Extension to an Agreement

by HumbugGirl

Title: Extension to an Agreement
Author: HumbugGirl
Email: humbuggirl@hotmail.com
URL: http://www.geocities.com/powerandair or http://www.geocities.com/oddfiction Pairing: Chloe/Lionel
Rating: NC17
Summary: When she made the deal she would never had dreamt it would turn out like it did. Spoilers: `Witness'
Disclaimer: So not mine it isn't even funny. Author's Notes: 1) Written because I enjoyed writing `Forty Dollar Tip' so much. 2) Once again, smut. If you find the idea of Chlionel (the relationship between Chloe and Lionel) offensive then please don't bother to read this; or rather, read it and be converted. 3) Me and tenses don't mix. I've jumped around in this again but I hope it makes sense anyway. Feedback: Please. Yes, Chlionel is my guilty little secret too so don't feel bad about reviewing. Dedication: To everyone who sent me feedback on `Forty Dollar Tip', you all really made my day. I was so nervous about posting that fic...


In all the years she had lived in Smallville with the looming presence of the Luthor mansion so prevalent in the landscape Chloe had never actually ventured so far into it. Her previous explorations had been restricted to the lower floors and once to Lex's study on the second floor but never this deep where even the multitude of servants that worked within the walls of the mansion rarely passed without having been called there first or as anything other than a daily routine. Somehow it made the place seem all the bigger especially when taking into consideration that with the exception of the sound of the shower running in the background the room was eerily quiet and even Chloe's slight shifting on the bed sheets seemed to cause a startling amount of noise. Her hands flew to her sides as she attempted to stop the silk from sliding away from her suddenly uncomfortable with the idea of being entirely naked in the room although a few hours before being in such a state of undress was exactly how she had wanted to be.

Sat with her back against the heavy dark wood headboard of the bed Chloe peered around the room. When she had first entered it she had been fascinated with the sheer elegance and luxury it seemed to radiant, heavy dark furniture surrounded by rich hues of green and not least by the panoramic view from the large bay windows and the most dominating aspect of the room - a large four poster bed. The sight of it had made her stop a pace or two inside the door and then strong hands had taken hold of her shoulders from behind, rubbing then slightly so that she relaxed and Chloe had felt the bristle of his beard as Lionel had inclined his head so that he might nuzzle her neck and lay a kiss there that had seemed more possessive than affectionate. Then he had given a gentle shove to propel her further into the room and closed the door behind them; the click of the lock engaging seeming to make everything so final.

Inside the room Chloe had felt a momentary panic begin to rise in her and then Lionel had steered her into the centre of the room and stopped them both. Frozen in uncertainty she had stood almost startlingly still the man had walked around her until they were facing each other, Chloe's face titled up towards his, a frown lightly painted on her features. Lionel was no oil painting; Chloe didn't kid herself of that fact but as he stood there and looked at her she found herself getting lost in his world-worn and experience filled features. Every line seemed to tell her a different story, the slight curl of his lips telling the blonde girl more in a matter of seconds than such an expression might have told her one the face of another person. His eyes might be cold with only a tiny hint of amusement flickering in them but caused a measure of desire to fill her and that in turn sent a thrill straight through Chloe's body so that before she even entirely realised what she was doing she was inclining herself towards him and accepting a greedy kiss.

It hadn't been planned. Her only intention in driving up to the mansion that evening was to deliver some information up to Lionel as per their agreement but before long as she sat in the dark fire lit living room Chloe had found herself opening up to Lionel's innocent enough seeming questions about how life was treating her, about how her father was and so forth and so on. As he sat across from her nursing a drink Chloe had found herself rising from her seat and beginning to pace about the room as the days events spilled from her lips. She told him everything, going over and over again about Clark and Lana and their apparent inability to see how much they were hurting her and then further into other things connected to school and the people there. Lionel said nothing in reply, only sat back and watched her rant until there were tears covering her cheeks and she brought her hand up to wipe angrily at her face while certain that she could go on no more. Then he had stood and covered the short distance between them, taking hold of her upper arms and enfolding her in a hug. Too careless and upset to really wonder at her current situation Chloe had slipped shaking arms around his waist and pressed her face into his chest while letting short bursts of sobs escape and breathing in the rich scent that was Lionel Luthor. Unknown to her Lionel's hand moved southwards past her waist and suddenly she jumped as she felt him cup her bottom with surprising force, raising her ever so slightly so that Chloe found herself abruptly aware of a firm erection pressing into the softness of her body.

