So in the End I won

by Angie

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I'm not a petty person. Or at least I never use to be. In fact, I remember a time not to long ago when I prided myself on my ability to put aside my own feelings and try to be empathetic to the feelings of others.

That was a lifetime ago.

They say that life never works out the way you think it will, and to prepare yourself for twists and turns that you can not even imagine. "They" are right. I've always prided myself on being able to figure things out and to predict what's coming next, I have to admit that even I, with my so-called wild imagination, never saw this twist coming.

The music starts playing and the bridesmaids make their way down the aisle.

I think to myself that lavender is a really girlie color.

Lana stands in the doorway, ready to make her entrance, and right on cue she strolls down the aisle with the biggest smile I've ever seen. She looks absolutely breathe-taking. I can see all the guys in the church looking at her, their eyes following her every step. I even catch my husband sneaking a peek at her. All eyes are on her, but not his eyes, not the one pair of eyes she wished more then anything were looking at her now.

That warm feeling that I have been having all day comes rushing back.

Pete gives a sly wave to his wife as she passes him and takes her place next to the other bridesmaids. Lana makes eye contact with him and smiles.

I think, not for the first time, how ironic it is that the only guy in Smallville that seemed to be immuned to Lana's charms when we were growing up would end up being the guy that she married. She now had my Pete, like she once had my Clark. No matter, Pete liked me first anyway.

Lucy follows Lana down the aisles. I've never seen anybody so happily perform their maid of honor duties. Perhaps, like a lot of people in the church, she just can't quite bring herself to believe that this day has come.

I turn my attention to the back of the church and I see Clark standing proudly next to Lois. They've decided to walk each other down the aisle.

How 21st century.

Lois and Clark

Clark and Lois.

Doesn't it just sing? The Daily Planets two star reporters joined in holy matrimony. The superhero and his lady finally get their dream and the whole world rejoices. Isn't it swell?

Everything about the pairing is perfect, especially knowing how things might have been instead...

Lois looks radiant. There is just no other word for it.

I shake my head in disbelief.

Lois Lane head over heels in love. Talk about fodder for my old wall of weird. I guess it's always the ones that vow never to get married that always find themselves entangled with some guy they can't live without.

I've never been jealous of Lois. I know it may seem impossible to believe, but it's true. After all, she always seems to just do things a hare better then me, but that depends on what your definition of "better" is.

Somebody once described me at Lois Lane with blonde hair.

They couldn't have been more wrong.

Lois and I have always had similar goals, but different ways to go about them.

She is the star reporter at the very respectable Daily Planet. I am the editor of much maligned "tabloid" the Inquisitor. She is marrying "Earth's Greatest Hero." The one and only Superman I am married to one of the "other" heroes, "The Flash," my Wally, a guy destined to forever be regulated to second class hero status.

I know how that feels.

I was always all sass and heart, while Lois was always all brash and attitude; well at least she was until she fell for Clark. What was it about him that turned hard nose modern women into mush? I mean who would have ever thought that any man could get the president of the She-Man Man haters club down the aisle. Must be that good ole' country charm or maybe it's the alien thing.

Lois asked me to be a bridesmaid, but I refused. Why be a participant when you can be a spectator? That's where all the fun is at. Right? I told her that I wasn't sure if I would have the time or if I'd even be in the country when the wedding took place, but who was I kidding? I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Clark looks incredibly handsome in his tuxedo.

Once upon a time the sight of Clark Kent turned my insides into jelly.

Not anymore.

I watch him walking down the aisle with Lois and I remember the time my dad told me that sometimes not getting what you want is the best thing that can happen to you. I look at Wally and once again I am blown away by how wise my dad is.

I haven't been in love with Clark Kent for a long time.

Not since we were kids. Not since he hesitated and didn't save Lucas when he had the chance. Not that the situation was entirely his fault, Lucas had hurt a lot of people and caused so much damage, but somehow the fact that he thought about letting a person die when he had the power to save them changed my feelings for him forever.

I tried to hold back the tears, but one still fell. I remembered that horrible day. That time when I was kidnapped and held captive in that barn, inches away from death, and Lucas came to the rescue. Lex was behind it. I know he was. He was trying to prove that Clark was special and he used me as bait in an attempt to force Clark to use his abilities. Instead his brother showed up to save me.

I have to admit I didn't think that Lucas had it in him.

I didn't think he really cared.

