Accident #2

by HumbugGirl

Title: Accident #2
Author: HumbugGirl
URL: or Pairing: Chloe/Lionel, Chloe/Lex (friendship) Rating: PG
Summary: Chloe's in a mess and Lex has to pick up the pieces. Spoilers: None really, of course it's useful to know a little about `Witness' but this could easily be read even without it. Disclaimer: The characters etc of Smallville don't belong to me. I only wish they did. Author's Notes: 1) A little something different this time. 2) I'm going to post this at so this is a note especially for readers: if you want to read anymore of my Chlionel pieces and get an impression of the pairing then user the first link above. I couldn't post them here because of site rules. 3) Seeing as not everyone appreciates Chlionel and how my last fic seemed to get me as much criticism for the pairing as it did feedback I'm going to say this now once and for all: do not read this fic if the idea of Chlionel offends you. Feedback: Please.


Up until the moment that the private line on his desk had rung everything had been going great. For once his day had been going perfectly. A progress report from the plant told him profit was up; his investments in Europe and the Middle East were flourishing nicely while domestic ones had successfully stood their ground again dear ol' dad's rather aggressive interests. Lucas was in town on a break from whatever it was he actually did normally and they had spent a wonderful morning together just talking and catching up on things; not even important things really, just things in general. Even Clark's latest moan about life in general and more specifically Lana hadn't been able to ruin his day. No, the thing that had done that was the telephone on his desk ringing and a small, distraught and entirely unexpected feminine voice on the other end of the line saying, "Lex? Is that you? I'm at Smallville General - can you come and get me?"

Up until that moment everything had been great and there weren't words enough to describe exactly how Lex felt about his day after that point. Suddenly it all seemed muted somehow and the concept was less that pleasing.

Somewhat puzzled Lex had agreed but after setting the phone down he had remained seated instead of moving immediately into action like the tone of her voice had suggested would be necessary and stared into the thin air in front of him; his face blank yet his eyes confused. Finally, Lucas who had entered the room halfway through the phone call had decided to ask him what the matter was to which Lex had replied, "I have to go to the hospital."

Curiosity still playing on his features Lucas said, "I think I'll join you," although Lex's expression had been such at hearing the words that the young man instantly regretted speaking.

Twenty minutes, a speedy car journey during which Lex was certain he had broken the law at least five times and an extremely peculiar conversation with a doctor who had persisted in uttering sentences such as `I didn't think it would be wise for her to be along at the moment' later and Lex found himself stood in the centre of a closed off examination room in front of a tired looking, half dressed Chloe Sullivan. For all of it; Lex was more baffled than ever. Glancing back over his shoulder Lex saw that Lucas had taken up position against the wall by the door and that his mouth was still hanging open slightly as if to ask a silent question. The vague look on confusion and shock on the young man's features matched Lex's own completely. It seemed that the younger man was having as much difficulty comprehending that the blonde girl had just said as Lex was. Turning back to Chloe, Lex took in her dishevelled appearance, her red rimmed eyes and the way in which her hands were clasped in her lap over the hospital gown she was barely wearing and found himself taking a step forwards towards her.

Taking a deep breath in order to steady himself Lex said, "Could you repeat that for me?" unable to keep the sense of the incredulous he was experiencing out of his voice.

She glanced up at him for a second and then returned to the rather extensive visual examination she had been conducting of her lap muttering softly, "I'm pregnant." The words seemed to echo in the room.

Oh God he hadn't been hearing things. He half wished he had been. He had half been praying that he had done but no, he hadn't been hearing things at all which meant that this might very well be one of the most peculiar and potentially disastrous situation he had ever found himself in. Shifting somewhat anxiously from one foot to the other Lex asked, "Does he know?"

Chloe nodded her head softly and although her face was still turned away from his slightly Lex could see water glistening in her eyes. "I rang him earlier when I found out. He... he put the phone down on me."

A mixture of horror and dismay washed over him suddenly and Lex couldn't suppress a groan as he ran a hand back hastily over his head; the action more one of frustration than anything else. Why he was surprised was beyond him. It wasn't like something like this hadn't happened before; the very evidence of that fact had just pushed off from leaning against the wall and moved to stand at his side as he stared at Chloe curiously. Lex realised he probably had a similar expression on his own face as he found himself wondering why on earth some one as young and vivacious and as seemingly intelligent as Chloe would be so stupid as to get involved with their father, Lionel Luthor, of all people and worse yet to get herself pregnant by him. Of course the reason that Lionel had got involved with Chloe was a little more apparent and not just because she was young and vivacious and intelligent.

"Are you sure it's his?" Lucas asked and Lex smacked him on the arm even as Chloe turned a ferocious glare on him.

"Yes I'm sure!" she exclaimed. "Unlike certain people I do not possess the pre-requisite genes for sleeping around."

