "I had a quick look out the window and I can't be certain but I think that there's been a power cut." She paused for a second, a sheepish look coming over her face. "Its looks like I'll have to wait around until the power comes back on."

"Huh?" Chloe responded missing the other girl's point.

"When the power comes back on then it will trigger the alarm system," Lex supplied. "Lana will have to reset it."

"Oh! Do you want me to wait around with you?" she offered secretly hoping that the other girl would say no. The idea of sitting around with Lana for what could turn out to be the entire night in Talon, even if there was coffee on tap was not particularly appealing. Chloe let out a little sigh at the thought of her nice comfy bed being abandoned for the night.

"Actually," Lana said. "I was wondering whether you could do me a favour instead."

Feeling suspicion dawn in her Chloe narrowed her eyes. "What?"

"I kind of left the key that I'll need to reset the alarm at home. I don't suppose that you'd stay here while I went for it?"

The pleading tone in Lana's voice tugged at Chloe's conscience. "Can't I just go and get it for you?" she asked hopefully.

Lana shook her head, the movement barely visible in the thin beam of the torch. "I'm not sure where I left it so it would probably be quicker for me to go and look. If you could sit around here until I get back that would be great. I'd hate for the alarm to go off without anyone here to handle the police if they showed up."

"Alone?" Chloe queried, already resigned to the fact that she'd be stuck in the coffee house until Lana got back.

"I'll stay with you if you want," Lex chirped up suddenly.

Chloe eyed him nervously taking in the seemingly sincere expression on his features. "You sure?"

"I think I'll survive."

"That'd be great!" Lana exclaimed before Chloe had chance to question anymore. "Can I borrow you car Chlo'?"

"I, uh, sure," the blonde replied and dug out her car keys. She handed them over and managed to resist the urge to tell Lana to be careful. If there was one thing about Lana she knew it was that the girl was a good driver. Most of the time anyway.

Lana grinned at her then disappeared behind the counter, coming up seconds later with her bag. "I'll try not to be long," she said rounding the counter and walking towards the door. She disappeared with a gust of air that left Chloe shivering slightly.

"You don't have to do this," she said after they had been sat in silence for a few minutes.

"Its okay," Lex replied with a small smile. "Lionel's in town remember?"

Chloe offered him a smile of her own. Tapping her hand on the counter top she said, "Anyway, you were about to tell me what we could do in the dark."

The same, rather uncomfortable little look that Chloe thought she had spotted before returned to his face and Lex looked away from her and towards the coffee machine. He seemed to steady himself slightly and then he turned to her with a wicked little glint in his eyes as he said, "Are you sure you want to know Chloe?"

The way in which he said her name sent a shiver through Chloe's body and her mouth dropped open slightly. She licked her lips quickly to cover the involuntary action. Pulling together as much courage as she could muster Chloe answered, "When have you known a time when I haven't wanted to know something Lex?"

He grinned at her and slipped off his stool, covering the short distance between them and blocking out some of the torch light. Chloe's breath hitched in her chest at the sight of the somewhat predatory look in his eyes and she suddenly wondered what it was she had managed to get herself into. Worse yet she wondered what had gotten into Lex because there was no way on earth that she could convince herself that this was normal behaviour from the young man even if her body was currently remembering the events of several of her more explicit dreams staring Lex and longing for the man stood in front of her it actually turn them into reality.

"Lex..." she murmured as he places his hands to either side of her body on the counter, effectively surrounding her.

"Yes Chloe?" he replied lips quirking up into a telltale smirk.

"What are you doing?"

"Showing you things to do in the dark."

She bit her lip a little. "Okay, lets try this a different way. Why are you showing me things to do in the dark?"

He raised an eyebrow at her. "Chloe, if you really don't want to..."

"I didn't say that," she answered quickly and earned another satisfied grin from him. "I'm just a little curious as to why."

He shrugged, the motion causing all sorts of delicious tightening of his clothing and revealing to Chloe hints of muscle. "It has to start somewhere."

Well that was a little... cryptic, Chloe thought though she was distracted from dwelling on it by the action of Lex moving even closer and a brief brush of his lips against herself. He leaned back a little to look her in the eyes only to find that they had fluttered shut. Slowly Chloe opened them again, wondering at the lack of contact between them. "Hmm, so, you've got my attention," she said meeting his eyes.

Lex arched an eyebrow. "Only a little?" When Chloe nodded he leaned close again, putting a little more pressure into the kiss. When he pulled back Chloe's flesh had managed to develop a slightly pink flush. "Better?" he asked.

"Definitely... but there's still something missing."

"You sound as if you already know a few things about what to do in the dark," Lex teased.