Leaning close to her ear Lionel had said, "Some people are far from fully aware of what is right in front of them," and followed it with the press of his lips against hers, sucking the air out of her body right along with all her willpower.

Chloe had followed him easily up the stairs and through the maze of corridors while trying not to think of exactly what she was doing. In the room, with his hands covering her it became remarkably easy to not think and just let herself react. Her shirt quickly disappeared, Chloe unfastening the buttons herself when Lionel's hands fumbled over them for a few seconds but it was the man in front of her who pushed the pale blue material away from her shoulder so that it hit the floor. For a few seconds she stood before him, chest heaving from the last punishing kiss they had both endured and then almost tentatively Chloe had reached forwards laying her hands on his chest and feeling the muscles tense beneath her touch. Sliding one hand up she covered the distance to his neck and then up into his hair finding it surprisingly soft and flowing through her fingertips. Stepping into his body once again and she dragged his lips down to meet hers. Chloe lost herself in the sensation, parting her lips and letting her tongue wander forth while she felt Lionel's do the same, stroking her and eliciting a shudder and a groan that seem to spread through her entire body and led to Chloe rubbing her thighs together as her groin began to pulse almost tauntingly with a sudden flush of desire.

Lionel chuckled into her mouth as he heard the small sound and Chloe felt his hands move down to the button on her tight jeans. He flicked it open and pushed down the zip before bringing both his hands up to rest on her hips and forcing down the clinging material that she had struggled into that morning. His fingers traced the line of her black lacy bikini briefs and cupped her butt cheeks, squeezing the flesh appreciatively as the blonde girl slipped a hand inside his shirt. Chloe felt a rush of curiosity as she found her fingers entwining with somewhat coarse chest hair and she found herself frowning at the shirt that stopped her from delving any further. Breaking the kiss she leaned back and moaned, "Shirt. Off," as she began to struggle with the small buttons that seemed determined to thwart her plans to gain access to the flesh beneath.

The billionaire stepped back towards the bed and Chloe followed after him stepping out of her jeans as she toed off her shoes. Lionel sat on the edge of the sturdy structure and reached out to pull her between his legs. She stepped forwards, all lingering thoughts of indecision disappearing as he leaned in and trailed a line of kisses across her stomach and down over the material of her panties, stopping over where the lace had darkened with the wetness seeping from her pussy. Chloe felt his arms fold themselves around the back of her legs; effectively trapping her as his tongue darted out tasted her. Moaning aloud Chloe brought her hands up to cup her heated breasts through her bra feeling her nipples come alive and erect as he pushed down her underwear and buried his face in the damp curls of her blonde pubic hair. Lionel lapped at the juices flooding her cunt and angled his tongue so that with each stroke he brushed against her clitoris while moving a hand between her legs and parting them further. He sharply thrust a finger inside her and Chloe hastily grasped his shoulder with one hand in an attempt to steady herself as much from surprise as from the inner muscles of her body adjusted to the sudden intrusion.

The blonde's breaths began to come in short pants as he built up a steady though somewhat brutal rhythm, eventually adding another finger and revelling in the slick wet warmth that formed again and again around them. He teased her mercilessly, alternately using his tongue and his thumb to brush the sore nubbin of nerves until Chloe was sure she would scream. Low in her body a telltale pressure began to build. The muscles of her pussy began to clamp around his hand but Lionel continued to thrust inside her until she found herself rambling her thoughts aloud and groaning, "Oh God... please... Mr Luthor..." at which he gave a final flick of his thumb and white hot heat burst throughout Chloe's body. She stumbled forwards as her legs gave out and her eyes rolled back in her head as she let out a choked gasp. Only Lionel's strong arms about her stopped the teen from falling all together.