Well that burned Lex thought and he noticed that even Lucas seemed to flinch a little as her words hit him. At the same time however Lex found hope stirring in him somewhat unexpectedly. Where Chloe was concerned bitterness could either me a bad thing or a very, very good thing. There was no doubt in Lex's mind that the thing that had set her on her current course straight into his father's arms was based in bitterness she had felt during her years in high school and the problems she had experienced then but at the same time he knew that in Chloe's arms bitterness could be a tool to help her dig herself out of whatever hole she was in. Of course, it also meant that she had a tendency to dig herself right back into another hole but getting her out of the one she was in at the moment was their immediate concern.

"Lex..." she said quietly and focusing on her he saw there was a look in her eyes as if she was appealing to him. They hadn't spoken in years, not since she had left Smallville to finish high school in Metropolis and certainly not since he had accidentally found out about her rather secretive affair with his father. Yet, all that considered she had come running to him when she needed help.

The thought nearly made him laugh and he had to stifle it swiftly. It wasn't as if she could really go anywhere else. If Lionel didn't want to know about her present condition then there was no way that she could go to any of the socialite friends that being associated with a Luthor attracted. As far as her own friends... well, Lex was sure she hadn't spoken to anyone from Smallville since getting involved with Lionel probably knowing how much they would disapprove of the relationship and as far as her father was concerned... Lex didn't even was to think about what her relationship with Gabe Sullivan was like nowadays. The word `terrible' would probably be an understatement.

"Huh," Lucas said suddenly breaking the quiet. "I'm going to be a big brother."

"Lucas..." Lex began then trailed off from what he had been going to say. Instead he said, "Can you leave us alone for a moment please?"

The young man looked a little startled. He looked between the two of them, suspicion dawning on his face for a moment before he covered it with a telltale plastic smile and replied, "Sure," before backing out of the door and leaving them alone.

Standing there Lex has paused for a moment or two wondering whether Lucas was still listening in and then shook the thought loose. Even if he was then it didn't really matter anyway. He turned back to Chloe noticing for the first time that her ankles were crossed discreetly and that there was something almost childlike about her. She looked small under the harsh fluorescent lights and Lex hated himself for having to say next what it was he was going to say.

"Are you sure you want to keep it?"

She gave another sharp look in his direction and then a tiny little shrug of her shoulders which told him hardly anything at all. "I hadn't thought that far ahead." A small choked sob escaped her and Chloe buried her face in her hands. "I hadn't... I thought... When I rang him..."

Lex sighed and moved over to sit on the bed beside her, slumping slightly as he did so. "He's behaving like a teenager," Lex snapped. "The moment that he has to show some responsibility he runs away."

"I'm sure it's not really like that," Chloe said and from the sound of her voice Lex knew she was trying to convince herself as much of the fact as she was trying to convince him. "He was probably just busy or something."

"Too busy to talk to his own girlfriend about the fact she's pregnant with his child? Don't let yourself slip into denial Chloe."

She shook her head slightly. "Don't go there Lex. I don't want to think about that at the moment."

"You have to think about this," he countered.

Chloe folded her arms over her belly somewhat protectively; the gesture speaking more than she could possibly imagine and Lex felt his heart go out to her. She didn't deserve this. If she had to go and get pregnant by someone then it should have been by some honest if nave boy at that college where she went to school and not the devil himself who apparently didn't give a damn about the girl that he had knocked up. Not that Lex was particularly impressed with the idea of Lionel taking overly much interest in Chloe. The further away from the man that she was the better in Lex's opinion but seeing as she was carrying his child then Lex would have just about done anything at the moment to have the man here with some sympathy in his heart for the girl sat on the hospital bed.

"I don't think I want to get rid of it," she said quietly.

"And if Lionel decides he doesn't want you to keep it?" he asked. "You understand he has ways of ensuring that you don't."

"I know."

"And then of course there are wider implications; what people would think, your college work, your career, not least how you would support yourself."

"He wouldn't..."

"Give you anything? Chloe, the man left Lucas in foster homes for years and virtually without a penny then tried to pretend like he was his best friend; he's capable of anything and that includes leaving you to sort this out all by yourself."

"Thanks for being all reassuring," she replied dryly. "But I think I've had just about enough reality as I can handle just at the moment."

"What are you going to do?"

A loaded question and from the look on Chloe's face the girl knew it as well. "I need to think and I need to speak to Lionel even if he doesn't want me to. But perhaps not right away."

You'd be lucky Lex thought but denied himself the chance of saying the words out aloud instead opting to say, "In the meantime?"

Green eyes turned on him; a little apprehensive and uncertain and holding not exactly a small amount of fear. Lex found himself suddenly reminded of the fact that it was he she had chosen to ring and the purpose, the true purpose besides getting a lift home from the hospital suddenly hit him.

It was an intriguing idea of course; taking her in until she had managed to deal with Lionel and her present condition. He might even go so far as to suggest that he would actually be protecting her from the man and that wasn't exactly an unappealing idea. Looking down at her and the hopeful look in her eyes Lex found it even more appealing as it dawned on him that taking Chloe in would be practically throwing down the gauntlet to his father once and for all perhaps and that was an idea that he liked.

"I'll send Lucas to get the car," he said as if they had spoken and the plans been finalised.

There was an odd moment as something flickered in her eyes which he couldn't quite decipher and then Chloe said, "Thank you, Lex."


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