With a small curl of her lips into what she hoped was a suggestive little smile Chloe said, "I think I'm getting an idea of what it entails."

"Then by all means, you show me the next move."

She hopped off her stool, her body sliding down the front of his as she moved into a standing position and suddenly Chloe found herself surrounded by a very distinct, very masculine smell that she knew from memory to be that of Lex and Lex alone. She trailed the fingers of one hand up his torso, gliding over his chest until they came to rest of his shoulders at which point, "This coat is silly. How about we do away with it?" Hooking her thumbs under the collar she pushed it off his shoulders a way and then let Lex shake it off, taking the coat and throwing it over the back of a chair. "And this," Chloe said pointing to the suit jacket he wore. "Is more that silly, it's actually a little pointless."

"I take it we should probably get rid of that too," Lex observed and when Chloe nodded he slowly removed the jacket, letting it join his coat. "Better?"

"Much," she said letting her eyes take in the way that the silk of his shirt now seemed to strain over certain delicious parts of his body. "It could be better though."


To prove her point Chloe stepped forwards again, ensuring that their bodies were fully pressed up against each other gasping a little as she found herself in contact with what could only be described as very definite evidence that Lex was happy enough to be in this situation. Going up on her tiptoes she pressed her lips to his again, letting her tongue slid over the soft sensitive flesh of his lower lip and then dart inside when he allowed her. What followed was a kiss that Chloe could only think of as mind blowing.

Lex's hands went to her hips, pulling her even closer, sliding around her waist and disappearing beneath her top. Strong fingers, grazed across the flesh of her back, stroking her skin and all but urging Chloe to reach around the back of Lex's head to keep his head down and ensure the kiss never broke. He spun her around, walking her backwards until her calves hit velvety fabric that signalled they had reached one of the low couches. Chloe found herself descending into a sitting position and then lying back as Lex joined her, his body covering hers.

The hands that had been around her waist once again moved to her hips. One remained there were the other began to trace a pattern up Chloe's side underneath her shirt in a torturously slow manner until it found a breast. Lex trailed his fingers briefly over the fabric of her bra then moved down again, tracing the underside with just the tips of his nails - an action that made Chloe arch towards him in order to increase the contact. She was stopped by Lex gently pressing her back down against the couch and before Chloe entirely knew what she was doing she let out a whimper of frustration into his mouth. He smiled against her and broke the kiss, instead move his lips to the line of her jaw, dancing his tongue along it with quick strokes even as Chloe's hands came up to curl around his shoulder. His mouth continued to linger there as Chloe dug her nails into the muscle of his shoulders, one hand moving upwards to run nails over his scalp. The shudder that Lex gave at the simple action ran through them both until Chloe felt him move southwards again and begin to lay small kisses over the pulse in her neck, eventually drawing in a line of flesh and sucking on it gently.

Chloe shifted beneath him, lifted a knee and letting Lex slide naturally into the valley made by the action. She moved her leg further; her upper leg exposed as her skirt itched upwards and felt the smooth material of his pants rub against her inner thigh. The flesh was heated and the contact made Chloe want to purr at the sensations that shot through her at it. She reached down, tugged at Lex's shirt until it came out of his pants and drew it up his back so that she could put her hands to flesh herself. The action however cause him to draw back from her and in the gloom Chloe found herself staring up at heated blue eyes, just visibly in the thin light from the torch still sat over the other side of the room. She was about to protest when she realised his intent and then her eyes were glued to the pale chest that appeared as he shed his shirt.

Almost unconsciously she mirrored the action, taking hold of the bottom of her own top and pealing it from her body even though she knew she should be embarrassed and reluctant to do so. The mood had caught her though and Chloe found she was lost in it. She barely heard the low groan that Lex gave as he slumped forwards to cover her once again. There was something deliciously sculpted about Lex's chest that was entirely unexpected. She'd never have guessed that sitting behind a desk along day long would allow him to hold on to such a figure but there it was right in front of her and Chloe was more than a little eager to reach out and take hold. She stopped herself however as he felt one of Lex's hands disappear beneath her skirt, moving upwards quickly, gliding along her thigh and eventually covering Chloe's panties. He cupped her groin and Chloe wriggled against him, once again moving her legs to curl around his hips.

"Lex..." she whined only to find herself silenced by his lips on hers and for a few minutes she was able to forget about the more lurid needs she had been indulging in. She jumped slightly as she felt him hook fingers in her panties, his whole hand disappearing inside and then the brush of fingers against her folds. He paused for a moment and then slowly pushed a finger inside, testing that she was wet. Lex took a moment to press lightly against her clit, massaging the bundle of nerves and then withdrew and moved his hand to his own pants. Chloe grinned at him, shifting momentarily into a sitting position to rid herself of her underwear, flinging them away carelessly. Seeing that Lex had already lost his pants she watched as he donned a condom then slowly reached out and wrapped a hand around him.