When she came back to herself Chloe found she was sat on Lionel's knee as the man rubbing her thigh gently with one hand while supporting her back and nuzzling her neck. Inclining her head she looked at him for a second, at the strands of grey in his hair and beard then over his shoulders and a somewhat nicely developed chest and stomach as she realised that he had at some point rid himself of the shirt he had been wearing even without her help. She shifted only to find that her arm was still trembling a little and she laid it on Lionel's shoulder so that he stopped his actions on her neck and looked up at her with amused eyes. "Feeling better my dear?"

"Much," Chloe answered quietly.

He smiled at her then; one hand coming up to cup her cheek as he brushed his lips against hers and then he said, "Perhaps then, we could attend to my needs." Following the line of his gaze Chloe blushed brightly at the prominent bulge she saw in his pants. The deep sound of Lionel chuckling once again filled the room and he added, "Well, what were you expecting?"

"I..." she began then stopped and took a deep breath before starting again, "I haven't exactly before..."

A pair of lips on hers stopped her flustered commentary and Chloe found herself being lifted through the air and laid back against soft smooth sheets and a mattress that seemed to reform around her body. She was breathing hard when he pulled away again and stood over her, the taunt unexpected muscles of his stomach tight leading up to well defined pecks and strong shoulders all covered in the golden glaze of a tan. Once again she found her eyes drawn to the light dusting of hairs on his chest and dark nipples standing erect in contrast to the surrounding skin. To her shock Chloe found she was once again fighting her own need to breathe and that the deep ache that normally filled her body after only the most heated sexual fantasy had returned with vengeance. She found she was almost desperate for him to touch her and if she were to be denied that they she was just as eager to run her hand down her body to dip her own fingers into her wetness though she resisted the urge to do so as he admonished her with a single glance when her hand began to drift to that region of her body. Lionel stood there for a second doing nothing and Chloe got the impression he was drinking in the sight of body with its rich curves and pale flesh. Under his gaze she propped herself up on her elbows and edged back further onto the bed, digging her heals into the sheets in order to propel herself then watched as he reached for the buckle of his belt and undid it before sliding down his trousers and revealing expensive looking black briefs covering a straining erection. He eased the briefs down, hissing a little as his cock seemed to almost leap upwards to stand, long hard and promising of so much from Chloe's perspective in the cool air of the room.

Nervous anticipation began to run through her body, stimulating millions of nerve endings until Chloe could feel her body literally begin to tingle. The bra she wore suddenly seemed insanely confining and Chloe sat up abruptly and curled her arms behind her back to unfasten it, ridding herself of the thing as quickly as she could. As they were released her breasts trembled in the air, swaying slightly as she got on her knees and nervously crawled across the bed towards him until she was near the edge of the bed again. Reaching forwards she curled one small fist around his cock, brushing the tip with her thumb and feeling him twitch under her touch. Chloe lightly moved her hand up and down only to find her hand covered by Lionel's as he squeezed her fist tighter around himself and moved there combined in somewhat quick jerky movements. She took the hint and repeated the action until she heard grunts of approval coming from the man and witnessed his hips thrust forwards slightly. With her other hand she cupped his balls, rolling them in her hands until she felt them tighten. Abruptly he came, shooting cum over Chloe's hand in a short burst.

To the girl's surprise he didn't immediately fade away in her hand but retained the taunt hardness that had been thrusting into her grip only moments before. Taking hold of her shoulders Lionel guided her back into a lying position using strong hands to ensure the movement. Climbing onto the bed after her the man placed his hands on either side of her shoulders then slipped a knee between her legs and parted them. He laid his body down on top of her, the hardness of his cock pressing almost painfully into her thigh and his own resting against her heat groin. Chloe wriggled, desperate for the contact between her pulsing cunt and his body to be increased. She raised her free leg and swept it up to curl up over his hips and across his bottom as a primal urge swept through her and she humped his leg in her desperation. Meanwhile Lionel had caught an exposed nipple, sucking it into his mouth and rolling his tongue around it, even nipping at the flesh occasionally with his teeth. Chloe's breath began to come in small gasps and she whimpered at the painful pleasure he inflicted on her breasts, astonished at herself for finding the sensation so tantalising.

