Apology Unaccepted

by DebC

Apology Unaccepted
Author: DebC
E-mail: debchilson@yahoo.com
Rating: NC-17
Keywords: Lex pov, alternate ending for Nicodemus Pairing: Lex/Lana
Series: none
Spoilers: Nicodemus
Disclaimers: Not mine. Not even close. Summary: Lana tries to apologize; Lex fantasizes Warnings: The NC-17 rating indicates Adult Sexual content. Author's Notes: This was spawned from two things. 1) The scene at the windmill where Lana tells Clark she spent the morning apologizing to Whitney, Lex, and the people at the Talon and 2) me telling a friend I thought Lex might regret turning her down and my friends enthusiastic "Write it!" So I am.

Additional info: Lex's daydreaming enclosed in [ ] for reader convenience. When I put it on the web, those sections will go in italics.

"Apology Unaccepted"

Lex skimmed the business section for the newspaper idly, feet propped up on his desk, long legs stretched out comfortably before him. The intercom buzzed, and he answered it with a slightly bored "Yes?" His assistant politely informed him that 'a Miss Lang' was there to see him. "Show her in, please," Lex said, pulled his feet of the desk and rising from his chair. He crossed the room to gaze out the office window. Lana, eh? A smile flickered across his face at the thought of the teen queen. Although, the last time he'd spoken to her, she'd hardly fit that description. Brief exposure to the Nicodemus flower had revealed a side to the young woman he doubted anyone would have ever expected. Least of all himself. Releasing Lana's inhibitions had been like exposing a paradox to the world. She'd both more in control of her life and more out of control at the same time. Chaotic. Intriguing.

Not for the first time since the young woman had come onto him, Lex wondered how far inside her those instincts had been buried and if they'd ever be unleashed again. An evil part of him wouldn't mind helping her do the unleashing, either. It wasn't as if Clark Kent was ever going to take her off the pedestal he'd placed her on to see her how Lex now saw her... not as the innocent teen queen he'd been trying to set his friend up with, but as a siren waiting to sing for him.

The door opened behind him, and Lex heard hesitant footsteps behind him. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw Lana hovering in the doorway, hands clutching the straps of her school bag as if they were a child's security blanket. Her expression was one of nervous humility. Indeed, at first glance, Lana reminded him more a skittish colt than the spitfire who'd stolen his car only days before.

"Lana," he greeted, giving her his politest half-smile. "What can I do for you on this fine day?" His eyes skimmed her modest clothing, noting that between these and her self-conscious stance, all of her body's more enticing features were deliberately hidden. Regret tugged at the back of the rich man's mind. He would rather have seen her in the skin tight leather ensemble she'd modeled for him the other day at the Talon... or better yet... the outfit she'd shown Clark Kent by the pool. If he hadn't seen her more risqu side for himself, Lex might not have believed it when Clark blushingly told him why Smallville's biggest boy scout had been given a week's detention. But he had seen, and what he'd seen was enough to keep him thinking about Lana's choice of bathing suit. That thought--the vision of Lana in nothing but her lacey undergarments--turned the tug of regret into a jerk of self-reprimand. Lex could still hear himself admonishing her--when did he become the poster-boy for model citizenry anyway?--about the dangerous game she was playing. The words sounded so grown up and boring, predictable...

God, Lex thought as he stared at the teen in front of him, what am I? Forty? Fifty? There was a time not too long ago when he never would have turned down a warm, willing body... no matter how old the owner of said body was.

Indeed, instead of warning her about the path her actions might take, he should have been showing her the way down that path. He knew it well enough. Instead, he'd played it safe, opting to look mature in front of the Talon staff and bewildered customers. Inwardly, Lex chuckled. They hadn't been the only ones bewildered that day.

If only he could take it back somehow and change his response to her advances. He'd...

[Lex licked the whipped cream from his lips, tongue snaking out to include the finger still pressed to his lower lip in the cleaning. At the sensual contact, Lana's eyes widened slightly in awe before taking on a look of jaded satisfaction. Lex knew she'd been looking for some to play this game with her. It was a game he was very familiar with.

Lex also knew it was wrong... Lana wasn't acting like herself and chances were good that she was another victim of the flower which had infected Jonathan Kent and James Beales. At the same time... oh, God, but she was hot. And young... and so ready for someone to take what she was offering.

"I'm not sure what this is," he said at last, his voice dropping an octave lower as his baser instincts kicked in. "It isn't you, Lana. I like it. But are you sure this something you want?" The question left no doubt what he was talking about.

"Actually, I'm a little nervous. I might need some guidance. You know, from someone with a little more experience. What do you say, boss?"