Lex groaned, his head falling back and his eyes fluttering shut. Experimentally Chloe tightened her grasp and ran her hand up to his tip, running her thumb over the end and smiling at the pleased little murmured that Lex gave. Putting her other hand on his chest Chloe pushed him back into a lying position, quickly straddling him. "Chloe..." Lex began then let out another groan as she sank down onto him. "Oh god," Lex murmured his hands flying to her hips even as Chloe hissed and arched her back. For moment she could do nothing with hover there, eyes closed and breathing heavy. "Chlo'?" a voice came and the blonde let her head roll forwards so she was looking Lex in the eyes as he looked up at her. "You okay?"

"Hmm..." Chloe said. Biting her lip a little she raised her body slightly groaning at the increased friction the action caused. She sank down again slowly, feeling Lex's hands steadying her even as his hips gave an involuntary little thrust upwards. Again she lifted up, coming back down with a little more force. A third time and before Chloe knew entirely what was happening a hasty rhythm had been built up between them; Chloe relishing the feel of herself sliding down him as Lex met her thrusts eagerly with ones of her own.

Lex was letting out small grunts by the time that Chloe felt her body begin to tighten around him. Her own breathing was heavy, almost as if she were gasping for air and desperate mewing noises began to erupt from her throat and they eventually turned into long low moans that left Lex smiling. He shifted one hand from her thighs, unknowingly sliding it between her legs and lightly fingering her clit. Chloe's eyes shot wide in surprise and she let out a straggled scream as she came suddenly, arching her back once again and slumped forwards. Her body was still shaking, tremors running through it almost madly as her cunt milked Lex eagerly whimpered her name slightly.

"Don't you dare move," Chloe murmured when she felt the man underneath her shift. They had been lying in the same position for the last fifteen minutes, Chloe's head resting on his chest and Lex's arms wrapped around her shoulders, both too tired to move.

"I wasn't going to but I thought I heard something."

"It's probably just your imagination," Chloe replied.

Lex snorted. "My imagination?"

"Yeah, people get... really vivid imaginations in the dark."

He tensed. "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Chloe asked pushing herself into a sitting position. She grinned at the sight of him laid underneath her, still slightly flushed even in the dim light from the torch.

"That!" he insisted and this time Chloe actually did hear it.

She cocked her head to one side and listened. Sure enough within seconds she became aware of a steady pounding noise and then... then a voice. Chloe sat up sharply. "That's Lana!" she exclaimed. "Why isn't she coming in?"

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth," Lex replied quickly with a grin. "We should probably get dressed before she manages to get inside."

Chloe nodded and hurried to collect together her clothing, hastily pulling them on. Dressed she looked rumpled but at least she would be able to face Lana without as much chance of the inevitable embarrassment. She turned to look at Lex. "Are you going or am I?"

He smiled, "We'll both go."

"Fulfilling your role as protector?" she asked.

"Well you never know when you might need protecting," Lex answered with a suggestive smirk.

Chloe's mouth went dry and she licked her lips in anticipation. "From Lana?" she managed to ask.

"There's a reason for all that pink and I've a feeling it isn't good," Lex quipped causing Chloe to stop short and burst out laughing. He stopped and looked at her with a grin on his face. "Come on."

Chloe opened her mouth to reply and jumped as the light blinked on and the wail of an alarm filled the air. Lex shrugged then gestured that he couldn't hear what she was saying to Chloe pointed towards the front door and hurried over to it. Outside saw Lana peering in and quickly unlocked it. The smaller girl barged by her hurrying away into Talon as Chloe watched her go. A hand on her arm caught Chloe's attention and she turned to look at Lex who leaned close to her ear.

"!" he yelled, the last word only becoming audible as the alarm was turned off. Lex shot a glare towards where Lana was reappearing and said more quietly, "I'll call you." His voice came out softly and Chloe smiled.

"Okay," she replied.

With apparent reluctance he let go of her arm and walked through the door to the caf. Widening the smile on her face Chloe turned back to where Lana had come to a halt before the counter. She crossed the room towards her.

"Sorry I took so long," Lana said. "Was everything okay?"

Chloe nodded. "It was fine."

Facing slightly away from her Lana said, "Really?"

A slight frown appeared on her face. "Yeah," she replied cautiously.

"Only fine?"

"Lana, what are you trying to get at?"

A broad grin broke out over the other girl's face. "Chloe, why are you panties hanging for that light?"


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