A hand suddenly grabbed her hip, forcing it down against the bed and causing Chloe to moan out aloud in protest even as her hands came up from where they had been gripping the silk sheets to his shoulders feeling the bunched muscles there. His body rose slightly from hers and for a second she met his eyes seeing what could only be described as animal lust lingering in them. Then he was lifting her hips slightly and Chloe felt her face crease into a frown slightly before she became aware of the tip of his cock pressing slightly against her slick wet opening. Her eyes widened as she felt him begin to enter her. Her breath caught in her throat and Chloe's short nails dug abruptly into his shoulders as she slowly adjusted to his size. Chloe's felt her mouth fall open in a silent pleading cry. Half of her wanted to beg him to stop but the other half though... the other half was stronger and it wanted to beg him to go deeper and to be faster about it as she hunted after immediate gratification.

It seemed an eternity before Lionel gave the final thrust that sheathed him completely inside her and when he did Chloe felt more than heard herself cry out loudly as her body gave a small scream in protest at the sudden abrupt pain of her cunt being stretched fully for the first time in her life and the last remnant of her virginity being broken away. He gave her no time to accommodate him but immediately built up a deep thrusting motion, slamming into her body as she writhed beneath him and clawed at his shoulders in frustration. Each new thrust sent a wave of vibrations through her body as Chloe found herself being pounded into the creaking bed beneath her with delicious force. She reached up, capturing his mouth and clinging to it as if to a lifeline as a scrumptious sensation began to build up low in her body and for a moment Chloe felt as if she were breathing in everything that was Lionel Luthor from the deep grunts he made as he fucked her to the absolute coldness that was innate in him.

Then she groaned aloud, her back arching from the bed and her breasts pressing against his chest creating a wonderful degree of friction between them as tingles of pleasure spread out from her tits as well as from lower parts. The muscles in her stomach began to twitch and clamp around him, increasing the grip of her tight channel had on him. Then she was coming, her body lifting even further off the bed even as her hands flew to her sides and she grasped the sheets leaving began a small sticky stain. Lionel groaned against her shoulder as the electrical shocks inside her body rolling over him, massaging him and sending him spiralling into an orgasm as he came deep inside her as she milked his cock fiercely with her body almost as if she might never stop so intense was the motion. He slumped against her, his body a deliciously heavy weight on top of her own and Chloe let out a small sigh as the series of aftershocks she had been experiencing started to wane and eventually disappeared entirely leaving her to fully experience the new sensation of having a man resting so near to her.

It seemed... nice. In fact it seemed comforting after the rough exercise that they had both just been involved in but after a while Chloe began to fidget as the cool air began to dance across her sweat soaked skin and it became apparent that her body was going ache and be sore in especially in one particular region. Slowly Lionel became aware of her discomfort and after glancing up at her face momentarily he climbed off her somewhat lethargically and manoeuvred himself so that he was lying beneath the bed sheets. A wave of his hand was the only invitation she had to follow but Chloe accepted it eagerly and scrambled up the bed despite the warning pains in her body, sliding her legs beneath the silk comforter and relaxing back against the soft mattress and the even softer pillows. Lionel rolled closer and snuggled his head in near hers before flopping an arm across her stomach in what proved to be a rather possessive action. Chloe let her body incline itself into his, moulding herself to fit the man's form and positioned her arm on top of his as it was lain on her. Moments later she heard soft snores coming from the business man as he slipped into sleep and then she followed him after him.

Waking up Chloe had discovered that she was alone but that the side of the bed that Lionel had occupied was still warm. Pushing herself onto her side and curling slightly so as she could look down the sheets towards the foot of the bed the blonde girl found she was blushing as she saw the stain were the wet patch from their coupling had been, one part of it perhaps a little darker than the rest and she absently wondered whether it was her blood or not as the overwhelming though hit her that it was a little hard to comprehend that she had just lost her virginity to Lionel Luthor of all people. She couldn't even really think of him in terms of `Lionel' which she supposed was appropriate considering what had happened between them and even the thought that he was her lover was enough to make Chloe screw her face up in a frown even though she knew it was the truth.

