by M. Edison

For the majority I am a C/Cer obviously G but I could so see this happening after Tempest. (I mean yeesh, if Clark ditched me and then I run into Lex...I'm not fightin' it G) Unbeta'd. G

by Medie


Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod . . .

Oh. My. God.

I cannot believe this. I cannot believe this.

Lex Luthor is kissing me. Lex - the guy God goes to for a loan - Luthor is kissing me. Me, Chloe - was Fox Mulder in a past life - Sullivan. He is kissing me!!!! He's kissing me and he's enjoying it! The fact I'm enjoying it is a foregone conclusion but Lex is enjoying it and the evidence of that enjoyment is pressing against me in a way that is quite undeniable and would have any romance novelist struggling for an accurate description.

One of us moans, or maybe both of us, I've long since lost the ability to figure out where Lex's mouth leaves off and mine starts, and we press closer. I swear, two bodies couldn't get any closer and still be clothed. Oh, now there's a thought . . . but since my brain is turning to mush right now, it's a thought for another time.

I'm not surprised really, but Lex Luthor is a damn good kisser and those hands . . . Those hands of his are doing things to my body that should quite literally be classified as schedule one narcotics because I am flying so high at this point, heroin couldn't improve it.

I've never kissed a bald man before and the feeling of smooth scalp beneath my fingers is strangely erotic. I haven't the slightest clue what it is, but whatever it is, damn I like it.

We pause briefly, both sucking in needed oxygen and then his mouth covers mine again, promptly stealing that air away. The fleeting thought occurs to me that if my father were to walk in right now he'd probably faint from shock. But, like the air that previously occupied my lungs, Lex's kiss steals the thought from me as well and the only thing I"m aware of is the scent of his disgustingly expensive cologne filling my nostrils and the heat of his body radiating through mine.

This is quite possibly the best kiss I will ever experience and I have no clue as to why it happened. All I know is after the tornado, after Clark left, I ended up - and I still don't quite remember how I got there - at the hospital, standing in a hallway, still in my dress, and feeling completely and totally out of place as people rushed by.

That's when I saw him. A bandage on his head, his clothing disheveled, and his eyes alight with some sort of inner fire that I don't ever remember seeing in him before. One thing Lex Luthor is not, is a man who makes a habit of publically displaying the passion that I'm sure runs in him. But there it was, on display for anyone to see and it focused on me with a swift, piercing suddenness that left me feeling like a deer staring down a lion.

I still don't remember him walking down the hallway but he closed the distance between him and then I was in his arms, pressed up against the wall, and Lex is quite literally kissing me senseless. In the aftermath of that, I forget everything. I forget the tornado, I forget Clark, I forget Lana - the world revolves around me - Lang, I forget everything. Everything except the fire that Lex has lit within me and I offer myself up to it.

I don't know where this leads or what it means but I know one thing.

I don't want it to stop.

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