Lex didn't say anything. Instead, he took her in his arms, pulling their bodies so close together that he could feel the chain looped around her hip through his clothes. Threading his fingers through her hair, he brought his head down to hers, kissing her soundly. Her lips parted beneath his, their tongues finding each other, mutually caressing. Lex let her play at kissing him for a minute or two before taking complete control of the kiss--ravaging her mouth with his tongue and teeth.

He paused in his assault of her mouth only when they both were out of breath. Looking around, he noted with pleasure that the Talon was empty. It should have bothered him--his newest business closing early, services rendered for free, money lost--but at the moment, it did not. The only thing that currently mattered to Lex was the whimpering sound that had escaped Lana when he wrenched his mouth away from hers.

The sound that had traveled from her lips straight to his groin.

He wanted her.


Looking around the empty room, his hungry eyes fell upon one of the corner booths. The bench was perfect--just long enough for what he had in mind and covered in thick, soft plush. He remembered the argument he'd had with Nell about those seat covers. At the time, Lex had insisted they were frivolous and too expensive for a small town coffee house. Nell'd insisted they would make all the difference.

She was right, he decided as he led Lana to the corner and pushed the table out of the way. They made all the difference in world right now. Without them, the next logical place for him to seduce Lana would be the floor. Or the counter top. Given those choices, a plush covered bench was well worth the extra fifty dollars he'd paid for them.]

Lex indicated that Lana should sit, and he sat as well, slipping into the chair behind his desk. "As I was saying... what can I do for you?" Another polite smile, his expression naturally neutral, guarding his wicked thoughts from her.

"I wanted to talk to you about the other day. I..."

"What about the other day?" he asked in a low voice which played on her nerves perfectly. Lana blushed, sending a thrill straight through him and his mind wandered even further this time.

[He undressed her slowly, removing one article of clothing at a time and replacing each with his skilled hands and tongue--touching first and then tasting every inch of exposed skin. When all that was left was her lacey red undergarments, he paused to admire his handiwork. She was practically purring now as she writhed beneath him. A vaguely serpentine smile flitted across his face.

Leaning in, Lex pressed his lips to one lace-covered breast, mouthing the flushed nipple through the cloth until he felt it pucker. Lana gasped as he nipped at the hardened nub with his teeth before turning his attention to the other breast and repeating the process. The tortured young woman moaned, and Lex smiled around the nipple he'd been sucking. The sound inspired him, and he licked a wet path down her stomach, stopping at her navel to wash it, dipping his tongue inside once before nipping at tender skin. She tasted like expensive perfume. She was already wet when his tongue found its way to the cotton crotch of the lace panties and pressed against her heat. She tasted good--like virgin sex and newly awakened desire.

Another wicked smile, and Lex hooked his thumbs the waistband of her panties, pulling them down in one fluid movement. His hands glided along her skin, tracing the contours of surprisingly muscled legs as he eased the lacey clothing from her body. He then turned his attention back to the valley between her legs.]

"Lex, I'm sorry. Can you ever forgive me?" Lana said, jolting Lex's mind back to reality.

"Forgive you?" he uttered, drawing the words out to cover up the fact that he really hadn't been listening to her.

"Yeah. For... what I did the other day."

"I'm sorry, Lana, but I can't do that." Well, why not go for it, Lex thought as an idea struck him.

"W-what did you say?" She looked stricken. "I-I apologized. I--"

"Apology unaccepted," Lex told her, rising from his chair with a very "lord of the manner" air.

"W-hy?" Lana's voice caught in her throat. God, Lex thought, she was terrified.

"Come, Lana," he said smoothly, approaching her like a predator ready to pounce. "You don't expect me to accept an apology for something you don't even remember, do you?"

"I... I..." she blushed again and started to look away from him. Lex reached out, catching her chin in his palm and guiding her until her eyes met his. He could see something in their depths. Not totally fear, and a little like hopeful desire.

"That wouldn't really be fair to either of us, would it?" His voice was a low whisper, the tone one he'd used to charm women with much more experience than Lana Lang.

"N-no..." Lana's voice wavered, and Lex could feel the heat rising in the skin beneath his fingers. The need in her eyes was a little more evident now. "But... no one will tell me what I did... I..."

Lex stopped her next words by running his thumb over her lower lip. He nodded, both at her words and at her body's shivering response to his touch. "I know, and that wasn't very nice of them, was it?" Lana shook her head in slow agreement; Lex smiled. "I will," Lex told her, leaning in a little closer.

"Will what?" She was breathless now.

"Tell you--no, show you--what you need to apologize for." For driving me insane, he added mentally, before his mouth finally touched hers and his arms snaked out to trap her. If Lex was lucky-- and judging from the way she was returning his kisses, he was going to be very lucky--Lana wouldn't want to apologize after his demonstration was over.

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