I always thought he was using me to get at Clark, but he wasn't. His love was for real. He nearly had me out when Clark arrived. I was freed, but Lucas was trapped. And then the unthinkable happened. Clark hesitated for a second. That one second cost Lucas his life and created a rift between Lex and Clark that will never heal. Clark knew at that moment that Lex was capable of anything. He cut all ties with Lex and vowed to make it up to Lucas by bringing Lex down and not letting anyone else down. Two promises he could never keep, but I have to give it to him for his efforts.

Speaking of Lex, I saw him skulking outside the church. We didn't speak. He knows better then to talk to me. I did notice that he looked absolutely heartbroken. His obsession with Lois is really starting to border on pathetic now. Who knew that the bastard had a heart to break? Good. He deserves to rot in hell.

As Lois and Clark exchange vows, my husband puts his hand around my shoulder and I lace my fingers with his.

I remember when Clark told me that he was in love with Lois. I was shocked. My high school crush and my cousin? It took me a while to process it, but after awhile it occurred to me that it made sense in some perverted cosmic way. Clark whined about how Lois only wanted Superman and not him. I told him not to worry; Lois would eventually come around, but he might just have the opposite problem when she did.

I was right.

After playing hard to get Lois finally opened her eyes and gave into the wonderfulness that is Clark. She loved Clark, but couldn't deal with Superman. She called off the wedding. He whined to me about his loss. I told him she would come around.

I was right again.

The wedding was back on. Nobody was really surprised. I was just surprised that he had finally told her she was Superman. I still can't believe that she never figured it out for herself. I did; but that must be the tabloid reporter in me. Respectable reporters would never guess that their partner/best friend/lover is actually an alien for another planet. Boy that would have made an incredible front-page story for the Inquisitor. There I was with the biggest story in history and I had to sit on it: Lois Lane, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, fooled by a pair of glasses and some gel. What a total bummer.

Lana could never deal with Superman.She never understood his need to belong to the world.

I remember when Lana told me that she always thought that Clark would come back to her, that one day he would realize that there was room for love in Superman's life, and when he did he would beg her to share his life with him. On that day, after a decade of denial, she had finally summoned up enough courage to tell Clark how she felt, only to have him interrupt her with his sad tale of unrequited love for Lois Lane.

She was crushed. I tried to be supportive, but inwardly I laughed.

How did it feel Lana? How does it feel to bare your heart and soul to the man you love and hear him cry another name instead?

That day she went on and on about Lois. How she wasn't right for him. How she was just some loud, snoopy reporter who could never give Clark what he needed. How she wasn't even his type.

I don't tell Lana about the night Clark lost his virginity to me in the Kent's hayloft right before graduation.

The priest pronounces the happy couple "man and wife." I'm sure Lois, feminist that she is, loved that part.

Clark kisses Lois with a passion that I never thought he was capable of. The preacher even comments on it before he presents "Mr. and Mrs. Clark Kent" to their ecstatic friends and family.

The church echoes with applauds and cheer.

Pete's roar is the loudest.

I'm sure that part of it is pure happiness that his oldest friend has finally married his soul mate, but I know Pete, and I know that he is also cheering about having the competition so completely and happily out of the way.

Clark and Lois are beaming.

Such happiness...such vindication.

I turn and see Lana. She has turned away. A single tear falling from her eye. Lucy turns to her and remarks that she knows how happy she is for Clark, since he is like a brother to her, and her heart is bursting for joy for her big sister. Lana mumbles something about only wanting Clark's happiness, but I know that those are not tears of joy. Lana may want Clark's happiness, but only on her terms. That's just the way she is. Those are tears for what was and what will never be again.

I smile.

We lock eyes for a moment and I am still smiling. She smiles back. Her eyes thank me for my support and my smile brightens. Does she really think I'm here to lend her moral support when my best friend and my cousin are finally getting the ending they deserve? Then again this is Lana Lang-Ross we are talking about. The girl who always thought that the world revolved around her.

The more things change the more things stay the same...

The Kents make their way down the aisles and I wonder if Lana's face will freeze in that horrid fake smile that she has plastered on her face.

I've never considered myself a petty person, but there was just something about today...

I turn to look at Wally and squeeze his hand. He kisses my hand and tells me that he knows from experience how lucky Clark is to be getting a Sullivan woman.

I think back to a time when Clark and I were kids and I poured my heart out to him in a letter in a feeble attempt to strip him of his Lana blinders. I told him that their were girls you grow out of and girl's you grow into. I catch a glimpse of Lana waving at Lois and Clark as they get into their limo and all I can think about was that I was right.

The reception is lovely.

Mr. and Mrs. Clark Kent are all smiles. They are practically oozing love and happiness.

