Fruity Pebbles

by kathe

Clark heard Chloe pad into the kitchen; he didn't turn around as she started to fiddle with the coffee maker. They hadn't seen one another in two years, but some things never changed. Chloe was useless without her morning coffee.

It was a random break in the quarter and Chloe had decided to come for a visit. They had never really lost touch after graduation, but their old relationship just wasn't at the same level anymore. They continued to trade emails and occasional phone calls, but since Chloe's father had been transferred out of Smallville there really wasn't any reason for her to come "home" on breaks. She had wanted to visit Metropolis though, job interviews she said, and Clark had his own place off-campus, so it was a perfect fit.

They had stayed up late the night before just talking. The same ease of conversation was still there and Clark was grateful. He had even convinced her to play video games with him at one point and they had both been surprised at how well she did at Grand Turismo, especially the off-road courses.

"It's just like you to be good at the hard stuff," he commented. She merely laughed in response and nudged his arm to signal that he needed to start another round.

They had fallen asleep on the couch; awkward at best since no couch in creation was really built to fit his frame comfortably, but when Clark woke up the next morning Chloe was gone.

Removed from the mutant heavy atmosphere of Smallville his mind didn't directly go to meteor mutant abduction. He checked his room and there she was. Chloe must have crawled in there at some point during the night. "Ever the gentleman," she said when he told her that she could sleep there during her visit. She was sound asleep so he quietly shut the door and set about to make breakfast.

He glanced over his shoulder at her standing across the small kitchen. She must've changed out of her clothes when she went to bed because now she was wearing a white ribbed tank top and a rather masculine set of boxer-like plaid pajama pants. The ensemble looked like it could have come from his dresser. A flash of jealousy ran through him as he realized that she could've borrowed (stolen more likely) the clothes from one of her ex-boyfriends.

He did appreciate the picture however. The tank fit close to her body, softly outlining the curve of her waist and the pants hung off her hips, showing just a little skin. Chloe's hair was up in a messy ponytail showing off the graceful line of her neck. Upon seeing her like this -- completely at home around him -- Clark realized that he'd been missing out the past couple of years.

"So what's for breakfast?" Chloe turned around to face him, hands gripping the counter behind her.

It was colder in the kitchen than Clark had realized. He couldn't help it; his eyes were locked onto Chloe's nipples pushing against the thin fabric of her shirt. "Huh?" Clark regained some level of composure before he continued. "Cereal." He grabbed the box of Fruity Pebbles from the counter beside him.

Whatever bras Chloe had been wearing needed to be bronzed and hung in a museum (must talk to Lex about doing that) because they had done a magnificent job of keeping her breasts perky...and Clark thanked whatever testosterone laden god that was blessing him with the fact that Chloe wasn't wearing one of said bras at this moment.

Chloe, apparently unaware, or at least ignoring Clark's distraction at the moment, took a seat at the small table that sat in the middle of the room. She smiled up at him, a sunny smile to go along with the wonderful day this was turning out to be. "Fruity Pebbles? Clark, exactly how old are you?"

Right. Food. Chloe was expecting food, not be gawked at by her increasingly aroused friend. But he couldn't help it. They were there, and they were winking at him. Clark took the seat across from her and poured a bowl of the bright, multi-coloured cereal for Chloe, "This from the girl that once ate croutons for breakfast." When in doubt, plaster on the mega-watt smile.

"But I wasn't raised by Martha Kent, either. And croutons are just bread y'know. Bread is a part of a properly balanced breakfast. All the commercials say so."

"Bread with oregano," he laughed at her bemused expression. "Oregano, not really the breakfast flavoring that's sweeping the nation. Breakfast is more like sugar and spice -"

"And everything nice," she finished for him.

"Exactly," Clark smiled genuinely. "Like you."

Over the years Clark had heard a lot of scientific theories and most of them had come from Chloe herself due to her "mutant research". He scrambled to remember anything he could about supercharged particles - Chloe was certainly of the highest grade.

He never expected that reaction. She launched herself out of her chair and at him in one swift movement. The Fruity Pebbles stood forgotten. Clark absorbed the impact of her attack and fell off the chair and landed on the floor with Chloe on top of him, straddling his waist. She was laughing and it took a minute to register that he was laughing as well.

"Take that back!" She ran her hands down his sides, quickly finding the spot where he was ticklish. The action made her lean over - nipples, cleavage and Chloe-skin for as far as the eye could see. Oh my.

He grabbed her wrists just as she slipped back and discovered his reaction to this little impromptu game.

Half expecting her to freak out, Clark was more than pleasantly surprised when Chloe grinned and shifted back once again to rub against his erection.

"Stop that," he managed to get out.

Chloe just continued to grin at him and started moving her body on his millimeter by grueling millimeter. It was maddening. "What brought all this up, Clark?" she dragged out his name tauntingly. God, he had never realized she was such a tease.

Or that he liked it so much. "Oh just a change in perspective," he answered. Clark couldn't help but stare at her chest as he spoke.

She followed his gaze and if possible, smiled wider. "Oh really. I guess a change in perspective is a good thing then."

"I'd say so."

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