Rush Complete

by Rhiannonhero

Rush Complete
April 2003

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Spoilers: Rush.

Ratings Note: NC-17

Summary: Missing Scene from Rush.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to jacynrebekah, nerodi and pun for audiencing.

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Clark was balls deep in the girl he called his best friend. Chloe's knees on the gravelly side of the road, naked body half in Pete's car, gripping the leather seats as Clark held her hips steady. Her juices seeped down her legs and the front of his thighs. Drunk on his own power, he watched as she writhed and a grin split his face.

Clark couldn't see where he entered her, the view obscured by his shirt. He lifted the material up a little so that he could admire his cock separating her swollen lips and soft blond curls.

"God, you're so hot, Chloe. So wet."

"Fuck me, Clark."

"I am." Clark thrust hard for emphasis. Chloe jerked and her fingernails dug into the leather.

"Oh. Oh God."

Clark smoothed his hands down Chloe's sides enjoying the dip of her waist and the curves of her hips. He slid his hands down further, spreading her legs even more to get in deeper. He pulled back slowly, closing his eyes against the sweet, wet slide. Chloe twitched beneath him and Clark slammed back into her. Friction and heat and clenching wetness all around his cock. So fucking good.

A groan from the passenger seat caught his attention and he chuckled at Pete, jeans around his knees and dark cock in his hand, working furiously.

Clark shook his head. "Don't shoot your load yet, man. The best is yet to come."

Chloe shuddered under him as he fucked her. Her pussy clamping down when he said, "Come on, Pete, don't you want to fuck her? Don't you want to let her suck your cock?"

Pete's eyes rolled back in his head and he whimpered.

"Don't try to pimp me out, Kent. This pussy is just for you." Chloe's voice was breathy and tight.

Clark ran a hand down from her hip, over her soft belly to her clit. He stroked it firmly, her soft pubic hair tickling his palm. He fucked her less forcefully and bent over her back, licking around her ear.

"I know that's a lie. Your pussy's been around." Clark teased her earlobe with tongue, the same rhythm as his hand on her clit. "Not that I mind, you're still tight and wet." Clark paused, then whispered, "Not as tight as Kyla, not as wet as Jesse."

Chloe growled. "Fuck you."

"Didn't know I'd fucked them, did you?" Clark chuckled against her ear and increased the speed of his hand between her legs. "Lana would be tighter than you, not so wet. She'd never suck Pete off while I fucked her."

"Lana's a fucking prude." Chloe's voice was ragged and Clark could feel her body tensing as it had when he'd eaten her out and she'd come crying his name.

Another whimper from Pete and Clark glanced over to make sure he hadn't come yet. "Save it, Pete. This will be so much better."

Clark trailed his hand away from her clit and down her thigh. Chloe groaned in disappointment and thrust back on his cock. Slick slide and wet heat, he closed his eyes and grit his teeth.

Sex fucking rocked.

Pete's gasps were louder now and Clark pulled Chloe out of the car, pivoting them both. He held Chloe upright, not letting his cock slip out and walked on his knees the few feet over to Pete's lap. Pete's hand didn't slow on his cock even when Chloe's mouth opened and sucked in his cockhead. Clark grinned; Chloe was an easy sale if you knew the right buttons to push.

Pete's eyes seemed stuck in the back of his head and he groaned, "I'm gonna come."

Chloe pulled off, pried Pete's hand from his cock and began to suck again. Pete twisted his hands into her hair and held her in place as he went bezerk. Clark tried not to chuckle at Pete's bucking hips and stunned expression. He'd probably have been that way when Jesse sucked him if he hadn't known in the back of his mind that he could kill her.

Chloe hummed her approval, her cunt spasmed and fresh wetness dripped down his thighs. Clark tucked the bottom of his shirt up under his chin so that he could see himself stroke into her. The sounds of her slurping Pete's dick and the squishy noises of her pussy drove him harder, faster until his hips blurred, friction zinging along his cock.

Chloe squirmed and writhed, dropping Pete from her mouth when she came hard, biting her lips and crying out. Her pussy clenched spasmodically around Clark's cock. Pete's hips bucked into empty air as he groaned, spurting all over Chloe's face. Clark closed his eyes, thrusting again and again and one more time before he locked up, tensed all over for an agonizingly hot moment--and pulsed into her.

Sex really fucking rocked.

Clark opened his eyes. The brilliant day shone around him. He felt alive in his skin. Chloe still panted under him and Pete sat slack jawed and stunned. Clark eased his cock out of Chloe and looked around for his pants.

"That was great guys. Let's go for a repeat performance after we jump the gorge."

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