Shifting in the bed she lifted up the sheet that covered her and peered down at her body curiously. There were finger sized bruises on her hips and what looked like a small bite mark on her breast but other than there was nothing really to show that she had indulged in sex with the exception of a very distinct stickiness between her legs. Somehow though, Chloe reasoned that the significant lack of contraception during their coupling was the least of her problems right at that moment. No, the very worst was the idea that at any moment Lionel might come walking out of the ensuite bathroom where she guessed he was and Chloe had no idea how she should behave in front of him.

Then of course there was the question of why she had just done what she had just done; why just let him do such things to her that still had to be answered. Chloe would admit that she'd wondered about what it would be like to go to bed with Lionel Luthor before, she'd sat across from him at their little meetings more than once and let herself slip into a little fantasy world where he had approached her with the proposition of an entirely different matter than going into business together but she'd never actually thought it would happen. Well, not until last night when he'd actually done it. Even thinking of the way in which he had all but commanded her into his bed brought about a warm tingle between her legs which made it very clear that the attraction that Chloe had thought she had towards the older man was more than just a thought and certainly a reality now. But, Chloe also knew that wasn't a good enough excuse really when the possible consequences of her actions were taken into consideration.

She had slept with Lionel Luthor.

Chloe put her face in her hands and rubbed it only to find that his scent still lingered strongly on her skin. The idea that there was something left of him on her, in her she supposed was oddly erotic. Indeed it was somewhat overwhelming and Chloe pushed back the sheets, letting the cool air hit her without a second thought and climbed out of the bed, energy suddenly deciding to course through her body. Her feet sank into the soft carpet and Chloe scrunched her toes in it a few times before padding silently across it and pushing open the bathroom door to let out a rush of steam even as the sound of the shower running faded away. The blonde girl stepped inside the room while trying to remain unconcerned about her nakedness by pushing it to the back of her mind and reasoning with herself that it wasn't as if the man hadn't seen her naked before anyway when the thought chose to crop up again. She was met with the sight of Lionel stepping out of the shower, a robe loosely tied about his body and with water dripping from the tendrils of his hair. The look he gave her was amused, the slight curling of his lips into a smile even as he turned away from her to reach for a towel. "Was there something your needed Chloe?"

She stopped, letting the bathroom door fall shut behind her and toed the floor a little wondering how on earth she could possibly answer that question. Suddenly all her apprehensions about exactly what should be said and shouldn't be said post sexual intercourse popped up again and she found herself at a loss for words. "I... Maybe I should just go," she said, turning and reaching for the door handle.

A hand grabbed her wrist suddenly, whipping her around. Chloe found herself pressed up again the tiled wall with her hand pined above her head and Lionel's face close to hers. She struggled a little then gasped as she felt him lean against her and felt the state of his arousal evident yet again. "That wasn't why you came in here," he said, voice low, almost threatening in its quality. Chloe drew in another short breath of air as the sound of him, the cool almost dangerous look in his eyes hit her with full force and she felt her body respond to his in a manner that was entirely sexual.

Looking up into his predatory eyes a thought suddenly popped into her head; perhaps this was what Lionel had wanted all along. Perhaps the reason he'd come to her wasn't because of her investigative skills, or at least not them alone, but because he had wanted whatever this was that was happening between them to happen? Chloe tried to keep the thought out of her mind but it kept returning and she had to settle for keeping it out of her eyes instead. Had she sold him her body as well as her mind for a new computer and the suggestion it might lead to a column at The Daily Planet? It scared her more than a little to think so.

Lionel however was oblivious to her train of thought and instead had brought a hand up to cup her breast, his hand working the soft flesh slowly, almost hypnotically, the motion deceptively soothing and Chloe let herself relax and revelled in the sensations he wrought in her. Eventually the pang of fear she had been experiencing began to fade away and before she had really thought the action through Chloe found herself reaching up to put her arms around Lionel's neck so that their bodies met again as she realised, that at that moment, she didn't really care about motives.


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