Everyone takes their turn wishing the happy couple all the best.

Martha and Jonathan tell Clark that they have never been prouder of him.

Clark is genuinely thrilled to see me. We hug and I feel the rift that developed between us so long ago finally seal itself shut. We have come full circle: friends to lovers to enemies to family. Yes Clark and I have been through it all and we've come through the fire scathed, but still bonded. A friendship no longer tainted by the love thing. A pure love that he and Lana with their Romeo and Juliet past can never have.

It is time for Pete to make the toast. It is beautiful and profound. After it is over Clark hugs Pete and Lois even sheds a tear. Lana is crying too, but not for the reason everybody thinks.

I look at my glass and notice that there is an inscription on it: "Lois and Clark Together Forever."

I can't help thinking how much I enjoy reading that inscription.

I notice Lana looking at her glass and know that she is thinking something completely different.

I pour myself another drink, high on the idea of Lana's pain. I try to hate myself for the thought, but I can't.

Lois and Clark do the newly married thing; they dance, they kiss, they toast, they cut the cake.

I see Lana trying to catch Clark's gaze, but it's all for not. Clark can not take his eyes off of Lois. He doesn't even know that Lana's there.

I take another swig of my drink.

Payback is a bitch.

The bride and groom announce that they are leaving for their honeymoon. Pete and Lana, the dutiful best friends that they are, rush up to them to say their good-byes. Lana waxes philosophical about love and marriage.

I gag at her hypocrisy.

Lana continues to gush over the newlyweds and Clark pulls Lois even closer and tells them that he hopes that he and Lois will be as happy together as his two best pals are.

Pete smiles. Lana doesn't.

Oh yes, that famous Clark Kent sensitivity.

Lois throws the bouquet and Lucy catches it. The room once again bursts into applause.

Aunt Ella is all smiles, but Uncle Sam, still smarting that Lois married a lowly "farm boy from Kansas" is still sulking with his drink at the table. Ella and Lucy pull Lois aside for a talk, while Lana finally gets Clark alone.

The snoopy reporter that I am I can't help but move closer so that I can hear every word that they are saying.

Clark kisses her on the cheek and tells her that their little high school fling taught him that he should hold onto love and not flee from it. That he wants her to know that she was the one who gave him the strength to take a chance at love with Lois. He thanks her and walks into the arms of his wife, leaving Lana shattered.

I relish every moment.

Lana takes me aside and tells me that it wasn't until this very moment that she realized that it was Lois, and Lois only, that is in Clark's heart and that she could never be anything more to Clark then a special friend.

I hug her and remind her of how lucky she is to have a guy like Pete as her husband. So loving, so supportive, so dependable...she agrees. She tells me that she is truly happy with Pete, but there is still a part of her that wonders what might have been if she hadn't pushed Clark away with her jealousy and her neediness...if somehow she could have fought harder to hold onto his heart.

I tell her that it's no use thinking this way. She and Clark were just never meant to be. She muses about how weird it feels to be the girl who got away, the "first love" instead of the "true love."

Forever second place

I tell her I know what that feels like.

Wally and I dance the night away and I can't remember the last time I've been this happy. I remember my own wedding and I can hardly believe how lucky I am and how perfect things have worked out. He twirls me around and dips me and my stomach does somersaults like it did when I was 14 and kissed Clark for the first time.

Wally's kisses are the sweetest things that I have ever known and at that moment it feels as if I'm gliding through the air. The beeping of Wally's communicator brings me back to earth.

It's the Justice League. He has to go. With Superman temporarily happily ever aftering it's up to the "other guys" to save the day.

I kiss him goodbye and tell him to be careful. He tells me that there is no way that he'd ever not come home to me.

I taste his mouth again.

I've never loved him more.

I turn and notice Lana picking up the bouquet that Lucy discarded on the bridal table.

I look around for my little cousin and see her dancing with Jimmy Olsen. My mind starts swimming with the possibility...

Lana is startled when Pete comes up and hugs her from behind. He kisses her on the cheek and can't stop talking about how great it is to see Clark so happy and in love. He finally notices her strange mood and he asks her what she is thinking about. She smiles and says their wedding.

What a liar.

Pete, Lana worshipper that he is, believes every word. He smiles brightly and they kiss.

She picks up Lois's bouquet again and I see her face: wistful, resigned.

I've never considered myself a petty person, but this victory is just too sweet not to savor.

No, I'm not the one who married Clark Kent, but it was my flesh; my blood; my TYPE.

In the end, the snoopy reporter beat the fairy princess.

So in the end I won.

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